World of Tanks || 9.14 Released, FV4202 Buffed and New Microphone!

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of || Released, Buffed and New Microphone! EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! It’s a Rode NT – how does it sound?

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World of Tanks a which available as a free download. It one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Poll is wrong. Old microphone is better.

  2. mic sounds about the same.

  3. i prefere the old microphon

  4. Is that with aim-bot or some mod?

  5. I already loved your voice and commentary, but that new mic takes it to a
    whole new level.

  6. hey QB, thanks for all of your contend. For your Mic: it really makes you
    sound more natural, but i would suggest, you tone down the hights a little
    bit, cause now it makes your s- and sh-sounds rather prominent, and your p-
    and t-sounds really stick out, at least at my speakers. You also might
    consider adding a little depth, cause as soon als you lean back a little
    your voice starts to sound a little flat. but overall i think its an
    improvement over your headset microphone. keep up the good work

  7. The Micro is good but play a litle bit withe the mic settings i thing you
    can make it even better.

  8. I feel like your voice is ‘rougher’, as if you needed to clear your throat.
    I give this mic a 7/10 and the old one an 8 and a half/10

  9. honestly, the microphone quality is about the same, QB.

  10. I can’t hear any difference between microphones.

  11. cant hear any difference on new mic vs old.

    All guns sound the same on new patch, thumbs down from me

  12. Yes, that microphone is a keeper. If you want to even enhance your audio
    quality from there, you are going to have to add sound proofing on you
    walls. Atleast the wall behind your monitor. Any soft sound absorbing
    material will help. And if your room has all four walls bare it will echo
    as we can hear a bit in your video 🙂 I made a simple sound absorber in our
    living room, a wood frame and some rock wool inside covered with a nice
    curtain that we paid a lot for. My version of echo cancelation

  13. Old mic sounded better.

  14. I liked your headphone microphone better, your voice was deeper!

  15. I have a problem with the modpack: I see the names of the tanks who were
    last spotted, but I don’t see the symbols not even a dot(heavy, TD, Medium

    Could you help me out with this issue and are here some other people who
    have the same problem?

    Thx in advance

  16. Your voice sounds so…deep 😛
    I like it! ;)

  17. I can’t tell any difference between the microphone and the headset

  18. Sounds a bit better, but a little quitter as well

  19. better but dryer pitch

  20. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    well i was going to say it sounded the same. i went and compared it to the
    last video. it does sound different, but i think i like the headset better.
    funny cause those kind of mics you got now are supposed to sound way
    better. but for what ever reason i think the other is better. but it don’t
    rea;;y matter. doesn’t stop me from watching your videos.

  21. The microphone is super, I use it and it has a good quality for the price.

  22. It was needed buff for FV4202 P. I wonder how you get so good MM as I
    “always” get tier 10 match.

  23. replays will be much better with your old voice,

  24. The mic literally sounds the same…

  25. Martin Van Den Hoek

    how do u know u’ve been spotted? i rly need onething like that. could be

  26. Anyone else tried playing Comet in 9.14? I feel like the penetration and
    accuracy was nerfed. I keep bouncing shoots on flat surfaces which usually
    resulted in penetration.

  27. what mic is he using?

  28. New mic sound better than the previous.

  29. Hey quicky although your microphone sounds more crisp try reduce the echo
    and try talk closer to it
    Other than that great video keep it up :D

  30. The old mic was good, the new one is better. Your voice is kind of better
    rounded and you have a little more bass. Maybe get a better pop shield, but
    it’s OK. You can make one out of a big pvc tube (just cut a slice) and a
    nylon (poor pepperdy), or just buy a bigger and better one. I guess it’s
    one of the best USB mics you can buy at the moment. To get something
    better, would lead to a tube amp, dedicated sound recording device, XLR
    cable and a decent big condensor mic. That would cost a real fortune.

  31. The new mic sounds good, definitely an improvement!

  32. the mic is a lot better.

  33. good choice of microphone QB i here you loud and clear :)

  34. I’m sure the buff was useful to the guy who charged me in the T30

  35. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    It sounds worse.

  36. Bigger than qb head

  37. marquitoescort2011

    like the new sound both on game and from that new mic. much softer and
    professional sound. keep up.

  38. trifan constantin

    good microfone dude :)

  39. Martin McGettigan

    Hey QB, the sound quality from the mic is nice but you are picking up echo
    from the room, that’s why it sounds a bit spacy. Put something up on the
    walls (soft fabric) to deaden the bouncy sound. Regards m.

  40. The new MIC is much better, for sure, but there’s some sort of an echo.

  41. Don’t need to see the mic on screen but it’s better.

  42. your Microphone sounds great, quickybaby. everything is allright.

  43. It seems the FV4202 is slightly better now so it’s no longer horrible.
    However to be competitive the top speed needs a serious buff.

  44. Hey QB, nice game.. The sound quality is definitely better, unlike what one
    of the commenters posted, I thought you sounded louder and more clear.
    There are two adjustments you might make. Your S’s kind of whistle a bit,
    that mic is meant to be very close to the mouth so perhaps moving the
    screen a bit further from the mic, just an inch or two. And, as one of the
    other commenters noted, “it sounds like you’re in a big room”. I don’t know
    what you have for software but you may have some chorus turned up a bit
    more than it needs to be. Other than that sounds great and even if you
    adjusted nothing it is better. Now I need to go install your new mod
    patch.. Thanks for all you do.

  45. A. Brix (Brixmeister)

    I love the mic – but miss the free view of your chest :(

  46. Nice mic

  47. my world of tanks client has stopped working. I press play then it goes
    into a white screen then closes. How do you either re install the client or
    fix the broken files!

  48. The new mic sounds much better QB but i don’t thing it looks nice in front
    of you , i would rather go with the headset mic option , sounds good and
    looks even better.

  49. I don’t hear much change with the new mic in terms of sound quality however
    you seem sound a tad bit quieter.

  50. This microphone is not better or worse than the other. I would rather
    adjust the equalizer settings to reduce the high-frequency volume and to
    make your voice deeper.

  51. Great upgrade with the mic, the sound has clearly been improved. On the old
    mic, your voice could often sound a bit artificial (hard), whereas the new
    one makes you sound much more natural and soft. However it’s not the night
    and day difference, we experienced with your last mic-upgrade,

  52. does wot now support hyper threads?

  53. i didn’t even bothered to grind for this tank (coz I have real life) and I
    am happy with action x

  54. wingcomstriker 405

    Much better ;)

  55. New mic sounds great QB, even as viewers, the sound quality is quite
    immersive on our end.

  56. Nice sound effect and gameplay.

  57. 1) You need to have annotations enabled to see the poll button
    2) The poll needs to have a third option, “no significant difference” which
    is what I would have voted for.

  58. sounds the same

  59. Thank you for the mod pack Quicky : )

  60. I like the new mic but sounds better if you get closer as you did towards
    the end.

  61. What would you do to have Quickybaby’s account for a week? :)

  62. New Mic is really good, buffs for FV are awesome too, but your modpack …
    I lost faith in humanity again. I feel strange when I see 20 of 30 people
    red. I think I’ll stick with a 10 color scale :)

  63. Christian Hostetler

    Wrong tank in the thumbnail, its a FV4005 stage II in the thumbnail not a
    FV4202. lol

    and who the fuck only plays a tank because it is British?! its worse than
    the weeboos


    why xvm mod crush the game?

    steal from their users if they so please.

  66. Type-59 next please for the tier 8 premium tank review.

  67. mic sounds same to me

  68. What does this “For corageous resistance” mission mean and how did I do it?

  69. I think chinese tanks got a gun handling buff they got something done to
    thier guns beacuse I’m doing so much more damage any one else feel the same

  70. the quality of the new mic is much better and i think it is worth it. Keep
    bringing the good videos, quik.

  71. Wow I had the volume on the same level from just watching a different video
    of yours and I gotta say it was a lot louder of a hello and much clear

  72. I did not vote in your poll about the microphone because it seems like six
    of one and half dozen of the other. Go with whichever mic you prefer.

  73. what mic and pop filter is that you are using because I am looking for one
    and just trying to get some feedback and opinions

  74. sounds the same

  75. the mics not bad. bit it sound like, echoish or louder or however you want
    to explain it. I don’t mind it, but maybe of you can tone that down a bit

  76. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    gr8 mic m8 !

  77. Your mod pack is great, though i was wondering if you could add a crosshair
    mod? The packs in the past have seemed generic, and the battle assistant
    mod was a great addition, but I was wondering if you could spice it up a
    bit more with something like j1mBo’s or someone else’s crosshair mod.
    Thanks for the videos, really helped me become a better player.

  78. +Quickbaby, do you think Wargaming deliberately nerfed the FV to dissuade
    people from pursuing a “free” premium tank?

    If this is the case, I think many people opted not to go after a
    statistically bad premium tank. If I was a former Tier 10 FV4202 owner and
    opted not to go after it, I’d be upset with these buffs.

  79. i liked the old mic better, unless you can tweak this one around. it just
    sounds like you’re talking across the room and its picking up the echo of
    your voice as well

  80. love the new mike!

  81. Alika Ostermiller

    I haven’t played this tank but these buffs sound massive. theres probably
    gonna be a nerf in the future. the buffs are way too massive

  82. I’ve never known anyone so good at WOT that chokes as much as QB, seriously
    why shoot at the SP’s side armor? why not break contact then blitz him in
    the side? or even ram him if you bounce. why not load prem? obviously not
    HE cuz of spaced armor but Prem shells must just butter the front of an SP
    especially if you aim down with good gun depression.

    so many logical conclusions ignored.

  83. Time to elc drift


  85. SEA Server still doesnt have 9.14 :(

  86. The new mic is certainly more accurate at capturing the details of your
    voice, but I prefer the old mic personally. Maybe it’s just my imagination.
    But I prefer the old mic. Sounds better. Dunno if it makes sense, but it
    seemed to emphasize some portions of your voice while allowing its
    inaccuracy to lose other details which are present in this one.

  87. Thanks for getting the post-buff FV4202 p review out so quickly!!! Great
    stuff. I’ve never had problems with your sound quality before but I usually
    listen on my laptop with not so great speakers so….hard to say. The new
    mic is probably worth it considering the amount of videos you put out.
    Thanks again QB!!

  88. Honestly no appreciable difference in audio quality. The headset boom mic
    is surprisingly capable, and has the bonus of following your head when you
    turn to check stats and info on your second monitor. If I was you I’d
    return it and spend the money on some nice speakers with a decent range to
    appreciate the new sound files when I’m playing alone and can turn the
    volume up ;^)

  89. Alexander kjellberg

    love The new microphone

  90. If WG finally will include more and higher steps of zoom I will never use
    any mods again.
    Ah and I think your sound qualy before was better, cuz now it sounds like
    you comment it in a big hall 🙂

    Again sorry for my bad english, I havent stronk skills in this beautiful
    language, but I will work on it :)

  91. DeadlyCatCycle205 “DeadlyCatCycle205” DeadlyCatCycle205

    you guys are lucky that the update doesn’t brake the game.

  92. level is fine,quality is way better

  93. Your voice is much clearer now, it’s like it went from 480p to 1080p. :D

  94. LieutenantLefty 41

    indien panzer=premium ; QB logic

  95. Mic OK, sounded a little like you were in a box.

  96. mic sounds a lot clearer. i watched this video on an ipad3 and could still
    tell an immediate improvement

  97. i feel that the voice is much clearer but there’s something that need
    adjustment in the setup of the mic.

  98. It sounds like an echo or the room your in… I like the old one

  99. You sound awesome QB.

  100. Sound great Quicky, nice vid!!! :)

  101. a new microphone, now make a new intro. :)

  102. Wait…. Is da FV4202(P) going to stay permanently in the gift shop or go

  103. Freshwater Spaceman

    My Sennheiser HD 598 appreciate your new mic! Sounds great! Also chuffed to
    hear that the FV4202 sounds like it might be worth buying. Cheers for the
    great channel.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  104. Your mic is too sibilant. You need to try angling it more to get
    rid of all the top end “ssss” noise, if that doesn’t work another trick for
    heavy sibilance is to rubber band a no2
    pencil around the outside so it sits right in the middle of the
    capsule. It helps disperse that energy a little. (wood also tends to
    absorb high frequencies).

  105. Loved the video , keep up the good work quicky !!!!

  106. 3:39 poor chaffee ;_;

  107. Well you used the phrase I was going to use “so much more immersive.”

  108. i might be deaf but it sounds the same

  109. Microphone no different…

  110. Your new Mic sounds great….a few minor twicks in the setting will improve
    it…ambient noise reduction will help.

  111. With the mic in front of you it looks like you are constantly trying to
    suck off a cock while you are commentating. You suck, literally.

  112. Soundºs good QB.. Keep up the good work you are dooin… Love youºr content
    Ur Awesome

  113. The new mic is better, but I think moving it furher away may help it seems
    very sensitive to sound, so the quality may be better if it isn’t as close.

  114. Mic defnitly looks so DJ-like.. only sunglasses and big huge gold chain is
    missing or at least a huge Arm watch :-p
    jk i sure believe (aside the sound) it makes you also feel a little more
    comfortable to speak…

  115. Mic is much more clear, The highs are pronounced i think you need to add a
    bit of bass to your voice. There is quite a bit of hiss when you pronounce
    your ‘s’.

  116. New mic is definitely an improvement but try turning the sensitivity down
    and moving it closer to yourself to reduce the slight echo that can be

  117. Thia mic is a very good one, but that means it’ll pic up the echo from your

  118. The mic sounds nearly identical but is more clear sounding. I would say
    it’s a subtle improvement but noticeable.

  119. It’s kinda weird with the new mic, it has a bit of echo. But I don’t mind,
    great video by the way

  120. Like the new microphone and the FV4202 looks like a tier 8 Matilda.

  121. why do u make such a drama about the last 1 vs 1? just go around, use ur
    speed and shoot him twice in the side. or take 1 hit in the end and shot
    his cuppola. anyways gg quicker. i dont like the new sounds. the riccochet
    sounds is aweful. i cried coz of this.

  122. QB, thanks for the extra video today. The new mic adds some to the
    production value but somehow I think it detracts from the channel. It makes
    your voice sounds cleaner but also more removed from the game play. In
    short you sound more like a generic hired announcer and less like a gaming
    enthusiast. I think part of the fun of your broadcast is that you sound
    like our friends on teamspeak and with the new mic, you sound like an
    uninvolved sports caster. Not by what you say but how it sounds. It also
    seems like you have been working on your technique on your running
    commentary which also made you seem less like a color commentator. You
    complained that your throat or voice felt strained in the twitch stream and
    I’m assuming this was related. Less is more in this case. If the new mic
    was expensive, I would recommend returning it.

  123. Old mic was better

  124. Mate, the new mic really brings out your english accent. Needs more Aussie

  125. Better in my opinion

  126. DarknessInferno15

    I really don’t like the new sounds. There’s a big mental disconnect every
    time I hear one.
    EDIT: Actually, that’s bit unfair. The gun loading sounds and engine sounds
    are fine, I just feel some of the guns firing and the penetration sounds
    are off.

  127. Frankster RenegadeForLife

    i think the old mic sounded better :p

  128. you synchronized 9.14 sounds change with your mike buff didn’t you. it’s
    all for the better. much improved audio in my opinion

  129. Sr. Archibald Crabgrass

    I can’t really tell a difference with the new mic.

  130. Casey “Yescek” Raymond

    The new mic is awesome QB, much clearer than before!

  131. Mic sounds good a lot softer and just as clear

  132. Sounds much better

  133. What’s the make of your new microphone?

  134. QB – you need to get some sound absorber pads on your wall because I can
    hear a echo

  135. Anyway I have this problem now where I would start wot and when I press
    play a black screen shows and and nothing happens, please help

  136. QB I don’t think there’s a difference in the mic

  137. When is this out on console

  138. The modpack works, thx a lot ! The mic needs some cushion, it has some echo
    and makes your voice sound colder and rather sharp.

  139. Jesus von Nazaret

    the new microphone sounds great, it’s definitely an improvement and I think
    you have set it up right

  140. A video on your thoughts, comments and concerns for the Grille 15 and
    Object 268 V5 would be nice to see. New mic is great. crisp and clean.

  141. The mic sounds a little bit more noisy than the other one, and it’s sorta
    in the way. The old one makes it look modern and also the new one is
    picking up a lot of background noise.

  142. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    the old micro was not bad

  143. This tank probably still isn’t as good as the Mutz because of the stupid
    top speed limit, but the FV4202 gun looks really, really good now. It’s
    nice when a premium tank has good AP penetration because you make a lot
    more credits. Stupid tanks like the Super Persh don’t even make money in
    tier 10 games because you’re forced to shoot gold rounds if you want to be

  144. The quality is GOOD,but you definetley need sound proofing,because there is
    quiet a lot of echo

  145. But when is the Asia version 9.14 update came out?

  146. You should put this mic closer to your mouth(not more than 20cm), on a high
    tripod, and maybe put it upsude down if disturbing (does not matter for

  147. Like the New mic, You need a stickers or sign whit your Logo on it to cover
    that Black and Very good game

  148. Thanks for the mod, it worked really well

  149. find a way to make it be above you and not infront of you .as long it is
    sensitive enough and u have choises about how to increase sensitivity and
    volume ,putting it above and a bit infront of you so its hardly seen will
    be the best for the viewers.yes the sound is way much better just a bit
    lower bass would be perfect.just a tick.

  150. oh my god dat mic.

  151. you mic is good dont here
    a dif

  152. at the feb. 2013 u had 13k games march 2016 u have 35k games…..

  153. I don’t think the standalone mic makes a big enough difference for it to be
    worth having it kind of in your face like that. You sound a tad clearer
    than before.

  154. sound is much better , clearer

  155. Eugenio “Atomic gaming” Dublan

    i like the old mic actually

  156. ThatOneChelseaFan #KTBFFH

    Wait, Idein Panzer premium tank? Am I missing out on something?

  157. very nice microphone, but you will get the full quality if you and the MIC
    are closer to eachother

  158. TheRancidMarshmallow

    the new mic has more of an echo to it, but your voice is much less fuzzy.
    In general, (and this is coming from somebody who has a subwoofer as part
    of their computer sound system) the sound is slightly more tinny. overall
    though, adjust your audio settings to reduce the echo, and the new mic is
    nice improvement.

  159. i have had a similar game in my fv4202p before the buffs i love this tank
    and am looking forward to playing the improved version I think it’s the 1st
    replay i ever uploaded to your replay site

  160. Mic sounds better, seems clearer….. and glad the buffed the 4202, it was
    just there for me, only played because I could use my cent ax crew… Nice
    looking sword in the background

  161. Really good mic keep using it !! But try to get it out of the face cam!!!!

  162. Personally, I use mod packs for the color blind help and the x8 and x16
    zoom becUse my eyes are crap xDi get what you mean by you don’t need a mod
    pack, but it’s very convenient

  163. The new mic does sound better, but it cover the middle bottom part of the
    screen. If you can find a way to set it up at left or right hand side it
    should be better.

  164. Microphone sounds great, slightly echoey though :P

  165. Yup, new mic is a little better. The old one was not bad though, so people
    without quality audio gear might not hear any difference. The sound seems
    more “smooth” and a has a little more bass, it feels more natural. You
    might want to have it slightly closer to you mouth to reduce the reverb
    from the room, though it is not really annoying.

  166. Nice good decidion!

  167. I couldn’t tell a difference in the mic. Maybe I am getting as old as

  168. New mic sounds more muffled, less pronounced than you sounded on your
    headset, probably because that mic was right next to your mouth.

  169. glad for the buffs, as i bought the pack being only 10$ more for SO much
    value. ^-^
    *and a CromwellB crew to go with it, lel, or might do an orige, idk… but
    likely same as cromwell the crew will train for it to use.

  170. It does sound a lot better ! :)

  171. Super Big :-)radio On line 🙂 Micropfone :-))). Good video. Thx.

  172. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    after a minute i couldn’t hear any difference anymore

  173. I like your “new” voice color little more but now you look like DJ on the
    radio show rather than gamer.. I think you should get back to your good old

  174. sounds good QB.

  175. The microphone is very good and catches the depth of your voice but I sense
    some room echo so if you haven’t installed some sound plates I’d recommend
    that, otherwise it’s really good.

  176. The new mic sounds pretty much the same

  177. I’ll add to others comments that the new mic has a bit of an echo to it and
    that your voice sounds a bit harsh. Maybe a contrast setting as someone
    else had mentioned.

  178. Gj man keep it up! Without you I would be so bad at this game.

  179. Triumph Spitfire 2

    Is the Indien Panzer a premium?!?!

  180. Mic is good

  181. New microphone is an improvment, Not that the old one was bad, but this is

  182. I never notice any difference when people get new mics

  183. IMO Mic should be a bit louder and deeper, it would improve quality by a

  184. If they only buffed the top speed to 40km/h it would be a great premium.
    Hope they do.

  185. not alot better but i noticed the difference

  186. Awesome mic!

  187. Very nice micro! Nice video! Nice Player! :D

  188. Night Stalkers Gaming

    Play the 48 Patton. It’s my fave

  189. Andrej Bogdanovski

    better but turn volume up its a litlle low

  190. I don’t think I can tell a difference regarding the microphone.

  191. The mic is clearer although a little on the top, where I prefer the softer,
    muted sound from the old mic. Having said that, I soon got used to the new
    Two thoughts – is it going to get in your way when you live stream ? The
    fall off of sound when you move your head to the side is distinctive.

  192. Should have loaded HE when the SuperP was at 4% HP 😉
    Microphone sounds great, u look like an American sports reporter with that
    Mic in front of you :P

  193. Microphone is better but it will take some getting used to.

  194. i did wote beter but it is a bit ecoie

  195. Nexus “TheCivil” Senpai

    The mic is okay, but you are not close enough to it, as it sounds like you
    are too far away

  196. The microphone is a imorovement nice qb

  197. Its sounds a little bit eqoey. But your voice is 100x times clearer! 🙂 So
    its a straight improve!

  198. Nev sounds are garbage 🙁 please give the old ones.

  199. New mic is more clear but also looses “gaming … feel”. Also having such a
    radio grade (by the looks of it at least) mic u started to talk like you
    would relay some ongoing derby 🙂

    Question: did the shell cost remain the sime after buff?

  200. Well, the most important thing is that i didn’t noticed a difference in the
    microphone quality. You still sound as British as always. Jokes aside, it
    does sound like the microphone is of good quality, which is always nice.
    However you do sound more distance, but that comes with having the
    microphone further away. Keep up the great video’s.

  201. is this on live or test a server

  202. You dont sound as “full” as you were before with the new mic, but otherwise
    its pretty good.

  203. I have always hated all you tubers with gigantic mic in front of them…
    For me sound was same as before. If you can cut mic away from screen it
    would be mutch nicer..

  204. Well i didn t noticed any voice soind change but i guess is up to u QB 😉
    Oh and i love this new patch it is awesome but i still prefer the old “big
    gun” sounds but a part from that love it!!!!

  205. your so skinny you are almost able to hide behind the new mike ;)

  206. my first game was 2400 dmg with ELC AMX high caliber and the sniper medal

  207. Add a little more volume to your mic.

  208. I like the sound of the new mic!

  209. Is this on the live server? If not, do you know when 9.14 will come out on
    live servers?

  210. Buffed? They buffed the one aspect that was working on it. Aim time and top
    speed to 40 was the only thing it needed. That and turret ring HP buff.

  211. it’s a good mic, but it’s picking up all the sound and echo from the
    environment, so I guess it’s sort of a downgrade until u fix the problem.

  212. Honestly i cant tell much a difference for the mic. well apart from the
    back end sss sound for words that end with s.

  213. Couldn’t you pen the lower plate of the super pershing? Unless I’m missing
    something here

  214. So you got a new microphone to record your further mess ups in grammar and
    miss identifications?

  215. Mic – Check

  216. gnomefathers is better….

  217. Sounds loud and clear to me!

  218. mic is cool

  219. sound of the mic is great now its worth ..but pop up filter must be in
    front of mic , not behind ;)

  220. Mmmmm I can’t wait to go get hull down in my T29 and record some songs Witt
    he ricochets!

  221. The new mic does sound a lot better. I can definitely hear a difference.
    I would continue using it.

  222. Very good Mic! I like it, sounds littlebid more deeper!

  223. today I shot the fv in the side twice with a 225pen gun. you know in the
    middle of the side and for some reason I hit its track or something and did
    0 dmg ?!?

  224. Hey Quickbaby, looks like I am hearing a radio show now!!

  225. Mic is great.. now if we could only get him to take those Cheeky headphones

  226. You’re new Mic is awesome ;)

  227. voice too loud lol

  228. New intro? Anytime soon? EY?

  229. Mic is good, unless you are wearing a funny t-shirt that you want people to

  230. with this mike you sound more british

  231. cant hear a differrence. but the mic in the picture of the cam is awful..

  232. Wow, now I noticed that the shell prices for standard ammo is 680, this
    makes this tank not worth it at all! I guess that’s because it’s free but
    if it comes as a standard premium, I don’t know who in the hell will play
    this and wouldn’t play a Mutz or a CDC or even the SP. The buff is almost
    none,the tank didn’t needed a gun buff it needed a god damn speed buff.This
    tank moves like a Heavy tank and it’s a medium.Atleast if it had SP’s armor
    but nope,it doesen’t it has medium tank armor.

  233. Jessé Roy-Drainville

    I fell like this mic is a bit less natural. Your voice sounds a bit
    robotic…ish. I hear an echo… an d it’s worse when you turn your head.
    Maybe it’s just my headphones, but….meh

  234. The Rode sounds great! Just watch out that it doesn’t pick up too much
    ambient noise.

  235. QB, will WG ever do something about all these bot accounts?

  236. QuickyBaby What do you have for computer?

  237. Sounds better

  238. Nothing wrong with the previous microphone, you’re channel has always been
    great! Keep it up (pls E50m and soviet mediums videos)!

  239. 3:01 Indien Panzer is a premium tank???

  240. put up the noise cancel things ( u know the black rectangles that go on the

  241. I love your New microphone!

  242. i like the new mic

  243. Mic is much better now

  244. Crogamer productions

    Its a BIG improvement QB,you should keep that

  245. was 9.14 released already?!

  246. I can hear you just the same way as before

  247. That terrible accent is coming thru very clearly now…
    Keep them videos coming! Love you content and would love for you to do some
    Map analysis (tactics) in the future.

  248. In my opinion, the new microphone isn’t as good. Sounds like there is a
    slight echo going on.

  249. This mic is the same as the old

  250. I dont think that this Microphone does any difference.

    You sound exactly the same with ur headphone Mic.
    Maybe im deaf :D

  251. Still don’t quite understand why wg so deliberately made the fv4202 suck so
    badly when they first added it as a tier 8 premium. They would clearly have
    known it’d be one of the worst in the game.

  252. Since you’re asking…
    The audio quality seems to be somewhat better than before. But I must say
    that you are still quieter than some youtubers, as in, I have to turn up
    the volume when I watch your videos.

  253. The new mic makes you sound like you have lost your voice.

  254. I feel you are a little too close to the mic.

  255. New mic is better, but i think you have to work a little with the settings
    or so.

  256. Indien Pz. premium? lol

  257. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    +QuickyBaby I like your new mic but the fact that there is a slight tinny
    echo that really bugs me, so much so that I actually prefer your headset
    mic. Personal preference though, lots more people seem to prefer the new
    mic though so you should very much listen to them of course.

  258. Nice mic!

  259. That microphone is really good improvement on your commentary audio
    quality. I think it’s way better than the headset’s microphone.

  260. I had the fv4202 as the tier10 then i sold it for some stupid reason

  261. Better sound with new mic – settings ok – clear sound

  262. new mic sounds great

  263. Sounds the same.

  264. Hello Quickybaby, about your microphone… I think the sound quality is
    better but it hears like your sitting the bathroom or in gave but that’s
    probably because I’m not used to the sound. I do prefer the old microphone
    but I doesn’t really matters to me if you use the new mic, I just need to
    get used to it. Keep it up Quickybaby ;)

  265. Mic is definitely an improvement, much “deeper” voice, I like it!

  266. Where are you from Quick?

  267. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Ironically,the derp guns didnt sound as powerful as they did BEFORE the
    patch, but everything else sounded much better!

  268. Nice mic quality!

  269. You should add an option in the poll saying ‘no difference’. Cause I didn’t
    notice it until you pointed it out..

  270. While the sound quality is higher: I think the room needs some sound
    proofing before you use a Mic of that quality: I can noticeably hear the
    echoes of the room when you speak and I think that has reduced the overall
    clean sound from before.

    Though it could be great :D

  271. Shit, Shouldnt have got rid of this…

  272. cool new mic quickybaby!!!

  273. The Mic is too small…. we can still see you face :D

  274. You should get that microphone closer so you can speak more naturally and
    not loud.

  275. Valentin Greiderer

    big improvement #quickybaby

  276. @Hydronic yeah xD

  277. Indien panzer – german premium? Nah, I don´t think so :P

  278. The mic is a little too much. You should take out a bit of the lower
    frequencies, it sounds a little unnatural and it covers up a lot of the

  279. I like the mic and I think it’s an improvement.

  280. I find the proportion of the game volume to your mic volume is out of
    proportion. I find your voice too loud.

  281. indien panzer is the worst tier 8 med, because wuite poor mobility and 2.7
    sec aiming time, also it has quite bad gunhandling.

  282. Audioquality is much better, but I think you can finetune it a bit more.
    Sounds a bit… far away maybe? Consider a mic arm.

  283. I think old voice was great it’s little bit more sensitive and doesn’t
    sounds that great

  284. Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht

    Ai gais,is ter anibady who plaei Uorld ov Tanks?

  285. Not sure the new mic is better – sounds much the same to me. Love the new
    game sounds, though and may have to buy that Brit tank after all. My housed
    Cromwell/Comet crew should work well in it.

  286. Blu Gunderson (TheFatStig)

    It was already perfect now its even better ÷>

  287. I hope you see this Quicky, you need to use a high pass filter on your
    microphone, your current editing software will probably have an audio
    equalizer which will allow you to do that, this will reduce the excessive
    low frequency resonance. After that it will sound far better. :)

  288. The new microphone picks up much more mid-low and mid-high/high frequencies
    and will require you to learn some basics of audio processing to make it
    work with recorded gameplay. You need to put a high-pass-filter shelf on
    the low frequecies and at least a de-esser on the highs. Without this kind
    of processing the frequency ranges this new mike picks will fight for the
    same room the gameplay recordings occupy. Basically the rule with mikes is
    this – the better/more expensive you buy, the more knowledge of audio
    processing you need to have. So, while it’s great that you want to improve
    the way your uploads sound, you need to learn more about how audio works to
    be able to really push your videos further in that field. On the technical
    side, try to talk directly into the pop-filter and not from above. Of
    course it will cover a big part of your face, but used as you did, it
    doesn’t really help fight the popping ;-)

  289. The mic is rather nice but you do sound a tad deeper.

  290. sounds farther away, but is probably more accurate

  291. I dont get why did wargaming add sound effects for AW

  292. great video Quicky! love all your streams too! I think the new mic is
    definitely clearer but a little tinny, possibly try moving it closer to you
    for a stream or the next video to see how it sounds then?

  293. Could u please do some supertest videos? Thanks

  294. Mic is a great upgrade. And thanks for the work to get the modpack out, now
    it has almost everything I’m used to use, only thing really missing is the
    2 row tank carousel.

  295. The mic still sounds the same as the old xD

  296. better! gj!

  297. John Motson:)

  298. I like the old microphone QB, new one is nice but…

  299. ThatOneLoneCanadian

    Indien Panzer confirmed premium lol

  300. The new mic… I can hear an echo, you might want to adjust some settings
    to minimize echo.

  301. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  302. I hate to break it to you, but the new mic sounds exactly the same.
    HOWEVER, this is not because the mic isn’t any better than the previous one.

    If I may, I will pass along the best bit of advice I got from another
    YouTuber when it comes to recording your voice:


    Get that mic close. So close that when you use a facecam it looks like you
    are eating it. So close that if the mic was a mirror, you would fog it up
    with your breath. So close you are almost brushing the pop filter with your
    lips when you talk. CLOSE.

    Not only will this enable you to talk with less force, thus sparing your
    voice during long recording sessions, it allows you to speak with more
    nuance and inflection, because softer words aren’t lost. Additionally it
    lets the mic pick up MUCH more of the bass in your voice. This gives you a
    much more pleasant sound to listeners and makes the words you say more

    If you aren’t sure this is true, think of it this way: Given the choice,
    would you rather listen to selections from Shakespere as read by Gilbert
    Gottfried, or the first 100 pages of your local telephone book as read by
    James Earl Jones? I guarantee most people would find the latter far more
    riveting a listen, despite the mundanity of the content. The sound of your
    voice matters, and humans are hard wired to prefer more variable and
    generally lower toned voices, particularly in men.

    So get that mic close, and make the most of every nuance your voice has to

  303. +QuickyBaby, the mic sounds absolutely amazing. Your voice is much more
    clearer. Even the volume is perfect. :)

  304. Wow. You Posted This Video 5 Minutes After I Turned My PC On ;-;

  305. 9.14 Update………..7.5 intro.

  306. the new Mic is ok but it feels / sounds like it echos a bit

  307. your voice is slightly deeper when I first heard it kinda sounded a little

  308. id turn up the base a bit of the mic amp

  309. New mic sounds good. I didnt notice anything wrong with the old one to be
    honest. Can here a deeper and more reverb studio sound though.

  310. Your voice before the new mic was a bit more down on the earth in my opion,
    as now you sound like a radio broadcaster.
    So i kinda just like the feel more of the old mic than the new.

  311. when are you going to start doing the TOP 40 music singles?????


  313. it worse old one is beter

  314. The mic sounds like it echoes a bit

  315. The mic picks up your voice to much, makes it seems deeper than it was, I
    don’t like that, also the mic ruins the game sound

  316. great video QB, the mic sounds definitly sounds better, although i you
    tweak the settings of the mic you might get a quality that is even better
    than atm

  317. New Mic sounds great. Thanks for all the excellent quality videos. :)

  318. I prefer the old mic

  319. Yea I feel the new mic sounds flat.

  320. So much better voice :)

  321. It actually sounds like you are talking from the tank. 😀
    It’s like WG buffed your sound quality.

  322. Im liking it, qbs sexy voice in highest quality yet. Also glad about the
    buffs, i played a lot of games for that tank :P

  323. The new mic sounds great – very clear. It also seems to add a bit of bass
    to your voice!

  324. buffed, yet still the worst T8 prem

  325. Is this tank good

  326. I don’t know how the new mic is bad, but it just does xD

  327. The new mic is fine but i prefer the old one

  328. your mic sounds a tiny bit better

  329. that microphone is good keep using it

  330. The mic is definitely more crisp capturing your voice but the sensitivity
    is a bit high? Your voice is a bit loins compared to the in game noise

  331. Kazimierz Brudzynski

    The Microphone is fine

  332. Hi quickly baby

  333. right from da stream :-)

  334. am I going to be the first???

  335. first comment!!!

  336. who’s here from the Stream? :D

  337. My least imaginative title yet – but straight to the point 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  338. first
    only voted worse because i don’t think the mic is set up correctly. the
    sound seems muted and rounded, not bright and crisp

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