World of Tanks || 9.14 Mod Pack with XVM

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XVM by QuickyBaby for !
►v1 for 9.14 10/13/2016

XVM with Custom Config
GambitER Damage Panel (light version) SAFE for NA/SEA
BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view
Zoom Out Mod
QB 6th Sense

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of a online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Is update 9.14 out for the Asian server?

  2. Carlos Alberto Michan Amado

    Thank you QB, you are the best!

  3. I dont really like the zoom out mod, it messes too much with my camera. Did
    anybody manage to install JUST xvm 9.14 yet? On their site, it still says
    wot 9.13 and it doesnt work…

  4. Thanks man!

  5. Norbert Sieniawski

    Great mod, QuickyBaby! I’ve started using it just recently but love it!
    One question though. I’m playing on Linux so I don’t have all fonts
    installed. So maybe You could share what font is responsible for “skulls”
    marking the kills so I could install it? ;)

  6. Major Woody Cocker
    Captain Austin Powers
    Captain Sean Bean
    First Lieutenant Gordon Ramsay


  7. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese is

  8. Thanks again
    Lache pas la patate mon homme

  9. Thank you quickyBaby!

  10. team HP pool would be nice too

  11. hey QB. could you possibly add a wn8 calc on your modpack? like up in the
    corner so it’s out of the way. I’ve tried downloading others with your
    modpack but none seem to be compatible with your modpack. Love the modpack

  12. Thanks for the battle assistant QB

  13. lol added 13 minutes ago from now?i uninstalled wot 9.13 from mistake,so no
    trouble reinstalling with 9.14 ,thx for mods ,i;ll hope they will work:D

  14. Can you please say how to change a sixth sense icon. Keep up the good work

  15. thanks!!

  16. Thanks QB been waiting for this :)

  17. Bartul Javorčić

    Great modpack thank you for adding the SPG assistance mod

  18. Play SU-76i or T110E4

  19. not working for me .. game freeze after loading screen


  21. Downloaded and done. Thanks QB!

  22. I’m so hype for this update thanks quicky baby

  23. why no equipment switch mod? swap Net,Bino or Repair Box on tanks where you
    use them or haven’t purchased permanent equipment

  24. it says 2 views to me lol, never been so early, thx for the arty mod!

  25. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    is your modpack realeased QB?

  26. thx dude

  27. No intro?? :C
    Nice video anyway :D

  28. How can I download and add it into my game ?

  29. Holy shit +quickybaby! Amazingly quick.

  30. Its perfect. But i want change the hitlog for my self to default XVM
    hitlog. How can i change in this modpack? I dont see the file in the pack

  31. Can’t get the link to work

  32. Wow QuickyBaby, that was fast! Really appreciate your work on the mod, this
    is always one of the first mods that update!

  33. Thanks QuickyBaby! Your help is appreciated! Good luck on the battlefield!

  34. Thank you. you’re the best and a gentleman in a world of haters…. :)

  35. Thank you QuickBaby!!! =D

  36. Many thanks all mighty UniKorn :)

  37. So fast! You never disappoint QB :)

  38. Hi!

  39. Floris van den Eventuin

    Finally, have been waiting all day :D

  40. thats fast

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