World of Tanks – 9.15 Grille 15 Gameplay

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  1. like MT’s TD…..

  2. I want my waffle E100 back ! D;

  3. The aim tank on that tank is too op

  4. The aim time and accuracy is awesome.. I have really enjoyed playing it on
    the test server….. Have had some really good battles.. lots of damage..

  5. Is there a WN8 cap level on a pubbie, or is it just anyone not in a clan
    war capable clan?

  6. that thing is ugly

  7. Of course the tank is OP with that r8 of Fire and aim time and speed

  8. hi anfield, how’s the camo value on the grille? if it’s good it will
    totally be OP

  9. I’m guessing this will replace the WT auf E100? Just got mine the other
    day, had asked you about tips on driving it in twitch the other day (same
    dude who was on other team of your match where you got arty’d – sorry). So
    far, I honestly don’t like it.

    Feels too much like a one-trick pony, broken in that it will ruin someone
    else’s day without improving mine. Doesn’t feel like I accomplish anything
    when I play it, only feels like I have a target painted on my back :/ kinda
    wish I kept the auf IV instead.

    Hoping that the Grille will replace it, I wanted more dynamic gameplay than
    this :(

  10. they should just give it a 170 mm like the jpz e100 with that bad reload

  11. looks good but whats the point it looks just like the t9..

  12. Wow they are taking out one broken tank and replacing it with an even more
    broken tank. This thing is the elc amx of tier 10. At least give it max
    speed like 45 km/h and like max -15 so it cant scoot around like a light
    tank. The aim time is like really crazy i would be fine with like 2.0 but
    1.2 is too good in my opinoin. Anyways its not gonna change the fact that
    whenever a lightly armored german TD will be spoted on the map every gun
    will be pointing at it because they want the fucking OP glass canon out of
    the game.

  13. I thought it would be an up tiered wt4, but I think it’s better than the
    waffletraktor by far

  14. wait till live server and regular tier 10 gameplay level before calling
    this tank OP. for now I just see a WTpz4 with bigger gun, similar pen and
    dpm (not everyone will use chocolate on it) but no turret and terrible camo
    after fire.

    i dont think it’s gonna be OP, nor UP. it’s gonna be a real monster against
    bad players, but players who know what they’re doing will pwn it. and
    average players will have average results with and against it.

  15. Siem van den Oever

    What’s the pen of the AP?

  16. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    is it cheap and is it fun? haven’t got time to play it this week

  17. 1.2 aimtime and .24 dispersion holy crap

  18. Hull down, wiggling Russian meds make me salty as fuck in this thing (well,
    more so than they usually do anyway). Crazy base aiming stats but the
    dispersion values when traversing the turret is utter wank, meaning if
    there’s a hover tank who’s not giving you an easy shot at his cupolas it’s
    better to fuck right off in pretty much every situation. As soon as you
    start moving that turret your dispersion will shit itself and you won’t be
    able to put the great aim time into effect. Personally I’d be fine with
    them nerfing the aim time a bit but buffing the turret dispersion values
    upon traversing the turret. I get they want a sniper tank more than a med,
    but even as it is now it doesn’t really work as a sniper med, and that’s
    without mentioning corridor maps. If they really won’t want you to fire on
    the move then just shit on the on-the-move dispersion values, not when
    traversing the turret.

  19. Is the test server over or what? Idk, can someone link me the install?

  20. con mi wt tier 9 hago 9000 de daño… imaginate con esta belleza de
    tanque…. me van a odiar

  21. Liking what I’m seeing so far as while I’m going to play as aggressively as
    you do, I like to have the option to do so. Do have the WTF 100 parked in
    my garage but really don’t enjoy it.

  22. Silly Anfield, this is a td not a medium. Why are you playing it?

  23. What would you think about making a change to where you can only fire
    premium rounds after like, the 10:00 minute mark?

  24. I’m surprised to say this but… The Waffle might be missed O_O

  25. Maybe I’ll have something to do with my German TD crew that’s been laying
    around in premium tanks for years


  27. Seems like an improved wt auf pz4 to me

  28. TheInternetDictator

    Would you say this is overall better or worse than the waffle dragon? Seems
    less easy to play but also an overall more flexible and better tank

  29. TheInternetDictator

    I don’t smoke dope, I don’t drink bourbon. All I wanna do is shake my

  30. I really like this tank. I do okay in it, so I am happy.

  31. Ahh there’s the immediate dislike on a new upload, stay classy friend.

  32. eyyy, first

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