World of Tanks – 9.20 Grand Battle 30v30 and Bonds!

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Is this the Arena of Arsha?

  2. 30 vs 30 looks really cool

  3. Thanks for your content lemming, loving your vids??

  4. what’s your equipment/crew skills on your patton? Thx for great vids Anfield

  5. Played 6 hours on the test server and never got 30 vs 30

  6. You get bonds from ALL tier 10 battles, not just Grand Battle.

  7. i thought the 30 v 30 mode had the huge naval cannons you had to destroy

  8. Warcrimes incarnate

    RUmeds outdated
    Maus overrated
    Long have we waited
    A5 turret activated

  9. may i have a ?oneless ?izza please

  10. kinda funny, they just grabbed a shit ton of landmarks from all maps and just spammed it in one valley.

  11. thanks for posting these replays…i look forward to playing grand battles…it looks great

  12. Nice map. different from the d-day scenario. looks fun.

  13. Do you know how these mega battles will affect tank statistics like DPG, KPG etc? Will there be a seperate one like with the ranked battles? 🙂 I sendt you a email to your replay email btw with links to my WZ 111 model 5a third mark session, multiple 8k games and HT 15 for 260 aswell, not expecting you too, but would you cool if you checked it out 😉

  14. Bonds are also available through battle tier 12 matches as well (single tier tier 10).

  15. I feel like if they’re buffing the M48 they should also buff the M60 while they’re at it. I don’t think that has had any buffs at all, has it?

  16. i think penetration armor will lose in by range. I have seen somewhere WG release note about penetration value loses.

  17. It’ll be pinch for vehicles with low ammo capacity, I guess

  18. Earning bonds in tier 10 games is a great idea, especially if you are the kind of person that feels there’s not much to work for once you have grinded your way to tier 10.
    Sure, you generally fight with and against more skilled players (mostly), but there’s no gain or progression anymore. I think they should give bonds in every tier x you play, as long as bonds can earn you more things than just improved equipment and directives, which would be a bit unfair, if there where too many going around. Maybe make CW reward tanks available for bonds

  19. Marshall Allshouse

    I really like these new 30v30 battles, they seem very fun 😀
    I do have some questions however.
    The map seems to offer many options, if one area isnt very viable / effective you can go elsewhere, how true is this?
    I also wonder if ammo limits on certain tanks will need to be reworked (batchat 25t, etc)

  20. Was that rspctd in the Batchat?

  21. Christian Hostetler

    Like NA is going to have 60 players on. Top Kek

  22. Holy shit that map is large 😀

  23. That Patton is sexy af, apart from the TV screen on the turret… Tellytanky bye bye

  24. I love the fact that you can earn bonds. I used them a few times, but it’s not that special as far as I used them. I will save them to get experimental optics, to make the light missions easier.

    The Patton looks great by the way!

  25. did the wn8 count on this mod ?

  26. Looks good and I’m looking forward to trying it out, my only concern however is for tanks like the BatChat etc which have low ammo capacity?

  27. is this from normal test server?

  28. RIP Gold nerf …. not gona hapen ty god i didint buy a premium heavy tank …

  29. The M48 looks so good

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