World of Tanks – 9.20 M48 + 30B

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Source: Anfield


  1. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Is it Happening? My first “first Retard commenting” Cookie?

  2. “Changing things for a change” – Anfield 2017

  3. Tide laundry Deturgent

    Ns vid

  4. You do not want weather variants, especially in the state they are in right now. They are so shit on the console

  5. Richard Komendanchik

    My problem with the Is-4 is it has so many easy weakspots at the front and gets chewed apart by premium rounds. I think a slight mobility buff would be nice and get rid of the roof weakspot or make it harder to overmatch. Leave the hull as is even tho it is weak in the front.

  6. Airfield, they are probably delaying HDing STB because of proposed siege mode for it. Same thing for 215b, it’s most likely not HD due to possible replacement.
    Remember they wanted to change BC with HD model until Russians told nope

  7. When you said that weakpoint is 270.. Who would play super slow and super armored if anyone could pen it, so if the weakpoint would be 230 even tier 8ts would peniterate it, so you are super slow, and you can just rely on your armour and anyone pens it its just shit

  8. I get my Chieftain fix from War Thunder xd

  9. I really think the majority of the proposed medium changes and the ones in patch 9.20 are a really bad direction for the game.

  10. What I don’t get about weather is they could have it w/ no in-game effects if the devs are worried about balance (ie: just cosmetic)

  11. 8:43 – this is the thing called “balancing” WG wouldn’t know how to balance bottle of water standing still on the table – that’s how it looks last 15 months or so

  12. 907 buffed, m48 buffed, everything buffed but what will happen to m60? 🙁

  13. 6.17 without improved equipment and directives

  14. The foch B is really OP, hope they will remove 1 shell from the clip or make the reload longer

  15. we need to get rid of penetration variation, either your round has the potential to punch through the armor at 90 degrees or not, i’m tired of bouncing off of the same exact spots that i’ve previously penetrated

  16. Chevrier Clément

    Anfield weather variant is extremely bad they lower the view range but they didn’t lower the radio range so everyone is camping. From an ok player ?.

  17. Hey now you can spam heat at the front of a type 5….

  18. Changing the camera position was a brilliant move. I long wondered why more people don’t do that.

  19. Wait.. we are going to get bonds on random battles by playing with tier 10s?
    I mean… Why?

  20. I also play on console and I can tell you that the Chieftain is overrated. Its a one trick pony. It does have great gun handling and really good DPM, but it can only play on hills. The hull of the Chieftain is complete SHIT! It does have a good turret and all but like I said, you have to be using its good gun depression on hills. The E5 is a much better tank overall.

    E5 > Chieftain

  21. no e-100 buff or type 5 nerf or leo 1 and e50m buff? also u can earn bonds in a non ranked match?

  22. “I mean it’s still console so” haha

  23. Want to hear a joke?


  24. Thank you for confirming my bias: fuck the Leo 1, I sold mine for a 50 B

  25. What exactly is the point of the STB-1, now?
    The 30b will make it redundant.

  26. So what kind of M48 is it in game? WG need to upgrade the hull to M48A3 standard.

  27. wait, fv 183 can stun as well?

  28. IS7 needs better gold. like 340-350 pen APCR/HEAT

  29. WAKE UP !!

    I realy like 30B now.. yea shity armor, but GREAT GUN. I shot = I do dmg !!! I snap = I HIT !! (and do dmg).

    And WG wanna do sth with that – lets give 30b potato gun like on leo or stb with low penetration! GREAT PLAN. How to kill that tank like others.

    Look at Anfield battle – missed grille, missed T100lt, few unpened shots. Impossible in the current patch.

    So WOW.. we have coming ‘better 30b’ with great dpm…. on paper 😉 U must STOP to shot.. wtf..

    AND BEST NOW – THE QESTION: Who will gona play that tank?

    – Same ppl as leopard and stb1… NOBODY

  30. New Trump Haircut?

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