World of Tanks – 9.22 Obj 705A

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  1. cool

  2. quick game to wet your appetite so to speak, more to follow

    ugly af

  3. interesting…

  4. That’s a serious reload time. What is it, like 16s or something?

  5. Looks like a piece of shit

  6. Muhammad Qasim Dilawari

    “Haven’t watched the video but still gonna proclaim that’s it’s op and wg is retarded and Russian bias is real ,because I am a wot player.”

  7. Maulana Nur Mohamad Bin Mohamad Sabari

    Wtf is that tank.havent seen 1 in sg server

  8. Hm super test, nice.
    Hi btw 🙂

  9. Recitativo あがちょんぐ

    that tank actually looks scary

  10. world of high alpha gun

  11. So is this the common test server or the super test server? I tried getting the common test server last night as it was supposed to be up then but it was still on the 9.21 update.

    • It was delayed a day, it’s up now but there’s a huge queue for everyone. Last time I checked it was a 16k people waiting to get into the server.

      Edit: Currently 27k

    • V Epsilon thanks. Guess I’ll have to wait to see how badly they ruined my Obj 263.

  12. Is this another tier 10 heavy tank with 250 penetration and 280mm of armor which forces people to spam prem ammo just to be effective?

  13. that tunnelvision lul

  14. Looks kinda crappy with this (lack of) mobility and mediocre gun.
    I thought this might be something for me, a substitute for the super heavies but I’m disappointed, so far.

  15. Was surprised that the IS-M only costs between 50k and 60k xp to research, already save up 70k/80k on my IS, expected it to be somewhere in the 80k xD

    Also already have more than 180k xp grinded out on my T-10, hopefully the follow up will be released soon.

  16. 430 saved anfields life.

  17. To me its like a faster E100. Yes the gun does not have the same alpha but it doesnt have the flat turret of the E100 so Heat doesnt goright in.

    • but they go anywhere in the hull. perfect angled upper plate is 320, and lower plate is 280. Heat destroys this thing, its so much worse than e100 or type 5. Let alone maus

  18. Tobiasz Kucharczyk

    Dont rush

  19. Tobiasz Kucharczyk

    Back from castle

  20. Oh great another OP Russian tank

  21. It's not what you think

    Oh boy, frontal engine, you know what that means?

    Fires from frontal Type HE shots.

  22. lol man,u cant play….

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