World of Tanks || 9.15 Mod Pack with XVM

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World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby 9.15!
►v1 9.15 – 25/05/2016

XVM with Custom Config
GambitER Damage Panel (light version)
BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view
QB 6th Sense

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. QB where’s the zoom out????

  2. Nathan van Putten

    i got only a picture of world of tanks blizt as i try to download it

  3. I Love you quickybaby Thanks so much on this mod U are the best

  4. Cristian Paznicu

    new modpack is not working image in game is trembling…

  5. william traveler

    I’ve watched your videos for a year or so before I ever started playing
    WOT, but there are so many people using Cheating mod packs that im ready to
    quit playing after only five months. even though yours is benign to many
    are used to cheat and I wish war gaming would do something to stop it.

  6. i can`t download ti. I press download and it says “Preparing for download,
    but then nothing happens… can some one help

  7. Bill Richardson

    QB – Thanks so much for creating this modpack. I have one request – on the
    top hit log it shows damage and the vehicle type hit. Can we get that on
    the bottom hitlog too? It’s nice to know what type of tank just hit you.
    And yes snarky commenters, you can guess most of it by the amount of damage
    done but for newer players it’s a nice thing to have.

  8. Last position spotted isn’t working for me on the mini-map. I’m sure its
    something I did, but… can’t really see what it would be.

  9. theres a reload timer in your mod pack …….

  10. Nice, this pack actually contains everything I was planning to get my self.

  11. cheers QB for your mod pack been using yours for a bit now you added the
    arty feature much appreciated for your fast response to the update and
    cheers for all replays and reviews all good to watch and try and learn defo
    try take care and I will see you soon no doubt.
    have fun

  12. awesomeguitarnoob

    I had play on low, settings since my pc isnt that impressive, after 9.15,
    it got slower,are there any mods that lower the graphics ?

  13. Thanks man for all the work 🙂 really enjoy watching your videos, for
    learning purposes. Sometimes a casual as I am just need a hint on how to
    play :P

  14. QB, would it be possible to add session stats?

  15. Andreas Faeßer

    As always: thx QB for your work and dedication. Why don’t you include some
    sort of session statistics?

    Cheers AGMF

  16. Oscar Bjerregaard

    What button does active Battle assistance ?

  17. to be honest, you don’t need it anymore. Game has everything, except stupid
    Auto lock though…:)

  18. MuRdeRer Gaming

    I cant zoom out

  19. this update gave me another 40 fps at max settings, i now get around 100…
    how is that even possible?

  20. Retropaintball clips

    my game crashes every time i start a game (geforce incompatible drivers)
    9.15. i have to wait till they fix that :(

  21. Can’t log in

  22. I was always grateful for this mod because it was so simple but at the same
    time complete. Now, without that Zoom Out, is incomplete. Please add that
    mod again, or at least tell us why you remove it, is now illegal?

  23. the mod pack doesn’t move the equipments that needs gold to remove right?

  24. how to go to second artilery perspective??? what to press?

  25. + QuikyBaby why is the zoom out option not included?
    its really useful
    hope that you implement it in some other patch

  26. DONT FORGET ASIA WARGAMING!!!! We aren’t as bad as you think…

  27. thx Baby 😉 u r the best

  28. MuRdeRer Gaming


  29. Bartosz Rososiński

    I thought that Artilery view mod was banned

  30. thanks for the quick update QB! May I ask if you write the mods or have
    someone do it for you? What I’d like to see is a crew mod which allows
    quick selection and transfer of crew from multiple vehicles – ie: if I have
    fully crewed Marder 38T and Stug III B vehicles, but I also have a Dicker
    Max premium vehicle – then I’d like to be able to select EITHER the Marder
    or the Stug crew to go into the Dicker Max when I play it (plus of course
    there would be a needed 5th crew member for the Dicker Max). Is such a
    thing possible? thank you.

  31. good stuff ..from New Zealand

  32. TheChaoticBeats

    I would use this… if 9.15 was out on SEA server…

  33. I know this is stupid but are you owTWITCHxo in world of tanks blitz?

  34. Robert O'Connor

    Love it and dragged and dropped without problem…

  35. anyone else having trouble with the zoom out of third person view? It
    doesn’t seem to zoom out nearly as far as it did last patch.

  36. what if i just want xvm? Is it possible to just take that from qb’s mod

  37. How do you change the position of the damage counter?

  38. thakn you very much Quickybaby 🙂 well done ! i really like you mod packs,
    great work !

  39. “You have not changed your password for 30 days. Please change the password
    for security Purposes.”, Shame!!

  40. quicky?, u got something on your face.

  41. Did the extended zoom-out function get taken out of the mod pack, or is
    that a bug due to how recent this patch is? I added QB’s mod pack in 9.14,
    but I’m really missing being able to zoom out in my first couple matches.

  42. NvM FOUND IT

  43. I think you should get 1 warning first, like before ban

  44. Денис Харламов

    ебать, чурки тоже чтоли в танки играют?)))

  45. +Quickybaby your link doesnt work, please fix

  46. I use mini Mac. And I want to download the mods that you told us about. So
    is it same way to download it on Mac? Plz answer 

  47. Quckybaby, So i downloaded your mod and i have installed it. Well, for the
    first time ever i have been experiencing glitches and graphic errors on
    maps. Is this common?

  48. not working very well

  49. can we have your old garage filter back? It’s much better then the standard

  50. Barış “Brstyfr” Tayfur

    I have 2 problems for this modpack;

    – Can’t see tanks marks on minimap. Just tank names.
    – Whick tank is spotted lamps doesnt work. (Yellow&Gray lamps on enemy team)

    a solution pls ?

  51. hey qb big fan I was just wondering if there are any mods for the blitz
    version of the game for mobile devices if so can you show me and help me
    install them thank you

  52. Đức phát xít

    Berlin in Nazi Germany

  53. tonight my game has crashed two time when i play with arty o.O that’s never
    happend before

  54. Billsandsabres1975

    Hey Quickybaby, any chance you can add “Default sniper view starting zoom
    power to 1.6 or 2x”?

  55. Is there a config setting that will show win8 above each tanks during the

  56. love your mod packs I have been using them for as long as I can remember.

  57. Great job as usual Mr QuickyBaby.Coming back for more ;)

  58. I dont really understand the crew in WoT so i have a question,

    whenever I move my crew from one tank to another, even though its the same
    Nation and Type, the crew still gets red and has a debuff.
    Why is this the case for me and not for you when you move your crew?
    You can move it freely and the exp levels stay put.

    Hopefully someone can help me since I am really confused.

    Cheers from a co-tanker.

  59. terrancolonyone

    Hi QB…Thanks again for all the work you do putting together the mod packs.
    One question. What happened to the Zoom Out. It really helped and without
    it, seems handicapped.

  60. Whitetrash050 geen

    Can anybody tell me how i get that solid dot he uses to aim? Would like to
    use it.

  61. Quickybaby, will you consider adding the feature that lets you track your
    WN8 per battle, either live as you do damage or even at the post game
    results? I’ve watched your stream and have seen you use it, at least the
    post game version but you have stopped using it recently, why?

  62. so if you don’t jave this type of mod pack… your at a disadvantage. .
    ergo. its a cheat.. by definition.
    hope you get enough money for your mod packs vs destroying the game

  63. The crew change option is very welcomed

  64. Great mod, as always. I just miss the zoom out… was it on purpose QB?

  65. MAC users are having a nightmare with 9.15. We feel completely left out
    since we can’t get past the Updating Garage login point. We are waiting at
    the WOT bus stop for the answer to be delivered. Any thoughts?

  66. Bartosz Mazurek

    I have a 2000 plus wn8 score but I’m not a unicum ffs

  67. Tidepool Gaming

    How do you use the arty mod?

  68. how do you activate the modification to arty view?

  69. nice vid qb i like u a lot and i think u make great content… i only wish
    it was more often u do it

  70. very nice love it QB

  71. aren’t you guys having connection issues with 9.15? It keeps disconnecting
    me every 2-3 minutes.

  72. Tanker_749 Yinz

    can I download in mac

  73. Thanks again for getting the mod pack out so soon Quickybaby! I appreciate
    your hard work!

  74. Hey QB thanks for all you do, I have noticed that my togg II and my E-25
    are not in my garage anymore as well as the zoom out not being there too.
    When I started the game in safe mode the 2 tanks were in my garage. Just an
    FYI Thanks again.

  75. quickybaby please next time put in zoomOut on, of the more useful mods for
    some situations.

  76. Hetzer _Gonna_Hetz143

    Thank you so much for this video quickybaby, I have not been able to find
    out how to see player stats until now :)

  77. Joshua Scheltens

    why dont you have a mod that you can see how much dmg you need to do?
    i like that mod allot but cant find it in your mod :(

  78. Hi QB!
    Thx for your mod pack. But just one thing: could you change your XVM
    configuration a “little” bit? Right now you have everything in just one
    file. But if you download a “stock” XVM, it comes with a structured
    multi-file configuration. This makes customizing and updating custom
    configurations vom patch to patch so much easier (in my oppinion).

  79. Thanks so much QB for putting the mod pack up so quickly.
    all the best for you ;)

  80. zachthe wiseman

    I tried to put the downloaded stuff in my res mods folder but I can no
    longer launch world of tanks

  81. My game is not updating… Asia region

  82. Eateroftheworld

    Zoom still only goes to 8x for me. Gonna have to add another mod to fix it.

  83. Christopher Karopoulos

    how can i relocate my hitlog dmg. is at center of my screen. how can i do
    them more left?

  84. Could you add a in game wn8 counter?

  85. Is there a way of replacing/ getting rid of his face every time I get

  86. is it just me or commander’s voices are a bit buggy? sometimes they’re
    okay, sometimes i don’t hear them or they even change the nation…very

  87. NO ZOOMOUT??!

  88. simply not working despite repeated attempts

  89. Ty qb. :)

  90. does anyone have the problem where the hits taken doesnt show up ?

  91. Hey I would love to see a wn8 scale in it

  92. what happened to the zoom out mod?

  93. i dint understand why qb make a video about the feature of xvm , it been
    the same for every patch he only modified to ge compatible with the patch ,
    why not u just make a video qbout the installing it instead of wasting your
    time to sgow us the feature

  94. I always get stuck at the game loading page, the bar finishes at about 90%
    and just stays there. Tried reinstalling the modpack problem still there.
    Tried different tanks different maps. Please Help Me.

  95. ur a legend

  96. Thank you Dr QB for getting this soooo fast you rock man !!!

  97. Mattias Abrahamsson

    Great mod, QuickyBaby… Thanks! One question… Where do I change so I can
    see what tank actually hit me in the damage log?

  98. Timothy di zazzo

    what key do you press to change the artilleries camera angle??

  99. Alpha Omegakill

    So this mod has no longer the scroll far out option?
    I know that the mod is working because my SPG has your extra view option.
    So what about the far our scrolling option?

  100. ‫محمد حمادة‬‎

    Demo server guys now closed
    Is this due to maintenance?

  101. waffentrager auf pz. iv in the garage but no grille 15 QB? interesting :P

  102. Where is zoom out!?!?

  103. did he forget the 3d person zoom out

  104. FarOutScavenger

    mod pack already? couldnt u atleast let the fucking game develop abit?

  105. Thx once again QB ;)

  106. enemy reload timer….why not its useful

  107. I like your mod pack but why doesn’t it have a post battle WN8 calculation?
    that would be nice too

  108. DAmn you are fast m8. thx a lot

  109. for me mod using its cheating you lost large part of my respect quickybaby

  110. Magnus Langslet

    Please reply someone! I need help!

    I really want to get the modpack working, but I have a problem: The free
    WinZip trial I have been using to open and unzip downloaded files, has
    expired. Without spending money on the full version of WinZip; how do I get
    access (I dont know how to spell that word) to my files easily?

    An answer would be greatly appreciated.

  111. Maarten severijns

    XVM statics sucks :(

  112. i cant download the mod

  113. Man With No Name

    Battle Assistant for keen artillery players… more like filthy scumbags.

  114. Recently my game is closing by it self, anyone knows anything?

  115. no tank carusel

  116. Thanks for this QB

  117. Bjorn IronHammer

    which button do i push to see alternate arty view?

  118. Awesome modpack working well :)

  119. i would not allowed any modpacks its really unfair. i hope wargaming will
    do something about it.

  120. XVM bitches bitching about stats and screaming how painful to play the game

  121. PLEASE, How do i get it on Mac os?

  122. you can t dezoom with it x (

  123. ty i was waiting so long for the qb modpack but it would be great if u add
    a new crossair it is much work but it would be a highlight for me…

  124. Guys pls help me ever since world of tanks updated I cant get onto wot. I
    get to the login screen press log in and then when you see the spinning
    tracks and wot logo and it says updating garage it just freezes and nothing
    happens pls help me.

  125. ComentAndDoment

    How can I change the Language xD Its kind of annoying because I cannot
    speak Russian :O

  126. Thank you for adding the feature that automatically switches simple
    equipment between your tanks QB! It was the only thing I felt your modpack
    was previously missing. Ass always, thank you for your hard work and your
    wonderful modpack.

  127. carlitosskater89

    A big+1 for ya, QB! As always, quick fingers there updating the mod!

  128. QuickyBaby is just a hero and the coolest guy ever thanks for the help :)

  129. Can I somehow switch back the reload counter while using this great mod?

  130. For the equipment is really great !!!

  131. file is damaged?

  132. vladimir visinkov

    I don’t know why but xvm doesn’t work on me

  133. Carlos Valenzuela

    thanks Mr quickbaby

  134. Procrastinator7

    Thanks, QB!

  135. is it possible to replace his face to the original sixth sense lightbulb?

  136. I dont know if this has to do with not deleting old mods and stuff like
    that but i have a glitch where tank tracks are not on the tank but in the
    ground or in the sky. Any suggestions on a fix?

  137. Why not having a RELOAD time of the enamy tank in DMG log?

  138. guys how do you activate the second arty perspective??

  139. Lot better

  140. since new patch my wot aint working anymore. so annoying!

  141. Grzesiek P (GreGx)

    why i dont have lightbolbs on enemy team? do i turn it on somewhere?

  142. FINALLY !

  143. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    I love ur mod pack, have been using it for years. i can safely say it is a
    great mod pack and doesn’t come wid viruses :p

  144. Thank you once again for the Quicky release.

  145. Thank you for the mod pack

  146. Forgot to mention, getting high ping, much lag….. Without mod its
    perfect. Wont use em anymore

  147. Nice to see that you bring out every new patch a new video for the modpack!
    Keep it up!

  148. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!!

  149. 7:20 @all these crying babies about win chance….there you can disable it

  150. 9.15 dont work on mac :(

  151. Make one for world of ships please

  152. Bartul Javorčić

    Hey Quickybaby I think you forgot to put the zoom out more mod

  153. Tiger 2 from Croatia ( pause at 1:48 sec ) :P

  154. man I just woke up xD

  155. at the arty at next mod will be perfect if you choose a sign where you can
    see the time the shell lands, I see an oni i see 2 sec where it goes and i
    preaim the next probable position

  156. *Where Is ZoomOut???*

  157. Pauliuc Stelian

    only astronomic lag extreme ping in new version

  158. QB at work man. Way to explain everything step by step and I mean
    everything. Took me awhile to figure out how to use xvm correctly when I
    first used it on different mod pack. QuickyBaby your Youtube vids are the
    best man thx for the effort.

  159. If I may ask, How can one change the Sixth Sense photo of you have, to one
    of our own. the one of you, well no offense, not something I pay attention
    too much. (I would rather have “Balok’s alter ego” from Star Trek TOS. I
    figure if it was my photo “Paramount Studio’s” wouldn’t go on a nutter and
    come after you if it was your doing.) Other than that, changing the Sixth
    Sense sound to something else would be useful too. Thank you for all your
    hard work.

  160. haha quickybaby dont you get tired of doing the same video over and over
    again for each patch?? ;)

  161. Marco Porra Ridjan

    ty quickybaby for this mod! great job congrats

  162. It doesn’t work for me, I made clean install (removed all directories from
    res_mod), but client doesn’t even get to login screen, it exits to desktop
    without any message :/

    QB, what version of XVM are you using in this pack?

  163. Quicky haw much ram consume your mod???

  164. Tap dat 2!

  165. Thanks Quicky !!! :D

  166. TheMightyTiger13

    already? man you are the best QB

  167. he need to fix this a little bit…login sreen miss and a lot of things

  168. Angelsangling (angelsangling)

    thank you

  169. mein world of tanks hängt sich immer auf ab “aktualisiere garage…” jemand
    ne Idee wie ich das fixe?

  170. Thanks QB but there may be problems. First game I played game crashed.

  171. Harvester Forwarder & More

    Finally! Thank you very much! Was waiting for it the whole day :)


  173. Thanks QB!

  174. Thanks Really much for this mod 🙂
    I waited for you mod :D

  175. Will this work on an iMAC computer

  176. Thank you very much sir Baby

  177. Pauliuc Stelian

    incredible lag , 690 ms ping for 22 sec shit

  178. non-elite FTW

  179. login screen miss after I put files od mod in res mods…anu same problem?

  180. Very much appreciated! Thank you!

  181. Adam “MrSnobben90” Hlali

    Hello sir! I love your channel and your work. I just have a thing. I would
    like you to use a better intro. Your is a little bit to long… I think you
    should use the intro that OneAndOnly16 have uploaded on his channel. Thank
    you sir!

  182. michael pedersen

    thank you for making this so fast :)

  183. The best, always the best!

  184. Jeroen Scholten

    can you put in the installer at the modpack?

  185. Armas Jürgenson

    does anyone have the arty mod for 9.15?

  186. tnx man

  187. how to activate the 3th person for arty?

  188. no zoom out?

  189. If there is any modders that play World of tanks xbox can you please do
    this to use, it will help us tremendously

  190. 2 lines carousel,any1 knows how?

  191. thanks Quicky !!!

  192. out on na?

  193. How quick is quickybaby?

  194. Quickybaby, could you include the game session stats (wn8) in the next

  195. Thx!

  196. Thanks for your hard work on this, Quickybaby! I really only started using
    your modpack somewhat recently, after my platoon mate kept badgering me to
    try it. I’m just sorry I didn’t try it sooner. I was surprised at just how
    helpful that damage panel is, even against hidden targets. The hit log also
    helps in answering the question, did I hit that tank or did my ally? The
    ability to, at a glance, know what still hasn’t been spotted is great for
    reminding you to remain hidden from TDs and for identifying probably AFK
    players. And kudos for that alternate SPG view! I’m still getting used to
    it but it’s handy.

  197. You hero, thanks!

  198. Emilien Gosselin

    Fuck this update : my mouse is laggy as hell in the game (worked fine
    before) and I can’t go full screen mode anymore for some reason

  199. @QuickyBaby. Any chance you might look at using Carousel mod for your
    garage and include in the pack?

  200. I couldn’t wait to see your modpack. Great work as usual!

  201. Ty for being so quick, I felt like I was naked without these mods…

  202. By the way ty for releasing it :)

  203. too bad SEA server get the patch last

  204. The MoffMeister

    thx again qb for getting it out quickly

  205. Thanks for putting the mod pack up so quickly

  206. How do you use the alt view in arty mode?

  207. quicky confirmed cancer

  208. Stef Vandendorpel

    waiting for this all day :)

  209. your modpack doesn’t work on win 8
    its a bummer cause i really like it

  210. If you ever wonder why you deserve (yes you do, even though you often say
    you don’t) the tips (yes, even the ridiculous ones) and subs, this is why.
    Dedication and continuity, not to mention the inspiration you give the
    community of world of tanks.

    Thanks a metric ton for your work.

  211. waiting for it all day long hehe ty quiqbaby

  212. Thanks QB!

  213. Holy that was fast!

  214. Samurai Wind Sweeper

    Thx, I was waiting for it.

  215. ThePainTrain4234

    Currently my World of Tanks client is broken and crashes each time I try to
    log in! :'(

  216. DetectiveRichardCastle

    Hii Quicky!! :)

  217. Nice! :D

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