World of Tanks || 9.5 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Get my latest XVM Pack for 9.5! ►EFFICIENCY ►WN8

XVM with Custom Config
QB 6th Sense

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World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played I fully recommend it.


  1. Hey guys enjoy patch 9.5! And have the best holidays ever with your friends
    and family!

    I’m LiveStreaming patch 9.5 RIGHT NOW!

  2. took a bit long…. but finally! 🙂 FIRST

  3. finally, Thanks ;)

  4. Thank you!!! 

  5. Thanks so much :D

  6. Great video !

  7. Great video :)

  8. QB why do u use XVM with efficiency instead of WN7/8?

  9. Happy holidays QB :-)

  10. QB how to enable tank carousel? i heard its included in XVM.

  11. Merry Christmas, QB!!! See you next year!

  12. Thanks dude! And the best of wishes to you for the holidays!

  13. how do you activate the icon that you’ve been spotted?

  14. You are my hero :)

  15. QB you are awsome! now i can play world of tanks again!

  16. Nice simple modpack, but one question I’d really like to know: why do you
    still prefer Efficiency rating over WN7 or WN8 rating?

  17. Thx QB +1

  18. 9.5 is for NA server????

  19. Wow, Quicky did implement that spotting star! The last time I asked he said
    he likes to play with as few modifications as possible…I guess he tested
    it and implemented it anyway, because it IS really helpful after all. :P

  20. Nice work getting this video out so quick.

    Quick by name quick by nature

  21. Thank you for the update!!! I love using your modpack

  22. which file is it I need to be left out, if I dont want to see Quicky’s face
    when im spotted :D?

  23. quicky youre awesome 🙂 thanks for work you do for comunity :)

  24. I only recently started using a mod for artillery that gives you a camera
    angle that matches your shell trajectory (You look at the target from the
    dirction the shell travels), would this mod now be illegal? It’s so useful
    for looping shells into urban areas…

  25. Tanks!! :)

  26. when are u going to put damage announcer in your mod pack?

  27. You life saver

  28. the mission for the half premium tanks have been implemented in this patch?

  29. Hey qb great mode pack. I just hope that that error with updating the
    battle score (tab button) is fixed. It was pretty annoying going with the
    cursor over it almost every time. 

  30. my hero and savior

  31. Quick as always. Thanks!

  32. so the bobbing when you get hit is this in the game? It is linked to
    horizontal (vertical) stability in sniper mode).

  33. I have a question about WoT patch 9.5: Are the new British mediums better
    than American mediums? I mean tier 2-5 tanks. So from the M2 Light tank to
    Sherman III, and the American tanks from T2 Medium to M4 Sherman. Please
    tell me that, if you have an answer.

  34. quickybaby is the x16 sniper zoom good? is it more efective then the
    normal? i saw when i played the normal sniper i miss less.

  35. Thank Quickbaby :)

  36. cant play without it

  37. I will use this mod pack only 2 or 3 days because the omc is better


  39. Hey,how I can get all crew voices ( german,english/britain,chinese).PLS
    HELP ME!!!

  40. thank you quicky, was waiting for your update

  41. Ahhh, fast and accurate just like the British guns.
    Thanks for the upload.
    Greetings from Germany

  42. Please put Damage Announcer in you pack )

  43. Quicky, when can we expect a review on the WZ-111?
    Whats your impression?

  44. the names of my enemys are turned why

  45. Thank you QB , I really like these Mod Packs!

  46. nice mod excellent work ,you can add damage receiver?

  47. @Vedran dj…..go to settings in the game and look for an field with 2
    options: national and another one( i cant remember how its called),
    so….if you are on national, if you play a russian, the voice will be
    russian……if you chek the other option, the voice will be emglish for
    ALL nations…sry for my english

  48. Thanks a lot. Happy Christamas.

  49. ★˛˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°˛.★˚˛*˛°.˛.˛°˛.★*★ 。*˛.
    ˛°_██_.。./ ♥ .˛* .˛。.˛..★ ★ 。
    ˛. (´• ̮•).。/♫.♫˛. ˛_Π_____.♥ ♥ ˛* ˛*•*´¨`•.¸ ¸.•´¨`•.¸¸.•´¨`*•.¸
    .( . • . ) ˛°./• ‘♫ ‘ •.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛.*。 ℋappy ℋolidays ♪
    (…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚´¨*•.¸¸.•´ ¨`•.¸¸.•

    Thanks Quicky!!!

  50. Can someone please tell me how to disable the tank names and last spotted
    position on the minimap? I prefer the WG version. Ive tried to edit xvm.xc
    but its not really that intuitive. Ive changed a lot of options except the
    1 thing im looking for :(

  51. Res_mods/ignore ?
    Quickybabys hidden stuf? 

  52. Thanks QB! quick as ever!

  53. Great this dumb mod when everone makes fun of u just because of your % hope
    wargaming makes this mod gone

  54. Thank you for doing that at each update, it’s very kind ;)

  55. this is just great now i only need at good crosshair

  56. As always, good job QB! :)

  57. Its doesn’t work, thanks alot!!!

  58. Can you explain us how we can remove your 6th sense icon and put the
    vanilla one please, thanks for your great work!

  59. hey man i cant activate it it just dont load..

  60. Thanks best Holiday to you

  61. how do i make the meddle icon to pop out like yours
    when i get spoted

  62. Im not cookie monster

    Thank you so much!!! 

  63. it telss me 502 bad gateway wtf man help me

  64. Nice mod pack. Now how can we get the 2 lines carousel working?

  65. Hi,
    Is it possible to change in xvm eff to wn8? how to do that? 

  66. Congrats on raising 25K for charity! That is amazing QB!

  67. Will this work on laptop or make more lag

  68. How do i make it WN8 instead of eff?

  69. Thank you QB and happy holidays!

  70. can somebody tell me how to change effi to WN8 inside his modpack? i know
    that it works, but i ont know how, would be nice if you could help me 🙂
    anyways, happy holidays to all of you:)

  71. thx for mod

  72. THX for your work, really enjoy your Modpack!!!!!
    Merry X-Mas

  73. Dude. I need a crash course on playing. I simply dont know what am i doing
    wrong… I thought that a better tank will make me a better scorer but i
    turn out to be worse and with premium account with a tier IX tank i keep
    loosing coins… Sucks!!!

  74. Hello QuickyBaby ! I’m french and i very like your videos ! I’m good at
    English but I understand not all… Can you just substitle your videos ? (
    In english if you want ^^) Thx !

  75. finallyyy

  76. Thanks man. Merry Xmas to you and Peppy

  77. Where does he get the mod for the new version from / what and how do you
    change the necessary files to make the old version working in the new

  78. For some reason the “chance to win” in the scoreboard isn’t showing up for
    me, any reasons why? everything else works.

  79. Yay!!! Thanks a million! :)

  80. Excellent spotted feature on the tank list, I am now using this over my own
    edited mod packs, gj QB.

  81. Happy hollidays and merry christmas, QB, PP and all viewing this video!

  82. Thanks Quickybaby Yet again ! 🙂 

  83. finally they added last position markers to the vanilla game. this should
    have been done years ago. Now newer players or players who don’t use mods
    will have the advantage of not having to memorize where every tank was

  84. Awesome. I’m going to be all over this like ugly on an ape

  85. how do i move the hit log?

  86. for me is not working

  87. Hi QB
    Thanks for the mod pack and cant tell how much I think your initiative and
    work with the charity last Sunday was important – it was a GRAND piece of
    work! Your not just a decent WOT player 🙂 🙂 , you seme to be a really
    decent person as well !! Pls ceep up the good work, you make difference!!

  88. Wow QB, always on time :)

  89. Quicky when are you going to do a M48 Patton review? 

  90. +QuickyBabyTV How to disable the stars? They are annoying :/

  91. Thanks. You too. :)

  92. Happy Christmas and happy New Year Quicky. :D

  93. Just curious, what are illegal mods here on NA, and what do they do? First
    time hearing about this. :/

  94. Anyone know How to zoom minimap???

  95. Thank you very much.. this is only mod pack which is working for me…

  96. Hey you bought the tokens for the WZ 111 or done the missions?

  97. Thanks again QuickyBaby!

  98. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen those arty kills at the end, but I
    find it hilarious every time :D. Anyone else?

  99. happy holidays QB and Peppy Pepper

  100. happy holidays and one question is there a way to delete just the zoom mod
    so you have the normal zooms of wot? 

  101. i enjoy your mob pack I am wondering why you don’t setting changes in your
    mod pack ? something skin’s ?

  102. You should add a mod for 2 rows of tanks.

  103. normally it works, but this time on xvm he gives an error.
    i don’t get the message of the xvm (in wot) anymore

  104. Wargaming is still realising hollow patches. They just dont feel as big as
    they should, thinking of that they have 2-3 months between each update.

  105. Hi, QB thanks for the mod pack, but how can I change the six sense icon?

  106. how do you download it? sorry for being stupid…

  107. how do you start it so it works?

  108. Quickybaby, why do you not use the “hits recieved” log as well?

  109. I played one game without XVM and panicked. all back working now,Thanks for
    the quick post….. see you in battle…

  110. I’m used with your mods and they are so good and today when i saw the
    update i wanderd when it will come up ! keep the mods going for the future
    updates ! 

  111. I would like one more mod here – the one that take on and off things like
    camo net and repair kit.

  112. Best mod pack i havd been using so far but every time i have to change eff
    for wn8 and thats annoying

  113. Thank you so much. Your work and uploads have helped my game play no end

  114. Thanks QB, as always your speed to get this out so soon after the patch is
    REALLY appreciated. Have fun and see you all on the BF folks. 

  115. I have 2 tanks don’t really need that sort by tier option xd

  116. is anyone else getting a download error, where the zip file contains no

  117. f u google no real name

    who still uses efficiency for XVM?

  118. Would it be possible for you to make a video, explaining marks of

  119. It would be awesome to play WoT on the pc but I have put too much effort
    into the xbox 360 verson so there is no point, unless they develope
    something which could allow me to use my tanks I already have on both

  120. QB I think mediafire is not working correctly and frankly junk itself .
    When I decline the >Trashcostume
    installation< . Now I need to go through the REG and make sure all that
    un-want offers are truly not in the reg . I do appreciate what you do
    for the WOT community . But come-on really MF . guess I'll just have to go
    without the view range indicator for now . :(

  121. As you can say : “Thank you so much QuickyBaby” ;)

  122. Great video! But each time your tank is hit don’t those spaghetti arms of
    yours flail uncontrollably? 

  123. how can i move hit couter ??? i cant see it cdlearly behind taks icons 

  124. World of noobs campers idiots. .. today I sell all of my tanks and delete
    this idiot game and leave to warthurder. .. more best …

  125. 3:49 teamkiller

  126. Thanks quicky for doing hard work in bringing us your modpack! I really
    enjoy using this and I find it really helpful if you wouldn’t mind could
    you possibly make a tank review of the jagdpanzer iv? Thanks :)

  127. How can I change it so it shows WN8 instead of stupid eff?

  128. Thanks for that.I’ve used your mod pack in the previous patches and it
    shows a lot of useful stuff. Going to go vanilla for a while though. XVM
    predictor stats (even individual player) are just too discouraging

  129. good mod pack getting a birds eye view comes in really handy once in a
    while .

  130. meh, promod is just much better, because its a downloader where you just
    can click anything you want

  131. how do i get my garage back?

  132. Hi there, i just wonna add 2 things, 1st “WN8 LIVE”(in battle) and the
    season stats on garage, well im using this cuz it is very soft i like it
    very much, but if i get this 2 things it will be the best mod pack ever!
    Well, if i can change this on this files, please tell me 🙂
    Btw i really like ur work on your youtube channel! 🙂
    Your good and you share what you know!
    Ty for that! 🙂
    Cya :)

  133. Thanks QB

  134. Do any of you have a link to the mod that will tell you who is shooting at
    you and how much damage you received?

  135. I have installed the mod onto my res_mods folder and it still wont work. I
    need help pls thank you

  136. Excellent mod.
    Please add a two row garage.

  137. Now they just need to include the view range ring in vanilla.

  138. When I grow up, I want to be just like you!!

  139. Put on closed captioning for the intro and it thinks the arrival noise says
    “well slut”.

  140. Thank You QuickyBaby!

  141. Merry Christmas to you and yours QuickyBaby.

  142. So many times I have wanted to give encouragement but been restrained by
    the voice of age and wisdom… may you and peppy have a God blessed
    Christmas and holiday season as well as marriage and long life…. you have
    the gift of character my friend, use it for good…

  143. Thank you. QB, cant live without the modpack!

  144. My res_mods folder isn’t there can someone help me? Please?

  145. Is there suppose to be Damage received from enemy players as well?

  146. how about the hit received? is it included on this mod

  147. Merry Christmas quicky

  148. thank you for your work. really like your channel

  149. hello QuickyBaby.First great work as always, gracias.todo only one works
    correctly the porcentanje of winning or losing as look jjj to the beginning
    of the batalla.como it might solve it? Thank you

  150. He excuses my translation

  151. QB, you are amazing!

  152. Why i don’t have the % of win?

  153. you got ghost eyes

  154. Good job GB ;)

  155. i tried playing y/day without mods and it was like i was playing a
    different game :L

  156. Hey QuickyBaby! I really like your modpack but one thing that I miss is the
    lines that shows the outer limits of the barrel so I know how far I can
    traverse before my SPG has to move and the aim is lost. Do you know where
    to activate it?

  157. Music is too loud, can barely make out what you are saying

  158. Hey, could you add a marker for an arty mode (center X) and the angle of
    gun + time indicator for how long the shell will go to target?

  159. I set it all up and all up and working well. However, the name icons on the
    mini map seem to have a slight shadow under them….any ideas?

  160. thanks qb,working hard to download this mod XD

  161. Hey quicky! Are you maybe thinking of uploading some war thunder content?,
    I saw u the other day flying the japs :)

  162. NTWH Home of World of Tanks Blitz and More

    Hi I’m NTWH. I know u find this annoying but I hope u will spare some of
    your precious time to watch my World Of Tanks Blitz videos. I upload every
    three days but depends on my schedule. If u do not want to watch it then
    keep it to yourself and don’t comment down here below. Thank you for your
    time reading this.

  163. Hello please do gameplay with WZ-111

  164. if you can’t find your world of tanks folder can you still get the mods in
    your mod pack

  165. what are the blue and brown line actually on the minimap

  166. the total damage indicator is block by the tank types


  168. Quicky, do you have any idea why Locastan’s team HP pools doesn’t work with
    your mod pack?

  169. is this something that quicky baby does often? because this mod pack is
    damn useful, made me realise how much i really need to improve 😀 so

  170. my hit log is in the middle of screen…why?

  171. The only thing that I didnt see I would like to have is hits received and
    what type of round they hit you with. its nice to know if they are using
    APCR so I can either switch to it or warn others that they are using it.

  172. thanks for the xvm mod Quicky :)

  173. How do I change the ‘spotted’ icon so I don’t get QB’s face every time I’m

  174. ProGamer Black_Jack99

    loove your mod pack quicky! 

  175. Chat and ping dosent work, can you help me?

  176. 1 premium day bonus code: 2015WGNY

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