World of Tanks || 9.13 Mod Pack with XVM

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Get QuickyBabyÙs latest XVM Mod Pack 9.13!
►v1 for 9.13 16/12/2015

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense
GambitER Damage Panel ( version) SAFE for NA/SEA

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. does this have his stupid head instead of sixth sense?

  2. Damian “Samson” Borson

    I don’t understand why you put your cam in every video, sometimes it is
    over some ui elements…

  3. I have a problem with markers on minimap. The minimap shows me only names
    of last spotted enemies position and no markers. Can i fix this? This is
    since 9.12

  4. Thank you for this customized xvm mod pack quickly delivered. I updated my
    game yesterday and immediately installed the mod.

  5. I’m just deciding to play WoT again after a few months off, thanks for the
    new modpack (as always) and I will see you for the charity stream!

  6. ezauzernevisfoglalt

    Thanks for the mod pack! But can you add the 50m circle around the tank?
    Sometimes it would help me avoid getting proximity scouted, or help me
    scout other tanks in this way!

  7. Keep the nice vids going 😉 and I’m using my sister’s acc.So I’m not a girl

  8. it didn’t work for me proble my computer though but thanks for the tip on
    how get QB

  9. Dose it have extra zoom in?

  10. hey qb i really like ur show.. its a request from me to upload a full
    review on the t30 tank destroyer becoz i found no video in ur channel about
    it and also the fact that i love to play the vehicle.. it would be very
    nice of u if u do so. thank u and have grt chirstmas.

  11. QB: can you make an episode about how useful/useless Improved Ventilation
    is, please? :)

  12. Thanks!!!!

  13. I love watching pom
    You that read wrong
    You read that wrong too
    You read that twice to make sure you didnt read that wrong

  14. Thanks for the mod QB , but i thought you said you are going to put the
    arty battle assistant into your mod this patch or did i just mishear that?

  15. Thanks QB

  16. Why is it always a zip file

  17. It is save in Asia server too?

  18. quickybaby it want me to install mediafire first, why?

  19. how can i made that team think up ur screen like urs i can’t se me hits
    besuase it :'(

  20. dud thanks you so much. I have ben loking for the mod of zoom and spot line
    for a long time

  21. thank you :)

  22. Still on G mode for arty????? =/

  23. auto/remember me log in!

  24. Silverfishstix “Die Google Plus” Vidyas

    Who else has got the bug where every player in a match has no names or
    anything above them?

  25. Ik, Jingles, and Quickybaby are in my opinion the only great world of tank

  26. WOOOOOOOO! Damage panel

  27. Do you think you can add the ‘Tanks Spotted Lightbulb’ mod, and ‘Detailed

  28. thx for modpack

  29. the mod works really good but i’m missing the extra filters bottom left
    next to the tank bar any ideas why????? anyone

  30. Hi, first thank you Quickybaby for making this! But really I only want the
    XVM part, not the others, I have other damage panel that I enjoy, so if
    anyone knows how to take out the damage panel, that would be great.

  31. Makes my game choppy at random :/

  32. Quicky, I love you so much please never tamper with this. This is honestly
    the best mod setup ever

  33. That problem ocurred with my google chrome when i tried it on internet
    explorer it worked sorry for the wasted time if any. My apologies.

  34. Quickybaby. i went to mediafire downloaded. It said completed but when i
    tried to open it it said that it couldnt. Properties:0bytes. Please help.
    Thank you in advance.

  35. I have a question. QB, the damage log changes to the health of the
    remaining tanks that are/were spotted in the match. What is the key bind to
    switch into that?

  36. Thanks for getting this out so fast. Much appreciated.

  37. QB i cant download it :(

  38. i live in north America is there anyway i can play on the eu server?

  39. can you plz add a ary mod next time !!!!!!!!!!

  40. Dear QB, this is why I keep saying “QB? He’s a professional with emotion.”
    You’re work is becoming the benchmark to beat.
    The way you lead us on your description of events and features and tanky
    stuff such as this brief Mod Pack explanation with your first 9.13 battle
    in the background, it was very well conducted, very well indeed. I like the
    fact that you didn’t omitted your… fearless TG hunger 🙂 I would have
    done the same. For sure! 😀 Keep up the good work QB.

  41. Tadeáš Provazník

    Hi QB, i like your xvm mod, is simple and effective. But my hit log is too
    high, how can I put it little bit down? Thx for answer and enjoy your
    streaming tomorrow :)

  42. how do u turn it OFF ???

  43. I only want that zoom out mod cause my pc
    Is very slow, which one is it of that package? And works it alone?

  44. QB just to say you can click wot on your desktop and then open file
    location. On windows 8/10 i don’t know about 7 though.

  45. I love the modpack but I’ve had one issue with it for a while now and that
    is that when I am in the garage I cannot access any of the tank sorting

    Does anyone know a fix for that?

  46. QB by your opinion , what is the best tier X heavy tank ???
    Pls tell me….

  47. add arty mod. please. <3

  48. QuckyBaby thank You so much for making these mod packs, You are the best –
    please keep doing it forever :)

  49. can you recomend or implement in your modpack session stats for 9.13? thank

  50. Very good, but this time when I went to the site, it did not start to
    download automatically, so I downloaded it manually, but the data I got is
    corrupted and can not be opened or extracted, please help me. I use Opera
    and Windows 8.1, what can cause my problem?

  51. Thank you Mr. QuickyBaby :)

  52. Vaidotas Jankauskas

    fucking soldout shithead

  53. quicky i love your mod pack but my i give u one thing id love to have in
    your pack is a zoomout mod i feel like thats the only thing missing out of
    this :)

  54. Qb i don’t have a wot folder how do I do?

  55. The win rate colors on your modpack don’t show up on my games, as

  56. Thx bro !

  57. THX for the MOD PACK

  58. can you see enemy remaining health points?

  59. Thank you Sir! You are the real MVP.

  60. Has anyone encountered the situation when in a comet the smoke from the gun
    & engine are pixalated or very weird? Thx

  61. Why do you have to do a 12 hour stream the day of my stats final… QQ

  62. I only need 1 tank game in my life LOL arty is fair and balanced. No one
    respects you.

  63. Does the modpack work for mac?

  64. hi QB thx xvm everyday:D
    Q.player panel of enemy spotted maker does not work
    Is there solution?

  65. I got the mods everything but dont have the colors and so..

  66. quickyBaby, why do you don’t include the name of the enemy tank that shot
    you in damage panel. It only says damage and type of shell. It would be
    very usefull if i knew which tank shot me. eg: 320 | T29 | AP or 390 | KV-3
    | AP

  67. Not to sound like an asshole, but is it possible to turn off QB Sixth
    Sense, not that I don’t like it it’s just I have my own that I prefer. Does
    anyone know how? I searched in the folders a bit didn’t find anything. I
    like everything else on this pack as it’s more or less what I run, except
    the Sixth sense pack.

  68. Awesome, I have not long discovered your channel, Have installed your mod,
    really good, Never used them before. I have been playing the game a long
    time, but never really took it that serious, I have learned a lot from
    watching your videos, some which I should have known a long time ago. .
    Thanks :)

  69. HELP should I buy the super Pershing or the t34 or skoda prem

  70. Finally 🙂 i already missed it during my kv2 rounds this afternoon

  71. It works okay. When I’m in game with the mod pack installed, the
    penetration holes from other tank shots and my shots don’t show up… VERY
    disappointing, can anyone tell me how to fix this?? Yes, its being
    installed on a vanilla res_mods folder.

  72. Thanks as always QB =)

  73. Thanks mate. Really appreciate you releasing this so quickly. Cheers :)

  74. QB…many thanks epic advice as usual. Great advice like
    this has transformed me from a liability having fun to someone getting clan
    invites. Much appreciated. Keep up the GW.

  75. like!!

  76. Hi Quicky! I would really like to use your mod pack but something went
    wrong because I did everything just as you told and the game crash from the
    start. Any suggestion (EU)?

  77. well gd to see you keep to your word QB jumping straight to tier 9 with the
    czech tank not like you 2 show us you grind out the line for us to watch
    but hay its your game so cant really complain but gd luck on the
    battlefield QB

  78. Have you ever considered adding multiple rows in the garage to your

  79. Is it possible for me to download this and just have the enhanced garage
    stuff? The in-battle features destroy my turd of a computer’s performance.
    It would be nice to have the extra garage things, like actual tank values
    with crew and equips, enhanced stats under the service record and what-not.

  80. Спасибо большое, QuickyBaby

  81. Great thanks!

  82. Great mod pack. I use it every patch. The only thing I’d like to see added
    to it is a post game stats report.

  83. Ah my favourite one-day-use modpack, just because QB is so fast and there
    are no decent others :P

  84. hey QB, can u please add the autoequip or autotelescope mod to your modpack?
    ? (automatically switches camonet, extinguisher and optics to the tank you
    choose to play. It saves soo many credits and is very easy to use.) you
    would do me and many other tankers a big favour. 🙂 keep up your brilliant
    work and stay rollin ;)

  85. Is anyone else having UI errors in game? No tags above tanks, no info when
    pressing TAB, no dmg counter, etc

  86. You mast make giveaway (1000 gold or tank) plssssss

  87. You have BEST mod pack!!!!!!!

  88. why you have light and a have not ?

  89. How can we change the image of the sixth sensible?

  90. About to re do your intro with HD A43?

  91. Guys can somebody recommend me FREE zip opener i used one and i have to pay

  92. Thanks QB for giving us this modpack, totally loved the old ones and also
    love this one again. Thanks for the time you spend for us :)

  93. Thanks QB! Great modpack. Any chance you could add a feature that
    automatically installs camo nets, binocs and toolkits to empty spaces on
    your tank before battles? I feel like having to look for a camo net before
    each battle is as annoying as trying to swap your crews between premium
    tanks manually.

  94. thx for getting us this modpack so fast

  95. I gonna skip to tier 9….just quickybaby things xDD

  96. Really like the simplicity of your mod pack…but wish it had a damage
    received log. They have them now where they don’t log hits from unspotted
    tanks I believe? Because they like to keep us Americans at a disadvantage

  97. Thank u Quicky baby!!
    what about add to your mod pack an in game WN8 calculator?

  98. thanks!

  99. Many many thanks again for the quick, quicky mod pack bor 😉 keep up the
    good work !!

  100. the mod is great – and comes very shortly after the update. Only thing I
    miss is the one that helps you to quickly equip binocs and camo net on
    tanks. Thx for the great and fast work!

  101. You should do the same like you do now but on the blitz version as well
    either on iPhone or iPad or what device you have.

  102. Thanks man again and fast as usual..I’ve tried many modpacks and separate
    mods and allways have come back to your modpack. Why’s that? Because it’s
    damn clean and simple just the way I want it, as propably you like it too
    things clean & simple :), but still your modpack is very informative &
    practical (actually just like you advertise it on this vid, but it’s okay
    cause it’s true;)). One thing just buggers me, those nation flags is not
    seen when using tab, but I’ll have to figure that setting out..

  103. QuickyBaby a question when I download this Mod Pack With XVM you do you, I
    show green in the battles, but if you downloaded the eighteenth of the
    principal or original page shows me yellow can you tell me or clarify the
    doubt because the two I show in Greetings From Panama different colors. o7

  104. QB, you’re the best! Thanks!

  105. Quicky (or anyone else) how do you move the hit log box in xvm? I know you
    put in a number to the x or y axis to move it but I don’t know what line to
    edit? I want to move mine to the left slightly as it is conflicting with
    the friendly tanks bar in the middle of the screen at the top.

    Thank you ;)

  106. I just want to addmit something! Everything that brokes the gamemechanic is
    forbidden! The zoomout tool is a tool that breaks that so basicly its
    illegal or not?!

  107. Hey qb, thanks for your modpack(s) and other vidoes!

  108. how to remove hit log?

  109. A big thank you QB!

  110. If I start up WoT it doesn’t show the bar with all my tanks. I tried
    deleting the lobby file, but that didn’t work. After that I just tried
    selecting a vehicle using the tech tree, and when I joined the battle XVM
    said it was missing a file

  111. Floris van den Eventuin

    Wauw, QB’s commander in his comet is called major and his radio operator is
    called First Lieutenant Sexey

  112. thx qb!

  113. thx again i love this mod pack simple and easy to understand ;)

  114. This mod generates hatred

  115. Thanks alot QB !! Well appreciated

  116. just needs battle assistant

  117. jose cedres herrera

    ty as always quicky know whe can count on you ;)

  118. So I’ve done everything right and I go into battle and the Hits and Damage
    Caused thing is at the top underneath the tanks we’ve killed to tanks
    they’ve killed (9:5) my friends downloaded it and there’s worked fine and I
    had it before the last patch and it was fine. Please help asap!

  119. Can anyone help pls!
    The light bulbs on the teamlist which indicates if somone has been spotted
    doesn’t show up for me.
    I have tried several reinstalls and nothing happens.

  120. Thank you QB! I feel naked without your modpack!

  121. thanks again!

  122. gj on being so quick thanks!.. but i cant open the file with 7zip, the
    error is ” can not open file a archive ” , and it seems as if it may be
    corrupted (?) any help is appreciated ;)

  123. THANK YOU!

  124. thanx dir being so early with the modpacks

  125. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    Do you know GottwyCZ (on WOT FEAR07CZ)?

  126. Cool mod and great videos.

  127. I would so love to know whether QB thinks the IS-2 is worth getting for a
    player with a very developed account with the IS-3 auto around the corner.
    Know he’s trying to stay off tonight for his 12h session tomorrow. But
    would so love an is it worth it tube on it. Good luck tomorrow QB!

  128. nice useful video :)

  129. Quicky it’s awesome that you do this! You rock :)

  130. Do you like the hd Comet? :)

  131. çağlayan ceyhun yüzüak

    could you please add another link for ONLY the xvm configuration without
    any other mods like gambiter damage log, sixth sense icon, zoom mod etc.

  132. My mod pack no longer is working in USA just got czech tech line an now it
    doesnt work

  133. Only modpack I use. Thank you!

  134. I was wondering if you can add in the reload timer next to the reticle

  135. Thank you Quickybaby for the modpack!

  136. quickie sorry to bother you but I cant see ally or enemy tanks in the mini
    map and when I counter them they don’t have there upper tags. best of luck
    to all other hope its me and not the mod pack! any help I could get would
    be nice ^.^

  137. When will the new physics come?

  138. QB I like ur ModPack… It’s simple and pocket size… I just sugest u put
    in that arty battle assistant and ur modpack would be complete…. 😀

    Keep up the good work mate…. :D

  139. I bet this mod transforms regular ammo in gold ammo.

  140. love you QuickyBabyTV hope that you one day makes a video on the T92 bye

  141. QB, how about a short video highlighting the armor changes due to the new
    HD models in 9.13? Seems like there are a couple of significant ones like
    the KV-3.

  142. Thanks QB :)

  143. Thx quickybaby, but one question: Why i dont have the lights/bulbs behind
    the name when somebody is spottet?

  144. MrTruffelsSpecialRecept

    thanks man, i like this mod alot!!!!! :D

  145. It comes with the QB sixth sense? Can that be removed?

  146. Hello from MX quickybaby and great mod thanks.

  147. Hello, my line starting from the gun barrel does not occur… just for me
    is the lack?

  148. how do i remove the damaged received mod? i use a much nicer one that tells
    u the tank thats hit you too but now i have two over lapping each other.
    which files from this pack do i need to delete to remove it? or whats the
    name of the mod so i can find it online to download then delete the same
    where/what site do people use to make their own xvm? i like this xvm except
    the damage received, i would be happy to make my own if i knew how.

  149. man quickybaby when are you going to change your background it has been the
    same for years :P

  150. QB for mayor

  151. New patch? NOOOOOOOO!!!

  152. That wallpaper from “Waltz with Bashir”; so much respect right now.

  153. my wot says that the modpack doesnt excist so i cant play it anymore:(

  154. Good job mate…..!!!!

  155. Does anyone else not have these lightbulbs for spotted/not spotted?

  156. Thank you Quicky… (y)

  157. did you fix the dissapairing MOE’s in this version ?

  158. hitlog doesnt move with any values, also saveLastserver option doesnt work

  159. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    the two other players on the tumnnail represent the average wot players

  160. love this mod pack so much quickybaby. and you are awesome dude keep up the
    great work!!!!

  161. Nice outro!! (And funny :P!!)

  162. would be better if the damage received log showd who shot you!!

  163. still no crosshair

  164. I have forgotten how many of you mob packs I have downloaded over the
    years. Thanks so much QB

  165. Hi Quickybaby, how cam I adjust the zoom level tot maximum alowed zoom?

  166. QB’s mod pack is good, but the damage panel is lacking. it doesmt show
    which tank is shootinh at u

  167. Isn’t it about time you got a new wallpaper… ? :P

  168. Thanks QB

  169. i have got a bug with mediafire i can not download the modpack cauze to a
    commercial popup in front of the download link. this wil not disapear can i
    please download it via an other site/link. much apriciatet. and Always on
    time QB

  170. thank you so much to put this mod pack so fast quiky ;)

  171. Thanks Quickybaby :)

  172. How can i add a double row tank carrousel in garage?

  173. Best of luck to all of you in patch 9.13, happy holidays/Christmas and
    hopefully see you all tomorrow for the Charity Fundraiser :)

  174. thx a lot again for this very simple and usefull modpack :)

  175. Hey QB I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but thank you so much for
    making vids on a game so many of us enjoy. For about a year now I’ve
    watched your vids daily and I thoroughly enjoy them. I have only played
    with you once where I was on the enemy team and you wrecked my platoon mate
    (he deserved it lol) when you were in a Charioteer. All in all as I said
    earlier thank you for your vids, keep up the great work! :P

  176. if i want to see other players stats do i have to donwload Quicky Babys mod
    pack or just login and activate serveces:can you help my people?

  177. cheer’s QuickyBaby prompt as always, and happy chrimboo too

  178. Just got in a game witk 30 K-HOUSENKA! can i send it to you?

  179. Thanks matey boy ol’ chap!

  180. Why does this modpack not modify the snipermode

  181. Thank you so much QB :)

  182. thx QB

  183. Thank you for all what you do QB :)

  184. thanks you a lot!!!

  185. thanks alot QB. you’re the best.

  186. thanks Will!

  187. Richard McConnachie

    That Automatic crew return in great as is the crew training boost – no more
    farming out to free experience that will NEVER get used 🙂

    17th is roll out for SEA – so I will have this already lol

  188. Thanks QUICKYbaby for being so QUICK again :-)

  189. Thanks QB, much appreciated

  190. this will suport a lot of XVM noobs

  191. There is also a red circle for arty that measures your range for shooting

  192. WOW this garage looks awesome gj wargaming!

  193. Thanks Man!you are the best!

  194. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  195. My luck Rly… Right after i Download OMC Modpack This come out=?? i H8 my

  196. Thank you for doing the every single patch QB 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  197. Patrik “Mysterio” Mistr

    Nice, finally modpack for 9.13 nice :D

  198. Really quick QB very much appreciated :)

  199. I was second

  200. Yes! GG! :D

  201. thanks bud! great stuff like always :)

  202. QuickyBaby to be honest you are EPIC! But I haven’t seen you playing on the
    tier 8 German heavy tank the tiger ll which is weird because your first
    tier X tank was the E-100. I would really appreciate it if you made a
    review of the tank. It would be very helpful. Anyway keep going like that!
    Big fan of yours :D

  203. Thing is with the xvm website you can’t sign out or change accounts. :/

  204. Awesome new video Quickybaby glad I Czeched it out.

  205. Score!!! Posted 2 mins ago!

  206. Great work baby, was waiting for this!

  207. Thank you! Much appreciated

  208. Right when I arrived at home. Perfect timing, buddy!

  209. 6th thx qb

  210. oh 3thrd one

  211. Thanks, man!

  212. Martin Dijkman Dulkes

    Wow! already the new modpack is up! good work QB!! oh….aaaaaand, >First< lol

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