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  1. HI

  2. Username:jokesonme
    Server:your mom’s house

  3. IGN: phamanhducyeu
    Region: NA
    I don’t need that account, give me some thing!!

  4. Haha

  5. epicmobdog90 server- NA, my stats aint that good because of the early days
    so the better stats would be nice but the main reason is because there are
    alot of tanks there that i want but would take a while to get so would be
    nice to test out(i dont have the will power to create and grind on a reroll
    account), one of my clan members loves to just play on other peoples
    secondary accounts so he would have 1 more account to add to his list :).
    you know who you are. and yes i know it says April fools at 2mins but yolo
    worth a try

  6. As someone else said look at top right at 2:00 it says April fools 😛 how
    are you guys so stupid? Besides account sharing is against rules

  7. If it’s for real it’s terribly timed

  8. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Trolllloll didn’t anyone notice that if you pause 2:00 it’s says Aprils fool

    Nope,I am just jealous #NeverWonAGiveaway

  9. xXDarkShadow009Xx EU SERVER i never had a tier 10 tank so it would be great
    to have one

  10. Toxic1998-EU
    I really want to win because i dont have those Tanks on my account and i
    really want to play with them.

  11. owmagheeeed I rlly want ur acc pls svatiekl ur awesome give it to me I have
    only 450wn8 but i getting better
    my nikname: 420_pussy_$wagger69
    i pley in Antarctica from the Vostok station pls


  12. Ooostindrew – eu server – i want your account because i would love to
    escape from the eu server when im having a bad day, or just want to try
    some new tonks :)

  13. naikintojaslietuvis

    lietuvisk EU because am lasy as fuc…. :D

  14. WOOOOW April fools top right corner play at 1:59

  15. pls give me that i realy want the is7 username im
    on asia pls give me that i rely want the is7

  16. IGN: jazzey1961
    Region: EU

    I would like the account because I dont have much time to be able to grind
    all the way to tier ten and i really want to use the tier ten tanks. I am
    doing my GCSE’s right now so having this account would help alot so I do
    not have to grind, instead i can revise alot then play a few hours at the
    end of the day in my favorite tanks!

    I have also been watching your videos for a few years now and been playing
    world of tanks for a few years, 2012 to be exact but I kept on taking
    breaks because it taken too long to get the really good tanks. I really
    hope you chose me because it would mean alot to me.

    PS. if this is april fools joke then I was just joking too k?

  17. Acc name: luuk44 server: EU
    I am losing the hole time money and I can’t get money because I don’t have
    the tanks for it. I know how to play but I don’t have the tanks for my

  18. DDZALoS EU server
    april fools day

  19. zodern – EU

    I love your vids and have been here for almost year now 😀
    I would love to get your account becouse i have played wot for few years on
    different accs ofc 😛 and i cant even progress… i am soo tired of playing
    with all these new “noob” players that doesnt know how to play ;P so please
    pickme that would make my life :3 ♥

  20. udel_bodong | NA server

    I need that, because i dont have a lot money for buying tank like yours 😀
    i’ve retire from WOT more than 1 year, and now, iam comeback to play this
    game again, btw thanks for your mod, thats really great

  21. Szymon Tomaszewicz

    Maybe this a joke, name sanchez1972 eu

  22. Very cool stats svatakll2, average xp is much higher than most. Envy…my
    account…MajorBenMan on Asia Server is bit sad, and have back up account
    in another name on NA but have not played that one in over a year…since
    getting safe shot mod lol. Most excellent vids and totally rate your choice
    of music starting this vid. Using your mods too. good on you

  23. Name: guy100
    Region: NA
    Reason: My brother and I share one acc so if I win this account we could
    then platoon together and have good times. Oh and are you still gonna make
    mod pack for the upcoming updates?

  24. Major_Nut -NA
    Because I played at 10 fps for about 7k battles and at least 4k without
    mouse. Its been horrid trying to undo those tomato stats.
    Be the best way to re roll. I do think it’ll be best to keep your account
    so when you get that itch to play again you have it there waiting for you.

  25. Xioboto EU want it because great your YouTuber, your mod packs are
    absolutely amazing, use them every patch, and would like it because I want
    to experience more tier 10s and having the privilege of using it. Would be
    great if I won but if not that is totally fine, keep up the great work!! :)

  26. Les Aggressive Hunters

    Hey svatekl2 Sup dude I’m 514514 (#originalname) for the NA server i’ve met
    you quit a lot in random games ? i love watch your vids and i Been here
    for a while and using your modpack :D

  27. April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day or WoT Giveaway) is
    celebrated every year on 1 April by playing practical jokes and spreading
    hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing
    April Fool jokes expose their prank by shouting April Fool or WoT Giveaway.
    Some newspapers, magazines, WoT players and other published media report
    fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news
    section in small letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day
    is not a public holiday in any country except WoT…..

  28. Scrubbymcwonderpubs NA. I would like this account because I am a noob just
    getting into wot. My friend told me about this game, but i don’t have any
    high tier tanks to platoon with him with.

  29. Brayden VanderWeide

    Cancerous_pubbie NA, i could really use this account because i just
    recently transferred to the NA server, and spending time on grinding tanks
    I previously had is tedious. Thx

  30. DarkNinja_ NA, i could really put this account to good use for having extra
    tanks for CW, as my main account does not have many, and also so my friend
    is able to play strongholds with my clan as his main account is in another
    clan :(. Thank you, love your videos! :)

  31. Mister MatchMaking

    If this is an april foosl joke im gonna fall for it…
    ign: MisterMatchMaking, EU
    i would like your acc because of the many tier 10’s so i can participate in
    clan battles more often, cause i only got 1 unlocked atm, and i hate the
    grinding in shitty tanks part :/

  32. I am Hoozier on NA and I should get the account because I have supported
    and used your mod pack forever, I even chanced the rng gods and tested for
    you ;). The big bonus is that unlike a lot of posters I am actually wearing
    pants while I type this. Thanks for sharing your mod pack talents!

  33. van_arvo, EU.Still don’t believe it but anyways I like your videos and love
    your mod pack. I will use your account for CW..

  34. player name: LightningBeard
    server: NA
    comment: Do I need another account, not really. But to log on under your
    player name and deal with the millions of questions, comments,
    complaints… I like the idea of that!

  35. I tought it was an april foolsday joke but it isn`t
    name: smikkeldestroyer EU
    this is my second account because I want to go in an clan but you need
    higher stats.
    (my first account sucks :P)

  36. April fools =.=

  37. April fools? serbanndoru EU servers

  38. xXDARK_KILLERXx, SEA server
    It is great to play game like this, but I see many players spending too
    much time in WoT. People may say, ‘get a life bro!” Indeed, what is the
    purpose of use playing games? Just think guys, life is short, what do we
    get from playing games? Nothing! But just time wasted! I am here because I
    just want I less of us being submerged in the life of gaming. Steve Jobs,
    Mark Zuckerberg, those guys, they dont even get a degree! but you may have
    one. You may say that they are clever and stuff, but really? There is only
    0.001% people in the world are born with special abilities, those are
    fucking nerds and maniac, non of those guys get rich because they dont work
    hard as they think they already have the in-born genius. We have to work
    hard to get rich, get rich to enjoy life, when you are rich, who wants to
    play world of tanks?

  39. Name: Hawaeng
    give me your account

  40. Username:Stronk_Tonks99 From:SEA I have always CONSTANTLY been liking your
    videos as they are pretty funny and educational and been using your mod
    pack since like very long ago? I have always been supporting you as always
    since you started out your WoT career man. You produce one of the best mod
    packs which also allowed me to choose between installing mods easily. Since
    you will rarely play WoT, I will also support you throughout other videos
    as well. I will still take out some of my time watching your videos man.
    There are awesome and keep up the gd work bro.

  41. Jorge Fernández

    ´cause april fool´s 😉 monjeloco666, NA server

  42. ign thejunkman65, my account got hacked lost everything just now starting
    to come back i have one tank the A20

  43. April fools, sva there is no way your giving your account away, im no
    letting you haha

  44. bob_5000 NA
    i should get account because i recked my stats by being a noob for too
    long, only now getting the hang of the game. =P

  45. ThePelaajapoika50

    tankkihullu12 -EU
    April fools? This might be a joke. But if its real?

  46. love your videos….
    SiMoneFOC, SEA sever…
    i have been playing WOt for almost 3 yrs… i have 3 tier 10 tanks….18000
    battles… i also have around 72 tanks in my garage…. i dont need your
    account, nor do i think you should give it away…. but… there are some
    very deserving players around, and i am sure they would appreciate it very
    much…. keep going with the channel, and the wot videos..
    but especially the mod pack , which is , in my opinion, the very best
    available ♥

  47. IGN:Ghoulking4
    Give me your account or i’ll unsub lol

  48. Username- Ninjaaazzzaaa or something like that NA server. I don’t think
    anyone deserves your account. But I do want your account because I have
    played the crap out of World of Tanks and will keep playing it. I have
    grinder so much but am still only at tier 7. I would love your account
    because then I can have some fun when not grinding and I could also try out
    different tanks as I unlock them. That is my reasoning for wanting your

  49. Kurrcatt – NA

    Aprils fools today? Maybe this a joke! If it’s not a joke I love your
    videos and love to death your modpack! Best video ever on your channel is
    the T49 that never missed a shot! Keep up the amazing stuff man ! :D

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