World of Tanks – 9.17.1 Maus New Master Race

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Source: Anfield


  1. Test server out or?

  2. Reload time on gun 9:49 with vents, BIA, rammer and Chocolate? Did I see
    that time correctly?

  3. I understand you dislike grinding the t57, so what is your favorite heavy
    autoloader at tier 10?

  4. as a play who had the maus and sold it about 2 years ago i can see a
    gigantic difference between how its performing here and how it performed

  5. For me, the Maus has always been a very situational tank; in the situations
    were it does well, it takes on all comers, but outside of those situations
    it just gets wrecked. Then again, this can also be said for a lot of tanks
    in the game.


  7. Anfield, to pen the VK72.01 (K) or the Panzer VII Just shoot the flat bulge
    under the turret, as you would with the FV 215b

  8. Maus is such a unnecessary buff…. the devs drunk again?

  9. Maus is finally recognized as the true master…..FINALLY

  10. 99% of RU players are raging kidnoobs it’s incredible how dumb they are…
    test server is kinda shit with all these RU noobs

  11. Full Gold: that’s what WG had in mind for 2017 at high tier? Just ruin the
    economy of the game so that more people has to shell out real money to keep
    playing competitively?

  12. I bet he havent tried the type 5

  13. Anfield dont you know you can shoot the Pz. VII in the side? His “turret
    ring” in his hull has the same weakness as an FV 215b when sidescraping so
    you dont have to take chancy shots on the cuppola

  14. Ireneusz Andrzejewski

    why only gold ammo???

  15. Gonna get this sexy af beast

  16. while the maus buff is kinda nice,

    because KV line is not powercreeped and nerfed in HD whatsoever :^)

  17. Mmnaah, if unloading gold shell after gold shell is how you’re meant to
    play this or be played against, then I’d still probably keep out of the
    retarded high tier mentality. Woopdeedoo, gold shells for days. Screw that

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