World of Tanks – 9.19 Ranked Battles Stream Impressions!

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Source: Anfield


  1. @anfield the insignia is accually called a chevron, for example, this would be 1 chevron.

  2. That Grille, holy shit

  3. holy shit that grille

  4. is this on the testsurver. nice bdw A like

  5. 22:30 holly fck !!! I felt from my chair and almost got killed ……rotfl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. alireza farzaneh

    we need new update my list arty lose lose lose lose lose 🙁

  7. Couldnt download testserver from eu server so downloading client from russia server 😛


  8. oh shit he is here! lol

  9. elephantrider78

    FYI “chevron” is the proper word for the v shaped rank insignia, same symbol that Chevron oil company uses in it’s logo. Edit: nvm, i watched more and see the silly chevron award system.

  10. I just read the patch notes and

    *5. Changes to Particular Vehicles*
    *The following vehicles were reworked to the HD-quality:*
    *12: MTLS-1G14*

    I think we might have a new tier 3 $80 bundle tank guys

  11. “That tank is ugly” – You know what I’m talking about Anfield. lol

    Also, post 9.18 I’m still getting repeats of maps consecutively. Just not as often.

  12. i can t download CT it says that the web site isn t avelable

  13. KaiserSchnitzel

    lol that Grille

  14. Alexander Agustine

    No way that Grill 15 had it planned. I think he was afk for a while and just came back at the end… but it was amazing, when I saw his gun go down, I thought I was delusional.

  15. anfield, they should have something like “weekend warfare” like on cod. where every weekend or two they could put one of these game modes out for a couple of days to play, first ranked battles then frontline, then something like clan wars. what do u think??

  16. Don’t worry i’ll make a video commentary on my full thoughts of the Ranked Battles soon, but I wanted to upload this so you could see it in action so to speak o/

  17. Mariusz Sikorski

    “Non ranked plebs” – Thats what makes me “respect” UNICUM….. What a dude…

  18. Brian McLaughlin

    Dude, at 22:20 I love your reaction. So great.

  19. 3. mark session for e50m or 113 coming once??
    would be awesome ?

  20. 10:50 Drugs? 😀

  21. 21:17 LOL XD

  22. haha omg 22:28

  23. Holy shit that Grille, i almost fucking died

  24. if this mode has no arty, this is the only mode for me

  25. I think there arent many arties cuz people know they dont get as much experience. i think the higher you get in ranks the less arty there will be

  26. hey anfield this with the repairing is funny, if you use the big repair kit everything was repaired, you could drive but I believe that you pressed the ,,S” Button all time
    You have to press ,,S” again after the repairs then you can drive try it please ?

  27. The Bat actually didn’t run out of ammo at the end because you can see the Grille get shot once right before the Bat gets shut down. That only makes the Grille’s bait even better.

  28. That Grille 15!! That was some epic troll value!!

  29. ranked battles… like warships… nice 🙂 finally.. this game is becoming what it should be finally

  30. the second game was EPIC 😀

  31. That grille play PogChamp

  32. hahaha this grile is top

  33. lol…….even without arty you were still moving around like it was there.
    I hate arty.

  34. Claude Hashimoto


  35. I like the idea of this mode. Gives a new emphasis on winning.
    Also, I think it could be a good idea to make this replace the random mode.
    Overall, it seemed the games were closer.

  36. Someone has to do a To be continued meme with that grille.

  37. LOL that Grille 15 coming back at the right moment!

  38. I usually get at least 70% gun mark on any tank I play, but 200+ games and I still can’t mark the 50 B

  39. Its basically a MMR / ELO system in the end the math is almost the same. Chevrons are those boomerang shaped thingys on a military rank.

  40. I hope they will disable the better equipment for random battle. If not you have to play this if you want your tank to be as good as possible and that sucks, “forcing” people into other gamemodes is just bad.

  41. 0:30 and this will be named… Predator !

  42. Rainbow Assassin

    Mojo and Daki. the best cast ever.

  43. anfield make top 5 td list just for the sake of it.. 103b, grille, e3, 263, fv 183

  44. I think Ranked Battles need to have voice chat enabled. Without it this is going to be no different than Random Battles with a different name.

  45. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Anfield, y u no go work as consultant for WG 😀

  46. So many people saying “almost no arty in this mode… I’m going to play this mode exclusively”.

    Yet they forget that everyone will be shooting gold ammo to increase their chance of winning.

  47. 23:00 ???

  48. The ranking does transfer over to PUBS, WG said they wanted to give the player “Achievements” to display what they’ve done in Ranked. So RIP

  49. Also funny how PC took “Ranked” battles from Console lol, They even made it better and higher tier. We don’t get ranking systems or rewards. All we get is the Mode. This mode might give me a reason to switch back to PC

  50. Alen Martinovic

    That Grille vs BC game was shocking! 🙂
    That’s entertainment I tell ya’.

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