World of Tanks || 9.16 Mod Pack with XVM

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by QuickyBaby for !
►v1 for 9.16 – 05/10/2016

XVM with Custom Config
BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Such dedication QB 🙂 Thank you so much for the mod pack!!!!

  2. thx a million Mr. Quickybaby

  3. Can you make the arty mod work with derp guns??

    I’m serious.

  4. Wot Asia not releasing update 0.9.16

  5. Thank you once again.

  6. great pack glad to have it again and again

  7. Will Siu (Waiwa-Siu)

    Use your mod every time, thanks bro

  8. barış kurtsakarya

    black screen error

  9. I was looking through the mod pack I don’t see the avatar handler anymore.
    Is it hidden or something? I just wanted to know if you or someone here
    knows what scrollsensitivity QB uses? I believe the default is 1.0 doesn’t
    he use 1.5?

  10. Is this official? I mean can my account get banned?

  11. QuickyBaby = Wargaming shill.

  12. I dontvbeleive the notification bar of where you get is 100% accurate

  13. just one thing to say. balls deep.

  14. what do u need so u can use g

  15. shave your mustache please it makes me uneasy

  16. Does enemy team list show which tanks have been spotted in vanilla game now
    ? ( Not mini map ,but team list) .

  17. The only thing left that WG need to add to wreck the game itself is the

  18. Any way we can get the damage received log back? I like to see when people
    are shooting gold at me and telling AP from APCR is just a bit difficult to
    do by sight alone.

  19. I know someone with 9.3k wn8

  20. The one thing I love about QB mod pack is the enemy spotting thing. It is
    so nice to not get surprised rape by the enemy lol.

  21. Awesome! Thanks for putting this together and making a video for us show us
    the deal!

  22. Thank you so much for this long awaited upload!

  23. like ur mod quickybaby~~

  24. How do. You make your minimap bigger

  25. Amazing to think that in just a few short years we’ve gone from all these
    mods for view range rings, last spotted markers, counters, and garage
    modifiers to a simplified system. Makes you wonder what the modders are
    going to cook up next!

  26. Does this pack include 6th sense?
    And also what is that little light bulb next to an enemy’s name?

  27. So I tried this modpack as well as Aslains and both are giving me an error
    in game when i press shift to go into sniper mode the game practically
    freezes on me. Well I cant do anything at all, i cant move my turret, nor
    fire, nor even press escape to get out of the game! I can however see what
    is happening in the game both in the minimap as well as the main screen!
    bloody weird! So, I dropped out of the game, took everything out of the
    resmods folder except for 9.16 (I did erase everything inside that folder
    though), got back into WOT, my game was still running, and i played it as
    though nothing wrong. This is the same no matter what modpack I try. bloody
    driving me crazy, any thoughts anyone?

  28. Any idea when it is coming to SEA server? Still no idea why these things
    can’t be released at the same time.

  29. sorry mod not patch I Mis spoke

  30. does this work on mac?

  31. I am pretty sure that the shrinking map bug is due to your mod pack.
    Didn’t happen a single time before I installed it and afterwards it has
    happened every single battle.

  32. Public: victor kiesly u piece of shit time to nerf arty!
    WG: big boss says he will fix it after he fills up enough of his wallet
    Public: we already f*cking bought so much shit from you
    WG: fine fine (adds in new hitlog system)
    Public: we said arty not TDs
    WG: t95, t92 same thing!

  33. So camo and camo crew skills are useless if you are sniping, but are only
    useful if you are a passive scouting. YAY!!!!

  34. Yet another dumb update. What is the point of camo, camo ratings, camo crew
    skills, camo nets if you’re just gonna be taken out by blind fire??? That
    showed some real skill on QB’s part to blind fire the Hellcat. Way to kill
    of TDs and lights. WG have turned WoT from a reasonably tactic and skill
    based game in to a sloppy arcade shooter. Since 8.9 its been downhill every
    update. 15k games and I’m done now.

  35. Fix the minimap bug please.

  36. PLEASE QB, i just want the default sixth sense… :(

  37. Really? Seriously you people? This update has only been out for 1 day and
    you people are already whining and complaining already? And this is why we
    all can’t have nice things…. -_-

  38. Well done as always, Good Sir.

  39. I can’t open the game when I press launch a black screen appear than it
    gone.. I keep trying still it doesn’t work! Could u have me fix it

  40. who still remembers when QuickyBabys Girlfriend trolled QuickyBaby xD xD

    Like if you still remember xD lol

  41. My first game in this patch was also Paris !! Its very nice !!

  42. There is one more useful feature in the MOD Pack that is not in the Game
    Client yet – the feature that show which vehicle was spotted and being spot
    (the yellow and grey bulbs). It is extremely useful when you know
    approximate location of the enemies.

  43. why you had to ruin the fun when there was no xvm?

  44. I fucking love you, thank you!

  45. Thank you Quickyyy !! :D

  46. Honestly, the only thing still useful to me from this modpack is now the
    Battle Assistant for the alternate artillery view. Maybe if it still had
    some way to show when you were being shot with gold ammo that would be
    useful, but that doesn’t seem to be in the modpack any more.

  47. QB, what’s your take on the new hit direction system. I know you could get
    mods for it previously, but now it seems like since everyone has it you
    can’t really sit still. Which you shouldn’t be doing, but in tanks like the
    E25 where you need to keep the gun ‘singing’ it will be harder to get some
    good damage done when after a shot or two people will zero in on you.

  48. Hey +QuickyBaby I was thinking that you could do a video explaining how to
    change the sixth sense sound to a custom one that we’d like to use, this
    would be very useful as the standard sixth sense sound and the new one
    aren’t very good and I’d rather have a custom one but I don’t know how to
    change it.

  49. Sooo as a Chaffee player who likes to sneak a few shots here and there I’m
    totally fked and reduced to a passive scout, unless I want to get blind
    one-shotted every time now?

  50. How about test your XVM this time if it works and not everyone have to code
    it again

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