World of Tanks – 9.19 Ranked Battles Thoughts and Feedback!

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  1. Actually nothing happens if you win, but are not in the top 12.

  2. The better equipment from bonds and ranked battles needs to stay in ranked battles. Bringing tier X advantages to lower tiers to seal club even more effectively is a SHIT idea! Lets widen the gap for new comers and casuals vs unicums even more. Fucking WG will never learn.

  3. Elliott Grossman

    I can even fucking join I’m stuck in a que for battle the test server is glitchy as hell.

  4. I think the boosted equipment that you get from ranked battles should stay in ranked battles. if the point of the new game play is to compete for these awards in ranked battles, then they should not be able to be used against the average Joe Shmoe who pubs and doesn’t compete. Now I am definitely interested in the new game play, but I can already hear the pub shitters complaining….

  5. Anfield what do you think about using the bonds for things like esports camos or something like that. Also what do you think about giving a random crate that allows you to pull for stuff like a camo or bonds or like something that doesn’t cost gold but is unique to the game for something like tank rewards. I know this sounds a little like tf2 but i kind of want to see something new like that implemented

  6. Theorically a 1v1 will be won by who spent the most bonds on his tank, and that in both competitive or just for balance purposes is a trash approach to a game IMO. For that I’d rather play World of Warcraft or some grindy MMORPG like that.
    I already spent too much time and effort, And credits to earn a top tier tank which is barely affordable to play nonstop because of the economy system of the game.
    On top of that, now you can’t have a top tier tank and compete effectively unless you’ve unlocked at least a Rammer, and happen to have it on that specific tank you want to play at the moment.
    So no NO for me on this bonds system.

    Just a detail: Rammer has more impact in those tanks with bigger DPM, not those with bigger reload as you said.
    Here’s why: let’s say T62 has 3000 DPM, with rammer 3300. That’s a +300 boost.
    Then a wild IS-7 has 2000 DPM, with rammer being 2200. Getting +200 boost.
    That’s a +100DPM disparity for a same piece of equipment.
    So the equipment, crew skills and consumables affect MORE what’s already good in the tank, making the percentages work with higher base numbers.

  7. I think the rewards should be unique cosmetics for your tanks (camo,inscriptions,emblems). Not stuff to improve your tank overall. Sure it’s nice and even I myself would probably get some improved equipment from this if I work hard enough. Just seems only for top players only sorta

  8. Personally not a fan of the improved equipment in Random pub matches but I have no problem with them being used in Ranked itself.

  9. Seems like WoT has learned some stuff from WoW. I loved WoW ranked so roll on WoT ?

  10. I do not like the idea of the improved equipment, simply because I think that the realy good players will get most of the bonds (which is perfectly fine, they are better than the rest). But since they are allready better at the game, I do not see a reason to give them any further advantage over the avarage player. And I also feel like it will make it more difficult for good players to become top players, since they always have to fight against better players with better equip.

    And you asked why someone would not play the ranked battles. Very simple. I do not have the time to play everyday and since the ranks will be set back after 7 days, I will always have to play against low rank guys, so nothing will change for me from a random battle. Still a lot of very bad players.

  11. Anything that makes blue and purple players better….. I’m against.

  12. I like the idea of improved equipment and agree with your points, however I wish we can also be rewarded unique camos and extra gun barrel marks…..

    btw seal clubbing at tier 4s fun….

  13. I think the crates idea is cool, but I think they should implement them like Blizzard does. Both Ranked and Random battles should drop crates (maybe drop more often for Ranked), which include bonds, WG could introduce some legendary skins for nations/tanks, gold, etc.

  14. Also there is the possibility of bonds being sold for real money. Just like they said they would never ever sell the mutant on EU.

  15. The reload boosts will be great for arty……

  16. Vladislav Stepanuga

    Besides the whole idea of widening the gap between active and casual players, there is also room for concern regarding the advanced gun rammer on normal firing vehicles versus autoloaders. Sure, the autoloaders do get the option to put advanced vents, but nevertheless, this widens the DPM spread between normal firing vehicles and autoloaders quite heavily. As I am a big fan of the AMX 50b just as Anfield is, having a globally decreased DPM in comparison alarms me.

  17. Don’t bring those equipment from ranked battle to random please.

  18. In general I like the idea of bonds and the improved equipment/directives. I don’t really play tier 10 in randoms so the equipment (that can be used in randoms) would be a motivation to play them more often, in ranked battles that is. Maybe I’ll like the ranked battles so much that I spend more time with them, who knows.

    I agree with you that the extra benefits are like rations and not that over the top to justify such a huge outcry. But on the other hand – as you said – the advantage is not insignificant. I can also see the potential damage it could cause because of the psychological effect (people feel pressured to play tier 10 and ranked battles because what they have is not the best and if they die it’s all because of that). While I think this view is a bit over the top that’s just how a lot of players think and it can’t be neglected.

    Personally I would use the equipment and directives to boost view range on tier 5,6,7 so I don’t have to use rations anymore. Or I would give my crew Sixth Sense for a few battles while training a new commander, stuff like that. Of course there will be players who “abuse” the system and go full sealclubbing but in small amounts the bonds can be useful for everyone so they should be made available to a large number of players.

    I guess that is what they had also planned (needing 1 chevron for rank 2, 2 for rank 3 etc.) so many players can get rewards at the end of a stage even if they don’t appear in the leaderboard at the end of the season. We have to see what will be in the crates and how many bonds successful players and bad players can eventually receive at the end of the season.

    Besides different amounts of chevrons they could change the win/loss-system. Maybe make it that you don’t lose chevrons until rank 3 but only the top 5 of the winning team get a chevron while the rest stagnates. This will also result in a longer grind but without the back-and-forth and bad yet persistent players get a reasonable chance to earn bonds for that stage.

  19. Some ppl say this is pay to win, but i dont see how, if u cannot buy these bonds with real money. Also I think is ok to use the new equipement in randoms, but it should be only for tier X tanks. It would be cool if u could also buy some special tanks with these bonds, or some cool unique cammos. I think this is a verry good idea, WG has outdone themselves with the last patches 🙂

  20. I see a way to kill two birds with one stone- if ranked were available to multiple tiers, then just having the benefit of guaranteed same-tier MM would be all the incentive anyone would ever need to play it. That also prevents the threat of a the tier 10 population being split into too many different queues. Also, more pubbies would get to try it out, and therefore earn bonds, and therefore not complain that the enhanced equipment is unavailable to them.

    As for the directives (and the rubicon buffs too for that matter) there’s also a beautifully simple solution- have the slot’s default ’empty’ state come with its own buff. Something boring but useful like ammo rack durability or crew hit points. Therefore when you’re putting something new into the slot, you’re just swapping out one buff for another.

  21. Whats up with you and this cancer pixie music?

  22. Celebrate 20k by posting nudes

  23. 7 players? wrong wrong wrong
    make it rating tank by tank and permanent so you go up or down continuously and individually
    then it can replace randoms and we all have fun games with no ultra good or bad players ruining our game and rewarding improvmement

  24. Limit it to tier 8-10.

  25. charles fleming

    I found the set-up for the directives and up-graded equipment a bit confusing to start but then WOT is not known for good instructions. I have not thought in the direction you are and it is interesting. I’ll watch for it. chuckwaggon

  26. The enhanced equipment and boosters should only be available in ranked. There will be backlash if people who are already good players have an even bigger advantage in random battles. It will create a bigger skill gap and drive a lot of players away from the game. That’s a bad idea.

  27. ThatAussieBloke

    Ranked will be funny on NA considering there is never more than 10k people on….

  28. ThatAussieBloke

    4.09 that Pz VII…. went full retard

  29. Congrats on 20k!

  30. Just another way to give the unicunts even more advantage over the average players.

  31. I am one of those players who does not like playing Tier 10 battles very much.  I find them to be boring and that is one of the reasons I don’t do as well in them as in lower tier battles.  I play a free account so I cant afford to play tier 10 games if I don’t play well, and even when I do well I don’t make enough credits from the games to pay for the tanks that I am grinding at lower tiers and their equipment.  A big reason a lot of people don’t play high tier games is the economy of the game.  I have to constantly grind lower tier premiums to make money.  I have an IS 6, a WZ 111 and a T-44-11 but with there poor regular ammo pen these tanks have, I have to take a good amount of premium ammo out just in case I need it.  I get the things I need to get done each day in a little over two hours, I don’t want to join a clan, or play this ranked battle stuff and have no life, but I would still like to have a chance in a battle and not see players have “special equipment”.  I’m not a bad player, but this is not World of War Craft or some other MMO where you have to constantly upgrade your top tier units so they are relevant.  Let this be a game of skill, like a duel with pistols, not a pistol vs a machine gun.

  32. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    What will happen in this Gamemode with : Gunmarks, Statistiks on your tanks, WN8 etc.???

  33. Why you should, give good player a advantage? Need good player a advantage? WOT has already a advantage for players there play everyday the crews you can buy credits use bufffood, spam heat because you can buy credits.
    A Ranked battle to give players another advantage its a big fail, no other game give in a ranked battle a advantage. Wot is not fair and thats make it even more unfair.

  34. people don’t put rations on their tanks, because they can’t afford to….. wargaming is all about the money, not the gaming experience.

  35. If it couldnt be used on random there would be not so much will do get bonds in first place, i think its ok in random and ok to have missions to get bonds outside random but number should be a lot less, and its gonna be interesting for esports too, I do think that WOT should have skins, visual equipments system with microtransactions ingame, to make wargaming make money with it and stop creating OP premiums to farm money from its players….

  36. I love the idea of bonds, the one thing I am worried about is it will create a huge gap between the ‘unicums’ and the average player or even above average. Mostly due to 2.5% is nothing esp to a tomato. But an extra 2.5% on fire rate or anything really on a unicum is huge. Which means esp in season 2 they will have that advantage, which will make getting another improved module easier.
    I wish it worked more like things like the Starcraft 2 ranking system. Let mostly tomatoes play amongst themselves with an orange or two per match and so on.

  37. I think Frontlines should be apart of the random match queue, just like Assault and Encounter, just so it won’t die out immediately.

  38. This game is already so screwed up allowing equipment won in ranked battles to be used in randoms etc would just add icing to the cake.

  39. A lot of people don’t even have tier 10, this will make the grind to tier 10 even more atrocious

  40. congratulations on the 20k subs, I really really do think that you deserve a lot more than that, hope you keep growing

  41. Chevrier Clément

    WG test the ranked battle on the console version

  42. Alexander Yordanov

    Id much rather Frontlines than this to be fair…

  43. 9.19 test came out a day after 9.18 on Asian server

  44. Bonds should be only used to buy cosmetics, we don’t need to have it actually change the performance of your tank. If this goes through, if you want to remain competitive in bigger clans you will need to grind all those bonds for all your tier X vehicles.

    Also, when you increase your rank in this new game mode, your credits/xp should increase as well. If you are good you should be rewarded. In the end when you are playing with better players, you need more complex strategies, more pimped out crews, and mainly more gold ammo since everyone is tryharding. The way it is implemented you just want to grind bonds to remain competitive, which is stupid.

  45. And then again, there´s already an advantage wich will be given to the better players wich are the bons for the first 10% of the players at the end of a season, wich are about 5750 bons, then for the next 15% placed players for about 3k bons and then for the next 25% best players about 1500 bons. So while the better players are already better and scoring higher, they become bons and may equip their tanks with permanent better equipment, thus artificialy enlarging the performance gap in the game.
    So here l´d have another proposal, playing a match in ranked shall automaticaly bring a bon to each player.

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