World of Tanks – 9.22 Side Armour btw haHAA

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  1. It’s magic of the russian log on the side of the tank 😉


  3. ten minutes got em

  4. Glad I loved the IS-3 and stopped at the T-10 years ago haha

  5. a balanced tank

  6. Russian bias is a myth!

  7. I’m so glad I stopped playing Jesus Christ

  8. So advance at the enemy side on?

  9. Has to be an early April fool’s joke.

  10. yea…completely ignore the huge turret weakspot…it’s only the complete upper roof

    • This tank is quite tall, The 430 cant se it i guess

    • lol….the VKB, Mäsuchen or the E75 are tall, not this tank….it has the standard height of russian top tier heavy, which is average at best, you can see in the beginning that it isn’t that much taller than the T-62A. You can also see that the 430U isn’t that much smaller and it can “see it”.

      I won’t deny that there are smaller tanks which can’t see the weakspot, but this tank is definitely not tall 🙂

  11. At least you can overmatch most of the turret roof so I suppose there is that for reverse side scraping but I just knew they would not change that BS side armour when they dropped it to tier 9.

  12. I dont thisnk you will get this one for free if you have the T-10. As mutch as i understood is if you have researched the IS-7, you will have the exp on the T-10 that you used for the IS-7. I could be wrong. But getting this for free, would be great, but like i said i dont think it is he case because you also would get the IS-M for free aswell just coz you had the IS-3. Tho it would be nice like i said to get this one for free. I would not complain about it 😛

  13. ùight be good ,; but does it compare to the current absolute king of the hill at tier9 the amx m4 51 ? that tank is better than actual tier10s

  14. Wow that side armor

  15. The new CREW medium before it was nerfed and now just wait 1/2 a year to 1year for this tank to be nerfed

  16. Well played War Gaming….. I hope they fix this soon.

  17. Notsogoodguitarguy

    counterintuitively, on this tank you should shoot above the spaced armor, not bellow. Even though it’s still strong, it’s weaker than bellow the space, which is an autobounce.

  18. This was just dumb.

  19. when the frontal armour is significantly weaker than the side…. wat

  20. T22 V shaped armor boys

  21. Eli_Kekistani_Anon _Ree

    Thank you for your modpack please don’t forget to update when the next patch comes on time

  22. This is what you get when the developer doesnt play the game themselfs, on paper its sounds ok but in game its completely broken.

  23. slow clap…

  24. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Its RUSSIAN TENK BLYAT. Has to have STRONK OP Wooden Stallinium Side Armah bylat. Well srlsy. I think i know what to Pick for Heavy Blocking Missions now xddd fuck the Maus srlsy

  25. Marshall Allshouse

    this doesnt seem overpowered at all… not like this tank gets to face tier 7s or anything

  26. What the actual fuck is this

  27. WoT is the new WoWs…give them your broadside xDDDD

  28. Fair and balanced

  29. If -this- those tanks will get on the live server with unchanged armor… RIP 100€

  30. They should swap it with IS-7 LOL

  31. WG’s plan to balance it: Reduce radio range by 10 m

  32. The funny thing is, you’re getting shot on pointblank with no pen falloff, I can imagine all the nonpens in 300m range even if you’re close to 90 degree side with this thing…

  33. I think you are russian to conclusions here, seems balanced to me.

  34. i felt dirty watching this

  35. Premium Stalinium… Stalin approves.

  36. look what they do with other tanks say new french hvys weak spots every were do u guys get sick of this shit from wg 77k games im gettin over it so sad best game ruined at every level now

  37. wtf is this bull shit, man I’m about ready to drop this game like for real

  38. Yea a new update

    *Focuses on soviet tech tree*

    Yeah never mind

  39. This is why I barely play this game anymore

  40. What if you just sold the t10

  41. I mainly play tier 9 since WG broke the MM, and I love playing T10 due to its speed.

    But now… I’m gonna love tier 9 even more, thank you WG.

  42. So …this tank has better gold pen. then IS7? We should all stop playing this shit asap

  43. There’s no Russian bias, no matter what they do to this.

  44. How is the side armor above the tracks and the spaced part?

  45. Get your tank ready before you start video. BORING…

    • Really hard to skip tbh

    • Yeah, I did. but honestly dude, I was expecting A LOT MORE when the video started other than a bunch of Fuck, What..blah, blah blah. Besides, YOU were not talking to US, you were talking to whomever you were playing with…You certainly seem like some millennial neckbeard with the chair, PC and acoustic wall tile..
      I just expected more. Have a good day. Gunny

  46. I just watched Dez’s video… WG is royally scaring me! I am justgonna play Russian meds TDs and heavies from now on. Why not, my E5 is like a T8 compared to these things…

    • BTW I have all of the T10 heavies and 9s… Welcome to the T7 IS7 territory… They have been saying that before… Now it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS. As I said, only Russian vehicles from now on for me XD

  47. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    i hate when people ask “what tank is that” when they can just fucking look at the scoreboards..

  48. *if it ain’t broke, we’ll break it*

  49. Well…at least the lower plate is weak…..

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