World of Tanks 9.17.1 Test Server (Initial Impressions)

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Source: Anfield

Some quick info while I could get on, the stability really bad, more videos to follow!


  1. Test server was being wonky, but here’s a few things i could overview. I
    will be making lot’s of videos on it so stay tuned

  2. saw it live hehe

  3. Anfield pls man explain( haven’t watched yet the vieo) (just came to ask, I
    know you will listen)
    Why are they buffing a lot of stuf?? and not all of it? If you buff tanks
    other will under perform!!
    Why are they so stupid?
    The british tier 8 prem is f OP compaire it to a CDC
    I am so pissed off!!

  4. New 128 gun for fail Lowe, interesting

  5. yeah battle queue exit bugs

  6. not sure why they are buffing german heavy armor… doesnt seem needed.
    they need to fix arty before they fix everything else

  7. How did you get on the test server??? Its not on yet

  8. so glad they nerf grille

  9. 3:45 looks just like a big ass guy with a rly rly tiny dick LEL

  10. Bas “SnuckleBuckle” Molenaar

    You didn’t even mention the AP buff on the E100 :(.

  11. armor changes for russian tds? playable again?

    im looking forward to test the maus in matches against tier 8ts ^^

  12. +Anfield mein Mäuschen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. I loved the look of the of the E50M and now…

  14. Any idea when test 9.17.1 will be completed? I need to know how much time
    I have to get the 130k exp left on my 4502B in order to research and
    purchase the Maus.

  15. Not sure if you went over this or not but did the HD model on the 140
    change the roof armor?

  16. how did u setup your garage by non-prem / prem /tier ? (i like the setup)

  17. maus armor get buff too

  18. Hey anfield, in one of your videos you said that the 62a has better gun
    handling than the 140. Now I don’t know about your 62a but mine sucks!

  19. if i press battle it just gets stuck… why??? what do i do?

  20. f the f game

  21. i have the 263 and the section around mantlet is nerfed its more narraw now
    they can pen easilly on the right and left side of the mantle. GG wargaming
    another screwed tank with HD model. next will be WZ 120??

  22. where I can download test server?

  23. Posti Movies (Posti666)

    Vk got a “pinocchio” gun

  24. Whole 263 superstructure got smaller / engine got higher, didn’t it?But LFP
    looks bigger too :/

  25. The internet lingo sounds dumb as “fuck”

  26. So am I reading the Maus’ armor layout right? It says the Maus didn’t get
    the hull armor buff that was in the patch notes…front hull still reads
    200 when it should read 250

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