World of Tanks || 9.20.1 Mod Pack with XVM

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XVM by QuickyBaby for !
►v1 for 9.20.1 – 18/10/2017


World of Tanks a online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to get a with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days , and a gun laying drive!


  1. Quickybaby, i just wanted to say that i love your channel, and I’m impressed that you still upload videos about World of Tanks, i like them. Cheer mate!

  2. Something about T34?

  3. You can put the file on a personal cloud and make the file public via the cloud. Shouldn’t influence any other files on the cloud used.

  4. Dear QuickyBaby, though the automatic crew return function from your mod-pack is still handy. Just for your info: The Vanilla client achieves this by pressing the ” Return Crew” button in the Crew operations panel. The ” Send Crew to barracks” option is no longer needed for this since a few patches ago.

  5. Quickybaby can you please make a video on how to play saved replays from an older patch? I think a lot of people don’t know how to do it and a video by you would be very usefull

  6. Didn’t you use Google Drive instead of Mediafire once? Why did you change it back?
    Thanks for your Modpack, really enjoy it 🙂

  7. asesome QB! perfectly on time as always, keep it up.

  8. Doom Marine Gaming

    when is the update coming to Asia server ?

  9. NICE TRY . STILL 175 PEN ON T34-3 ?
    NOT 1 CENT.

  10. So glad i play on console… PC version is plagued by these cheats… stop promoting this vile crap. ANY advantage given is to cheat!!! it’s bad enough with pay to win tanks being promoted here now this shit… Morals of some folks wains is beyond belief!!!

  11. Matthew (Matt) Green

    Quickybaby, please explain specifically how to install your new mod after having installed your past mods. I found out how to do this personally, but it was not as straightforward as it seems in your video. That said, I love your content and you have helped me become a better wot player in many ways! Keep rocking it man.

  12. can u maybe add in battle wn8 and session wn8 in garage ? it would be complete mod pack then 🙂

  13. QB, you’re the wind beneath my wings! I really appreciate how quickly you update your modpack, it just improves my gameplay experience so much. Thanks!

  14. WG took my gold to my ammo!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaa rip

  15. Thanks, youre the best!

  16. I completed up to the T55A and I didn’t do TD-15 for it, but it just gave me the female crew member and said I completed it 🙂

  17. does the mod work if youve never had it before

  18. and will it fix the bug where your reload time isnt decimals

  19. XVM is not working for me, not sure why, other mods are fine though

  20. rushed to get it on day 1…….. when xvm is bugged to shit, u should wait a few days after qb

  21. like # 1111 , thanks QB

  22. thanks again maybe xvm will work this time

  23. QB any chance of getting your mod pack without needing winzip?

  24. How about removing XVM statistics????

  25. Where is your desktop cover art from?

  26. Updated T-34-3 Review would be awesome!

  27. Downloaded map pack from a unmodded game half the features dont wont and my minu map doesn’t have the radio/view range circles and my hud doesnt look the same as yours quickybaby

  28. Why have you never made the modpack self install into WOT files.

  29. XVM is the single worst thing about this game franchise. Please stop talking it up amd including it in mod packs. It is a tremendous disservice to the gaming community in general and specifically to players new to the game. If anything it should be a tool reserved for competitors at your level as most players are not sophisticated enough to use it correctly (and without antagonizing others).

  30. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Quickybaby, stop using this unfair cheat mod!

  31. Thanks, I love u 🙂 (And I remember when I used to hate u … shame on me :P)

  32. don’t install this mod if you don’t already have it it will break your game

  33. Can I install it on Mac?

  34. Hey guys did this patch contain the release of HD maps in it?

  35. XVM is a curse.

  36. can someone show me how to do this on my mac?

  37. the Caernarvon is so fucking beast now, this tank is a keeper. Now WG U GO BUFF TIGER II, T32…and other underpowered Tier 8 heavies.

  38. thank you quickybaby

  39. So I don’t seem to have a mods or res mods folder on mac, do I just drag and drop into the application?

  40. En Norsk 50 kr lapp

    Can you delete the xvm account? I logges in with the weong account

  41. How do you exchange equipment without spending gold? I always have to pay 10g to demount something…

  42. BEWARE – Mediafire site that is linked below has been hacked with a false virus computer alert that launches after download of mod pack. The pack comes down put a false alert takes over your browser and requires task manager to shutdown. BEWARE

  43. Is anyone else’s “Map” data not working? (range, spotting?)

  44. Just lost 80 gold during one battle yesterday by using skill ammo.

    There was someting with Kraft’s Panther where for 3 days all kinds of ammo for it was for free.
    Havent noticed this thing ended…and of course the auto payment setting switched to fucking gold…yeah.

  45. QB, try using GoogleDrive.

  46. QB, can you add the team hp to this modpack? if not, can you tell me where and how to setup?

  47. Thanks QB, i`ll try for the 1st time after 4 years of playin` WoT this xvm coz of your fair description. Got a bit sick, you know, of those who are yelling on sec 20 of the countdown : ” OMg noob team, defeat, ffs, asl pls, fck MM, etc :)))”

  48. make finally website in Polish.

  49. QB I have a question about crew training in premium tanks

    I’m using the T28 HTC to train the crew of my M103. Buy they appear in red, which means there is a proficiency penalty. The same for the rest of my premium tanks.
    I saw in your video that it’s not happening with your Grille 15 crew. Can you explain it ?

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