World of Tanks – 9.18 EU Release Thoughts

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  1. Wow, considering to buy the Type 5 just to fire HE at LTs. This isn’t the Anfield I know.

  2. will lefh also get a rof boost?

  3. Fixing the snowball effect is basically impossible, but it can be minimised. A 3/7/5 format would do so.

  4. new reusable consumables are great, Everything else is utter shite.

  5. Username TripleZero

    This video was really helpful, thanks

  6. My light tanks managed to get 1 shotted by arty constantly on the na server so im expecting exactly the same on eu. Arty now targets light armour targets as they get pens and full damage and seem to leave heavy armour alone.

  7. i just stopped playing, getting arty focused feels even worse now with the stun, and accuracy and RoF buffs

  8. do you mot think the game could get stale if they made the matchmaker put in even numbers of heavies and mediums on each side? personally i find the most fun games are when your on a map like himmelsdorf your team has like 2 hts while the other team has about 8 and then your team goes on to win 😀 i find that soo much more satisfying because you over came the odds and won anyway 🙂

  9. Good video!

  10. I quit WoT a while ago out of frustration between the MM, arty, and how both of these negatively impact the game’s skill ceiling. When a friend sent me the patch notes I immediately re-downloaded the game and honestly, minus the fact that they remove all chat, the quality of the games has never been higher. This patch is a huge step in the right direction, Make WoT Great Again.

  11. another reason why there are a lot of LT’s is there is a 1.5x experience for LT’s right now.

  12. I really think that the new t10 lights are UP, meds are just way better.

  13. Marko Brocic - Марко Броћић

    How do you pay reusable consumables? Per consumption? (If I use a repair kit 3 times per game how much credits do I pay, is it three times the amount?)

  14. My thoughts on 9.18 (and NA server)
    1. Playing the slower heavys now seems redundant. Special in the lower tiers. Most cases 3 artys, and youre life is over. But perhaps just a face like mr. Anfield says. I have seen games with only one in now.
    2. Feels like i use hell of alot more consumables now. I get, and deal crit hits all the time.
    3. New use for ligths. Some games its fun, when top tier, on a big map. Havent tryed above 6 in light, only 400 games, on NA
    4. Spotting damage is so incredible low. Type 64 on EU server, i have 3x as much spot pr. game.
    5. NA servers are incredible low skilled, and no tactical skills what so ever.
    6. Getting my purple bagde soon, perhaps cause cheating isent a problem over there ? On EU All east *biiiib* cheats. Its a nightmare.
    7. Players are much nicer. 400 games, and only one that TD on purpose.

  15. “Arty is capable of more dmg per game now” – lul wut?
    Mind elaborating how is this possible with lower dpm and lowered alpha?
    As well as lack of AP/HEAT ammo and HE penetrations from arty shots?

  16. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I notice there is way too many lights tanks in the battles after the patch, like 6 or 7 on both sides, I had some batles like that, but I do like all other changes, I was playing my t54 mod 1 when the patch came out, and I noticed that I did a lot more damage since I was getting into more t8-9 battles, like in one of my battles I did 7k damage and 6 kills, this was really high for me since I used to get really bad match making with t10s, and only have average between 1.5-2k damage, So I really like the new mm and consumables was really nice too, I found that even if I don’t win I could still enjoy my self. But light tanks are a prob they should limit them like arty, 2-3, per side per battle.

  17. ya I see like average on light tanks per game 4 to 6. Yes they need to fix that team wipes cause a 3 min game is stupid so maybe they should step in with XVM and make teams even some how, but I have sent mail to them and they say that they have no way to use the xvm to make the game a more even match up by stats. But it would be nice yo u have a 50% chance of winning or losing and also they should make the game even amounts of heavies,meds and lights per team cause I get matches were there is 6 heavies against 1 and its a one tier 8 against 4 tier 10’s so tell me how that’s fair cause WG said to me well in the war they didn’t have that chance so you fight who you fight and try to do your best WG said to me…ppppfffffff…… aight thanks for the advice morons.

  18. If you love being bottom tier, play tier 6.

  19. Spot on analysis!  Also, for informational purposes, the Type 64 received no nerfs and is arguably the best tier 6 scout tank.

  20. now the ru has a lowr dpm than the m41 90 at tier 8
    nice meme

  21. Richard Gustafsson

    The stun shouldn’t have a minimum stun. Plain retarded

  22. lee christmasgaming

    At first i thought the patch was god awful because each team had 3 arty, but now that they have rage quited its not that bad. I find i maybe get stunned 2 or 3 times per game but that is an massive improvement over the amount of stuns per game on day 1 of the patch. I still think however that the tier 10 lights tanks are just not needed. There is nothing they can do any medium can’t do better.

  23. What are the good pref MM prem tanks?

  24. old arty was better , trust me on this.

  25. Jandre Labuschagne

    wel because of ignorant people lights got nerfed to a point where meds are just better scouts …

  26. Jandre Labuschagne

    at least dont be so biased towards a class before you comment on it ( light tanks)

  27. NA MM micro-patch tonight.

  28. Hey Anfield, check this out: they’re adding a little tweaks here and there to mm:

  29. Marshall Allshouse

    in your 3 5 7 games, if your tier tens go full potato, it is still possible to win, its just not easy. thats the main thing ive noticed so far, and that sometimes on NA for like tiers 4 5 6 its not the easiest to find top tier matches

  30. arty splasdamig is f… stupid when the making that are the stond frome weed i think. and is the 1matchmaking on al tiers ore only tier 10

  31. HypocriticalMarshmallow

    already sold my atry peace RIP arty

  32. IMHO
    The good: map rotation, not the same 4 or 5 maps all night.
    The not good: arty is still off, 3 is just to many in a match. The stun affect is not to bad, but the damage
    radius is to big. Now instead of 1 shot your 2 or 3 shot.
    Top tier lights especially with good players can really dominate a match, they just bomb around the map and auto aim everyone.
    And the bad: MM is still not there yet, I still get way more bottom tier matches than anything else, and balance as far as tank distribution, is still off. I know skill level MM is not going to happen but something needs to be improved. Getting stomped or being the stomper just not that fun.
    Now let the flaming begin.

  33. they lowered each light tanks view range which sucks

  34. the stuns can get annoying as fuck with the extended range. IE- no dmg stun hits. but other than that mm seems better than before. the new fail platoon is 3 tier 10 arty if they get in a 3-5-7 game lol.

  35. honestly i dont see the point of going past tier 7 in arty, since for the most part the 150mm guns are better.

  36. This patch is garbage..Arty is useless and light tanks are shit now as well.

  37. MM is a great improvement. Arty wasn’t nerfed it was massively buffed!
    Heavy tanks are completely useless on a few of maps. As soon you are spotted in a super heavy you will be hit and if all 3 arty are aiming at you you WILL die likely before you have your tracks fixed once.

  38. Five light tanks per game. Most top tier. And your new light tanks suck up credits like a tier 10. I am loving the new 1390 though. APCR as standard with a lot better gun handling and a 20ish reload time. Lttb is still very good at tier 8, they didn’t nerf it too hard. Enjoy your walker bulldogs as much as you can, it really got hit hard. Premium consumables are awesome.

  39. I went from 60-70% recent w/r to not reaching 40% since the patch hit NA. wg certainly screwed something up, atleast for me..

  40. After playing for a week on this new patch, i totally agree with Anfield on limit of arty and light tanks. I think one arty max and three light tanks max per team would be a good change.

  41. “think about where are these guys gonna kill themselves, and just be there”

    wow… this is the key to unicum stats

  42. Light tank mission 15 is impossible right now because of all the light tanks so I’m doing the arty missions as they are super easy now lol

  43. awe arty hates you what a shame lol. you’re a target you do YouTube donkey any streamer or YouTube is target #1

  44. I am on the NA server. Here are my thoughts. I pretty much agree with everything Anfield said. On the west server I have had many matches with 13 players. Also, I play a lot of light tanks. * I like the new MM. When you are bottom tier you feel like you have a chance. * Light tanks are about the same, but are nerfed somewhat overall ( I have all what were tier 8s). They haven’t fixed light tanks what so ever and the biggest problem is the maps. I don’t have the tier 10s yet. I’m getting less one shot by arty, so I think it is better for my play style. * Reusable consumables make the game a little better. Over all the game is better in my opinion.

  45. Overall, patch is SO MUCH better than it was.
    I will definitely not miss 1 shots from arty.
    T10 LT’s need to be buffed back to where they were last part of SB
    Consumables need to have a number of “charges”. Still be reusable on the 90 sec timer, but can only recharge 3 times or something,. It sucks when you’re trying to carry a game, and you NEED to do a tracking shot to hold someone in place at end game.

  46. good luck to arty players getting into a game. I just spent 15 minutes queuing before logging out.

  47. 8:10 if that isn’t stat padding I don’t know what is. Talk about playing for yourself!!!

  48. Yay… Currently really trying to powergrind to the maus…. Need just under 100k exp to get it. Arty will be fun x)

  49. Hi im on european server and updated 9.18 this morning and its got a major bug in it.. it wont load up and frozen in garage saying updating garage

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