World of Tanks || 9.12 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Get QuickyBaby’s latest XVM Mod Pack for 9.12!
►v1 for 9.12 18/11/2015

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense
GambitER Damage Panel (light version) SAFE for NA/SEA (coming soon)

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free . It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. where is the hit vlog?

  2. What’s up with that ‘dog crew member’ on the Rudy at 2:54 ?

  3. Sixth Sense no sound, does anyone have a similar problem?

  4. Great job guy, thanks!, you are the best ;-).

  5. can u plz add a SPG parabola shooting plz?

  6. Hi QB. Tnx for swift delivery :-)

  7. Hi guys. Sorry if it is mentioned anywhere else… It is the first time I
    want to install this mod, but I really need a colour blind mode as I can
    hardly see the red shape of enemy tanks. I prefer blue. Is this an optional
    possibility at QB’s modpack? Thanks for replying! Cheers, Flex

  8. Awww yes!
    Now i can play wot again! :D

  9. Борислав Борисов

    Thank you QuickyBaby :)

  10. lol im way too lazy to activate every two weeks

  11. how to remove the annoying sixth sense (QB face) pop up?


  13. Why i can’t acitvate services ?

  14. hello dear Quicky! I recently installed your mod pack 9.12 for the first
    time and I didn’t see loading statistics of any tank but other stuff
    showing on the video are working fine and I loved it!
    problem I have: on your video at 3:52
    can you tell me what to do? thank you!

  15. Hey, I wanna use his mods but without XVM. But if I just don’t activate it,
    I always get those ugly white lines where usually the Battles, Wn8, asf.
    is. How can I “repair” that ?

  16. next time can put one patch completely. I use it on this one, until they
    appear come more complex and complete

  17. When I press “Download” button I just get send to the same side all the
    time, I see no sign of it installing. What do I do?

  18. Is there anyway to remove the “spotted” icon of Quickybaby’s face from this

  19. Hey QB. Great modpack. Any chance we could get a feature that automatically
    puts camo nets, binocs, and toolkits on tanks with empty slots when you
    select them? Its always annoying having to look around for a camo net. :)

  20. Thanks QB!. GJ. Feel like im playing at a disadvantage against players who
    have fancy hit indicators showing, direction, reload time, shell type, tank

  21. Hmm, everything’s working for me except the hit tracker, so I have no idea
    what’s shooting me :/

  22. Like ALLWAYS, the section of mod wich shows spoted/unspoted enemies, from
    enemy tank list, dont work… In all your videos this section works, but on
    dowloaded mod is missing… This is the only reason why I use OMC ModPack!

  23. Appreciate all your hard work and your mods always work QB. I posted a
    problem 12 hours ago and have received no response, it’s okay though, I’ve
    been subscribed for 2+ years now and never received a response, I get it.
    Bye bye now.

  24. Evert time you say ‘consider giving a like’ i deel i have to xD (sry 4 my

  25. McAr “McArMy” My

    SixthSense icon doesn’t work what to do 🙁 ?

  26. I have never install this before…
    After I follow your steps to install, I can’t login in right now….
    may you help me solve this problem? or others may help?
    Thank you so much!!

  27. monkeystandoffsucks

    Where did patch 9.11 go?

  28. Is there a way to get only certain things in the mods pack?

  29. Honda And Cadet Jay MC

    Thanks quickly baby


    Thank you!!! so much from Latin America Colombia

  31. Thanks

  32. QB, will this pack work on the SEA server?

  33. Stephen Plays Games

    Hey QB, it’s released on the US server as well! 🙂 just saying from the
    beginning of the vid 😉 Tolly Ho’ Chaps =D

  34. hey guys does any of you got this annoying bug when driving TDs or SPGs??
    the bug starts when you move the mouse either left or right and you stop
    out of the gun’s range… then the tank starts “dancing” unless you press
    “x” key and block the tracks… it is so annoying… i don’t know if WG did
    that on purpose but i do not like it and i hope they fix it soon….

  35. DestroyerAlpha Winner

    @QuickyBaby How do we change the image that appears when we’re getting
    spotted ?

  36. what happened to the damage blocked and taken tracking in the bottom left?
    I really liked that

  37. Can I get xvm for Mac (I know, a “Mac player”)?

  38. ive turned off my chance to win. its kinda fun not knowing you’re team is
    about to get wrecked.

  39. does this pack inclued auto equipment switch?

  40. for me the 9.10 hits received panel didn’t work

  41. Owen “NooBinatoR” Squires

    my game worked fine til i installed this , now it just goes back to the
    desktop 3 seconds or so after launching

  42. SO MUCH PURPLE!>>>can i have some of your skill their quicky? still only
    55% myself

  43. Thanks for the update! Do i need to delete the current modpack from the
    previous patch before I can install the new one?

  44. thanks again QB

  45. is the GambitER Damage Panel safe for NA server?

  46. Thanks for the prompt upload QB.

  47. Still no Damage recieved damage blocked stats? :(

  48. Thanks you very much

  49. thank you bro

  50. need to artillery mode pleaseee :/

  51. i hate the way he says garage

  52. i need hitlog bro!

  53. jeez man you have so many tanks. Also didn’t know u made XVM. great mod :)

  54. Thanks for the new mod pack, please keep up the good work :)

  55. thank you QB

    if you get the time can you do a quick look at the tanks they remastered in
    HD for any stealth buffs/nerfs, thanks again

  56. How to remove tank names on minimap in “QuickyBaby Modpack 9.12”?

  57. So many tanks, and you still don’t use AutoEquip? I love that mod.

  58. Hello QB ! Thanks for the mod, just one question…. how can I disable the
    zoom out feature ? Thanks !

  59. Thank you Quickybaby for the new modpack ;3. I wish you luck on the

  60. A very big thank you!

    I know you don’t play with arty often, but in the future, can you implant
    “arty shell travel time” counter to the arty sniper view???

  61. finally more fps 😀 and why you keep forgetting to say that xvm changes
    sixt sence lamp?

  62. Is there any MOD that can show me just the extra-stats in the garage? Or
    can I just turn of the WN8, Match and Hit-Log with the very same XVM? Info
    would be appreciated.

  63. Please provide Received Hit Log like the previous 9.11 Update, it was very

  64. Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

    QB, how can I get the xvm configuration to show individual damages to a
    enemy instead of stacking up like your configuration does?

  65. How about the addon that shows the damage we take?

  66. what about the 6th PIC can I change that but keep the hole mod the same but
    change it?

  67. I finally got you mod pack to work but I have just one request. Could you
    make a “un-stealth monkey” as a option for the sixteenth picture ? :)

  68. x30 zoom is the best thing in the whole game. Though I wish the MathMod
    would update more frequently. I mostly like the cross hairs and the armor
    thickness gui.

  69. What took you so long?

  70. Thank You !!!

  71. another thing that would be useful is that when you press right click,
    instead of aiming in the center of the tank to aim it where you left it
    something like world of tanks blitz .guys if you like this please hit the
    like button for quickybaby to see thx and tell me your opinion about this

  72. i’ve never used mods but maybe i should try it thanks formaking it this

  73. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    i dont really like this update . the take out the t18 and the old t3 TD. by
    the way OMC modpak ist awesome sound mods Skins and also a maximum scope to
    over x48 ( american ) illagalie but in Europe not xvm and same DMG panal
    like this

  74. not sure what the deal is, but I put the folders in the right area and
    nothing happens. Im running the SD version. Not sure if that is the issue.

  75. Thanks Quicky :)

  76. we want to know : who hit us. please repair this. (sorry for bad english)

  77. Thanks for being so quick to get this update out !

  78. Don’t know if there is a difference but the MP is working fine on the NA
    server. Thanks a tons.

  79. I Dont find my world of tanks folder for what should i search to find it?
    pls Held me :(

  80. Sometimes I get a game bug where zoom only had two levels – fully in or
    fully out (third person). This happens with or without QB’s mod pack. But
    with his mod pack, then the two zoom levels are fully in or full out (super
    zoom out) which makes it really hard to play. Anyone else experienced this?

  81. Thanks you Quickybaby!

  82. thank you quickybaby <3

  83. What happened to the kv-5 video?

  84. +QuickyBabyTV Thank you! :)

  85. Found a bug for using on the NA server. Loaded modpac up and everytime I
    log in, whatever tank I start on ALL of its equipment is on ALL of my other
    tanks. Unable to change any modules or equipment. List of modules is really
    out of whack stating only text field and tier 1 all the way down the list.
    NA players just keep a look out for this if you load it up.

  86. QB a question.

    Would you still think a player is good if they had a 3000 WN8 But a 44% win

  87. i followed all ur steps but i didn’t get the menu where i can sort the
    tanks in the garage by choosing the tier/type of the tankand etc..
    what can i possibly have done wrong? and what can i do about it?

  88. Bug – hit stat button on individual tank in garage view drop down right
    mouse click and just takes me to T54-ltwt. Tried about 5 different tanks
    and all T54-ltwt. other than that working ok

  89. I stopped using mods for a month and I play better for some reason. I guess
    you never get discouraged about how bad or good your team is, so you’re
    always at you’re best. I got xvm again and my wn8 went up 150 over maybe
    200 games.

  90. What’s up with other mod’s zoom issues on NA & SEA servers?

  91. My hitlog is behind the scoreboard thingy at the top, and I can’t read my
    damage count.

  92. LOL!!!! New 9.12 patch buffed the KV-220’s frontal armor when the REAL
    armor problem is its turret…..

  93. Why don’t you add the multi-layer tank carousel?

  94. It’s great to have the mod so fast, but the map functionality is not
    working well for me. Also, when I am in the garage and clic a tank to see
    its statistics it takes me to the general statistics page, not to the
    specific stats of that tank. I hope it can get fixed in the v2.

  95. ty an awesome pack :)

  96. Cheatpack 9.12

  97. does this work for mac? what about warships?

  98. Thanks for the update QuickyBaby, btw, when do we get to see Mrs. QuickBaby
    again. :)

  99. so the download is safe right? no virus or anything like that

  100. I just need that!

  101. thank you somuch. quickybaby for putting your modpack up so early i really
    appreciate it

  102. QB, hello … how about incorporating a session statistics mod in your mod
    pack? … that would really make everything cool … i hope you would
    consider it … :)

  103. just updated the game to 9.12 and downloaded the mod. I was able to open up
    the game once with the modpack, but from now on when I open up world of
    tanks, it blackscreens after the loading screen. Im able to open up world
    of tanks and connect in safe mode (with no mods active) so i figured it had
    to do with the modpack. Anyone with the same problem or any solutions?

  104. good job aswell always QB nice to have your mod pack

  105. Thanks QB

  106. Nice to have coloured winrates again 😀 Very nice modpack, my favourite

  107. thank you thank you !!!!!

  108. How could WG change my beloved T18 :(

  109. hello quickybaby ,could you help me ? when i instal any mod pack or mods,
    world of tanks doesnt start, it just gives me black screen and nothing
    happens. when i delete them it works again

  110. Thanks for an awesome mod pack +QuickyBabyTV

  111. Will my old XVM config work with the new patch?

  112. your mod that u use in most of your vids shows at post battle results the
    WN8 for the battle that ended … How do we activate that feature on your
    mod pack
    And not to be rude … but where is damaged recived panel
    cheers m8

  113. my mod pack my mod pack my mod pack

  114. Need to be careful of scroll changes on NA/SEA server… Is that a
    reference to max zoom?
    I’m a big fan of noscroll and going up to 30x zoom, which as I recall is

  115. Thanks for the mod pack QuickyBaby, stay awesome!

  116. Does this include the free camera mod that you use in replays?

  117. I love you QB !!!1! :D

  118. thx man :)

  119. would be nice if you had the damage blocked / taken as well

  120. I love your modpack :D

  121. MMANY MANY thanks Quick!! and U are epic just as well ;)

  122. I just tried to launch WOT NA server and I get error message-update
    process. Critical error, unable to update launcher file,The application
    cannot continue, For details, see log file. Any help would be greatly
    appreciated, thanks.

  123. Good job as usual Mr Quickybaby. Happy costumer once again :-P

  124. RUDY have a dog :O

  125. awesome like always 🙂
    ps. My girl hate you :)

  126. Thank You QB, Much Appreciated as always

  127. Thank you !

  128. Thanks 🙂 !!!!!!!

  129. +QuickyBabyTV Thanks for the Modpack :)

  130. Can someone help me get out the ZOOM OUT mod, i find it very awkward to
    play with?

  131. thanks for your quick work. liked and shared w/ friends

  132. thans you forum upgrading this video i wanten tot download your pack and
    now i know

  133. QB why dont u add the Damage received panel and Damage blocked panel? 🙁 We
    want them!

  134. is quickybaby replays site broken? ı cant open it

  135. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    when i download the map, it shows me its empty, i dont understand…

  136. someone knows something about the fv4202??

  137. I am surprised you don’t use multi carousel mod. Where you have 2 or more

  138. thx …)))))))))))

  139. 9.12 sucks so far, my minimap is not working like intended! I press Alt,
    and I can’t see any of the special things in map (tank names and last known
    position of tanks). I checked the settings, and it’s just like before. But
    it’s not working…

  140. Fast as always – Thanks mate

  141. i have a problem… the dmg counter Is In the middle of my schreen under
    the scoore board

  142. Quickly baby I do not have the light bulbs and the skulls next to the
    people’s names to weather they are spotted at that moment. Have been
    spotted and not spotted at all, I do not know how to get it back

  143. Where is 10.0…

  144. Thanks for the quick turn around!!!

  145. where can u find rampage?

  146. Thanks for the modpack. Its great.
    One question: Where did the spotted indicators go? You had them a few
    patches ago, but since like 9.8, they have been missing.

  147. thanks for the mod pack :)

  148. how can I remove the zoom out feature from your mod pack?

  149. t110e5 is the best tank?you like hevy,medium,light or td?

  150. does your modpack include the arty shell perspektive?

  151. Just a thought QB: Personaly i think you should add a mod that displays (at
    the bottom above the consumables) what your view range is and if there is
    an incresase if the user is using Binocks or Optics: Example: 390m / 487.5

  152. I am playing the Wolverine. Shall I go for the T110E3 or the T110E4 and
    which tier 6 shall I play then: the Hellcat or the Jackson?

  153. Thanks QB been using this for a very long time.

  154. I have been waiting all day QB finally :p

  155. What are those light on the left of the enemy team?

  156. Is it possible to somehow only get the rendering/view range lines for

  157. you are a reliable fellow!

  158. you got my like m8

  159. sverre baraas-klungseth

    my hitlog hides behind the green players of the team, anyone knows how to
    move it?

  160. Quickly! Thanks!

  161. thanks a lot

  162. nice modpack QB. I love it

  163. Guys, how do you think, could my Kolobanov with T30 win something in the
    300K competition?
    Watch the video on my channel TheRODE with my commentary!

    I can’t give you link to the video, because QB doesn’t allow comments with
    links I guess.. They don’t show up…

    I’m scared that QB might not watch this replay, because only 6400dmg (11
    kills tho), but that defending was epic, killing 6 tanks in the base
    circle… :/

  164. Thanks QB, as always – awesome!

  165. Don’t play with statics on, everyone sucks regardless of their win rate

  166. Hey guys/ great community of quickybaby I would be great if you lot could
    check out this quite small world of tanks YouTube MeatCitygaming he does
    Good wot videos and I would like you to show some support to him
    Thanks guys will

  167. Top man QB :-)

  168. Thnx QB,thumbs up as allways

  169. thanks quickybaby your mod pack was fast!!!

  170. My pc has broken down, so not only do i miss this, but also star wars
    battlefront (i already pre-purchased it), x5 xp and x3 crew zp :(

  171. doesnt work , only a black screen

  172. jose cedres herrera

    thnx quicky always looking out for us ;)

  173. This patch sucks , not even half things promised came out. Thx for mod pack

  174. Floris van den Eventuin

    Great to have such a youtuber as you 🙂
    Love your mod packs

  175. I am the only one who gets a empty zip folder ?

  176. Тамерлан Засеев

    Hello again, QuikyBaby!
    May you can help me out in finding a mod pac that will work for Mac
    P.S. You are doing a great job with your videos! Love watching them with my
    older son. Keep up this great job!

  177. thanks QB.

  178. thanks for being quick

  179. Thanks Quicky!

  180. THANK YOU <3

  181. only noobs use mods.

  182. Thx for this modpack !!

  183. Kristians Jankovics

    Hello! Works correctly, but is there any way how to change location of
    hitlog on left upper corner?

  184. Thanks man!You are the best!Your mod is the best,tryed others,just one big
    haos on my screen!You are the maaaaan!

  185. Thank you QB!

  186. Hello quickybaby van YOU do an vid About the mark of excelance?? How do YOU
    get it , what does it?

  187. thank you

  188. I dont use mods but i like this one

  189. Thanks QB :)

  190. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Already first dislike on a video. get a life haters

  191. best mod pack ever :)

  192. Is it just me or is his face-cam shocky? Thanks a bunch btw quicky! =)

  193. Thanks QB!

  194. thanks!

  195. thanks a bunch

  196. Still the best modpak! Thanks QB

  197. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard


  198. Ths men! Saludos desde Argentina!

  199. Too fast..

  200. Bacon bits n’ playing in blitz

  201. the armed blue benja


  202. Im early wow

  203. Best of luck in patch 9.12 everyone 🙂

    I’m LIVESTREAMING the T-22 sr. Grind now!

  204. first comm :)

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