World of Tanks – 9.20.1 Super Conqueror

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Source: Anfield


  1. For the FV215b and Super Conq the grind is worth it. Unlike the Foch 155 and Foch B

  2. Big lower plate and juke comander hatch or how it is spelled idk.Less dpm and less gun handling and less turretarmor.. idk but i feel like it is worse than the fv after playing it

  3. gosh use AP for once…. 100 % shots with heat into spaced armor…

  4. Yeah ….reactive armour … Wot blitz (the mobile version ) got this equipment change where u can enhance ur tank but wait u thought that’s all ? Noooo first level of equipment costs credits ….second spare parts that u get by playing ….by playing non stop …oh yes and u need to wait on a tier 10 from 1 to 3 days to get the equipment mounted …or just skip it with 600 gold or so ….I bet that if they do that in PC the community will go nuts worse than on the mobile one ….they spammed every forum, flagged all wargaming vids , did google shout outs ….google plus Twitter ….etc , they made petitions to not get added …guess what wargaming ignored everything …and send a developers dairy in which they said ….yes this is new and the game has to always be updated we can’t changed to old systems etc etc ….and what do they do in the next update ? They add the stupid equipment and drum roll ….. They change the chat to the old system where u could speak with the enemy team ….like wtf…u said that u can’t change to the old system u can only advance the game ….

  5. This is the ultimate anti unicum tank, immune to HEAT hehe XD

  6. Mehhhh would have rather gotten chieftain

  7. This video was an excuse to bully cryspy lol. Hopefully this patch doesn’t come before i can grind out my conq and my tortoise.

  8. I’m glad someone else agrees that the HESH rounds on the British TDs need to go. They’re just terrible for gameplay

  9. “This is a pretty new concept for Wargaming to have a tank with good armor but also weakpoints” LUL

  10. Were you in a bad mood buddy?

  11. Hey can you try out the fv4202?

  12. Anfield have you notice that they buffed also the turret of the STB-1? From 132mm to 195mm.

  13. That tank looks retarded or alien like 23:35 with them shields.

  14. you should be the one thats shooting the conq instead of being the conq for this kind of testing

  15. CrySpy aim was strong today :^)

  16. What’s the gun depression on this thing, 8 deg?
    Seems like the first proper hull down heavy other than IS7, would be great if it had 10 deg of depression and maybe even worth the grind for pub stomping.

  17. yo, some EU player came to the NA saying that NA is much easier to farm than EU, is that true?

  18. This is cyber bullying, Crispu is new and isn’t very good at game

  19. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    When are they nerving 5A

  20. Did you test the new STB ?

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