World of Tanks || 9.19 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

by QuickyBaby for 9.19!
►v1 for 9.19 – 10/06/2017

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World of Tanks a online game published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Apologies it’s late was in Belarus the day after 9.19 was released then took the XVM devs 36 hours to release a updated version for the hotfix!

    ►v1 for 9.19 – 10/06/2017

  2. Çağatay Kanlı

    my pc is down and now i cant play anymore ?

  3. fucking finaly

  4. Really appreciate you doing all this shit for everyone- but the Server ping does get affected by the mod and this affects game reaction time. True- most ppl do play better without it. Cheers

  5. Crap, my MacAfee is defending the file! :p crudcicles

  6. ralph cesar yabut

    Thank you QB, 🙂 Waiting for this modpack for years

  7. Stanley Yavarovich

    Thank you.

  8. it’s not letting me sign in under America?  It redirected me to wargaming. I clicked login then took me back to XVM site.  But don’t have option to activate?  What am I doing wrong?

  9. Gerhard Wunderler

    great stuff thx

  10. I literally just use a mod pack for auto equip and return crew in the garage. Nothing else! XVM disabled in the game. I play much better without it, plus it’s changed my attitude about the game. It’s become more fun without the BS WN8 chase… those who do are usual gold spamming wallet warriors that sit on Line A damage farming… ruining the game… two great examples of why WN8 is not a players skill level is Arty and LTs. I can spot or track for 1000’s of damage, but not fire a shot in the passive mode and get a WN8 of 0 at the end??? WTF… how is this an indicator of skill?

  11. not sure how im just now noticing this but does your mic ever get in the way of your screen/annoy you?

  12. Hey @QB you’re doing a great job. Thank you!

  13. I don’t even play world of tank but whatever video Qb do, I click just to hear his peacefull voice because I love it haha

  14. Jadranka Ledinski

    xvm is just for scrubs that care about their stats being always purple

  15. so XVM tells you how good/bad I am? Wellll, if I tell you that I sold my super unicum (3100wn8) main account with 22k battles and now I got a BOT account with 500wn8, 46%, but I also grinded all my fav tanks tier10 tanks (like BC25t, Obj140, etc) which I am playing normal… XVM is totally useless then :D… uhh I LOVE IT. UNDERESTIMATE ME XVM USERS :D… DO IT. And get screweeeed hard! 😀

  16. I absolutely love how the equipment moves from tank to tank. Thanks for the mod QuickyBaby! Vanilla XVM just didn’t do it for me after using your mod.

  17. cool mod. Thanks for that. One question though: Is it possible to change the symbol for six senth back to the default image?

  18. off the subject a little, this crew thing (tried signing up for Instagram and twit but I’m a diesel mechanic not a computer guy) why is that when I get a crew, for example on my mous is at 100 but when I try to put in my mouchen in goes to 85% unless of course I spend gold to get them to 100 but then when I want to go back to the mous they are at 85 what gives. I have seen hours of crew videos and I must be missing something thought that you could help a noob plz
    sorry for trolling this video but its all your fault (lol) when I see your garage and you have one crew and changing them and consumables and equipment I thought it kinda is a little relevant

  19. soooo for me the mods are not working????? do you know what that could be about?? i always use your modpack and its not working this time…

  20. Thanks QB – every update I end up in match without my bino’s 🙂

  21. Try adding per day and per session percentage of wins. Notice I said WINS not loses hehehe. Man what a miserable day.

  22. Gerald Severight

    62 percent win ratio im guessing you never use stock guns because you have the xp for the top gun im only a 54 percent on xbox i would prolly be 58 percent or even higher but gotta say your really good tho

  23. Incognito mode huh 😉

  24. no problem dude

  25. does this have a zoom up to x32?

  26. i stop using XVM but i still watch your XVM Pack video ^_^

  27. Why is there no session stats?

  28. people that look at other players stats are the same that look at other people’s penises at the urinals

  29. Modpacks are crippling the game. Half of the team suiciding because …. Ratings

  30. DurpestDudeEverDude

    Is the ‘skill’ of that player different for every tank or is it for the player overall?

  31. These “new metode” is not working for me and I’m having problems with it seens 9.18
    I was able to make it run somehow then,but today I didn’t have same problem,Except that I had to return WoT.exe from garbage, lol 🙂
    I use your modes since 9.15 and I do not know how I could play without them;)

  32. Thanks Qb for the mudpack Ill put it to some good use, just did my first voice rec and I sound like a nerd or something hah.

  33. Filip Milodanovic

    Can u put back zoom out? That was the best thing 😀

  34. muhammad teguh surya baskara

    hey what do you think of about the jagpanzer tier X vs the maus ?

  35. Right question for you I have the choice of either the IS3 or KV4 but am stuck within 2 minds as to what one to get Ive watched your videos on both and like either one but cant make my bloody mind up. whats your recommendation.

  36. FrozenCardseh lol

    Need tips on how to play leopard 1

  37. Joshua Skillings

    anyone having problems with the game going unresponsive on the load screen before it gets to the login screen? i’ve done exactly as QB instructs

  38. NYT VASTA.

  39. can i get this on PS4

  40. Is this the XVM 6.7.3 release?

  41. Szécsényi Gergő

    I “install” the mods and the game freezes when I’m trying to start it. I reinstalled the game and still the same. Any idea?

  42. Quickybaby I followed the instructions and reinstalled xvm several times and it still isn’t working correctly. Players tank’s names and usernames don’t show up, and all the crew members beside the commander don’t show up either. any ideas?

  43. could you do a video on how to use free camera in replays ? so some of us can see thier ownn replay and see what they did wrong… would be great if you could do so 🙂


    This site is not secure

    The hostname in the website’s security certificate differs from the website you are trying to visit.

  45. hi QB i tried to download your modpack but it never worked any advise

  46. whats about the enhanced arty view, the One wargaming implemented is shite

  47. You know, I don’t believe I have ever thanked you for putting this mod pack together for all of us patch after patch. So, thank you QuickyBaby for all of your hard work. I credit you with the majority of my improvement as a player and I appreciate it. Playing 9.19 for a week without your mod pack made me realize how much I enjoy using it. Hope to play with you over here on the NA server someday!

  48. I really wish you would stop promoting XVM, as my score is roasted back with I was no good. Ppl constantly rag on my score. As sir Foch said Xvm is a joke and should be banned

  49. Better late than never QB!

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