World of Tanks || 9.17.1 Mod Pack with XVM

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Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for !
►v1 for 9.17.1 – 23/02/2017

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World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4” to get a with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days , and a gun laying drive!


  1. QM last time you hooked up the description with the link to XVM…. Yeah I know lazy but was nice to just scroll down and click the link.

  2. Does the mod work on macs

  3. I always turn off the win rate – it’s bad for my morale!!! Lol

  4. They nerved the E5 in this patch and destoyed one of the best tanks. Now u get racked like a bi*ch. Dont like it

  5. How can I change the artillery view to see the enemy tank from further away in the “ G ” mode?

  6. Martijn Huis in t veld

    mod pack doesn’t work wtf

  7. Nice knowing the Grille 🙁

  8. Any clue how install the modpack on the new version of the MAC-Game? With the former version it was copy/past as well…

  9. I can not download this as Chrome cancels the download as being dangerous. QB can you look into this? tks

  10. Michano van tilborg

    You do know that when you hold your mouse over the standard hitlog you can scroll up and down, right?

  11. When trying to download the file my firefox browser starts screaming bloody murder about viruses and malevolent web pages. Anyone else having this problem?

  12. For some reason the camo net and binocs arent being swapped over for me, just the crew, does anyone know how to fix this?

  13. I do not understand why you need all these states it is not as if you can choose who plays with you and everything is random. People should play the game and just have fun.

  14. My Antivirus-Software located a virus in the XVM Mod Pack ZIP and deleted it… tried again, same result… does anyone else had this problem?

    Sry for my bad english, i am not a native speaker.

  15. coment faites vous pour activer les statistique de batailles ?

  16. Hey Quickybaby I did everything you said in the video and even double checked everything and the game didn’t send the active notification in the game. Do you think it isn’t working because of outdated drivers or something?

  17. when is it coming for the 9.17.03 and does it have the arty mod ?

  18. Can someone explain me what does he mean by saying “hold your all key when you fire” at 3:09 please ? thanks 🙂

  19. is xvm allowed?

  20. i like how he watches good replays on his channel and not the bad ones to show wargaming how shit the mm really is i just played wot and all 5 matches were against two tiers higher than me

  21. pls delete all mods,,,all fucking mods,,,,80% of players use fucking cheats
    0.000001 sec aim time on tank,,fucking cheats,,this games more and more sucks

  22. Quicky, someone probably asked this, but where is that desktop background on you PC from?

  23. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    +Quickybaby There is a way to fix Battle Assistant being zoomed out during replays

    I think I pressed shift or maybe clicked to change the perspective.

  24. Hey! I have a problem with world of tanks… My tanks are tall now and I dont know why… because of the new update? My settings are 1920×1080(16:9). PLS help

    Thank you!

  25. I have a feel WG are stealing mods………….

  26. Battle assistant was already in the game on the testserver, did they take it away?

  27. I don’t know if anyone can help if you can it will be very ever since the update I can’t use the buttons like F7. If I change it to a different one in a battle it won’t let me shot.please help

  28. I need some help. I’ve downloaded the j1mbo crosshair mod for 9.17.1 and extracted the file, then i put it into the res_mod folder of the game but it didn’t worked. Anybody with the same issue ?

  29. I loaded the Mod pack and it caused all sorts of issues. I had to uninstall WOT and reinstall.

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  31. nice info QB, thx !

  32. nice pack but only missing stats on each tanks in caroussel, stock xvm config remain the best solution for me

  33. thanks man for modpack its nice

  34. QB, what system do you use for zip/rar folders???

  35. Love the mod so far but I do have one issue. In the map loading screen when the XVM info comes up. The statistics for each player, I think there is 4 different stats, are all smashed into one column. Cant read the info for any of them. How do I correct?


  37. How do you upload to quicky?

  38. Thanks, I missed the last ModPack, and so I was sorely lacking the BattleAssist mod.
    I know WoWS is not your thing, but can anyone steer me to some useful mods for that?

  39. I have made every step right but when I open the game with your modpack it just closes again. :/
    If I only have an empty 9.17.1 Folder the game opens normally…

  40. i wish they would buff the KV-2

  41. KV-2 is OP as hell

  42. I downloaded the mod pack by my chat is no longer avaible and cannot ping the map anymore. Any way to change this

  43. How do I trun on “Battle Assistant”, so I can engage the alternate arty view?? What config file is it in??

  44. can you get a ban for using xvm?Please answer 🙂

  45. I’m pretty sure you can get the same arty view in the replay if you also hit G there. In the replay, when you see the view switched, hit G as well and it should switch over the view for you as well. This has worked for me in the past.

  46. Why my xvm is not going on when i press activate it says you already have activate request to add new client…

  47. where the hell is the modpack?

  48. Why do you have WOT in your C drive, not your E drive?

  49. auto binocs/camonet not working for me

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