World of Tanks – 9.18 Light Tank Stat Discussion

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Source: Anfield


  1. how about they actually nerf the bc25t harder and make it less of a light tank than the actual light tank? it’s not like it’s stupidly unbalanced anyway…not like it was the first choice for everyone during finals…kappa…

  2. WZ will be a nice brawler light tank with its turret armor.

  3. Someone called anfield annie

  4. I just sold the wz-132 this morning after trying to finish my last scout mission. Lost so many games. I literally had to beg people to shoot what I’m spotting. As soon as I got it done I sold it bought Chinese tier 9 medium and retrained my wz-132 crew to it. Fuck the lights!

  5. The T-100 LT has 47 hp/t, which makes me feel slightly sick…

  6. So should I buy all the tier 8 light tanks and then sell it for profit when new patch comes out? Or is the credits going to be the same?

  7. So this means I won’t be able to research the t-54 from my t-54 ltwt?

  8. Nothing about ridiculous xp costs?
    Also, german one seems to have really bad shell velocity but it may be just lag spikes

  9. the bulldog has also been moved from t7 to t8 so will i get a free tier 8?

  10. Can you fit a Vstab on the AMX1390 in T9?

  11. The tier 10 is called the pussywagon, please pronounce it right 🙂

  12. panzerwagen armored vehicle. pretty easy translation

  13. the t49s unique thibg was the derp so im glad it stayed because its hilarious 😀 1 shotting m41s and wrecking ru251s is awesome

  14. ive played the 13 105 a bunchbof times on the test server its pretty good fun the t54 lw is crazy quick the sheridan is probably the most flexible tank but has a huge size. the wz is kind of an all rounder too but keeps a small size but sacrafices gun dep.

  15. So now t-100LT is Sneaky Bastard?

  16. that wz armor tho?

  17. If you own t8 light, you get fully researched T9 light with crew moved and retrained. The XP that is accumulated on T8 will remain there

  18. Look the t49 90mm gun it have now AP

  19. Currently on the Common Test server if you had exp saved up on the tier 8 scouts thinking to use it to research the tier 10s when 9.18 goes live you will be quite upset.  The exp remains on the new tier 8 vehicles instead of on the tier 9s.  The cost to research the T100 was 190k on the sandbox.  On the CT server it is now 290k and all the exp you had on your T54 ltwt is now on the tier 8 scout.  This is the first time WG has pulled this kind of shit as we were always able to prepare for new tanks by earning exp on the current predecessor.  Hopefully they will realize this is BS and change it.  Of course they could just say, “Well comrade, that is what buying gold to transfer useless exp into free exp is for”.  Greedy bitches….

  20. Anfield what do you think about removal of the derp gun from VK 28.01?
    I know you’re not the fan of derp guns, but wasn’t it the gun that made VK 28.01 somehow effective, at least when it comes to countering other LT?

  21. You have no camo crew on the Sehridan so the camo values are way off, could still be the worst of them all

  22. Please play some slow tanks on the test server and tell me the new arty is not STILL cancer.

  23. im glad im not even close to the T49

  24. I think WG is playing it safe with the AMX 13 105 because a 4 shell clip has the potential to kill any T10 medium if you roll high. Looking at just the stats, you definitely get the feeling it needs the 4 shells tho. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

  25. Having played the T100LT a lot in the test server, I can say that thing is pretty baller. I bounce a lot of dumb shit. Its not reliable bounces but its hilarious and you can bounce really dumb stuff. Your tracks adsorb a lot too. And while the gun stats are pretty meh, it has really good dispersion on the move. I hit a lot of crazy shots at top speed.

    The german one is also awesome. Gun handling is really good and the depression is really nice to have.

    That said, I think these are aids and will break the game.

  26. so yeah, I don’t know. so, yeah. so. so, yeah, I don’t know. that’s about most of your vocabulary. you’re a very good player no doubt, which compensates a bit. so, I don’t know.

  27. I’m so disappointed by the move for these light tanks. I love the lightweight at the moment, it fits having a underpowered kind of tank with that matchmaking. Putting them at tier 9 and 10 gives them too much to directly compete against and means they can’t be ok as being underdog tanks any more ?

  28. This stupid changes to the light tanks were not at all required.

  29. You know whats the point of the French tier 10 light I mean isn’t the bc 25t basicly kinda like a light in terms of speed? So basicly a worse bc 25t? I could be wrong haven’t played the French tier 10 light tho.

  30. So what happens if I have the 13 90 elited? do I get the tier 10 for free?

  31. There’s nothing free about getting a “new” tier IX tank. They rearrange the tiers so OUR tanks are in a different level now. That’s all. They still face the same tier battles.

    So that means two things:
    a) We should have the crew still in the tank, not in the barracks and not having to retrain them.
    b) And that the xp earned with the tank, in a effective tier higher than tech three (scout 8 plays tier 9 and 10; 7 plays 8 9 10, etc) or in a combat tier higher, should stay in that effective or combat tier, where it was earned.

    Otherwise WG is just putting the effects of its decision on players having to re-grind everything again. And that is not acceptable E.g. Why the xp of 54 LT should be in tier 8, which leads to “new” tier 9 54 LT; and 54 LT with 0 xp. Not logical, not right.

  32. What is your PC spec? Looks so mooth in the garadge.

  33. If you have a current T8 light tank(Lets say ltwt) WG will give you the lttb *and* ltwt, but they will take the xp you have on ltwt and move it to LTTB and also move the crew to lttb

  34. wg screwed me so hard with wz132

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