World of Tanks – 9.19.1 WZ-111 5A First Look

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  1. is it the New Type5?

  2. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The Heat seems quite fast

  3. Gotta Hit that like before the video

  4. Wait, is CT server up or was your video recorded earlier?

  5. how you join test server? can you give here some Link. thx

  6. wtf is this tank

  7. عبد الهادي

    it looks op

  8. what the hell is that dpm ; 9s reload with a 130mm gun, that’s almost TD level of dpm…

  9. Rip IS7. Feels so bad man?

  10. Chinese Crew: What is that?
    Reply: The ground, my friends, it’s the ground.

  11. How can they release this, when the IS7 is utter garbage.

  12. I like how you explained your thought process throughout the video

  13. Creative use of turning around the corpse to use it as cover. One of the mostly subtlety cheeky things I’ve seen in WoT ?

  14. so… is there any reason left to play 113 over this?

  15. Tharaka Wijerathne

    model looks good too

  16. Don’t quite understand why WG felt the need to introduce another tier 10 Chinese heavy…guess I’m glad I am about to unlock the WZ-111 1-4

  17. Does that have better mobility than the 113?

  18. Alexander Agustine

    bs, especially the last shot and yeah fuck IS7, WG said !!!!

  19. wait, is the 113 getting replaced?

  20. Was this on the test server

  21. show us the previous battle, be comfortable with the size of your penis…

  22. Shittiest game I have seen in a while.
    Absolutely no regard to the team, camping and sniping in a heavy while teammates dying, selfish to the bone.

  23. This tank has the same gun depression over the front and the sides. Only over the back it’s worse

  24. Well Kranvagn also was ridiculous on CT

  25. Wow, an actually balanced tier X vehicle for a change. It’s good enough to have a valid reason for grinding it, but it has weak hull armor and turret cupolas so that even tier 8s can have a chance in fighting against it.

    @Anfield, how often did you caught fire in that thing? Is it safe to run food?



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