World of Tanks – 9.20 Stream

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Great stream!

  2. I hate reggins

  3. commenting before the video is popular

    see what i did there anny? you are lowkey lad.

  4. the IS-7 looks insanely fast at the end of the first game

  5. AMX 30b 3792DPM YOO

  6. 100th view

  7. How big is that monitor? Atleast it is not 4:3 as Sliphantom’s

  8. Fully kitted out, the AMX 30B can have 4,050 DPM. Thats Improved Rammer, Improved Vents, Orderly Ammo Rack directive, Food, and BiA. The only other medium tank that get get that much DPM with the same set up is the Obj. 430. Its insane… and the STB-1 is crying in the corner.

  9. play tier X light tank dude!

  10. 48 fps? Time to save up for a 1080 Ti 😉

  11. Anfield you should play with LemmingRush sometime. Would be very nice to see platoon game play from you two!

  12. Am I dumb or am I not seeing the Brit med turret buffs?

  13. So in an attempt to separate the amx 30b and leo, wg completely and utterly negated the stb1 by giving the amx better gun handling and dpm

  14. You using a GLD on the is7?

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    U would need 483 battles if you got like 12 Bonds per Game lol?

  16. Lol at E3 in first game.

  17. i would rather have tha same gun handling on is7 as now but better RoF and better gold pen…

  18. So STB-1 or AMX 30B now that its buffed?

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