World of Tanks | 8 BIT PIXEL TANKS! | Winter Showdown Gameplay

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Source: Krebs

| BIT PIXEL TANKS! | Gameplay
▶ 8 Bit Pixel tanks in World of Tanks! Fun for the casual and great for the player who wants to level up crews for other tanks.

You can try out Winter Showdown and World of tanks here:

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  1. This is a fun little game mode. Would recommend at least checking it out 🙂
    have you tried it? What do you think?

  2. Many much detail indeed

  3. spiralwhirlpool2366

    Krebs, I miss your CoH videos! please make more 🙂 Thanks!

  4. It’s Karl’s brother 

  5. an Arctic Fox with healing shells kept my Mammoth a live once… Best 8bit
    gameplay ever

  6. Krebs, this isn’t WT 😛
    V isn’t scope, It’s turn off the HUD.


  7. Man those tanks are soooooooo Next Gen

  8. No offense man, but stick to the War Thunder. You’re not that great at WoT.

  9. ….you have 212k Gold.

  10. Actually the Fox is the medic! Its fast and its repairing shells add more
    HP than the repairing shells from the two others. Bear deals damage,
    Mommoth takes hits and supports and Fox heals 🙂 (at least we played it
    like that)

  11. i would like to know,what game do you like more xD

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