World of Tanks || 9.18 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.18!
►v1 for 9.18 – 27/04/2017

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is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!


  1. ►v1 for 9.18 – 27/04/2017

    Good luck in 9.18 everyone!

    Please keep in mind I will keep the mod pack updated here – i.e. in the description of this video.

  2. I use contour icons (Pogs) as well, but the enemy team shows up backwards. any way to ‘mirror’ the icons?

  3. How do I prevent the de-mounting option in the mod as I don’t want to keep spending gold every time I change tank

  4. Thank you for still making this modpack QB, it is a great help 🙂

  5. To be honest i hoped that WG created some sort of system that evry team have somewhat the same % to victory. Now if i use XVM WN8 and see my team are red- orange and uhm other team 1 red and 2 orange rest yellow- green then this makes me pretty frustrating before even started… Make a system so the ”’pro”’ players are balanced to the both teams or both red or whatever and now allot of the time: team 1 all red some orange (mostly my team), team 2 waw nice rainbow and there isnt even sun and rain.

    I know the queue will be longer but ok thats fine for me because now both teams have somewhat the same chance to win, much more fun, exciting. Now i have the feeling ”play to lose”’ instead of ”play for fun”.

  6. quicky baby i just did EXACTLY what you did and now when i boot wot,it says: Game resource path does not exist:/.res_mods/0/.9.18.0

    now i cant play wot anymore 🙁

  7. Any update on Zoom out? it doesn’t work on QB modpack

  8. Now what? At least the give me a full reset of the skill that switch from HE to HEAT whithout reload on my arty! Whats the reason to have it now??

  9. Hey i have a cool replay, in a at15

  10. the win chances don’t work anymore :/
    whats up with that?

  11. guys i have a question which medium prem tank is the best
    because i want to trade my panther 8,8

  12. I ve instaled the XVM modepack and everything works except the win chance % 🙁

  13. xvm doesnt give me the option to enable chance to win? am i doing something wrong?

  14. Hello QuickyBaby from France, I’m 40 years old and I like your videos furthermore it help me to improve my oral English, it’s quick! We have no equivalent in French.

    Thanks for your 9.18 XVM Mod Pack but I always used the standard XVM, I never have displayed the chance to win and I still have the same problem with your pack :I discovered in this video the settings on XVM server but if I open the menu I don’t have the threee lines to select “Chance to win”, how could I do please?

  15. hey can someone please help
    when go to the xvm page after downloading the mod pack and I can only see the section in settings called XVM services but not the chance to win
    I really like to use the chance to win and has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it.

  16. getting stuck on joining and exit screen, any update coming?

  17. Guys plz help xvm not showing chance to win in there web site on na servers wat should I do

  18. Ty Qb 😀 Take ur like u deserve it a lot

  19. ey gay you mod is bulshit for wot stop pleas
    go hell whit xvm

    fucking idiot you big noob tricheur puta xvm
    for big noob

  20. hello quickybaby i know it’s not related to this video but do you know something about game crashing after 9.18 eu update

  21. Wargaming went and fucked this game over for me. My recent WN8 and winrate used to hang around 1400-2000 and 55-60% now my recent is sub-800 and 40%. Fuck Wargaming for this patch. It’s all fucking trash except for the fact arty can’t platoon anymore and the reusuable consumables.

  22. When is v2 coming? When I try to play arty (yes i know, i’m a scumbag) the game freezes. Then when i restart i get the queue screen (while not being in the mm) and when i try to exit queue the game freezes again. When I restart, the game shows that fake mm screen again and when i hit garage, my battle button is grey and I can’t play anything.
    Not sure if arty is the cause of this, but it happened when i tried to play my M40/M43 and didn’t happen when I played my bulldog before.

    None of this happened without modpack and i was able to play my M40/M43

  23. Selling my account for 300 bucks got 3 tier 10s bunch of 8 and 9s and 25+ premium tanks

  24. Nerfed all the lights except apparently the tier 9s. Made arty MORE fucking annoying than it already was. Broke MM further. I’m convinced at this point Wargaming can’t do the most basic shit even when it is spelled out for them.

  25. Yea new patch and the server is busy… FCKN retardet WG cunts

  26. What a joke of a update

  27. Will XVM work on a mac?

  28. Akuretaki Nikolay

    Arty is better and I released a video that demonstrates the strenghts of M53

  29. ..schnell, einfach, verständlich. Perfekt. Vielen Dank Q!

  30. I install them correctly but every time i go on to tanks the tech tree is blank and my crew members are invisible


  32. What do I do when Equipment in my client dont change automaticly ? is there any settings somewhere ?

  33. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    lol who ever made the xvm site, I guess he/she/they is/are bad in geography, they placed the Cypriot flag in the continent of Asia o.O

  34. Help, on XVM site in the settings it doesnt show the options about Chance to win. Anyone knows why that could be? (it is turned of by default for me now).

  35. Scumbag Obliteration Squad

    They have stopped arty platoons for one thing. They have almost basically ‘buffed’ the LEFH18b2, which we all know was unbalanced and overpowered in 9.17, not only has it been given the stun mode and other spg’s like the FV304 havent, the LEFH18b2 is also still got HEAT rounds with no ‘nerfed’ pen or alpha dmg.
    Patch 9.18 has basically ruined the game for us at SOBS (Scumbag Obliteration Squad)

  36. Nice job like always!

  37. when i go into game its messed up

  38. doesn’t work for me :/

  39. I wish I could have your MOD pack but my little brother broke my PC. :'(

  40. Lefh B2 still has HEAT shells?

  41. WG is doing too much change in real game. That should have been named as beta separate project. Every few months nerfs and buffs – and those were required just by pro gamers. Normally game should be focused – pro or consumers?! But these guys are going Russia style – keep pros happy, who care noobs. But bloody god, I like to play a match once a month and why should I follow your crap! Game should be entertaining isn’t it?

  42. how activate the spoted tanks in the panel?

  43. I followed all of the steps but whenever I try to open up the game, it says critical error: Game resource path does not exist. How can I fix this?

  44. QB your modpack doesn’t work properly it has no XVM and messes up my tank crews by only displaying the commander and displaying the same crew on all my tanks. The rest of the crew slots are flashing red because their empty.

  45. It’s says there is a critical error- game resource path does not exist: ./res/packages/shared_content.pkg

  46. how do we use the original version of battle assistant?


  48. Niccoló Pasquale

    is there autoaim? broken objects mod?

  49. Help me guys! Camo net and Bino, do not automatically transfare

  50. Whereabouts do I activate the “chance to win” function? I installed the modpack and it doesn’t show up.
    The xvm website doesn’t show the option either.

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