World of Tanks || 9.15 Balance Changes

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going to preview upcoming 9.15 balance changes to a variety of your favourite vehicles including the 59-Patton, Scorpion, O-I STA-2 and many, many more.

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  1. aww…painful nerf for t22, I think I should get obj 140 instead

  2. . Guys. for the spam,but just go and log

  3. I honestly think they need to extend the tiers. Alot of the older trees are
    way too compressed. Bumped t10 tanks to t11 and stretch out t5-9 and try to
    balance tanks out.

  4. HT. no. 6 BUFF HELL YEAH!!! :D

  5. Useless japanese nerfs.
    The OI and OI exp will STILL shit on all other tanks at tier 5 and 6.
    Stay clear of those guys.

  6. Hallo i sell my Wot account i have a t34 tank Price 20Euro

  7. Obie “Overbear” Sunstreak

    Its about time they took the nerf bat to the O-I’s and the T22

  8. Are the german tanks that use the short 88 mm , like the heavy tank n°VI,
    also getting the same buff to their penetrations ? I can’t seem to find
    anything about it.

  9. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    The OI’s meet tier 8 how can it be OP i dont do good on it because its
    already too slow with big boobs^_^

  10. Greetings from Russia QB,theres some information for you:on a Russian
    stream developers say yesterday that they not going to nerf T-54 ltwt.

  11. your camera is buggy!!

  12. I have shoted my teammate becaue I tried to protect my platoonmate and I
    had no bad intentions so could u qb tell me how could I ask wg to somehow
    ban me for less days. I am player izvrsni,eu1 or 2 I have been baned for 3
    months my summer holiday will stert in few weeks so I realy beg u could u
    tell me how can I visit them and tell them im so sorry and I will never do
    it again. :((((

  13. oh thank God none of my tanks got nerfed

  14. i bought the o-i yesterday .”

  15. I think, i will grind my way through the type 95 now.

  16. instantkaffeguld

    TOG II likes the O-I nerf xD

  17. wow the T-22 med got rekt. Lucky i didn’t bother getting it, i would rage
    and cry so hard. lol

  18. finally a O-I Exp nerf!

  19. still not enough nerfing on top JAP tanks lol

  20. Guys the reason why tanks are being needed is because of fucking kids they
    ruin every game like cod, battlefield, tf2, war thunder, Gta and many
    others les just say fuck kids they annoy me so much il be play my great
    tiger 2 and i get 11 kills all of a sudden a kid says you hacker you can
    get 11 kills fucking kids man just piss me off so much complain about every
    thing oh that tanks to op they should need it damn kids in gonna go and
    annoy the little brats now on cod and tf2

  21. 3:50 A-32 is tier 4 soviet MT, not tier 6~~ got you Mr QB
    thanks for what you did for us, wish you all the best~~ :D

  22. Stiver Ong Tze An

    qb btw some of your videos have thumbnail…mainly the videos from the 9.15

  23. Can’t wait for the jap heavy line to come to console

  24. thx for letting us know mate

  25. Andrija Aleksić

    When will WG relies 9.15??

  26. 0:10 double QB

  27. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Did anybody else notice that the OI exp reloads its 10cm gun faster than
    the OI? What’s up with that lol.

  28. I believe that we can only call this a buff and not a nerf to the STA2

  29. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Well then. The Challenger is more relevant now. 0.3 accuracy and that kind
    of rpm.

    Well then :D

  30. what perium tank best ?

  31. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Great to see the Japanese paper LIE tanks are getting nerfed.
    I don’t think the nerfs are big enough.

    These tanks should not be in the game I’ll show you why:
    I drew a picture of a solid metal tank 4.5 meters of armour a 18 inch ship
    cannon 120 kilometers per hour.

    This is the new tier 1 Australian tank

  32. GeneralKenobiSIYE

    WG nerfing Soviet tanks? IMPOSSIBRU!! They will give any Soviet tank they
    “nerf” insane buffs later on. Russian bias fags. The Tiger II should be a
    much better tank than it is in game. The TIger II faced none of the tier
    8,9 or 10 tanks it faces in game. And WG keeps on nerfing it, the Tiger I
    and Panther, making them all shit when the Panther and Tiger IIs were the
    best tanks of WWII.

  33. Gd thing I just unlocked the O-Ni then. Back to the KV-2!

  34. Comander OfDeath

    Obviously RIP T-22, but honestly T95E6 is garbage and this buffs wont
    help… Not if you have a huge cupola on top with no armor or chance to
    bounce… (the gun was OK as it was…)

  35. T54 Light is not going to get nerfed last i heard.
    Any Comments?

  36. YES WOOT! MY E6 IS GETTING BUFFED! Oh my god I love that tank with a
    passion! Take a E5 gun with it’s pen and shells and put it on a mobile
    medium chassis and give it a better ROF then the E5 and I am in love :)!

  37. i hate what wot become….

  38. and no nerfs to the tvps. ….I was hoping for them to be nerfed

  39. MagicSnipeReborn

    But where dat E75 hd model at tho

  40. they still missed to finaly buff the amx ac Mel 48

  41. TOG2 buff sun? maybe top speed 14 to 20/25..

  42. same to t22 thay nerve all witch is allredy bad and dont understand thay
    need to nerve the amor so ppl still can spam there goldammo so thay still
    can do there monay :(

  43. Vanguard Detonados

    still no anti hacking system…

  44. Reginaldo “Hamza”

    9.15 winners are:
    •Challenger: was great, now it’s even better 😀
    •Skoda T40, HT No VI
    •T95E2, T95E6.
    Above that it’s another mess, as always….

  45. Vladimir Efimov

    Well I expected far worst, apparently they lost enough players to start
    caring about some things. O-I should still be OK in random with the
    howitzer, just not better than KV-2 anymore. Fortunately for me they didn’t
    touch the O-Ho so I’ll still be able to troll tier 10s with it 😀

    One small remark about your review QB: for STA-2 low pen was the most
    important drawback, so it was really buffed. Both tier 8 Japanese mediums
    are weak in normal MT role, but try to play them as a turreted fast TD and
    you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  46. Good. make that stupid OP T-22 fucking worthless.

  47. omg lol the challenger needed a massive buff

  48. Nicholas Margery

    I thought they said they were balancing the 112? But I see no changes, and
    that tank seriously needs some buffs to bring it in line with the is6

  49. after all of these great bufds and great nerfs, my mind simply cant handle
    this game anymore. im back to play simcity 4.

  50. This just shows that WG doesn’t know how to balance their game. Or they
    just don’t care.

  51. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    I really want to kick Google in the nuts. I am so tired of this Youtube BS.
    Every time QB uploads a new video it wont be shown as a new video –
    HOWEVER, old videos that was uploaded several months ago now suddenly
    appear as new. I mean wtf Google….

  52. dun mind O-I nerf. also buff the rng from 25% to 18% rng. cuz the rng is bs

  53. Rest in Nerf O-I exp.

  54. Lol the Japanese Tiger, they finally give it the intemediate 88mm gun. The
    Gold Tiger in WOTBlitz also got the 145mm pen 88mm gun as their main gun,
    and with the new +/-1 MM in Blitz that Tiger become a monster tier 6 heavy.

  55. The Panzer V/IV one of the best tanks at tier 5? Hardly. Just more food for
    the KV-1. Oh and the nerfs to the T-22? Look at the actual values it’s
    being reduced to with respect to the gun handling. It is being reduced to
    T62A levels. Hardly catastrophic.

  56. Make the Foch 155 great again!

  57. they cancelled the T54-lt nerf so no worries , it’s not gonna come in 9.15
    , this web page is “too” old

  58. Michael Witmann

    finally t22 going to get nerfed

  59. scorpion is nerfd i love it only it has no facking armour

  60. anthony faggion

    noooooo my precious t54 ltwt NOOOOOOO WG plz this is mistake plz dont do it

  61. do not have that tank in our tech tree ?was it renamed ? Pzkpfw.v/1v

  62. M56 needs a Rate of fire increase, just a slight one though

  63. i didn’t see what was wrong with the oi exp, everyone penned me, even when
    i angle. and i can easily pen it with equal tier tanks. i honestly didn’t
    like it, now i will like it even less

  64. R.i.p WT e100

  65. Augustas Regesas

    O-IExp. with all the “nerfs” still gonna by OP

  66. Quick you are honestly one of my favorite YouTubers, keep the awesome vids

  67. where is the e5 ? they must think it is well balanced…

  68. A-32 = Tier 6 @@ #QuickyBaby

  69. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    the argument is now done! it’s ST-1 not ST-I as most people known it to be

  70. what about the 112???

  71. I’m extremely glad to see the T-22 being nerfed like that. However it
    should just be completely removed from the game. Every single player having
    one right now did it by rigging missions. I was even asked to join one of
    these “rigging campaigns” but declined… All the cheaters that got one can
    still sell it and make a profit so I’d say just remove the damn thing
    without any compensation…

  72. Something needs to be done about the Russian IS-2 pen. 175mm and it sees
    tier 9 :/

  73. Wargaming should take out the option to buy premium ammo for credits, but
    that’s just me.

  74. I wish you would talk more about the hidden stats in the game they get
    changed a lot but never published!!

  75. lmao at the t-22 players crying about getting nerfed!!! now you feel my
    pain with what they did to my type-59!!!!!!!

  76. Man I wish they’d leave tanks alone..people spend money running towards
    certain tanks then bammm they turn it into junk or they change and existing
    tank that changes it…as far as the t22. Being so many rigged matches in
    order to get it well you deserve to be punished…lol

  77. Still don’t see a reason to buy the KJPanzer. I guess a re-review of it by
    a few players would be a very good idea right now. Much the same is true
    about the Type V I heavy.

  78. Fuk u wargaming o I wasn’t op

  79. But the waflle E100????

  80. Stiver Ong Tze An

    No changes for French tanks?

  81. The type 91 and type 95 DEFINITELY needed a buff!

  82. Wargaming are stupid, they really are. First create Rampage which doesn’t
    offer any advantages as opposed to playing the standard battles; fun to
    play occasionally to get away from some stress since it has some novelty
    alternating between 3 of your chosen tanks.

    Then put in another set of nigh impossible missions for an amazing tank.
    Made the tank perform too well against other tier 10 mediums and then
    decides to turn it into a piece of junk, a tank that cannot possibly
    compete with its brothers and sisters. In fact I think the 121 is slightly
    better than the T-22 after these changes and that’s just something that I
    didn’t think I’d ever say about the 121. Well ‘can’t possibly compete’
    might be too big an exaggeration but it doesn’t seem like they’re nerfing
    the tank because it’s too powerful.

    If anything the nerfs to the T-22 is probably to punish those who rigged
    the games to get the tank. Most certainly going to crush the happiness of
    those people who actually worked really hard without rigging to get this
    powerful tank.

  83. SuperJuicebox24

    I’d be willing to bet 90% of the T22 tanks on the NA server were rigged for
    anyways, it’d be nice if they just pull the tank but with all these nerfs
    it may actually be balanced

  84. does wargaming wants people to play the ltwt like a sniper tank with the
    aim time and reload decreased?

  85. Do patches happen in Xbox to?

  86. I thought the nerf to both the O-I’s stats were unnecessary. At first they
    seemed completely overpowered but that’s because no knew them. Now only the
    skilled O-I drivers are a problem. I drive my Alecto most and I took down
    O-Is with ease. They only started angling after it was too late. I usually
    just stick to the lower tier tanks and I am thankful most are not changing.
    Now with the O-I exp. gone I won’t have any challenge. Oh well.

  87. STA2 PEN BUFF!

  88. That Tanking Sylveon

    hahaha. the t22 is getting the mega nerf.

  89. That Tanking Sylveon

    ummmm. qb. i think you meant tier 4 for the a32

  90. RIP O-I when ammo racked before nerf the reload is 50sec now its prob 52sec
    when ammo racked >:/

  91. A32 was tier 4 not 6?

  92. I got my T-22 fair. Had help from platooning but dident rig anything. Now
    im just pissed. Yes it needed a nerf but WTF with this.

  93. Why change the rate of fire on the STA 2? The rate of fire is why i
    sometimes play it instead of the MUTZ. It is what make STA2 special. it
    doesn’t worth having this penetration buff by giving out what make it

  94. both O-I supose to recive heavier nerfs

  95. Will they ever show the KV’s some love? Especially the KV-1 the rest are
    good just the KV-1 can’t do crap cant block shots horrible hit points, slow
    need apcr to pen most tanks. More things as well

  96. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    I can’t see the Pz.Kpfw.V/IV in the tech tree? all I see is the Pz.Kpfw

  97. finaly the flubbbn OI got nerfed ….finaly

  98. Kan panzor needed a shell velocity buff…

  99. landorseasprint

    goodbye to my t22, but hello to my t95e6

  100. They canceled the nerf on the t54ltwt i was told today/Chieftains stream.

  101. I love my O-I, I really do. But this nerf was needed. I will still play it,
    and I expect it will still be fun, but it was OP as hell before.

  102. I am rather pleased to see WG making some adjustments to the game, rather
    than simply introducing new tanks or Nation trees. Although opinions vary
    (nature of opinions) they still need to address some major issues, such as
    MM, artillery, RNG and some map design.

  103. Jonathan Armstrong

    The A-32 is a tier IV (4) premium QuickyBaby, go home you’re drunk. :P

  104. going to grind the shit out of the jap heavies now before the patch

  105. Uninstall time finally.

  106. Josue Mondragon

    T-22 is now garbage.

  107. I’m so glad they buffed the Jap tiger. it was already a good tank in my
    opinion in t 6-7 but now it has a fighting chance in t8 which is really

  108. The Rate of Fire on the STA-2 was the selling point, you Nerf that and It
    loses it’s edge in battle. I’ve had some amazing games in my beloved STA-2
    and pulled off some great shot’s. But it’s superior rate of fire was one of
    it’s greatest strengths. Nerf the STA-2 and It’s just a waste of the $35 or
    so I paid for it. I would much rather Have the same rate of fire it has now
    Over a Penetration buff, I Don’t have any issues with penetrating the
    enemies with it’s standard rounds and If I do I normally just back off and
    use’s it’s awesome Maneuverability to flank. I barely ever actually use the
    “Gold” Rounds. Jap Tanks are the Best!!

  109. Sucks that I missed out on the good times with the O-I’s. I’ve always
    wished I could get the Pz V/IV. Now I wish I could even more. The Type 91
    and Type 95 definitely needed buffing. Unfortunately I just finished the
    Type 95, but it’ll help other people.

  110. I have just over 9 rounds per minute in my FV 4202… Guess that 5 skill
    crew comes in handy

  111. I’m very happy with the pen buffs to my 2 favorite tanks, the kjpz and the

  112. i love everything you do *,* keep it up quickybaby

  113. Allan Huntington

    Would love to see some super Pershing love that tank could use some buffs
    without being op at all. Maybe a pen or a rof buff its a bit sad right now

  114. Peyton Steckenrider

    thank you gods of war gaming for debuffing the OI and OI exp praise the
    gods of war gaming


  116. Hoped for a good buff of the foch 155, at least should get more hp

  117. Steven Williamson

    why nerf the t54 light tank?

  118. was there not the 112 buff? The fulltanks?

  119. Смехуран Тумбачков

    im happy that they buff my Type 59 patton , but nerf on T-22 are 2 much
    they make tank from total overpowered imba to total useless tank and why
    they touch STA-2… this is pointless tank need buff not nerfs like fire
    rate …

  120. Fine nerfing the OI because it is op in lower tiers but I never see them
    and it is useless when bottom tier

  121. Nicholas Melney

    Nooooooo! MY O-I!!!

  122. Awesomeness Guy

    QB y u hav 2 face cams?

  123. Not my poor T-54Light Weight, that was the only tier 8 light tank i enjoyed
    because of its decent rate of fire :(

  124. Didn’t mention the Type 4 and Type 5 heavy buffs, which are really

  125. t-22… what we get for cheating? >.>

  126. Very happy about the pen buff to the STA2.. I actually asked you your
    thoughts on the low pen value of this tank on your live stream a few months
    ago, so it’s nice to see my opinion is somewhat justified! :)


  128. Let’s be completely fair… The O-I was overpowered because of its armor.
    Frontally and from the rear. Who cares about slight changes to its mobility
    and gun handling? They were both already horrible to start and waiting an
    extra second to reload a Derp gun is no big deal.

  129. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    QB, it make sense that taller tanks should have better view range, well
    E50m, same as Soviets, and 121. Maus, same as IS7 and IS 4, still way
    taller then both. But in anty-German game, it cant be.

  130. Denzell Rodriguez

    T54 lwt nerf…making China great again.

  131. kinda wanna buy the sta2 now

  132. Imagine that. Russians getting raped with the nerfbat again while the Nazis
    getting more unneeded buffs. GG. Not.

  133. Justin Marciniec

    so much for the ppl that were actually working to get the T-22, thats cold
    and salty WG

  134. Did u said a-32 tier 6?

  135. i just god the t-54 ltwt and i dont get why the nurfe the dpm so mutch. i
    mean it is the wurst any way

  136. wtf were they thinking whith the t22? From OP to fuking terrible? Wargaming
    balancing politics is like europe crises management. They make no sense…

  137. would be nice if you linked the actually change list. nice for people who
    want to look at it on their own.

  138. Now if the could work on actually catching up the Xbox version to the pc
    that would be great.

  139. Wow, my Pz V/IV will finally be worth a damn. It was almost useless at
    tier 6.

  140. Do tank changes, change overall match making?

  141. Makes sense for the Pz.Kpfw.V/IV to be brought down a tier, its only good
    for scout and sniping at it’s current tier six, or playing it like a TD.

  142. quickybaby when you do the review of the grille 15?

  143. Hetzer _Gonna_Hetz143

    thank you for this informational video QuickyBaby

  144. Sooooo, is Wargaming finally admitting that the short 8,8cm is
    underpowered? Or are they just saying “We serve the paying members only,
    the rest of you lot can f’ off.”

  145. fcking assholes… they berf the one thing good about the sta2…

  146. Damn it, I have one more mission to complete the t-22

  147. You failed to mention the unknown added shells QB. Also I read somewhere
    that not only the premium short 8.8 guns will have a penetration increase,
    but also the “normal” short 8.8’s.

  148. Now the sta-2 is only a cheap copy of the mutz :-/

    it was not the best tier 8 prem, but it was something special…
    I liked its great dpm. wg is fucking it up again…they should listen to
    guys like sir foch…

  149. FINALY the buffed the terrible gun on the skoda… That thing couldn’t pen
    a thing! And it got up to tier 8… They need more fixes though, cough
    cough artillery, mm…

  150. after the T-22 nerf… i am happier than ever! 🙂

    i would love to see a buff on the Maus/E100 guns as players that use those
    tanks normally shoot gold rounds only… that is way bad if i want to grind
    the line…

  151. since when is war gaming nerfing prem tanks?

  152. why you don´t like M56 Scorpion that much? I mean, I didn´ play it too
    much, only dozen of games, but I have never had a problem, not even in t9
    games (maybe except low-ish ammo capacity)… If T28 HTC wasn´t even more
    OP, I wouldn´t use anything else for US TD crew training

  153. box tank is still OP

  154. AttackPenguin666

    O-I nerf makes T6 skrims money grind waaaaayyy more fun. I approve

  155. So T-22 was “OP” but now is meh at best ….good job WG as always.

  156. Aw… less HP to snack on from my M44’s two favorite targets… the OI and
    OI exp.

  157. 4:08 the stats are more accurate than the gun is…

  158. Love how they didn’t buff some of the Japanese mediums…

    Type 1 Chi-He:
    • buff reload time
    • buff aim time

    Type 3 Chi-Nu:
    • buff reload time
    • buff aiming time

    Type 4 Chi-To:
    • Buff aiming time
    • buff accuracy
    • fix the hull, it was 75mm at 48 degrees (110mm effective)

    Type 5 Chi-Ri:
    • buff aim time
    • buff accuracy

    • buff aim time

    Type 61:
    • buff aim time
    • buff accuracy

    • it’s top speed was 60km/h

  159. this patch is gonna suck ass

  160. wow a buff to sta have been waiting for that so long

  161. MY POOR LITTE T-54 lt. …
    its my first non-premium T8. my little baby :c

  162. Gus Davis (Major G)

    The thing said they’re replacing the HEAT shell for Kanonenjagdpanzer.

  163. Can you refund the STA 2 now? I want my money back!

  164. When will the Churchill Gun Carrier get buffed

  165. Gaming with scissors

    the video at the end reminds me of your old room, I loved it, just like the
    videos you made back then.

  166. rip my t-22 428 battles to get it and its down to crap, even tier 8 mediums
    better than it now…

  167. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Still german TD with a riddiculous penetration on higher tier.

  168. God dam it wargaming, buff the alpha dmg on the 17pdr for TD’s or just the
    17pdr in general. It’s not competitive at higher tiers. Ever tried to shoot
    a type 4 or ST-l with a comet, challenger or black prince(even tho
    the comet doesn’t get the 17pdr which it should).

  169. Gonçalo Pratas

    My T-54 ltw :'(

  170. Really? With it’s paper armour the STA-2 needs to have a decent fire rate
    in order to remain decent, bad move WG :(

  171. StefanAdministrator

    **** you cDa General Chat. Retard idiot cDa.

  172. StefanAdministrator

    Retards WARGAMING!!! weekend=idiots players, idiots wargaming match m.

  173. The t54 ltwt nerf is actually being reversed. It’s going to stay as is. So
    still a great tank and choice for clan wars.

  174. That hight t22 nerf is so stupid firstly everyone dis the missions to get
    this op tank and now wg makes the beat t10 med to the worse med… In my
    case 3 missions left for the t22 and i wanted to end my missions before the
    tank get removed but when i saw this buff i see no more any sence in
    wasting my time for these last 3 missions… And it sucks that i wasted so
    much time up to now with this missions for nothing

  175. Jesus quicky baby 😛 double face cam at the beginning

  176. Fabian Balderas

    Kinda hoping for my lower tier Russian tanks get a slight buff, but
    whatever my A-20 rolls like a drink hedgehog.

  177. I would say that sta-2 gets a buff, it’s a premium tank nonetheless and
    farming silver is one of the main goals while running it. Huge penetration
    increase balanced by having a fairly lower fire rate is worth it. You can’t
    shoot continuously anyway and the reload time is not lowered by that much
    to actually be an annoyance but the increase in probable penetrations is
    way way more useful.

  178. Hey QuickyBaby, I will soon be recieving my T95E2 very soon and if you want
    for a couple of days I can lend you my account to test drive it and mess
    around in it. Let me know if you have any thoughts or just want to take me
    up on the offer.

  179. Wargaming needs to freaking buff the Tiger I Ausf H’s 88mm Kwk L/56 gun
    next, IMO. That’s the original gun on the Tiger I and it could penetrate at
    least 150mm of rolled homogenous steel. The non premium ammunition needs
    buff and same for premium ammunition on the Tiger I.

  180. I’m going to love the Scorpion, the Skôda T40 is my next purchase, no more
    O-I’s flooding the detachment queue, and all of has left to do is buff the

  181. A terribly boring subject to have to discuss, but you pulled it off well,
    thank you.

  182. Yeah ! Pee on t22 cheatfucks 😀 I just feel bad cause of my T54ltw ..oh
    well…i can still use 13 90 :)

  183. Ahahaha, Wargaming is making the T-22 medium absolutely unplayable. That’s

  184. tudora laurentiu

    they finally nerfed the japanese tanks

  185. FV 4202 Buff not needed…35 speed with 50 armor is okay.

  186. Tyler Schumacher

    Who cares bout losing ROF for STA-2, FINALLY A PEN BUFF!!

  187. could they fuck up the T54 ltwt any more? twats!

  188. wow ok… i only have 1 of the tanks mentioned… a list at the start would
    have saved me form wasting 17 minutes

  189. Spartan Leonidas

    Omg the 22?! Fuck you wargaming!!!

  190. PaulieRipFace00

    It’s always good to hear that my Japanese Tiger is going to get some love.

  191. oh nuuss my O Is already mediocre movement and gun handling!! what will i

    oh wait im already training my crew to have the perks the counteract the
    nurfs. . . XD

    and ya i do believe that the O I is a bit much in mid tier pubs but its
    super rare to be top tier in a O I. . . most of the time you get into tier
    8 games and your just a super slow target that every tank can pen and their
    is nothing you can do about it. also alot of tier 6 tanks can pen the front
    of the O I with gold anyway because of its flat armor.

    their is no real way to balence it because of the MM it gets. . . WG will
    have to nurf its speed and alfa damage but have to make it so it cannot see
    tier 8s but that is a bit of a stretch. :/

  192. NOOO!!! NOT THE O-I!!! It can’t be nerfed!!! I though it was going to be
    buffed! Because it generally sucks at tier 7-8! Now it’s REALLY going to

  193. I always fall on my Side now

  194. I just blindfired an hellcat with my vk 36.01 (H) trough some bushes using
    the howitzer.

  195. Buff fucking super pershing speed and fcking 170 pen!!

  196. I’m working my way to The T54 ltwt. And now they are changeing it. I don’t
    like like that at all

  197. great video! thanks for putting in the work, this video must of been a

  198. jacco doevendans

    and still no nerf too the is-7 and the t110e5……

  199. My reload on the STA-2 is 5.99 and if I am not mistaken I can fire about 10
    rounds per minute…. so where does the 8.45 shots per minute come from?

  200. Finally the OIs will be nerfed. ;)

  201. release date 9.15?

  202. Awe what the fuck, they dont need to nerf the STA-2! Thats annoying as
    shit, its not even unbalanced at all. I paid for what I wanted and now its
    being trashed.

  203. I happen to have a t22 Wichita I consider a not great tier 10 med when it
    is alone unless it is in sertion situations like when tier 10 heavies sit
    300 meters away trying to snipe your reverse sidscrape don’t rush other
    then that it’s not that op just a situational tank

  204. Pascual Francisco

    Glad to see the t22 get nerfed. Now I only have to deal with moving around
    instead of moving around and getting chewed up while probably get tracked
    often in my meds.

  205. I have a 59-Patton so I’m really happy to see it get some love.

  206. Get fucked T-22 rigging boys. :P

  207. my Pz V/IV is now even more useful might actually be worth the 5 year wait
    to get it to tier 5 :D

  208. Eleazar Barrios

    Dat boi quickybaby wearing dat Ralph Lauren

  209. For gods sake, Achilles firng even faster?

  210. good evening QB and tankers I was wondering if these changes will apply to
    xbox 360 and xbox one edition. I realise us xbox players are normally
    frowned upon but pls forgive as i don’t have a pc at the moment. I would be
    very grateful if you could possibly answer for me pls I realise xbox
    edition doesn’t have all the same tanks that pc does but was wondering if
    the changes would happen on xbox so in future I would know the tanks we do
    have on xbox would change if the pc has buffs/nurfs. sorry for the long
    winded question it’s my first ever time leaving a comment and would greatly
    help for the future.much love to all tankers

  211. Primalkopfjager

    buff e-50m dpm pls

  212. the suspension is getting its tier changed, not the tan itself

  213. I didn’t think the O-I Exp was OP, it had very little armour, HUGE hull,
    gun was a little OP, otherwise it wasn’t OP.

    They should’ve just lowered it’s speed instead, wouldn’t have balanced much
    better :/

  214. Devon™ Ziegler


  215. why no indien pz buff?

  216. “whaaa whaaa i want a refund wg i didn’t rig the t22 at all, i didn’t grind
    my ass of for a tank that is not totally OP… whaaa i want a refund for my
    7 days of premuim and all the time i spent not rigging the tank whaaa”

    so fucking what, deal with it.

  217. He, the STA-2 is getting buffed! Wait, its actually getting nerfed… Not
    so smart wargaming, big mistake there…

  218. The French Bastard

    so i have a question about the STA-2
    It had 185 pén because it was using the second gun of the STA-1
    does this buff to the STA-2 mean that that gun will also get a buff on the

  219. Type 4 and Type 5 buffs (added in later test versions) are what I’m looking
    forward to the most.

  220. Love the scorpion, excited to see it buffed

  221. cough marder 2 nerfs cough

    i beilive those were the hardest nerfs tier for tier

  222. Patriotic American

    wish the would change the isu grind, 3 tier 6 guns is a row. really?

  223. they cut one of the t-22 ball’s off

  224. informative vid, thanks.

    I’ve always wondered, do the console get the same balancing as the PC?
    ofcourse it’s patched different but will we see these nerfs/buff at some
    point in the future for console.

  225. Yay my Pz V/IV is getting some love!! And my little A-32 is as well!! I
    might desire to play them again now! :)

  226. whats about the hd-model from the t 34 3 :/

  227. CamperAndBamboo

    I have a T95E2 and tried its dispersion in training battles. I am happy
    that WG buffs it this massively.

  228. 6:10 they are increasing the dispersion I think not!!!!!

  229. AXE_TroutFaceUS -


  230. finally scorpion is going to be buffed

  231. so all these changes are pretty good and all but seriously wg? You STILL
    haven’t buffed standard AP pen for e100? And how about buffing the armor of
    tanks that actually rely on it? Like again e100, maus,.. seriously with all
    the new tanks implemented and all the gold that is flying around its just
    not possible to have good games/ fun in those machines.. Rather sad if you
    ask me

  232. Will all short 88mm guns get a penetration buff?

  233. The Hellcat needs a reversing buff

  234. ahahahahahahahha t22 nerf huehue

  235. Kyliare Ashfeldt

    I think there was some other tanks that got changed during this patch. I
    think it`s notable to consider that a few of the HD reworks, such as the
    Centurion Mk 1’s nerf, did change the vehicles at least in armor layout

  236. 8:56 Sorry QB, but you went full Irish when you said 38 lol.

  237. I don’t see any mention of the T-34-3 here, which is strange, because the
    gun has become a lot better since the 9.14 general test (0.40 dispersion
    instead of 0.46, most notably). Or did I get something wrong?

  238. Mircea Ghitulescu

    goodbye t54 lwt … see you soon on any other CW and detachements

  239. I think the challenger needed the buffs, which is great because I just
    unlocked it lol

  240. It doesn’t fill you with confidence when WG seem to have typo’s or
    contradictions in the changes – where is the attention to detail?

  241. Hey QB ! When will we see an IS4 video on your channel ? Anyway good video
    as always ?

  242. gianluca comellini

    no buff for the tvp/vtu koncept?

  243. oh yes yes yeeee my scorpion is Buffed

  244. Would have been nice to see the Type 59 get a little lovin.

  245. PCmasterrace4life

    No tank tier 7 and up should have penetration below 200mm. As a rule.

  246. And they didnt buff the AMX 40….

  247. I want to go play pc but I fucking don’t want grind through all those games
    again. I already have 9k on xbox

  248. PCmasterrace4life

    So basically WG just did what they always do. They threw a bunch of OP
    tanks into the game and when everyone who was going to spend real life
    money to get them unlocked did that they decided to nerf them into the
    ground. Looking at you Japanese heavies. As far as the premium buffs go?
    It’s about f**king time. Those new premiums sucked. No limited MM. Horrible
    penetration. I guess no one was buying them so WG had to buff them. See
    guys, if you don’t throw money at them and buy whatever garbage they put in
    the premium shop they will buff them. Just don’t buy the garbage. The
    Kanonenjagpanzer penetration buff is definitely a surprise. I mean that TD
    was total garbage. No armor, no turret, sees tier 10 tanks and had an
    anemic 212 pen. Not good. I never bought it. They fixed the pen now all
    they need to do is fix the maps so thinly armored TD’s lacking turrets can
    be viable again as their intended role as snipers. Having every map made up
    of corridors to force people into brawls so they can sell gold rounds is a
    rather shitty move. I won’t be installing the game again until some major
    fixes come. That means getting rid of the pay2win gold rounds or limiting
    the number people can carry drastically, fixing the MM issues, implementing
    skill based MM and fixing the maps. Until then WoT is best off my HDD.

  249. video edit on type 59 quicky baby it shows two of your heads

  250. good thing they needed the O-P and the O-P experimental

  251. Niffer Abderrahman

    grille 15 pleez

  252. The AMX30B IRL had first a terrible HEAT ammunation due to the spinning of
    the shell. The French military then developped a special counter-spinning
    HEAT ammunition, which achieved great penetration values.

    And guess what ?
    WG gives the player the obsolete version of the HEAT shell, with only 320mm
    of penetration. Even the 105mm soviet medium shells get 330mm… at tier IX.

    The AMX30B I.G. is really like an inferior Leopard 1 in almost every
    aspect. It just has slightly better shell velocity, by 3%…
    One way to give the AMX30B a real role in the game would be to give it the
    improved HEAT shell.

  253. Challenger still has garbage penetration so i’m just gonna skip over it.

  254. Pascal Trommelschläger

    the maus really needs some love in my opinion…

  255. I think that t22 medium got to big of a nerf so many hours spent fore a
    pile of crapy things

  256. Yeah but T-22 softs stats are NOT nerfed actually! Check the 9.14 vs 9.15
    comparsion on TheRode channel!

  257. is the L/56 getting buffed on the german tanks as well?

  258. Were the buff of the super pershing!!!!!! Damm you wargaming !!!!!!

  259. They wont do anything to the T-54 l.,it was a mistake!

  260. I love my Heavy Tank No VI and this penetration increase is much needed. I
    would struggle to pen equal tiered heavies from the front, but should be
    easier now.

  261. this update us terrible

  262. Music From Games

    w8… the t54 ltwt is a medium tank from patch 9.15? Or wg messed up

  263. Fucking war gaming. The traverse Nerf, turret traverse Nerf and hp Nerf for
    the o-I is outrageous. How am I supposed to join the fight while going 16
    km/h? Does wg play their tanks before changing stats?

  264. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    t34-3 should be a little bit more buffed with bis standard AP

  265. vito de__croatian

    where is grille 15????

  266. Nathaniel Forcelle

    Rip t22 stet padders

  267. And they nerf th jap O-l when the kv-2 gets away scot free welp i wasted a
    good month of grinding for nothing

  268. Patch 9.16
    T22 moved from Tier 10 to Tier 1

  269. fuck i just got t54 ltwt and then wargaming nerfs it same with o-1

  270. BUFF THE DAM T25/2

  271. Does WG use actual real world numbers for REAL tanks? I know the
    non-produced tanks are just guesses, which explains the re-balancing
    necessary in almost every patch.

  272. I expect a lot of salt over the T-22 nerfs. Aside from the STA-2, which
    last I heard was badly underperforming, there’s really nothing here that
    seems odd or too far out of line.

  273. i do think the ltwt was just doing fine, it had camo problems because of
    its size, but now i don’t think it will be as competitive as other light
    tanks.. if they would’ve buffed the accuracy on the move a bit i wouldn’t
    complain.. but i’d rather play a wz-132 now..

  274. WTF t95e6 is getting buffed? That thing is damn good

  275. I’m one of those weirdos who likes the Kanonjagdpanzer. More pen on the
    standard AP round? Yes, thanks!

  276. Wow, major buffs to the Type 91 an Type 95 bringing it up from bottom of
    the class to bottom of the class. Nice! At tier 3 and 4, the grind on those
    2 tanks was worse than any stock tank ive encountered at the higher tiers.
    They were garbage

  277. ahaha t22 scrubs wasted so much time rigging :,)

  278. all low tier 88s mm guns pen are going to 145mm from 132mm

  279. Feesh Garrysmod


  280. About time with the T-22. It was a stupid “I Win” tank. And Wow I just got
    through the gawd awful Type 95 and now it gets a buff. Sucks to be me

  281. rip oi ?

  282. prepare the new wave of oi exp and oi crying babies

  283. I’m the only one with a stupid looking volume button when full screen? You
    know, the looks like the volume bar can’t reach “higher” than maybe like
    80%, but when not in full screen, it looks normal.

  284. They missed the fact that all German tanks using the short 88 get the
    132mm–>145mm pen buff…this happened in Blitz a while back, and it made
    tanks which could use the 88 or the L/70 trading DPM for pen more viable,
    such as the VK3002D.

    Also that T22 nerf…just ouch…what’s the point of Rampage now, the T22
    with those nerfs is now worse than almost all Tier 10 mediums except the
    121 in almost all respects…

  285. Just watched your live twitch feed. How totally different the game is when
    played with voice contact compared to solo play..! Very interesting to hear
    your (and team) comments. Intense stuff!

  286. Feesh Garrysmod

    3:55 tier 4 mate

  287. Jovan Radojicic

    and people complaining on russians that are nerfed all time,while stupid
    germans are OP and still getting buffed..

  288. RIP O-I Exp. RIP T-22 sr

  289. George Marshall


  290. echogameadventures

    What? they nerfed the OI ex? it was so underpowered! it’s guns were
    ter-hhahahaha! it’s about time they nerfed godzilla. hopefully now it will
    be brought more in line with the other tanks

  291. T-22 – Good nerf. If people gonna cheat to get this OP piece then a good
    idea is to destroy it without removing it.
    Good move for once WG.

  292. Almost bought the Sta-2 yesterday, went for the Skoda T 40 instead. Bullet

  293. I like most of these changes.

  294. Duncan Beerewout

    Where is the Grille tractor 15 review Quickybaby?

  295. all in all looks good, I’m disappointed about the OI but it is a monster
    and kind of needed a nerf. does anyone know what they are planning on doing
    to arty? I play it and it is very frustrating to play.

  296. is the captain still aboard in WG house, because typos errors, random
    buff/nerfs patch after patch, arty still being what it is – just have a
    look on Armored warfare arty – where is the point WG, what are you doing
    against all mods etc ? still so much to do.

  297. Yes destroying the OI-exp. and bringing back the KV-1 as the one and only
    OP tier V.

  298. They should remove the OI Exp and OI…nerf’s to aim and reload are one
    thing but the OP armour for their tier still remains..just my opinion don’t
    curse me.

  299. Level up with Doruta DIY

    When 9.15 will come, the date pls!?!

  300. %;20 Yeah, next totally stupid nerfs.. Because everybody screaming “OP, OP,
    OP” and never saw it in battle.. And I already killed 2 of them.. And this
    is not so hard because they don`t look OP for me..
    6:37 people are too stupid to learn where to shoot.. They scream OP and now
    its gonna be totally unplayable

  301. Vaul the Creator

    FUUUUUUUUCK!!!! Banging my head on my desk even harder now for accidentally
    selling my Pz V/IV years ago >:(

  302. I thought the German short 8.8 penetration was to be buffed.

  303. Rest In PeppaPig T22

  304. Ben van den Pol

    0.10-0.27 dubble facecam?

  305. my sta-2:(

  306. Stepan Savelyonok

    They cancelled changes of t-54 and said it was mistake

  307. Meanwhile on the filthy console peasant version of the game; we have got
    some nice snow and mud effects for our tracks. Who needs a balanced game
    when you can have that eh?

  308. QB learn those Roman numerals… IV is 4 not 6. 6 is VI

  309. Dominique Lopez (Alphajet76)

    I’ve been doing good in my 59 Patton and this buff will just make it that
    much little better.

  310. The funny thing isThe T22 was never really that OP other than armor. Lmao
    good job wargaming.

  311. No they will not nerf the T54 Ltwt. They took it back QB.

  312. Tomáš Krejčí

    Hi QB.. I need your help.. I want to start playing WoT again.. I didn’t
    play it for like 2 years… Now I downloaded the client, installed no
    problem, but the launcher is not starting… It says that launcher’s
    process is working but it just doesn’t start.. Can someone help me? Thanks.

  313. So.. The Challenger isnt the winner of the new rebalancing? I think it has
    crazy buffs. I am going to test it now on the test server!

  314. Nothing for the boring UK AT line :(

  315. I came to hear about the grille 15 ?

  316. Now there is one tank missing: Jagdpanzer IV with the 8,8cm gun could
    really use the same buff like the Ht No. 6 and the Skoda T40… btw:
    historical it’s the same gun.

  317. Rollo Tancredson

    Time to sell my Japanese heavies…..But I’m glad they nerfed the things,
    was tired of getting one shot accurately in my other tanks

  318. so fucking pissed off what they are doing to the t22… it’s gonna be
    fucking useless when I worked my ass off for weeks to get those missions
    done whilst other baddies rigged. Complete bullshit.

  319. I see, WG took notes from Blizzards style of nerfing.

  320. lukestarkiller441

    I think the huge nerf on the T-22 was meant more for punishing riggers than
    actually balancing it.

  321. No changes to E 25, but STA 2 got nerfed? Hmmm…

  322. stronk double facecam :D

  323. they made T-22 OP so people would play that mode to unlock it. now they
    decided to remove the mode cause it sucked so they nerf T-22. seems valid

  324. thx wargaming.. i finally get the OI Exp and then you wreck it

  325. Get Rekt T22 Riggers.

  326. Im still waiting for my KV-2, KV-4 and SU-85B HD models

  327. great changes to challenger!:)

  328. the T95E2 buff isn’t really that good considering it’s horrible power to
    weight ratio and horrible AP penetration value

  329. Sijmen van Essen

    the challenger is better as wel!

  330. The biggest winners are the Tier III, IV and V that saw the OI bothers.

  331. we can see ur face 2 times

  332. Frederick Schulze

    0:10 The QB cam there are like a 59 Patton turret. Big obnoxious thing
    sticking out on top.

  333. # RIP T22

  334. QB A-32 is IV not VI ☺

  335. _Ofenkartoffel_

    So they are not buffing the KV-5?

  336. A-32 is TIER IV

  337. when do they fucking give my KV-5 a buff ?

  338. they buff british wolverine why not american?

  339. Oh, I just sold my Challenger a couple of days ago.
    Well, maybe I buy it back some day.

  340. T-22
    ah ah ah ah ah

  341. T22 nerf was a bit overkill for the People who actually earned it.


  343. skoda T 40 ITS GOOD NOW THIX WG

  344. The KV5 was forgotten, I believe I truly need a penetration buff because
    167 at tier 8 is really mediocre

  345. didn’t nerf the op Russian tanks though. Soviet Russia stronk

  346. Good bye T22 Fuckers :*

  347. I’m early Better make a joke…. um… starving kids in Africa coul….
    Nevermind. –_–

  348. Nerfs for t54 ltw doesn’t make any sense. Not only does it have the worst
    dpm of all other tier 8 light tanks, it has also the worst penetration of
    all… Also i think some other tanks need some buffs. Overall i think this
    patch has some good changes, hope the next one will introduce maps from
    domination mod to normal games :)

  349. I don’t mind the STA-2 RoF nerf, it’s my most played tank…(apart from AMX
    50 100- which I have a 6 perk crew with 4.3k battles), the penetration
    increase of the STA-2 will make it enable to play much more aggressively,
    for example when flanking a heavy, we shouldn’t have those stupid bounces
    of their side or rear armour.. So I’m very satisfied about it

  350. 9.15 relase date ?

  351. What do you think

    QB!!! You forgot a buff!! All the short 88 mm guns are getting buffed from
    132 mm pen to 145 mm pen.

  352. NOOOOOO !!!!!!!…..T-22 ??????

  353. Thanks for the info :)

  354. Riggers are to be blamed for the T22 nerf. They destroyed this tank, not

  355. why the t26e4 is left like that ?

  356. They need to buff the ROF on the T34

  357. Lol anyone else notice the double facecam during the 59 patton bit

  358. I just bloody free xped the challenger Bec I thought it was crap and they
    buff it now??? ?? I cry evry teim

  359. they really should remove this: ‘i shoot capolas until they are dead’.

    a capola shot should remove damage only once and then make it invulnerable
    after that.

  360. first 1000 wiews☺

  361. DaviD BenavideS

    but also the new chances are

  362. emyl ro (emylro99)

    R.I.P. t-22. The worst nerf, was needed but not like this, anyway i’m to
    weak to get the tank, and t110E5 is still op.

  363. Hi Quick Love your video’s!

  364. Christopher Samuels

    22nd person to comment! Woot!

  365. Dat double cam in the first 30 seconds.


  367. KickslikeBoomYT


  368. 2 min after upload and not even close to first :(

  369. SuperXtremeJosh

    hi quicky

  370. yay i here after a min

  371. мατнєυs ℓiмα ➋➑

    Love u

  372. arthur probsting


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