World of Tanks || 9.19.1 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for !
►v1 for 9.19.1 – 12/07/2017

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World of Tanks a online game published by and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to get a with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days , and a gun laying drive!


  1. Alexstrainvids Channel

    Hey quickybaby thank you for this tutorial I was always trying to get xvm and I never knew how to do it so thank you 😀

  2. my game won’t even start now.

  3. Something I miss from mods I used before switching to yours was the health pool for both teams being shown at the top, any chance you could add that on your next mod pack as its handy not only to get an idea of the balance of the teams at the start of the game, but also to keep an eye on how the game is going as the number of remaining tanks by itself isn’t a complete picture as 10 tanks with 20,000 HP left is a bit different to 10 tanks with 8,000 HP between them

  4. haw meny fps did usege your mod pack

  5. Your mod pack doesn’t even have garage stats… it’s my favorite part. I don’t care about stats or colors, i care about garage stats. Please fix.

  6. Win % – How often they win their games or how often they are on a winning team?

  7. Looks nice! Too bad I’m not playing the game anymore. 🙂

  8. If all that shit is soon important to you then don’t play random battles and only platoon up, how simple is that.

  9. Just for those wondering, 99% of things you’re asking him to add/change to the mod can easily be done (by anybody) by changing a bounch of “true/falses” in “configs” folder in “res_mods” (as the whole modpack itself)…

  10. Henrique Macario Dante

    XVM is cheat, stop spreading this.

  11. try play without this broken xvm like all other good players? its sad that one still needs xvm after 60k battles

  12. As much as some people like these mods the statistics are terrible for the game and i wish you would stop pushing it. The garage mods are one thing but the statistica features are fucking obnoxious. First of all,whether permitted or not, anything that gives a player advantages others do not have is cheating. Second, the statistical information RUINS game play because of the asshole players who taunt those with lower stats and because it results in multiple players focusing in on the opposing teams better players …..its as bad as when people stream snipe you when you are streaming. Please stop pushing the statistical features of this mod.

  13. Question for pc players, to customize a crew do u need vouchers or is it just a free option. some guy played 57k battles. who has the most.

  14. Thank you for getting this done so quickly.

  15. Thank you qb

  16. These videos are getting shorter and shorter.

  17. How can you get the % of victory?

  18. how can i find out when i get mark of excellente?

  19. I just downloaded The old mod pack like 10h ago fuck u wg

  20. The problem with tools and statistics is not what they do but how players see it. Most take them to serious. And also, they don’t show the entire picture. I for example have an average of 47,3% win rate because when i made my account i played almost every tech three until tier 4-5 . Everyone knows what you can expect at low tiers. And for this i get bashed in weekend by others even if i play my IS6 on which i have a 61% win rate …


  22. Why always one day after release?

  23. i no check this ?

  24. Omg …. Use a damn INSTALLER !!!! copy paste shit … Promod ftw !!!

  25. TheGamerHenstrike

    Any way to get it to show recent stats instead of overall?

  26. Thanks QB
    Very kind of you
    Take care

  27. Just noticed, congrats on 500k!

  28. thx bro!

  29. good shit

  30. Install the mod pack in your ass so u can see is it purple

  31. LopiSonic GAMΣR

    Why you use mods? It’s so useless. You think you need that if you want they see your skill? Play just one game in direct. No replay, just direct.

  32. why no replay of T127?

  33. how can i extend zoom out, if its legal

  34. how can I maximize my aim to +16 and +24

  35. i downloaded your file i install it i opened the game it says : package does not exist i unnistall xvm it keep saying that , any solution ?

  36. Please remove the “player statistics” feature. It really ruins the team, when one offends the other because of his WN8 and sh*t.

  37. nice thanks

  38. Does this mod pack work on Mac?

  39. 500k boys

  40. I really wish QB would stop promoting in-game XVM. XVM is OK in garage imho.

  41. The Brainsmasher

    how to change that sixth sense icon?

  42. Why is the second to last panel (the one with only tank names) not colored according to WN8? How can i change that if possible?

  43. Les Geekeries du Lyche

    Stop this damn XVM, the game is even more cancer with that.

  44. Christian Wintersig

    @QuickyBaby Do you gain any money if there Are much Downloads on IT?

  45. What is that B stuff next to the names?Only few player has it.

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