World of Tanks || 9.20 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.20!
►v1 for 9.20 – 30/08/2017

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!


  1. Christian Hostetler

    Why the fuck do you put XVM statistics in your mod pack? I get everything else, but for average (bad) players it contributes nothing positive and only serves to negatively impact play for the user. You have alot of influence in the community and I think your inclusion of XVM makes the WoT community worse.

  2. Did they buff the Centurion turrets in 9.20?

  3. Branimir Živković
    Pls QB can u upload this beast replay next 😀

  4. This never works for me now. When I install it and log in only my commander is visible in all my tanks??

  5. abdullah çiftçi

    thank youuu 🙂

  6. Fun fact!
    QB doesn’t use Adblock 🙂

  7. One troubling thing I have noticed is that your youtube videos has a VERY annoying pattern of starting another window in the background and then minutes later starts playing a sound video ad. I’m not sure if you are responsible or youtube, but I’ve never see it on any other youtube video. IF you are responsible, that is a *#ck move!

  8. Xvm is bad for the game.
    Red players are called noobs and purple players are getting focused
    Fuck xvm ??

  9. QuickyBaby do you have an in-battle VN8?

  10. Don’t have girlfriend? Then care about WN8

  11. Thanks QB! We can always count on your modpack being ready day 1.

  12. “Don’t focus me more than you already do in-game!”

  13. i wouldnt go on the website and download this, i have that feeling that the website has a virus, i scanned my computer 3 times already

  14. I did what you said QB but nothing has happened???

  15. The official Xvm site still doesnt have an 9.20 update.
    Great work Qiuckie

  16. Looks at +QuikyBaby silver Ranked Medal (Insert Evil Smile) then continues to polish my golden B medal with 2000 Wn8 umm yes 😀

  17. maybe people stop using all shit fkng mods and play the fkgn game like it is??? Why not WOT include in updates all mods if ar so nice and legal ???

  18. mediafire not loading up

  19. Can I download this on console

  20. 2:53 damm so much purple on those stats

  21. 5:48 Idk, we’ll see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. I play world of tanks on Mac. Can I still get the mod pack?

  23. Does this work on mac?

  24. DoctorWho BaconWarrior

    I did everything QB said but when I open the game client xvm doesn’t show up and my crew doesn’t show up in their slots, only the commander. When I switch tanks the commander stays the same.

  25. Asian server?

  26. Good job in the mod! I hated the Nerf masked as a buff of amx 30 1st proto.. you cant snipe anymore!!! My must beloved tank now will be in the garage forever! I hope they rollback this! What do you think Quickbaby? I know you love the amx 30 1st proto also.

  27. Thanks QB, your pack is out faster than XVM vanilla.

  28. Awesome, cheers for doing this

    A suggestion though, as most things remain the same in each mudpack you could consider doing a “vanilla” video to cover the basics like silver consumables, crew and equipment movement, installing, removing etc without mentioning the mudpack version.

    then simply say “keep watching to see the specifics of this particular release” or “click on the link in the top right of the screen to see the release specific information”

    Then with each new mod pack or update you would only need to do a short video for any additions or changes and to mention (if needed) the version, this would save you a fair bit of time with each release and patch

    Also, any chance you could add the entire team damage countdown to the mod on future versions please, I used to find that was quite a handy bit of info to help decide whether to play aggressively or more cautiously especially in the later part of the game or when left alone against several enemies

  29. Please add session statistics. Its really useful when you can see your day’s win rate and avg dmg even from each individual vehicle.

  30. Hi. Love your mod pack, but the colors don’t match the vanilla XVM. In plain XVM I am yellow. In your mod pack I am pinky-red. I was watching one of your Twitch VODs from a couple months ago and someone tipped you saying the same thing. Is this something you can fix?

  31. I like to play fair so don’t use mods. I think only bad players would want an advantage.

  32. Thanks QB!

  33. So glad you got this out in a hurry. We wouldnt want to go 24 hours without assholes ruining the game play experience.

  34. Why keep play this cancer game that most of the time make you nervous cause it’s unfair when you don’t put real money and takes so much fucking time to progress. Anyway it’s almoust dead game and most of the players remaning are using hacks WG will not ban them because there will be no one left to play lol.

  35. Go to the more options button (three dots to the right of the like and dislike buttons) and click on “Open transcript.” At 07:01, Google’s speech-to-text thinks QB said “hopefully war gimme dope!”

  36. it says “uploaded from greece” anywhere near here?

  37. +QuickyBaby

    I want to be more influential in the games I play, but not quite sure where I’m going wrong. Here’s my wotlab stuff
    My stats are probably garbage v.v but I want to try and become better, at-least not a drag on my team and instead one of the players that actively work towards helping to win the game. I try to keep myself aware of my surroundings, I keep an eye on the map and pay attention to whats where, generally and move, relocate, flank and the like when I feel like I need to, or if I feel like I’m just not being very effective where I’m currently at, like facing a heavily armoured target from the front and he’s hull down, so why bother sticking around when instead I can goad a shot and then move on to a flank where perhaps me getting past this T34 and getting around and behind the medium tanks harrassing our heavies. I will always try to kill any low health tanks I see, but I don’t chase them or go out of my way to waste a shot on them if another guy has it in the bag.

    I’ve also been practicing with the whole, nursing my health as I predominantly play my Lorraine 40t and autoloaders, After I get at-least tier 8 in the chinese TD’s I’m heading up the AMX 50B route as I’m really interested in the french autoloaders personally. I have a 51% and 1770 WN8 with 218 games in my Lorraine 40t, if thats even any good or any indication of my intended dedication towards becoming proficient in french Autoloaders.

    As I’m grinding up the Chinese line though, decided I’m going to slug it out after I free exp to tier 6 and try to learn how to be more as you said influential in my games, but have you personally got any tips, suggestions? and is there any discord I could go to?

  38. After years as a sub, I’m kind of growing tired of QB. His videos bore me more often than not now. And the mod pack. SMH. XVM is cancer.

  39. I wish they would add the stats mod to console.

  40. when is 9.20 going to reach the asia server?

  41. Knights of the Nine

    9.20.1 has buffs to all my tanks, so I really hope it does come soon.

  42. Jadranka Ledinski

    1:28 lets just take a moment of silence and look at that ammo loadout.

  43. What kind of damage did the micro patch do to the mod, if any?

  44. I have a problem with your config Quickybaby. When I want to eneter a battle, I am blocked on the loading screen, and when I am not using mods, I can fight. Am I the only one with this problem ?

  45. Hm. I have removed folder mods and res mods and after i put QB’s files inside i have only part of mods active. I dont have garage statistics and damage log working. 😡


  47. THX! you are best!

  48. will it work at test server???

  49. xvm adds toxicity to the game, its sad that QB encourages this…..

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