World of Tanks || 9.22 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.22!
►v1 for 9.22.0 – 07/02/


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Lets be honest, the stats in this game are a pile of f#cking bullsh!t!!!! They are actually an indication of how much and how often you have been f#cked over by the matchmaker and put into unwinnable games where your team is overrun within minutes.

  2. are you ok quickybaby? that hole in your chest doesn’t look very good

  3. Comments And Likes

    XVM is cancer

  4. I dont know if anyone can answer but is there a way to remove the stats from the tank carousel on the main menu? It did not have this feature in previous XVMs

  5. XVM is poop. Its cheating.

  6. You have no idea how much I anticipated the non-elite filter

  7. TroNiC x Paranoiaa

    So the last few weeks I had quite a few problems with using this/a mod. I only see the commander of the tank and none of the other members. Also there is no green or red lines around the tanks. Furthermore I can’t see Hitpoints or something like that. I can’t find any other mod on my pc and think deinstalled every other. Do you guys have any ideas what I could do to let this mod work again? Thank you.

  8. Ban ALL mods!!!!

  9. took my su-122-54 and gave back ZERO credits; wtf

  10. Yeah XVM. Garbage!!!! See stats and target the best player. It sucks and so does using it.

  11. thanks for helping arty ruin the game experience

  12. Hey QB just a suggestion for a mod to add into the modpack. One thing that I would enjoy would be an artillery info mod, which shows the travel time and such things.

  13. Russian would be like : “What the sober man has in his head, the drunk man has on the tongue.”

  14. You’re a cunt because you promote this mod. You get extra cunty points since your clan members all spam gold ammunition. g0tTa sTAt pAD bOiS

  15. Thank you for the new ModPack QB! I was wondering if you were going to bring back the “follow arty shell camera”? I really enjoyed that, especially when playing as Bert.

  16. In battle mods……….. really other than cosmetic (nonehitskin) should just be banned…..a

  17. I watch your modpack video every single time even though I don’t even play the game anymore x3

  18. Can someone explain to me in what world does the Obj. 430U seem balanced in any way, shape, or form?

  19. Thanks QB!

  20. Thank you QB cheers

  21. Thank you for your mod packs QB, I like the tweaks they add a lot
    NA Sgt_Mopar

  22. Does anyone know how much it effects the game graphics and performance?

  23. Man, even QB’s win rate in the T-28 is 48%. That thing is awful.

  24. Crocodilul Siberian

    Qb wallpaper desktop has gone! ???

  25. if u feel uncomfortable deleting the files, u can always rename them by adding the word “old”……modsold.   then, if u want to undo what u have done, delete the new stuff you added, and rename this file, by deleting the word old off it.  Then things are as they started off.

  26. Win ratio for vehicle? Or win ratio overall? Win ratio overall might such and not reflect the fact that by the time the player reaches Tier 9 for example they are not as crap as when they played Tier 4 but all those bad early games might be holding back the stats on the player. And win ratio does not actually reflect what the player is actually like anyway, just that they’ve played a lot of hopeless games.

  27. What should I do. I deleted res folder 🙁

  28. This is scam and a virus.

  29. How I know people who complain about a nerfed 257 is still OP are shitters is that they don’t know why the tank is butter. From the front the pike is weak af once angled, if not, shoot the lower plate. The turret sucks and shooting retardedly angled sides does not constitute OPness

  30. Win rate just shows how lucky a person can be. I have 48% winrate and I have 2868 wn8

    • Dr. Shmevan if u have 48% you are only playing for wn8 and not to win.
      A normal player should have 49-50% wr, accounting the rare draws that count as loses.

  31. I need to wait 2 weeks because I made one mistake

  32. Mind doesn’t work it’s stuck in the file and I can’t move it into the WOT thing

  33. Thanks

  34. QB what do you think is the best way to use bonds?

  35. I play on SEA and NA, do I need to do anything special?

  36. XVM is best and only mod i use !

  37. Thank you for keeping to promoto XVM, as it is clearly not bringing out anything negative to the game. Oh yeah and that was sarcasm btw if it’s not blatantly obvious.

  38. I want my mark of excellence % to show in the garage… Probably the most irritating thing to do trying to get to it in service records

  39. XVM doesn’t work! but I just need the clock and auto return! so thx

  40. 1 simple reason I love your vids QB…
    You’re positive…
    No elitism, no trolling noobs, just trying to help in a constructive and positive way so thankyou.
    I watched the video and liked cause you’re nice, personally I run a few more mods than that and the video was thus pointless for me…

  41. Funny how people say xvm makes the community toxic when almost every time someone is toxic is a 45%-48% winrate player shittalking.


  43. Can anybody actually explain to me why is everyone so insanely obsessed with saying that xvm is cancer? firstly i think thats a really mean way to call it like wtf, cancer kills people and u shouldnt be so ignorant about it.
    secondly, ive seen people claim that arty strikes only good players in bad tanks and ignores the bad ones in good tanks? even though i think this is 99% false, id like to ask you why does qb have such a high winrate then.
    my last point is that if u use xvm you can see who also has it installed and i can tell you that 70-80% of the players dont have it, at least in the games ive played
    TL;DR why is everyone hating on xvm without a solid reasoning?

  44. Can’t even play anymore, without this guy’s mod pack..

  45. Dont know what i am doing wrong, doing everything as the video explains but still not working at all. Is it because is out?

  46. Йордан Савов

    Xvm doesn’t work

  47. dieter van bogaert

    lots of toxic reply 🙂 the reason i use the modpack is the autoloading of equipment and crew. That is the most important part and a true miss on the base sw. sure xvm ketchup info sucks but so does the balancing of skilled people in the game. stupid balancing gives an easy 1/10 win loss rate one time and the other way around. it sucks loosing 5-10 games in a row thx to the bots and unbalanced divide of ketchup clueless players. horrible in any tier for a long time already but mainly in t1-t8 unplayable.

  48. Can you do a Top 10 video on tanks with the highest win percentages for T5 or 6 and up??

  49. do you need xvm to be running to use it? ie do I need to log in to xvm every time I play?

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