World of Tanks – 9.21 Badger Review

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DPM tho

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  2. Give it 420 alpha or reduce the reload speed by a good amount, imo the Badger *getting the same DPM as the Tortoise is fine.

  3. How can i go in tje test server?

  4. the lower plate’s armor is 240-ish UNANGLED so good luck tier 8 and 9 heavies penning that even with gold rounds

    • Sure, if you’re facehugging it. With a little bit of distance, the lower plate becomes 225e in the middle portion, which you can defensively angle out to about 245e. It’s a very effective aggro tank no doubt, though.

    • dont forget the loss of penetration over distance…but then again there is no long range combat anyways

  5. So it’s T110E3 v2

  6. If you are taller than the vehicle the cylidrical viewports are weak on the top admittedly small, they can also be penned by High HEAT, the LGP could do with a slight nerf also the modules should be weak, just so they have more to worry from arty.

  7. looking forward to playing it

  8. Good video. I think it’s fine as is now.

  9. Put a bit of playtime into it on the test server and I was amazed at how much it plays like an E3 but with a sustained DPM gun instead of an alpha one – makes it a very effective choke holder.

    The one thing I’d be worried about if they reduce the alpha is reduction of the reload time to compensate. As it is now, it has difficulties perma-tracking since most track repairs happen in ~6 seconds, so giving it 400 alpha while keeping the crazy DPM would turn it into an abusable monster with one too many advantages.

    Great video, can’t wait to see you play it on live if they introduce the tank as powerful as it is now.

  10. Man it’s very good no need for f**king it up

  11. people probably play other stuff on test server other than new stuff because seeing as everything is basically free gives them a chance to test tanks they might want on live server without actually grinding through

  12. Arty will like this TD as it has very little roof or engine deck armor.

  13. they often make it on the high end as far as good goes and then nerf it a little too much and then third it is a lot easier to find the middle ground

  14. nerf alpha from 480 to 440 and make the lower plate a bit weaker and you have a very fair machine.

  15. About 45k xp to go!

  16. I’d tune down the alpha to something in between, like ~420 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and buff reload time just a little to make up for loss of alpha, and so it still keeps the monster dpm, but I’d also add a weak spot sort of like in the super Pershing, where its small enough that not every shot is gonna hit it, but its there.

  17. Good luck killing this thing in an is7 lol

  18. I still wondering, what will tier 8 do when they met badger? Voluntarily get raped? Oh wait, rape is not voluntary….

  19. no frontal weak spots, gg wargaming. This game is gettin worst every patch. Time to find something else to play

  20. tier 7 is looking like the sweet spot these days since tier 10 is pretty much a camp feast shitshow thanks to bullshit tanks like this one

  21. How do Wargaming developers change a light bulb? They don’t. They nerf darkness.

  22. These will be devastating in advances/cw

  23. Looking at the model, it seems like it might have the same sort of inside gun weakpoints that the Obj. 263 has though smaller. Are they reflected on the armor model?

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