World of Tanks || 9.20.1 – Balancing Changes

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of Tanks. Today I’m reviewing the upcoming balance changes in patch 9.20.1 to your favourite tanks including the II, Centurion and Conway!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. This is going to the point where reality doesn’t matter any more…..they will have more armor than the physical reality can handle (as in 300 armor on a 200 depth of material )……Historical tanks with better armor than their modern counterparts :))……That said, it’s a game, but I thought it’s a tank simulator, not a fantasy game :))…

    Hope they realize that tier 6-7 will be obliterated by the tier 8 guys with these kind of patches…As I do get most of the times when I play tier 6-7 I get fights agains tier 8-9 :))….I proud that they need to pin me against 2 tier higher tanks to be balanced, but it’s getting old fast when you play a WW2 tank against an modern tank :))(30-40year difference, because science doesn’t advance)……

  2. Liked this and everyone should, QB told us on stream that he will be releasing a new video pretty much every day this week, so he is working additional hours, lets make it worth it fellas!

  3. WG continuing to implement ridiculous armour values, making the standard ammo use pointless in most situations resulting in more reliance on premium ammo. As such people forced to buy premium account time if they want to be effective. It is a shame that WG EU CC’s are not calling WG out for this cash grab on what is supposed to be a f2p game!

  4. I’d like to have a buff to the Leopard 1’s soft stats on the gun

  5. Schützstaffel Wiking

    Wargaming never touch my precious KV2 ! This is my happy tank when I am having a bad day on the battlefield.

  6. FV4005 is a bit broken, played against it on the test server. It gets to most locations like a light tank and then it hits you (slower meds or havies) for 1750 damage. The speed buff is a bit too much, its not like a charioteer hitting you for 150, its 10x that.

  7. Thanks QB . i agree the tier 10 lights should have best view range in the game . if they lower’d the view range of the meds a tad and put the lights up to top range then they could do their main job and scout . To me I think the light tanks should have the best view range of their tier and the meds a tad lower. it’s crazy when a med tank had better spotting range than a light tank .

  8. No buff for the outdated t110e4? 🙁

  9. WG wants us to shoot more gold that’s it…?

  10. WG please buff the T26e4 engine power and penetration its getting a bit ridiculous now.

  11. With all these changes, they need to start thinking about reworking the American heavy line.. Buffing T32’s penetration and at least remove the big tumor on top of the T110E5.

  12. “taking this tank too far” Quickybaby, seeing how much they neglected the british tech tree over the year, they deserve all these game breaking buffs.

  13. Light tanks should not be damage dealers, they should spot targets and flank when needed. But their primary role should not be damage dealers.
    Heavy tanks and TD’s should be damage dealers. Mediums needs to be nerfed, mediums should be able to deal more damage than lights but not more than heavys, they have the mobility advantage.

  14. Once again WG continues to mess with real world stats of the vehicles (the few that were real anyway) taking it even further from real world. Sooner or later they will just have generic stats and HP by tier with you being allowed to choose the skin of your choice.

    After over 6 years of playing i find it less and less enjoyable every patch. Maps have been tweaked to peek a boom knuckle draggers, vehicles have been altered to static corner fights, and any thing that may dig them out of their hidy hole (arty) got nerfed because it annoyed them by forcing them to move and pay attention to the map. What used to be a wargame has slid to the pure video game side.

  15. Give everyone good armor ..

  16. I don’t care about any of this! Please bring back my VK.2801, it hurts so much ;(

    Rage aside, overall these changes are positive.

  17. PickelJars ForHillary

    Chinese med line needs love.

  18. Gold gold gold all is about shooting gold ,lets see if ppl that dnt use gold start to drop this game just wonder

  19. QB … more time on editing 🙂 you tend to repeat yourself 😛

  20. Fuking joke, they are leting the tier VIII premiums taking lot of dawnfall the premiums are from worst to imposible to play competitive because they meet only X and IX, i don’t care for the X i want some balance in the middle were i have all my tanks and were we all spend out time to enjoy the game that one was, not this shit that has became now. I will give 2 months to this game if i dont see changes i will quit playng it and i recomand to all of you to do the same.

  21. Another patch that confimes that armored warfare is better than wot..

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  23. Why didn’t they put FV4005 II 60-80km forwad speed,why the fuck man…RIP WoT

  24. -Rheinmetall Panzerwagen is already the worst tier 10 light tank by miles
    -Makes it worse by keeping its 7 DPM and giving it tier 8 alpha damage
    -Thinks that making the already shit hidden stats a bit better is a good buff
    Get the fuck out of here War Gaming

  25. man this game is just buffing high tier vehicles and not mid tiers tier 5 6 they just nerfed all tier 5 and 6 tanks unbelievable, this game is just shutting up whinny cocksuckers with with itchy 2 key dabbing fingers and those who worry more about their win rate compared to those who just wanna have fun and have a fair game this is bullshit.

  26. My lovely Conqueror….

  27. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    NO WZ-111-5A nerf??? Its almost as good as prenerf maus, arguably better

  28. Pure IS 7, Hes OP and buffd

  29. Let’s be honest. The Caernarvon may well be the worst tank in the game. I loathe that thing. But it used to be worth it for the Conquerer. Not convinced any more. The spaced armour is nonsense…What I find utterly bizarre though is that they’re buffing turrets when the vast majority of maps don’t support that type of gameplay. Two years ago, you could get hull down to work, and then the extension of the light tank branches meant that manouvreable medium tanks were the paradigm. The British meds were well behind that curve but finally got sorted out a few patches back. That put them in a much better place, but now we already need armour improvements?it just strikes me as ridiculous. What happened to the aim nerfs? The ‘historical armour’? The sandbox? Instead of slowing the rate of patches but making more comprehensive changes to balance all at the same time, they’ve increased the rate of patches and made the content changes smaller. The last new map which suited the hull down paradigm was probably Overlord – and that was some time ago…

  30. I agree with you QB,rhm panzerwagen do not need a damage nerf 360 is good

  31. #wargamingwakeup

  32. Horst Günther Ludolf

    all the high tier buffs are nice, but i think wg should REALY fix tier2, as the m2light allmost destroys tier 2-3. this tank has 2. best amor on tier2, is one of the fastest and has a realy powerfull gun (birkigt gun MG) with plenty of pen. often 1/3 of all tanks in a tier2 match are m2light (with often hundrets-thousands of games on it). consider a beginner getting absolutely reckt by this guys. not the best start into this game. they could fix this so easy, but hope the dont make an arty outa this one (see what i´ve done there?).

  33. so whats the story with STB-1 poor coverage 🙂


  35. yes, when WoT server response time is 130ms … game crashing … great balancing…

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  37. Make a video: “What if… all WOT tanks had real historical stats?!?”

  38. IS4 is unhappy

  39. Holy shit, i might be coming back to the game at this rate.
    Now all WG needs to do is buff tier 7 and 8 heavies (as well as old premiums like the IS-6) to compensate for this.

  40. so… more powercreep?

  41. What baffles me is the fact that they went back on the pen buff to the type 59, yea it’s not a bad tank, but you are running with such an extremely low amount of rounds, so even if you do hit, with 190 pen, you aren’t going to go through most T8 or T9 tanks. Sure it needed the accuracy buff, it really did, the gun has always been ‘meh’ but without an increase in ammo, or pen value on standard rounds, you are still going to have to end up shooting gold rounds to be able to get through most other T8 and T9 medium tanks. Which is honestly, one of the problems with the tank. For me personaly I never ran it with premium rounds, but over the last few years it’s just been powercreeped to the point where each new tank that has come out, has more armour than you can pen. So now I am running a 50/50 with standard and gold. Something which is a shame.

  42. So you get buffed unless you’re german or arty – wp wg ….. not

  43. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    Why not just use historical values for the tanks instead of trying to balance them.this is actually getting embarrassing.

  44. you mentioned the m41 walker bulldog twice ??

  45. Wtf is the thumbnail supposed tp be??

  46. BlitzUnnamed Gaming

    soo the 7/1s turret is now thicker than the AX’s ? wtf…

  47. U didn’t talk about stb 1 🙂

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  49. why should the caernarvon being good for once be a mistake.

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