World Of Tanks – 9.14 Modpack By Svatekl2

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  1. Sami Abdullah Assiri

    there is a problem in your modpack

  2. man wait ……….. o man that strugel wit no mods :(

  3. not working
    windows err and shutdown

  4. i can’t install when am opening window is closing this even i had turn off
    my antivirus

  5. thx for useless modpack…why even uploading it when doesen’t work

  6. i like only this modpack, hope it will be fixed until i get home :d

  7. thanks for your job !

  8. playing without mods felt so strange, so glad i cna finally get a decent
    damage indicator with a hitlog

  9. dammit….i’ve been reinstalling this modpack over 10 times now hoping that
    it would work…and then i looked at the comments :P

  10. Thank you i have been waiting fore this :D

  11. Bug is getting fixed!

  12. It crashes as I open the file.

  13. keeps crashing when i chose file path

  14. Jacek Czterdzieści Pięć


  15. yep it crashes after choosing file path, and after that if u run it again,
    it crashes just after u open it…need fix ty

  16. SQERS Swaglord2000

    [0.9.14] Svatekl2s Mod Pack v12.0

    STOPPED WORKING! please help

  17. Client is crashing…. Update it.

  18. Thanks finally :)

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