World of Tanks || 9.10 Mod Pack with XVM

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Get QuickyBaby’s latest XVM for 9.10!
►v1 for 9.10 02/09/2015

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense

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  1. Could u add Own damage list down left? with AP or HE marking

  2. yes I want to know how much I have dinged HP’s

  3. How to activate spotted status icons ?

  4. STOP promoting mods!!!!
    Teach and encourage people to play vanilla because it is much better for
    player development. Mods are either in the way, misleading and acid for the
    game like XVM. Or are giving too much information which can overwhelm the
    player or make him too dependable on them.
    I’m sick and tired of hearing of new players fresh in their first clan
    being lied and somewhat force fed with mod packs.

  5. Thks ..any chance u put in mod pack how much dmg blocked or i just miss

  6. This was weird, I said big mama seconds before he did xD

  7. Why is my hitlog pannel under the score one?am I the onlyone facing this

  8. as always great work thanks

  9. quicky, thanks as always for givving us your hassle-free mod-pack a.s.a.p.
    , just one question, i saw in another replay u used a mod that told you how
    much dmg u had blocked , is that mod included, and if not will it be in the
    next update ?
    as always love ur vid’s even when i’m at work ;)

  10. great mods and everything but “big mamma” hit me really hard rofl , fellas
    the official nickname of O-I is now big mamma ok

  11. Love these, makes it so easy. Please add the hit log.

  12. Blighty_SlowReflexes

    I’m getting Enemy stats but no Allied stats

  13. Thank you Quicky, this is really good, would love if you added the hit log
    too :)

  14. I’d like to move the damage log thing on my screen…where can i find the

  15. i hate that xvm config, it makes everyone look red so QB looks good.

  16. Is there a way to get the modpack on an apple computer?

  17. Hey Quicky. I have little problem with HitLog, i have the HD Ready
    resolution, i need to move it to left side, where i can find it in xvm

  18. Hi QB
    Just wanted to say thanks for the work you put in getting the mods
    available fast after each patch. Reg further development the hitlog might
    be good to have but the info on what type of ammo that hit you would be
    great. Keep up the good work!

  19. GJ QB but u forgot for blocked damage panel, which u said in one of your
    vids that you will add to your mod pack…
    If u could add this in update of ur modpack that would be awesome 😀
    thanks a lot ;-)

  20. Can someone tell me where i can activate those order options in the garage?
    i dont even have the standard options. And Where can i activate the dmg
    done/received above the enemy team list (in-game)

  21. Lars Mølbæk Nielsen

    thx, nice version

  22. @Quickybaby can you do a Zoom Mod into this Modpack or in the next modpack
    pls because for example diclovit have it and this is very usefuel

  23. Hi QuickyBaby, will you bundle the XVM pack with the artillery assistant? I
    only used that mod for a few days before the 0.9.10 version was released
    and know I am trying to get that mod back. Any help on that one would be

  24. Boulik Macboulinkton

    The Hitlog would be so so nice

  25. ahahaha !!! big mama 😮 x)

  26. thank you for everything quickybaby !
    please add a damage log, it is so useful to know instantly what tank caused
    you what damage

  27. Will this mod pack work on a mac?

  28. the only world of tanks folder i can find has nothing in it. where abouts
    do you think the folder on my computer?

  29. Hey QB love the video’s thanks for doing what you do! I know your not a
    huge arty player but do you think you could add the Battle Assistant to
    your mod pack? It’s a game changer for arty players and not that large of a

  30. We want hitlog!

  31. +QuickyBabyTV at some maps I cant see the map render distence and actual
    spotting distence my main problem is this other then all works fine for me
    and also thx for the mod

  32. Is there a simple way to get the heavies, MT, LT, and arties to be
    different colors in game? I had this with XVM before, but it’s gone with
    this update. Cheers!

  33. please add the HITLOG :)

  34. HY QB …thx for xvm…but it has a BUG……i can see only the tank in the
    garaj and don’t see the crew and the fact’s in right and the other thank’s
    below…..and sometime’s i can’t select another tank just the one im
    playing…thx and waiting for your update

  35. Please add hit log!

  36. Are here displayed received shots?

  37. XVM dont working im loged on xvm but dont working…

  38. Could someone tell me how the “Return Crew” function works? I saw a couple
    of times, that it returns the moved away crew to the tank, but I tought
    that this cost either credit or gold. I saw this function used a couple of
    times on streams and videos, but either I missed something or it works
    differently than how I tought it works. I saw the same crew moving between
    two tanks multiple times without skill or currency loss. Thanks in advance.

  39. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    Thank you so much for knocking this out right away. Its amazing your mod
    pack works with no issues and all my clan mates have trouble with other mod
    packs. I’m trying to talk them into getting yours. BRAVO ZULU as we say in
    the US Navy for well done.

  40. Thx Quicky u just fucked up my wot

  41. 1st _Division (Strictly)

    Now see, only 9k subscribers need and catch 300k!
    Come On!
    1st_Division on the bridge! ;)

  42. thank u

  43. Kåre Skak Pedersen

    As of this very minute, this video had 46,36 views every minute since the
    release yesterday.
    I dare say that QuickyBaby has earned his corner of YouTube.
    Well done and thanks for sharing all these great videos.

  44. Add a hit log please

  45. thank you hodně much

  46. Can we have damage log on your mod pack? Please!

  47. my resolution of my screen is 1366×768 but the mod uses maximum resolution
    anyone know how to change this ??

  48. How can I remove the zoom mod for this update?

  49. You are so polite with your community. Gotta love that!

  50. thank you

  51. when loading in to the game my side’s stats don’t appear

  52. i have few bugs about using it…not that really serious…my damage
    counter is almost located at the center screen and in preloading only the
    enemy stats have been shown…

  53. Marcin Narozniak (Kasbiu)

    What about damage blocked thing on top right?

  54. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    You were talking about adding in the ability to see shots taken, in a
    livestream a couple of days ago. Anything you will be doing something

  55. QB Please add this hit log/damage log, it’s very usefull and with it it’s
    clear when we can complete mission with blocked dmg

  56. Please add the hit log QB :D

  57. You should add a Hitlog forsure!

  58. update: after playing with the mod pack all works fine other then when
    loading into battle it doesnt show my teams xvm.when in game i have xvm for
    both teams and when i hit tab,but not while loading into battle? annoying
    for a perfectionist like myself!! what to do now?

  59. would be great to have zoom in, and who’s spotted. rest is good..

  60. Whi wargaming accept those mods,ia aloth of player when se the win rate is
    verry low like 15% win rate and then give up or kill verry low battles
    players :(

  61. InYourFace RAISINS!

    qb plz ad hit log plz i love ur mof except that so..plz:)

  62. that doesnt work and i deleted my 9.10 thing i need help it says “Game
    resource pack doesnt not exist: ./res_mods/0.9.10

  63. Only noobs use mods

  64. I think that a good improvement would be to add that dmg/blocked pannel in
    the right up corner of the screen and also maybe that pannel with the
    damage received and with what type of shells in the left down corner

  65. Is there a way to update an old mod manually, by changing the code a little
    bit, or do i need to rewrite it completely?

    I really liked the mod “Multi Hit Log”, because i can see the stats of
    tanks ingame, but the mod hasn’t been updated since 9.8!

  66. adding the hit log would be nice quickybaby :)

  67. Hello QB, thx for the quick update ! Would you please be so kind to add the
    feature where the Minimap gets centered and zoomed when pressing Control

  68. XVM needs to update their shit faster. There is still only a beta version
    for 9.10 on the official website!

  69. Hello QB, great job, can U tell me, how to change to 2 rows tank carousel
    in hangar?

  70. quicky baby how about the stat were we can see the damage we receive as i
    seen in to your video?

  71. Regarding the spotting circles on the mini-map. If the 50m Auto-Spot circle
    could be added, that would also be helpful.

  72. Thinks for this Mod QB!!

  73. why was artasans enhanced hd maps discontinued? i need that big map in
    center of screen, ny eyes are too bad to use vanilla minimap :(

  74. Thank You QB!And YES, we want you to put also received damage indicator,
    also how much damage you block. It will be very helpful when we try to make
    our missions.Thank you again!

  75. Thanks for the modpack QB! Have you thought of adding the locastan session
    stats mod into your modpack? I do like to see how i’m doing when i’m
    playing but also i do watch your stream often and it would be nice to see
    your wn8 from individual games.

  76. wen i acualy install the xmv i need to reinstall my game

  77. Will this mod pack be less buggy than the 9.9 one?

  78. This is fkn amazing with jimbo

  79. i have one problem with the hitlog it’s getting blocked by that thing that
    shows u how many people are left on both teams

  80. Stephan van den Adel

    thank you for the very fast update!!!

  81. Hey quicky! I’m from asia server, just wanted to know, you said this is not
    the final version of the MOD, will the damage blocked log be included on
    the final version? Cause that would be awesome, I’ve seen your vids on the
    HT missions and it was COOL! also, the damage receive indicator wouldn’t
    hurt. Sorry for asking too much. Thanks!

  82. I was kind of hoping the hitlog was going to be a part of it this time,
    i’ve been using the zft hitlog it’s handy on occasion

  83. Thanks QB. I have very good success with your Mod-Packs. Keep on Keeping
    on, and I shall always support you.

  84. Thanks QB you are fast in getting the mods to us. Playing is better with
    them. Again Thanks!!!!

  85. Just uninstalled this game, tired of the match make and all the troll
    players with no class.
    good luck with your twitch and youtube

  86. Quickybaby, Pleasessss add the hit log, or at least the armor block log mod
    that you have been using lately.

  87. i know you say it at the beginning but how do you download your mod pack, i
    cannot figure it out

  88. the mod has the damage counter behind the top bar that indicates the number
    of tanks left. any fixes to that?

  89. How do I enable recoil in sniper mode? Seems like this mod pack removed it

  90. Keep/Add hit log please

  91. mine doesn’t show the statistics on how close u r to your next percentile,
    when u click on vehicles in service record, any help?

  92. Yes, please do add the hit log, its the one thing your mod pack is missing.

  93. Thank you, sir!

  94. Hope you won’t have the same outcome with “big mamma” as you did with the
    “mother in law”

  95. wy do one version of modpack and play another by your self 🙁
    use OMGimbadASS XVM mod pack for patch 0.9.10 instead

  96. On the startup screen I’m only getting the XVM data for the opposing team.
    Any ideas?

  97. René Lund Kristensen

    Hey QB!

    Is it posseble to throw in a multilined carousel in your modpack?

  98. +1 for getting this out so promptly.


  100. Thanks for all you do for us!

  101. im sorry but how the hell do i do this, ive done this countless times
    exactly how it has said but never works, do i need like a mod software or

  102. How would I change the hangar from having one row to two rows? I’m not sure
    what to change in the package to allow me to do this? If anybody can answer
    this, it would be a really great help.

  103. Thanks for all you do QB.

    Please add the damage log. It’s nice to know what type of ammo people are
    using (particularly here on NA).

    And I know how you feel about auto-aim but there is an amazing auto-aim mod
    available that makes it much easier to use for those rare occasions when
    you need it BUT! it’s primary benefit is being able to call for support
    fire on tanks without having them directly on your cursor – you can use it
    through objects and get “close enough” with your cursor and still be able
    to call in fire. That is HUGELY helpful to scrubanubs like myself.

    Be well!

  104. +Quickybaby Thank you for the fast update on your mod. What made you
    hesitate to add the hit log into your mod? Also I’m very against reload
    time mod. If it’s not illegal, then it will definitely be cheating. However
    I did see some youtubers from some big clans using it on the European
    server and uploaded their gameplays here. I left comments on their videos.
    All claimed to be legal. I couldn’t find any clear rules from wargaming on
    using such mods. I personally think it is a shame for both the players and

  105. be awesome if you add a hit log

  106. I would enjoy a hit log if it is possible. Anyways great video and thanks
    for all your help

  107. Please add a hit log. I think it would be really useful.

  108. Please add the hitlogg, it makes it so much easier for tracking damage

  109. 4:46 RIP Little Stuart… 15:00 – 12:30

  110. please add the damage log too. I take it it includes potential damage too
    thats been deflected?

  111. If you don’t put a hits taken log in the main one, at least list an
    alternative link that has it in it..

  112. Thanks Baby!(haha get it)

  113. Does anyone know how to install battle assistant ( arty aim point of view
    mod ). Would it conflict with quickys mod pak ? ?

  114. is there a way to activate the flags in the tab menu? because its very
    useful as a recruiter

  115. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, I got the blank black screen, nothing
    loads :/

  116. i would really like the hit log like if you agree

  117. Nice video QB, i will be downloading the mod pack in a min, however I was
    wondering, could you possibly make a quick video on which mod service you
    use, because I use OMC for most of my mods, like the hitlog, crosshairs and
    a few others, but your xvm config is different and that garage filter I
    cannot find in OMC, so I was wondering if you could explain which service
    you use and your config, because your mod pack is much cleaner and has
    helped me play better.

    chaosthry – NA server

  118. pls add a Hitlog!

  119. Jap tanks are gay
    Who agrees?

  120. thank you quickybaby for putting up your update this soon i really
    appreciate it!

  121. Yes QB, definitely add a hit log! I’d like to have that one that lists the
    damage taken down by your tank condition display in the bottom left.

  122. i have copied and pasted the mod pack like 3 times into the mod res folder
    and it loads the game and then right after it has a black screen?? can
    anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

  123. Aww, was really looking for to the new damage log. Guess I’ll have to wait
    (and hope) patiently… :(

  124. Quicky what happened to the damage taken indicator?

  125. Thank u for being sooo fast <3. We love u.

  126. Thank you! Just wondering, I’m very new at this, you don’t use server
    reticule, what do you use?

  127. Can anyone plase tell me how to activate FREE CAM on replays like QB do on
    5:09 ??? i ll be really thankfull !

  128. Why doesn’t WOT offer more of these options in game vs. having to go deal
    with mods and other websites? Probably a question for WG, but I’m asking
    anyone who has an idea.

  129. as ever thankyou sir much appreciated

  130. Very good, but add the damage log Please! The more info the better

  131. You should show the XVM config and setting on the XVM site

  132. Give us hitlog!

  133. QB thank you for all the work you do, your insights, and your friendly

  134. Does this happen to work for MAC?

  135. Thanks QB — appreciate you putting this pack together.

  136. I have an apple so would i download it the same way

  137. No battle assistant?

  138. I love your mudpack I used it for like 6 months (it is just simple not to
    many trash mods you do not need), but I had one mod I need your mudpack
    did not have which is a mod to see your win8 in or out of the match . This
    one mod that pushed me to use other modpacks I really do not like very
    much , so please see if you can have it in your mudpack. I think a lot of
    players will be happy for that addition.

  139. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year and a half now, and I still
    watch the entire modpack video, eventhough I know how to install it xD

  140. Hi QB, would you plz add the (damage blocked) mod to your modpack?. Is this
    possible for you?

  141. Is it bad that i’m waiting for Warpack 9.10

  142. Hey, i wonder if you are going to add damage panel to your mod pack would
    you consider making another one which does not include the damage panel
    please ?

  143. Pls show your wot settings

  144. A hitlog/damage received panel would be lovely :)

  145. i cant download 9.10 mod pack with xwm

  146. I dont need hitlog. I have Maus!

  147. Nice work keep it up

  148. Can’t wait to play those Japanese heavies :D. The tier 4 seems horrible,
    but oh well.

  149. Please add the hit log!!!

  150. Always on time, thanks QB.

  151. thanks man

  152. I played several games without XVM and really enjoyed it. It is only for
    pros. They need exactly to know about weired numbers generated by strange
    logics to win the game. Magic – but not for me :(

  153. Please please add the hit log. Or make two versions, one with, and one
    without hitlog

  154. Hi, I am from NA server and after installing your mod pack, my game stop
    working. Help please !

  155. How do you have 60,000 Gold….?

  156. A hit log would be a very nice addition. I feel it’s the only thing missing
    from your mod pack, as it’s the only mod I download alongside yours.

  157. GJ nice mod. Tnx QB again you are the best! :)

  158. Hitlog YES PLEASE :)

  159. PLZ!!!!!! add hit log!!!!!!

  160. Livestream(i dont like livestreams) so im fuck up i cant see the Big box

  161. keep hit log pls

  162. Christopher DiCesare

    Anyone else notice the Czechoslovkia flag in the nation selector in garage?

  163. 3:34 dem titties!

  164. pls put hit log and bounce counter….

  165. good work QB and I would appreciate a hitlog, it’s always useful

  166. Needs a sound mod.

  167. Is there a fix for the players with blue overall stats? Right now it’s just
    a different color green. Thanks!

  168. hi qb love your mod pack , but the dmg counter digits are covered by the
    icons of the team tanks how do i fix that , thnaks ;)

  169. thanks QB , please include Damage log & auto telescope add / remove (really
    useful ). it would be my perfect Mod Pak #Smooches

  170. Finaly found link every other mod crashed my game Thank U Very Much QB

  171. Hey guys! Im a new Wot youtuber and i would really appreciate if you just
    took 2 seconds to check out my channel? would mean the world to me! im not
    the best player, im just a regular player and im just trying to do my best!
    thx for your time!! :)

  172. hey QB, in your previous modpack 9.9 game was falling down afer every 5-10
    matches when the match was loading. Do you fixed this problem in this
    modpack please? thanks for answer

  173. put the hitlog into the modpack pls that would be awesome

  174. hello

    are you thinking to do non scroll ? if you will do this your mode will be

  175. for some reason the mod doesn’t work. the XVM does but all that in game
    garage features are not there. Plz help.

  176. you guys know where i can set more carousels ?

  177. QB add hit log… It is VERY useful. I dont use your mod pack anymore but
    players who like your mod pack will propably love hit log.

  178. in loading panel the winrate for allies doesen’t show up,just when i press
    TAB it’s oke,what’s wrong?

  179. One Mod i feel is always left out is the “Hits Taken” box, that tells you
    what is shooting you, with what ammo and how much damage has been taken. I
    would really love that Mod and i have seen you using it before. Any reason
    it is no included ?

    So so helpful, I dont have the time to go off and figure Modding out so
    having someone to provide safe and legal Mods is very helpful. Thanks QB

  180. please fix the winrate colours QB someone posted a fix in your 9.6 mod pack

  181. i have litle problem, +QuickyBabyTV , ur mod pack is aweomse but hit logo
    is under right under my team tank icons in upside, what should i do with it
    , cant clearly see last 2 hits

  182. please add the hit log!!!

  183. Please add a hitlog…!!! :-)

  184. now you can sealclub better in tier 6…

  185. ugly and bad :(

  186. Yes please add the hitlog! Just one question. I don’t like the zoom out
    feature as with my mouse it’s difficult to control it. How can I disable

  187. 9.10; my sound mods are fucked

  188. does this modpack have that artillery mod?

  189. i cant start my world of tanks after i downloaded the mod :c

  190. Add damage panel :_:

  191. thank you quickybaby!

  192. Thanks, dude

  193. Add the hit log! Add the hit log! Add the hit log!

  194. I can help but notice +quickybaby said ten as twen at 05:46

  195. “”what is “”XVM

  196. Thanks :)

  197. no hitlog pls

  198. didn’t you have at one point a damage blocked counter?

  199. how do i change the stats to show WGR with this mod pack

  200. Great mod pack, thanks!
    But please, do you have to change the order of countries in the

  201. how do i play the rampage mode? it says its not suitable and i have the
    t62a and is-7 do i need to get some more tanks by playing before i can

  202. I want session stats with this mod, is it possible? (L)

  203. can u add the damage blocked/bounced by armor to your mod in future updates

  204. oh i was waiting for this whole a.m.

  205. Thanks for the work Quicky, However i really feel like this mod is lacking
    while it doesn’t show dmg taken or dmg blocked/bounced.

  206. pls QB! add the hitlogs! furthermore, love your modpack!! <3

  207. QB, how do you increase the size of the mini map?Thanks for the mod pack!!

  208. I have 3 problems with the Modpack so far:
    1. It does not show any of these light bulbs next to the team list, which
    indicats which tank is spoted yet. How can I get them? Are there any other
    modpacks that add only this feature?
    2. In the loading screen I only see the enemy team’s stats, not off my own.
    3. When I press in game Tab to see team list, the winrate is placed over
    some other text.

    1. would be important for me, the two others are no big deal for me.
    Except these things, no disconect or other problems so far. Thanks a lot
    for all the work you do, to get us the Modpack within half a day. Thumps up
    from me! :)

  209. Thank you!

  210. Thank you very much QB for being quick with your modpack!

    Unfortunately I can’t use it because i am slightly colorblind.
    The ‘red’ enemy team will cause pain in my head.

    Hope you can make a colorblind friendly one, as i really like your
    modsettings in general.

  211. please add hit log !!! :)

  212. Hi QB, thanks for the modpack. Please add a hitlog!

  213. whats the reload time on that 150mm jap gun?

  214. where is the bounce log you say that you was going to introduce with this

  215. Hey QB thank you for the modpack. I see that you can’t decide wether or not
    to put the mod that shows what shell has been used etc. I totally
    understand that and if you decide to not to put it there, could you put
    name of that mod in the description? Thanks

  216. lets spamm him with the log request lol 🙂 🙂 :D

  217. add Hitlog pls?

  218. @QuickyBabyTV Will you do an update of this modpack and put the mod who
    show your damages done and the damages block by armour in the top right
    corner ?

  219. can you tell us what was the damage panel and damage blocked by armour mod

  220. pleace put in a hit log

  221. The M46 Patton still looks retarded! I thought, hoped and prayed they would
    fix it this time around, but my heart remains broken. :(

  222. Please add a hit log!!!!!

  223. Hi everyone, after inserting everything into the game, when i’m logging
    into the game, garages updates don’t stop and freezes….Any ideas why?
    when i deleted was working fine….

  224. how it’s called your damage panel? can i get it from somewhere?

  225. Qb your an awesome fellow

  226. QB, can I go DL other damage panel or hit receive detail and put in resmod
    folder will it be conflict?

  227. Include damage blocked counter and this’ll be perfect. Thanks QB

  228. wish these sort of mods were available for us xbox one peasants lol

  229. Is there any Mod Pack for iOS, thx guys ,)

  230. In most of my matches i cant see my signal range and spotting distance on

  231. @QuickyBabyTV Hey Qb, thanks for getting the new mod pack out! would love
    to see the hit log and damaged blocked counter you were using in the
    previous patch. Keep up the good work!

  232. Thanks QB you’re a star. Just a quick question though … on the game
    loading screen I’m not getting any XVM stats for the friendly team … it’s
    ok when you hit “TAB” in game … any ideas?

  233. Hi all is OK but my DMG panel is in panel of my team tanks icon i mean
    those 15 icons for types of tanks so i cant see it nicely. Please can you


  234. tanks man

  235. Nice I was waiting for it. Thx Quickybaby

  236. Please please please include a hitlog

  237. QuickyBaby pleeeease add a hit log

  238. Thanks

  239. Can you put the damage blocked indicator mod to you mod pack too??

  240. Why have you not included zoom in?

  241. Thanks QB! clean and useful! awesome!

  242. Please add the hit log i think it would be really nice!

  243. Hurray!

  244. Add a hitlog and upload a new video when its in so we know when its time to
    update instead of checking here everyday?

  245. what about the hit received indicator ?
    is it availble too ?
    anyone ?

  246. Thanks for getting it out so quick. Jonesing for it….

  247. Been dying for this, Thank you so much

  248. Thanks for getting to this so quickly. It’s a lot of work on your part,
    basically repeating the same information on your mods every time. Your
    efforts are appreciated! Enjoy married life! Greetings from Canada.

  249. Please at the damaged blocked by armour pleaSe

  250. ooooh that was SWIFT! I don’t have to play in darkness for 5 days before it
    is out. GJ QB and XVM team. What a relief!

  251. thanks quicky, as quick as ever, thank you

  252. Thx :)

  253. The damage taken/blocked by armor hit log is called GAMBITER’S DAMAGE LOG.
    Just google it if you want to find a download, it should be on the World Of
    Tanks Forums. I don’t think it is updated to 9.10 yet though so you may
    have to wait. I just wanted to make this comment for the people that may
    have been wondering after seeing it in some of QB’s videos lately.

  254. I thought you are going to add in the damage you receive. Any possibility
    you will add that?
    Thank you QB!

  255. is somthing wrong with the douwlood i cant open it lol

  256. Thanks quicky, but I myself will use jacktor’s modpack, but you can get
    your like ;-).

  257. hay qb, I’m currently using pro mods and your xvm config as i cant find the
    hit log mod. I’m not a fan of pro mod as i clutters the screen but i love
    the hit log which is included in the mod. I would love it if you would put
    the hit log into your mod pack and if you can, are you able to move the win
    chance (when u hit “tab”) as it is over words and doesn’t look clean also
    bring back coloured win rates plz. Also have you heard of session
    statistics (a amazing mod that tells u your wn8 after battle + a session
    statistics box) would love to see that in the mod pack too but i can find
    that mod so not important. A little idea for you is to make multiple links
    for example, your current mod pack, a mod pack with damage log etc. love
    your vids and keep up the great content :)

  258. i want the winrate colors back.

  259. why in your modpack no blocked damage log?

  260. Would be nice to see the “Chance to win” rating re positioned to a
    different place as it is placed over the mission text now making it a bit
    harder to read :-)

  261. waiting for this for 10 hours man 😀 speed things up next time :D

  262. yay was wondering when you was gunna put this up! thanks qb

  263. where is the damage blocked hit log

  264. please, 1 guys help me, how to add in game the flag?

  265. he already have the OI and I only need 1k of free xp to the OI

  266. Hit log please, i want to embarrass the tomatoes who fire Gold at me, then
    they deny firing the amazing sizzling hot dog shells :D

  267. Please add reverse hitlog aswell. (Shows who hit you, ammo type, damage

  268. Hitlog pls

  269. if he included all the mods u guys want it wouldn’t be qb’s modpack anymore
    would would be like a lot of others I like the pack the way it is.

  270. What would i do without you..

  271. Thanks Quickybaby 🙂 but when i watch your replays i see wn8 rate mod per
    battle in post-game stats. How can i get this mod? Please help me

  272. Thanks been missing the render box stuff. Do you have plans to use the
    blocked damage with your mod pack? I’m still trying to get 3rd campaign one
    done in my VK45B… they get bored at shooting at me :(

  273. hey QB ,
    got a replay for you of a game I played yesterday!
    its on your replaysite on best of the week quite on top the Conqeror

    Still, thanks for the modpack

  274. Can I get this without the sixth sense change. I prefer the standard one

  275. I can’t see country flags on the loading screen,how can I activate that ?

  276. so dank as always. ty qb

  277. can somebody tell me how to set it so i can get the wn8 poast game rating
    pls? I can’t figure out how to do it :(

  278. Alina-Cristina Udrescu

    I’ve been checking you tube all the day, thanks! :P

  279. 51th!!!

  280. thank u QB gonna get it rn!

  281. Thank you, much appreciated :-)

  282. hey! I’m from Russia, subscribed to your channel, you have an interesting
    video! :))

  283. ESC key not working in battle after installing the mod.

  284. What about the damage blocked counter and damage taken log??? :(

  285. Master on the O-I in his first game… #quickybabythings

  286. QB why dont u include the counter that counter amount of damage blocked and
    also the counter that shows the type of enemy shell that penetrate you or
    i think u used it when u try to do the missions and i think its really

  287. You gonna buy that POS…59-Patton? What a fucking joke.
    For $54.00 USD you get a tank with all the weaknesses of the Type 59 and
    Patton and none of the upside. How much fun is that? Oh and as a kicker,
    no preferential MM.

  288. how is called the mod that shows you which tanks was spotted ?

  289. Hi why we cant see your reloading time? is it becose type of this XVM or
    you just turn it off? thnx :)

  290. LOL love how he calls these modpacks when its just an XVM setup with a
    goofy 6th sense icon

  291. Pragerovy Příběhy

    Well, I just came to see these one-shots :D

  292. THX Quicky, hit log yes PLEASE !!!

  293. @QuickyBabyTV Why have you not included your damage panel that you use on
    stream that shows your blocked armor and the shells you get hit by ( APCR,
    AP, HE )

  294. great job on getting this modpack out so quickly!

  295. why dont you add the damage you received log into the pack aswell? or
    atleast an option to have it aswell? as i’v failed to find it anywhere

  296. Will you add the hit log too?

  297. thx QB I really Like you and your good work you do every day :)

  298. played 4 battles without XVM because this video want up yet… Man thad’s
    hard ….

  299. dam you guys are fast

  300. Do you have the G mode for arty in your mod park ?

  301. why dont you dont include arty mods within your mods ?

  302. YAY! thx QB

  303. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    4th xD

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  305. Joed Arandia Dela Cruz

    qb how do you create your mod i just want to create mine too

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  311. Good luck in patch 9.10 everyone! <3

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