World of Tanks || 9.21 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.21!
►v1 for 9.21 – 14/12/2017


is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Stop promoting XVM! Ffs

  2. QuickyBaby, you need to fix the mod-pack. Returning to the garage after death shuts-down WoT. If this is intentional, really? I die so I’m punished for wanting to dive into another game?

  3. whenever i exit a battle it closes wot 🙁

  4. Thanks for the XVM… i was going crazy!

  5. WoT now crashes most of the time when you exit a battle … can you fix that QB? All my clan players experience this.

  6. Why are all you bitching about xvm. It’s a mod that has no effect in the game. Also for people who have a ton of tanks it switches the crew to the tank. So stfu it’s a great mod pack.

  7. Heya QB, wanted to let you know that there’s a channel on YT going by the name of “ModPack QuickyBaby 9.21” that pretends to be you, and getting people to download your mod pack but with malware.
    I have already reported the channel.
    So i thought i’d let ya know. Cheers mate.

  8. Heads up for all whose an XVM-hater, your name has been added to the XVM-hater_list, just so that your name will be highlighted in battle. When i play my arty, pray that im not in the enemy team. So know that, everytime you get hit by any arty, its becaus that arty player know your an XVM-hater.

    If only that list existed.

  9. Željko Kovačević

    Xvm stat should be forbidden. They are pure cancer

  10. Is there some kind of mod like stats of players (0:30) but without all that other fancy stuff?

  11. Wargaming said in their fair play policy that any mod that gives you an edge over other players is illegal. This xvm mod does exactly that. Why? Because your team knows who to kill first based on their stats. Knowing the matchmaker these days, most of the team are tomatoes so if you take care of the decent playera first your chance of winning the game increases. Hope they ban you for using this.

  12. Awesome and thank you for taking the time to do this each time theres an updateCould you consider having the teams combined health remaining figure in future updates though please?  I miss that option as its quite handy at times

  13. Filip Vidosavljevic

    Whats gonna happened with t10? Anyone knows?


  15. SE Asia server still on 9.20 as of 15/12, no updates for us yet and you have already had it for 2 days?? Are we missing out on the Xmas Specials??

  16. First time im tying to not play the vanila game. Used this mod and my game is crashing like crazy. UNINSTAL. Going back to vanila

  17. auto equip is illegal cuz they want you to spend credits on equipements… no joke look at rules QB

  18. its good but could you please include personal missions helper

  19. All those who find this mod as “cancerous” or “what’s ruining this game” just don’t install it and then turn off chat. Quit your whining it won’t change anything just let people who enjoy it use it. Also seriously if you act the same way in the game as you do in these comments I’d be willing to bet that YOU are probably affecting the game in a negative way more so than this mod pack. I don’t want to start any fights but I hope some of you that do hate this mod pack remember this and stop complaining.

  20. creepy baby, subtitles XD

  21. dude
    you broke my game thanks

  22. I don’t know if it is the update or this mode but WOT crashes to desktop when going from a battle to the garage. Anyone know which it is?

  23. Just wanted to say thanks for consistently uploading mod pack vids every time a new update has come out

  24. Can u pls add zoom out in modpack, i dont know name of mod but u know what i think, and maybe remove xvm its meeh, more disadvantages than positive stuff

  25. Hi Quickybaby! Great Modpack! I have been using your modpacks for many years now. I have always wondered why there isn’t anymore the extended camera view during gameplay? It was a very useful which allowed us to see spotted enemy players around the corner.

    Thank you

  26. but xvm isnt even updated yet

  27. Only scrubs would be against XVM. Please keep this up Quicky, I really appreciate your work on XVM.

  28. even figured it out on mac. thanks for the vid and pack!

  29. Anonymous Anonymous

    How does new camo work in 9.21? Do you get bonus if you only apply it to the hull? What is the definition of “hull”?

  30. ty been loving your mod pack for almost 2 years now

  31. Hey qb im having audio issues and crashes upon exit battling. Anyone else have this issue/ if it is plz patch!

  32. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    Pls stop using XVM its hurts the game and the players

  33. THanks a lot, could not stand taking crews on and off manually!

  34. At 3:40 why WN8 instead of WGR? WGR, WG’s new rating, should now be fine. And also complete as it includes everything including DUD which was never in their API data which is why WN8 is so incomplete.

  35. They broke it again already

  36. I broke the game. I tryed the first time. It didn’t work. I tryed again after re installing the game everything goes to plan but it won’t let me go into my garage because apparently some files are missingn

  37. Great mod pack – moving crews is effortless

  38. New update came 🙁

  39. Ey Quacky ,we need another version.

  40. I wish you would use something other than mediafire, always get malware hits on that site. Cant you use dropbox or something, super easy and simple.

  41. i got an error “game resource path does not exist ./res_mods/”

  42. Something wrong with your mod pack, crashes me to desktop when a game ends. Please fix.

  43. Will you make the awesome equipment switching work with cammo aswell since you from 9.21 can move cammo between tanks?

  44. Hmm wonder why XVM doesn’t work for me? The mod works well with the equipment and crew swaps but no XVM. I have activated it and updated statistics etc..

  45. Thks QB, my comment about XVM, sry guys but the cancer of the game is NOT in XVM, it is in WG way of unfair Win8mm in each battle, this is where cancer is.. so stop saying XVM is cancer…

  46. Heinrich Vanderwalt

    I did every thing exactly what was showed and nothing happend

  47. Anyone complaining that it isn’t working. WG released a micropatch, meaning this version of XVM will no longer work. You’ll have to wait until Quickybaby updates his modpack for the new patch. Or edit file names and it’ll work.

  48. Delete the 9.21.0 in res mods. Rename the file in mods to and it will work!

  49. Heinrich Vanderwalt

    sorry Quicky but i cant get it.downloaded and everything but when i logged on nothing changed and i didnt have XVM

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