World of Tanks || 9.17 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.17!
►v1 for 9.17 – 14/12/2016

XVM with Custom Config
BattleAssistant – SPG 3rd person view

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World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a laying drive!



  2. webpage mediafire unavailable :/

  3. res_modsmodsshared_resourcesxvmres select the worst 6th sense icon ever
    and delete

  4. Gorjan Gjorgjievski

    anyone can tell me why my XVM is not working in Panel 2, where the names of
    the tanks are I don’t get any statistics, its blank just like without the

  5. Thank you QB!!! You are just AWESOME! Thank you.

  6. my xvm is in russian? how do i change it?

  7. Thank you QB.
    I appreciate all the work.

  8. Thanks you

  9. Where that invitecode is?
    It wont work to wot code

  10. Hey, QB, so I installed the mod but then found out that my contacts had a
    connecting screen or something like that in wot. It was really hard to
    platoon and chat with people. I then uninstalled the 9.17 mod thing and
    then the problem went away. The strange thing about it was that I did not
    even run it in the game when that happened. I would love to use this mod in
    the future if the problem is fixed. Btw I also tested it out on other
    accounts and computers… Thanks!

  11. Roberto Diaz Beltran

    commenting bc youtube

  12. I need the third person view

  13. So, i now can watch from close up perspective how enemy tanks blowing up
    from my GW Tiger?)

  14. I will not be playing those TDs, get real stop the hype.

  15. I hate u so much. Asshole

  16. Антон Калашник

    го стрим с джовом

  17. Are you 100% sure that Battle Assistant is still a legal mod?

  18. QuickyBaby = Debiler wn8 Spsst mit einen IQ unter 40!! Einfach nur ein
    Dummes Stück Scheiße!!!!

  19. Thanks Quickybabes 😛 If we could also get zoom out mod, teams HP and
    damage recieved list that would be even grander :-)

  20. Thanks Quicky. Did you remove the zoom out feature. It still seems to be
    needed in the game imho.

  21. Smell em whos boss

  22. Will your Mod Pack work on an Apple? If not do you have any plans on making
    one that will be compatible? Either way I will continue to subscribe and
    watch your videos. Keep up the great work!

  23. how do I add the country’s flag in the player panel when you hit tab? (XVM

  24. My absolute favorite feature of your modpack is the ability to
    automatically return crews to tanks. I have some crews that are swapped
    between three different tanks, like the Type 64, Wz-131 and Wz-132. xD I
    just lose all my crews without it!

  25. StefannoThe Conqueror

    Can i by any chance remove the crew thing mod ?

  26. I unpacked this mod into my mods_res folder and I don’t have hit log and
    can’t see last seen enemies on the minimap. Do I have to enable it by hand?

  27. Artiom Iacob (SuitedLOL)

    I need help
    while in game the player stats arent showing,i need to press tab to see them
    everything is checked is xvm PLEASE HELP

  28. One other mod that helps is the marks of excellence enhancement. Know their
    experience, know their rating, and know their strength of play in that

  29. let’s be honest, the only reason XVM exists is that good / aspirational
    players want everyone else to know how awesome they are. It is a tool for
    egomaniacs and chat bullies as much as anything.

  30. Hello Quickybaby i hope u read my Comment!
    In the Describtion fron the developer (wargaming) about the new Bannwave
    they told that it is forbitten to have Modifications, which switch the Gold
    Ammo to the Credit Ammo ( automatically as a Protection against the Gold
    Sorry for my Bad English, tried my best. ( My English is not the Yellow
    from the Egg 😉 )

    *you implement this in your Mod i really like, but dont want to be banned
    for that u know, mate!

    Greetings From Mother Germany


  31. ty my man :D

  32. Anyone know how to disable xvm hitlog?

  33. Son, you should also show us all of the “black market” mods you are using
    as well. We know you are using the SAE auto aim, laser beam for gun
    directions of enemy tanks, map indicator mod to show where un-spotted enemy
    tanks are running over destructible objects, plus many more that you are
    sure to be using….you can’t fool us.

  34. Christopher Bisnaire

    QB: is your modpack good to go on MAC?

  35. Hey QB, i need help i want to use your mod pack but its just not working,
    I’ve deleted the folders in my Res_Mod folder for 9.17.0 like four times
    and put the files from your zipped folder in there. Could you or anyone
    help explain why it won’t work.?


  37. yoao ferreira (yoaof)

    What happened to the ZOOM?

  38. QB please update the mod pack to

  39. This also seems to be working perfectly for…. played 10 games
    since the random micropatch and all seems to be working the same as :)

  40. It doesn’t work on

  41. Why is it showing eff rating in battle of other players instead of WN8? How
    do i fix it?

  42. Even before the mini patch I have not been seeing the chance of win or
    survival on load in/ info screen. Any fix?

  43. Martijn Slingerland

    I get a critical error “Game resource path does not exist:
    ,/res_mods/” What to do?

  44. WOT has updated again… make another mod pls this not work

  45. when will the mod pack be updated to the newest version, because it does
    not work…

  46. I have problem with XVM when I start the game game freezes. I tried with
    your mode pack, then the PROTANKI and then only with XVM and every time I
    go into the party, the game disconnected me from the server.

  47. XVM the ultimate tool for egomaniacs. Look at me! Look how good I am at
    this game! See my awesome juicy greenness. Then use it as a tool to insult
    tomatoes, and an excuse to suicide when your win percentage is under x%.
    This sort of thing toxifies the game. Ultimately self-defeating.

  48. your Mod pack is not working. new patch came out today the 16th and it is
    not compatible anymore.

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