World of Tanks – 9.20 Ramble

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  1. Watch if you’re bored af lmao

  2. Actually the “HE” gun that was removed wasn’t an HE gun. It was just a high alpha gun.

  3. Bias patch awesome

  4. for the t54 they are making the 201 pen gun shit with gun handling and the 219 pen gun great with gun handling

  5. wot must make Germans pay for ww2 they guy mouse by put huge weak spot of 50 tier 2 pen it frontal then so called need japs by put tiny weak spots at 230-270

  6. What’s the point in making a video where you try to discuss about stuff you don’t know about or didn’t even bother to research for a bit?

  7. inst is7 getting like 19 hp/ton and like its dispersion will be half of the cent ax kek

  8. NoHomeLike

    The Tier 5 O-I in 9.19 has the original KV’s 107mm, basically. The same kind of gun that caused the KV to be split into the KV, the KV-2, and the T-150

  9. i really dont like the changes to the guns off the t54

  10. So is WG planning on never HD-ing the FV215b?

  11. 260-270 “weak spot” Armor Rip 250 is7 pen.

  12. The 30B will be nothing like the Leopard now. It’s an STB with better dpm abd gun handling. The real question will be if the STB turret and pen will be enough to keep it from being useless.

  13. I like unscripted reaction videos. They feel more honest and live reactions come off as real and charming

  14. Alexander Yordanov

    *More Russian Copies*

  15. What?? No bat chat nerf now. Whew…good.

  16. they need to change the whole stupid type 4 and type 5 heavy line I mean come on you cant deflect them shots from guns that shoot fucking H.E. rounds and when you get hit you get damaged no matter what. They need to give them a normal gun and more weak spots and really any noob can play the thing and get high damage with them and they take no skill what so ever to play that damn thing basically. Really WG…………?

  17. Central Intelligence Agency

    Here is everything on the Armored Patrol site in little more detail about the new Grand Battle as they call it

    They will even remove the boosts (a.k.a. ‘mountaingoating’ spots) on some maps

  18. What am I looking forward to? French TDs mostly, two tier 10s for the price of one is a sick deal and the 155 being able to provide extra crew XP is going to be a huge help in getting said crew to that 4 perk sweet spot I wasn’t willing to pursue before, what with the FCM pak30 being the only premium in it’s class. I fail to see how anyone could be skeptical of the replacement, it’s 400 alpha… _with a six round clip_ . That gives it higher damage potential in a single magazine than the 155’s AP and subsequently pushes it above that of all the currently existing autoloaders in the game. Sure, it’s not exactly a Waffle E-100… But the fact remains that with if it pens every shot, with good damage rolls it can kill tier 10 mediums _and_ heavies with a single clip and at least leave E-100/Maus/Type with considerably less health. Will it be overpowered? Well if the gun stats are anywhere near as good as would suggest, yeah I’d say it’s gonna be OP.

  19. Type 5 and Maus nerfs are a joke..

  20. Akuretaki Nikolay

    I hope there’s no M53/m55 nerfs. Here I go for eighteen minutes!

  21. no love for the M 60

  22. A 260 mm WEAKSPOT ah yes wg, to make sure that people still cant pen this with ap? Great…omg

  23. I like how the E5 gets nerfed in the turret, type 5 hatch stays the same and patton gets his hatch removed…I dont get it

  24. To be honest I dont know why they keep buffing all these Tanks and leave reward tanks behind…M60 becomes a lot worse then patton and I wont even talk about the 260…higher then the 113 and IS7 but only 5° depression? Come on like u put shit loads of work into getting that tank and its way below the current tier 10 tanks

  25. the game is already full of gold spammers,new buffs just to make people buy more Premium and gold..stronger ,stronger tanks=more gold…..

  26. M46 is already so good and in the perfect spot. It didnt need any buffs at all.

  27. How does one play the test server?

  28. I’m excited for the is7 buff. Other then the aiming buff and the hp buff, it’ll also be getting a higher hp/ton ratio which should make it more mobile and fun to play

  29. Nice ramble, fam… ble.

  30. Good thing I’m grinding the pattons

  31. This might be one of the most solid patches in the last few years, fight me keyboard warriors

  32. This is why I gave up on this game and am now playing RB6 seige, bf4, and overwatch. World of tanks is becoming more and more shit every day.

  33. no BC 25 nerf is a mistake.

    Leopard 1 doesnt get buffed but Obj 140 does.

    Seems legit.

    I’m glad I quit this game.

  34. I’ll be interested to see how the new 30 v 30 affects population and MM. Considering its ONLY drawing from tier X, will it have enough tier X who are willing to play the mode to keep it viable? If so will it reduce the number of tier X in the mm and make it so tier 8s have a decent chance of not being bottom tier 80% of the time?

  35. Its real simple.. thicker armor equals more gold rounds… Greedy scum making the game unplayable. I’m sick of watching my shots bounce off of glass lickers en-robbed in stupid armor. Then they think they are actually good at the game because they discovered the “W” key and the left mouse button.

  36. Worst balance patch in recent history.

  37. make Calpheon great again

  38. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    The AP gun on te O-ho is getting premium shells ??

  39. William Taylor Payne

    I honestly agree with most changes if not all made here. Even the tier 8 soviet mediums kinda needed some help the T44 needed some turret armor I mean I’ve played it about 4 months ago and it felt much weaker than the Pershing or panther 2. The T54 has been powercreeped a bit and I play it regularly and the turret can get penned in BS places so I’m glad to see the T54 do what it once was good at again.

  40. I agree with you on all points.Type 4 and Type 5 weak spots should be about 200, and what about Maus. Why doesn’t it get weak spot nerf as well?

  41. I feel that with the Maus, they should largely keep the gun the same as is, while the armour is put back to pre-buff levels.

  42. Not really sure the point of this video, you didn’t read anything about the changes so you missed alot of important stuff that counteracts some of those changes. Like the t-54 gun changes(bad dpm, good accuracy(T-62A) vs good dpm, bad accuracy(140)) or the nerf of the AMX 30B from 0.3 to 0.37 dispersion but on the move accuracy buffs.

  43. Amx mediums get worse guns, btw. You should have probably read the article fully and more carefully before going on the rant, would have been more epic Kappa

    Also, remember when they wanted to reduce pen over distance? We didn’t like that and now they are buffing armor… Anyone else see a connection?

  44. 140 is already better than t62a

  45. when is the patch going to release?

  46. I am so happy they buffed all the tanks that needed some attention. I can finally continue playing my Black Prince without the need to hang myself after every game… no wait.

  47. type 4 and 5 armour nerfs show how ignorant WG is still…

  48. Is the t54 mod 1 getting buffed?

  49. Especially the ‘nerfs’ on the Japanese are trash. I can’t believe they keep changing and changing tanks, simply because they don’t have a clue how to change them correctly at once.

    I like the Patton buff though.

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