World of Tanks || 9.15.1 Mod Pack with XVM

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by QuickyBaby for !
►v1 for 9.15.1 – 27/07/2016

XVM with Custom Config
GambitER Damage Panel (light version)
BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view
QB 6th Sense

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. the distance circles are not working in the minimap, …only i have this

  2. joesph stalin 1945

    This is really helpful thanks so much my world of tanks experience is so
    much better and more enjoyable with the mods

  3. Agostinho Gonçalves

    the only thing i dont like mouch, is the own dmg hitlog, i would like to
    know who hit me, or at least what tank

  4. Hello QuickyBaby! I’ve found some bugs on your modpack. One is that the
    damage log also counts team damage. The second one is that the lamps that
    shows if enemies has been spotted or if they are spotted only shows players
    who has been in your render distance. Those are pretty annoying and I hope
    you fix them ASAP! But I’m glad that your modpack comes right away when new
    version is released. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey QB! How come you have the old style garage UI on your WoT Client? Do
    you use a mod or how did you get rid of the white drop-down info panels? Is
    there a setting in the Client?

  6. My humble thank you for such a fast response, excellent work :)

  7. PLS Link Jimbo crosshair! :D

  8. Next time QB add demage stop by armor log to your mod ;)

  9. Hi QB, can you make xvm for spotting damage? I hve been struggling to know
    how many spotting damage done I already done in battle for personal
    mission, I hope I can see spotting damage so it will be more easy for LT
    mission..sorry if my english is bad..Good day to you QB

  10. Not working for me. I’ll have to try and load this up again but I suspect
    I’m doing something stupid.

  11. Why can’t i see my stats ? even when i asked others using the same mod pack
    they cannot see my stats in battle they are just blank

  12. Martin Bourgeois

    Hi QuickyBaby i love your new patch but we cant make platoon and why you
    dont put the name of the player who shoot me

  13. Sorry Quicky it requires you to buy WinZip.

  14. Hello. I want to ask how to make the channel name to be merged?

  15. What happened to the dead tank dots on the minimap.

  16. where are the batches in the garage?


    Hey QB.
    There are some features you might consider:
    Is it possible to add a second row on the hangar carousel? I modified the
    file carousel.xc but it didn’t work at this version (It used to work fine
    up to In addition gold and free Xp locker (hangar.xc edit) do
    not work as well (after a battle the lock dissapears and no action is
    possible). Can you fix it? One more thing: Why at your Hit log does not
    appear the players’ name but only the vehicles’ name? And one last: I think
    it is not illegal to have the vehicles’ name (i.e. IS3 ap 385) at the
    damage received log. Thanks

  18. Thanks Man!your mod is the best!

  19. WG said dont use mods for a little bit time after the new mod, because its

  20. This new statistics of WG in garage are so useless. If we could get the
    same box of statistic (just arc, speed, armour…) like before, it would be
    great. :(

  21. shooting radius for arty in mini map, pls.

  22. Frederick Lindsell

    does anyone know how to activate the chances to win and chances to stay
    alive stats or will those come later?

  23. XVM=Licence to troll and should be banned in battle.
    Super zoom mods=Cheat.
    If your mods arn’t working read the update post.

  24. Hi all,

    uhm I don’t know about you guys but there are some bugs in de modpack, the
    color of the statistics do not show up on my screen, only when I press tab,
    and the percentage do not show up.

  25. Davinelson Vasconcelos

    Im having one trouble with u mod, quickybaby. I can’t invite or accept
    dynamic platoons in battles inteface.

  26. Can’t accept platoon invites in-game also can’t send them

  27. Ofcause you have seen as many 10%’ers won as you’ve seen 90%’ers lost…

  28. XVM is one of the reasons i stopped playing WoT, after 5 years….

  29. not bad but still fwe bugs to solve…keep working on it QB

  30. ČHãǿúkĩ Š-ß

    how to activate the chance of wining????

  31. how can i change the position of the hit log?

  32. can i get 5000 subs without vids? for charity?

    this mod made the game crapper i only like the new tier 9 tank love shoting
    and penning it in t49

  33. Wow….”Please insert a disc into drive D” wtf? game wont even load
    now???…I always use your mod pack but this one isn’t working Quicky!

  34. I have some bugs too… When i install your mod sorting panel in garage is
    not complete, i can mark (check box) only premium and elite tanks, others
    like no master, non elite is unavailable, i would like to send you picture
    somewhere if i can. Also you could make second carusel in garage, so the
    tanks be in two lines. Thanks for good work

  35. Mod is broken= problem with arty 3d sight and spotting sistem…

  36. I like this simple mod pack, but the damage log really needs to show who is
    shooting you. Just knowing that you got hit really isn’t enough

  37. i got a few things that need some improvement:
    -timer in-game got black lines behind it
    – damage/hit indicator on the top left goes behind the tank type indicator
    so its almost unreadable
    – clock in the top right corner of garage doesnt show up, only showed up 1
    time after installation of the mod but after 1 game it was gone
    – when outlining is turned on for view,spot,render range/distance it doesnt
    – please bring the zoom out function back

    i reinstalled the mod 3 times

  38. Whenever i try to use the config editor on the xvm website to change the
    positioning of the damage log i keep getting the same message, cannot find
    rout config element (“ConfigVersion” must be prestent). if anyone knows how
    to fix this please help.

  39. great tutorial… if only i had a brain and didn’t buy a mac xD

  40. thx u thx u thx u

  41. Is xvm does work in new wersion wot?

  42. 400K Subs. Good Job!

  43. You are truly quicky

  44. i cant see wvm stats…

  45. Can me use this modpack in Ru client?

  46. Thank you for the modpack i appreciate it. Is there a way to add nation
    flags on the loading tab screen?

  47. dont work ctrl+mouse

  48. Hey QB! Auto-Equip doesn’t seem to work to me.. It auto-equips only
    Camonet, but not Binoculars. Can you fix it please?

  49. I only miss the last place spotted

  50. for me its saying that

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