World Of Tanks – 9.15 Modpack By Svatekl2

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World of Tanks Mod Pack by Svatekl2 for 9.15!

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Intro music ► Saint Pepsi – Private Caller
Outro music ► Home – Resonance

Thank you for watching!


  1. Russian logs translated in this mod?

  2. hey man i like you modpack but since i have installed the 9.15 its
    impossible to play because the killed tanks are showen as living tanks and
    the game is always at 0 kills vs 0 kills
    pls help me

  3. Great work as always! hey! check out my replay ! 😀

  4. . “mazlo170”

    thanks :)

  5. Can’t play without your modpack bro (y)
    Big Thx <3

  6. nice work i wait for you:D

  7. Thanks svatekl2 love you :)

  8. Mathias Pannula

    Thanks for your mod pack just love to use it!
    And always wait for video every patch!

  9. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  10. ḜẔgaming DZ

    finally 🙂 love u sval :)

  11. any idea why battle assistant is not working

  12. super thanks for you bro please all ways keep releasing new mods thx so
    much broooooooooooooo : )

  13. at last man..cant play without your re the best

  14. Thanks for your mod 🙂
    I allways liked Svatekl2 mod 😀
    You are doing great job with this mod.
    I love this mod.
    I used it in most of the game versions and I waited so much for you mod.

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