World of Tanks || 9.5 – New Maps

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Checking out the new maps coming in 9.5 Mittengard, Ghost Town and Winter Ruinberg!

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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Delicious 

  3. Have they moved FV 4202 to T8,and has it become a prem tank ???????

  4. Hey man thanks 

  5. isn’t it middle berg from the ios version

  6. Hahahaha “Dihrty Seal-Clubbahs” I love it.

    I really don’t like winter maps. Too hard to see. I would like to have
    Ghost Town in Random. Dragon’s Ridge too.

  7. In my opinion WG should repair more important parts of game like Phisics.
    Its fine to have reskin maps but WG should finally add some really good not
    city map into the game. I think that there are too much city maps for now.

  8. Too many city maps lately…and I still get like 3-4 maps in rotation. WG
    sucks badly last couple of patches..ran out of ideas? Or Vodka?

  9. what the….
    Ruinberg on fire to dark?
    I want night battles dammit!!!

  10. QB fantastic video 🙂 Please make next vlog.

  11. What about the conway?

  12. i would love mittengard and ghost town for random battles at higher tiers
    as well

  13. dammit winter maps seem to ruin my fps

  14. When is this coming?

  15. I think they should keep ruinberg on fire 

  16. Wargaming shouldn’t work on new maps. They should really work on their
    matchmaker and maybe edit it a little bit… Nice Vid Quicky

  17. Re-skinning is close to pointless in my opinion, better focus on creating
    completely new maps and, more importantly, balancing current ones.

  18. the lower tier players will not appreciate the new map just for them
    because they are new… they don’t know about this stuff for all they know
    the map has been there for 8 years. Also E sports map, it’s not in random
    battles because it was designed for team work, something that doesn’t
    happen much in random battles.

  19. Why won’t they put back Dragon’s Ridge?!

  20. Please quickybaby, un can totld the wargamming to make Berlin defence? Pls 

  21. Nien Point Pive

  22. It really sucks Mittengard and Ghost Town are not available for every game
    mode and tier

  23. Next pach time for full gold Pz. B2 sealclubbing! :)

  24. i don’t like the reskined map, i think ruinberg on fire was one of the most
    beutifull maps of the game

  25. This is live on the test server, correct?

  26. Winter Ruinberg looks better than Ruinberg on fire (It looked too dark for

  27. my biggest wish come true. finally. ruinberg winter edition !

  28. I cant be the only one who thinks that tier 8 tanks should not see tier 10
    tanks, they have NO hope (Light tanks, artillery and ISU-152 dont count)

  29. … to dark? what the fuck, how?

  30. personally i would remove that one map, being darker is part of the
    challenge, yeah make it winter, as an additional map, which actually leaves
    more variety in the maps that you can get. heck far as i am concerned all
    maps should be able to be played on at any tier, more random unexpected
    thing, makes people thing, not just do the same old thing and hope for the
    same old results.

  31. And next useless update 🙁 

  32. When is this coming out

  33. It was Lost Town I think.

  34. 1. Mittengard seems like a better high tier map than malinovka (at least it
    has cover between bases…), so why only low tiers and then the map
    disappears from the rotation ?
    2. Ghost town seems like a fantastic map, I understand the appeal for 7/54
    but why in hell not include it in randoms ? Seems like a pure waste.
    3. Ruinberg on fire might have been ”darker”, but the real problem is it
    had nothing special, just a couple bonfires here and there. Winter Ruinberg
    at least serves the purpose of bringing more winter maps in the game. Does
    seem like a pure reskin though.

  35. What happened to World of Tanks Havok 2014? “The Havok game engine will be
    coming in 2014, not in 9.0 but maybe 9.2 or 3.” December 31st, Havok
    introduced! Goddammit Wargaming.

  36. I feel like that Ghost Town map could easily be made into an encounter
    battle map for random battles. I pretty much only play random battles, so
    this is a little disappointing. However I do understand the Mittengard
    addition, the low tiers need some love too, they only have a few maps to
    choose from.
    As for reskin maps, I think they’re fine so long as WG doesn’t spend too
    much time with them, just making them little bonuses. I’m a fan of the
    winter atmosphere, so I like this reskin.

  37. Mittengard looks really interesting, it’s a shame it won’t be in higher
    tiers. – This channel represents Quickybaby’s QSF btw :)

  38. 3 Ruinberg maps? But why? Are there any differences? ( Ruinberg, Ruinberg
    on fire, Winter Ruinberg)

  39. One of my clan mates knows someone who works for Wargaming, and he says
    that 9.5 is going to be huge.

  40. random player, would love that second map for random que, but I agree the
    Esports side of it could use some more stuff designed for it…

    Reskins I welcome with open arms though, the console version has them and
    it really helps I think

  41. Winter ruinberg looks amazing!

  42. I am glad that they are not adding a map for the higher tiers aka. a most
    common map. I dont have the time to study all the maps that they add every
    patch. As far as the reskining of Ruinberg i really do like WG doing such
    remodeling regarding the popular maps. That makes it that we see the cooler
    maps (as Ruinberg is in my opinion) more often that we do now, and I really
    do like the idea. P.P. I would like e remodel of more maps (Mini for
    example- its my personal favorite).

  43. I don’t like the reskin-policy, because it doesn’t add new aspects to the
    game. I never realized if i’m playing on Ruinberg or Ruinberg in flames,
    because these two maps are exactly the same… Just a ruined town with or
    without some flames. I personally prefer it with flames. I think wargaming
    should only improve the maps or add structure-varieties of the maps to
    provoke different tactics on different map-variations. 

  44. Actually I like Mitengard! I will reactivate my Tetrarch to play it, no
    sealclubbing intended with that glass tank but there is no other way to
    play it I guess. I dont care for Winter Ruinberg one bit, though..

  45. Is it just me or the quality of QB’s videos increased drastically? Can
    somebody explain?

  46. I don’t really have problems with reskinned maps. It adds a bit of variety
    without the need for huge amounts of time invested by developers. However,
    I also think that there should be more of a conscious effort to add new
    maps for all game modes.

  47. When is the test server going live anyideas?

  48. I’m gonna rebuy my hetzer… B)

  49. whats the problem with Ruinberg on fire ? its dark for everyone, its not
    like anyones got an advantage on the map. im guessing its because the
    unicums get shot by what they class as lower lvl players (noobs/tomato’s
    ect) that they cried about it to WoT to get it changed. I cant see any
    reason what so ever to remove the map, just to replace it with the same but
    with snow.

  50. I Will love to play e-sports on ghost town but i dont have any clan… :(

  51. 1 thing I dont get it is why would wargaming but in 2 maps that are exactly
    same but just another skin that only means you get that map more often and
    thats quite annoying because the 3 maps where thats the case are godawful 

  52. “Deemed too dark”???? WTF is a war zone supposed to look like.

  53. Just looking @ the description, I think my mind will be blown by winter

  54. Does historical battles are in this update ?

  55. I can’t wait to destroy buildings with HE shells, and knock off stuff on
    other people’s tanks.

  56. I think wargaming could just add weather conditions to each map, like
    winter and stormy and all that. Instead of making whole new maps altogether
    and making a big deal about it

  57. Personally I would really like WG to make the maps playable to all tiers
    and players. I don’t like having maps that I cannot play because I enjoy
    more variety and I think WG should try and add that to the game.

  58. 1. Map for Low Tier battles – all right.

    2. PERFECTLY symmetrical map – layme. Maybe for esports, but its just
    boring. Hopefully they don’t introduce more of that. Differences between
    two map sides make it more interesting.

    3. Winter Ruinberg – but they forgot to add snow to the building’s roofs.
    WG pls…

  59. Surprise surprise. Town map, city map and oh wait…another city map.

  60. Playground for new players? More like hunting grounds for sealsclubbers :D

  61. i hate to play with arty in the last map

  62. New maps!!!! Reskin……then it`s not new and a complete waste of a map

  63. SPG are too dark. They should delete them.

  64. new maps or just recyclated maps ? omg gj wg

  65. I liked ruinberg on fire.. :(

  66. Test servers up?

  67. Great video +QuickyBabyTV I like the new maps and I am pleased to hear
    that Ruinberg on Fire is being removed, I’d rather have a snowy map then a
    dark map (unless wargaming makes working lights on tanks) As for mittengard
    it looks good and i can’t wait to see it on the test server. We need more
    new maps for high tiers but it is too small for those tiers. Imagine a
    E100 and a Maus on it they would control the whole city, and get
    surrounded, it just doesn’t work. Ghost Town, well named, it should prove a
    challenge to Team Battle players. I play in this game mode a lot but i
    would like to see it in skirmishes too because Wargaming should make it
    richer (in terms of maps). Thanks for the info M8. Liked, Commenting,
    Subscribed! +darko lozankoski 

  68. lazy ass wg i whant to blow apart Buildings puch through the rubble and
    game promotions that with special tanks and stuff that normal non cw Clans
    can participate in they only cater for the large Clan community not for
    lone wolf ore micro Clans

  69. Crap maps, don’t care, don’t bother…

  70. Midgard. 

  71. i would like daruinberg Sandstorm better.

  72. Winter Ruinburg…. where is the snow on the roofs?

  73. i dont like ruinburg…

  74. Well looks like I will never see ghost town as that game mode like most it
    holds no interest for me.
    What we really need is there efforts put into a proper arty and ammo
    rebalance not map re-hashes and tank balance could also do with some work

  75. tht mittengard map whats the point of half of tht map? seems beyond the “6”
    line upwards its kinda useless in encounter mode lol

  76. When does the 9.5 test server begin?

  77. I Made jokes about adding ruinberg on ice but now they actually did it!

  78. i like re skins but i wish they would alter prokhorovka because the meta on
    that map is camp and camp and camp it was fine this time last year when the
    matched were a little more fluid but now its not fun. its like the magic
    forest on the old murovanka send the low tier tanks to suicide spot do a
    max of 2 shots of damage then re engage mega camp mode its boring and
    without gun depression your next to useless except for camping and thats
    not fun.

  79. Is test server out??

  80. Mittengard? More like kittengard #amirite 

  81. bad news for arty players

  82. cant wait :)

  83. i think that they should be making new maps in stead of the same ones again
    but in a new skin

  84. 300 Aufrufe -> 924 Likes? WTF xD

  85. A Sock Puppet Named Jeff.

    So basically no change in the next patch, just a snowy ruinberg, how

  86. They need to add night and rain battles

  87. Mittengrad is an almost exact copy of a map on WoT Blitz… lol

  88. Disappointing….
    All of the new maps aren’t available on the random …really? They are
    awesome and beautiful, that ghost town is AMAZING.
    Also re-skin of a map is just a lazy way to add more maps…AND they want
    us to buy more winter camo..but NOPE i’m still not going to buy it WG.
    At the end of the day i don’t care if my map is green, red or white i just
    want to change scenario time to time and adding more snow doesn’t make a
    new map so just stop please..use the money in other things…like…HD
    tank? New maps Chinese TD or Japanese HT..i’m sure you can use them in
    something more usefull…hell even a better optimization for the game would
    be better that some snow…

  89. Wargaming really needs to add weather affects to the game. i would be

  90. when will the Test Server come out roughly???

  91. tks but you make an inutil copy of wot,stop copy all

  92. reskinning the old maps to make them look new sorry but to me is a fail..i
    am however in favor of new maps yes… regarding the team batle maps,having
    a team to defend two cap points to me doesnt make that well balance at all
    because the atacking team just has to choose one of the caps that to me
    doesnt provide fun only worries but ill leave me final opinion in that wen
    i play that…still i do complain on some changes that wg did in some maps
    making them closed quarters batles they still dont provide a good balance
    between all types of tanks…lets say for instance the last map they put on
    the last update stalingrad…why there his inviseble walls on spots that
    clearly tanks can overcome???why did they make those changes on mountain
    pass where some tanks could take scounting positions now are imposible to
    acess where his the fun in that???

  93. When does 9.5 come out?

  94. WG idiots… Please find your heads and do real maps to the WoT…. I want
    Night maps… So when war was so there was not any Night battles with tanks
    or what u potatoes?

  95. I really wish they would allow you to blacklist 2 maps at a time from the
    random rotation. That would also provide feedback data as to what types of
    maps people enjoy playing on. I’ll be excited to try out the new tier 1-4
    map (still haven’t started the british or japanese line yet). I could care
    less about the re-skin as I like the Ruinberg on Fire just fine.
    As always, thank you QB for all you do and the great content you put out!

  96. Also, quit re-skinning and add random weather effects! I want rain storms!

  97. are they serious..
    Winter Ruinberg?
    like.. I love winter.. but I’d rather have a new map with winter skin than
    an old one with this skin..

  98. is it just me or does WoT get alot of new patches in very short time

  99. First map for tier max 4 pfffff.
    Map 2 : Looks fucking amazing , not for random battles.
    Ruinberg winter? Who gives a fuck

    Well done again wargaming idiots.

    The 2 new maps look fucking dope and we cant even play tier 10 tanks on it

  100. what’s up with this 45fps ?? it doesnt work for shit, what was wrong with
    the normal 1080p ???

  101. Winter Himmelsdorf looks so weird… all the map is white but the houses
    have no snow on them. What?

  102. I’ve just realized one flaw that WoT winter maps have: the rooftops dont
    have snow on them. Looks unnatural :/

  103. Wait, someone below said something (God I hate people who make their
    comments unable to be replied to) that implies one can blacklist a map and
    not have to play on it?? Is this true and if so, where is the setting for
    it? ::crosses fingers… goodbye Severagorsk if it’s true:: Edit: Or Sacred
    Valley.. damnit now I’m going to have trouble deciding.. lol

  104. Can’t wait to go “seal club” the new comer xD

  105. When is the Common test server opening?

  106. Removing Ruinberg on Fire because it is too dark is simply ridonkulous.

  107. Remove ruinberg PLS i cant stand playing it over and over and over .

  108. Well im not a high tier player, im more of a mid-tier guy, i play tier 6
    and 7, and i would be happy if the new low tier map would be playable at
    higher tiers, either by changing the size of it and adding new parts of the
    map or by changing the matchmaking so that on there you could only play in
    10 vs 10 teams, randomly chosen. This is just my opinion if you like it or
    have something to add to it, feel free to comment

  109. I would love mittengard for 5-6 tanks a side every now and then in random

    Also I would like to see WG focus efforts on a new spotting mechanic. This
    pinging system is ok but barely. I would love to see WG start to take the
    old and swap for a little new. Maybe work on optimisation and squeeze some
    more frames out of it too.

    But iv read they are reluctant to hire outside of Russia. 

  110. I’d play winter ruinberg thousand times before touching ruinberg on fire
    with a long ass stick

  111. Great, new maps,
    But why TWO patches in 2 months time? Like, wargaming always had a patch
    once a quarter, a great big patch, is this game going to descent to a game
    with every month a small and not really giving more content? Great, using
    old game objects to create new maps! But where are the Havok physics? They
    were giving it us begin this year (1st quarter) and where are the improved
    HD tank models? And what? Revamp one small tank stat what is not actually
    for historical reasons, just amasing! Wargaming, what is this nonsense! 

  112. I think they are focused on both that skin and new map!

  113. Time to grind up my heavies because World of corridors…

  114. More wot shit maps

  115. Mittenberg looks nice. Can’t wait to see my Pz. II D and Somua 35 roll
    around there. Sadly I’m likely to play Ghosttown only in training mode (or
    Wargaming might make an encounter variant), looks intresting either way.
    Happy to see Ruinberg on Fire getting reskined to snowy map. Looks like
    I’ve been missing winter for too long.

  116. F! U! MM!

  117. i liked ruinberg on fure more :(but the other new maps look great and i
    also cant wait for the new historical battles ;)

  118. Mihailescu Vladimir

    Soooo 90% of wot players get .. Nothing … besides a “this is a carrot but
    im going to paint it yellow so you will think it is a banana” in the case
    of Ruinberg. 

  119. Its Ruinberg on Ice now! about time Himmeldorf was fellin alone

  120. They all look very nice. I would prefer new maps over reskins but reskins
    are fun too :)

  121. Mittengard would be nice for high tier tanks as well. Players would be on
    constant alert since they can spot each other very easy.
    Winter Ruinberg nothing special, the skin is cool I love winter. :3
    Ghost town will be awesome for “Best Replays of the Week”, you can jump on
    enemies which is a nice feature. :))

  122. i like the new maps, but WHERE THE FUCK IS HAVOK WARGAMING? IT WAS SUPPOST

  123. Winter Ruinberg is beautiful! :3

  124. and the tier 10 heavy and medium England tanks? will they go to premium
    tank in this patch?

  125. Desert_Fox46 awesomeness

    i would love to play ghost town out of team battles

  126. So… No Normandy?

  127. It never crossed my mind that it was too dark.

  128. What a let down that Ghost Town is TB only. They simply cannot accept that
    people really are not that excited about TB, its something distracting to
    play every now and again, or to play with CW is down. 

  129. I wish ghost town was on the random battle server too, you could just get
    rid of flag 1 and make it an encounter map with the flag in the middle.

  130. Ahh man, I liked Rottenberg on fire because it was dark and gloomy,

  131. Finaly a map with two bases at one team


  132. I’ll liked Ruinberg on Fire – Dang!!

  133. So, I believe WG should try and get the Havoc Physics implemented like they
    said they would by the end of 2014

  134. Wow! 3 new maps! Intresting!

  135. I think they should concentrate on letting me play more than three maps on
    any given day!!!! What is the point of making more maps, when I will
    hardly ever see them?

  136. Replaced a cool version of ruinburg with a lame version. Nice job

  137. I’d appreciate some work on MM. The blow outs, either way, are boring and
    no fun.

  138. Higher tier TDs, scouts and sniper tanks (not to mention arty) would all
    have a horrible time in a tiny meat grinder map like Mittengard.

    Keeping it low tier only is completely the right choice.

  139. I understand that WG is a business and wishes to encourage new-comers with
    ‘easier’ maps; however it really needs some slightly larger maps and
    slightly larger teams to keep the interest of preexisting players. This
    could be done so that only people with – say – 10,000 battles can get into
    a 1200/1300 metre map, with a 20/25 per side team. Not only would it be
    more tactical but it would make scouts more functional and TDs more of an
    ambush weapon rather than a camping one, but also when a team bellyflops
    there would be a few more players that survive on that team, and they can
    use shoot and scoot tactics, making it much more interesting for both

  140. More about 9.5 pls ( english new tanks)

  141. I hate Ruinberg.

  142. update your intro bro 

  143. They need to STOP getting rid of maps deemed too dark as I found the new
    Ruinburg to be the best yet. They need to bring back some other
    discontinued maps as well. If anything they need to address the camper
    problems on some of the maps as well as the other problems on some maps
    that have town & open areas & encourage ppl to use the WHOLE map & not just
    only fight in the town while the other 3/4 of the map is ignored.

  144. mikkel christoffersen

    winter ruinberg looks awesome could use more of these maps 

  145. I’d really like to see those two big closed blocks on Ruinberg opened up to
    allow more complex game play on that map.

  146. i want dragons ridge and ghost town in the random battles, I think dragons
    ridge is a funny old map since it leaves an advantage to meds over heavies
    or Td’s since there are so many oppertunities to flank around! Anyway keep
    up the good work QB you certainly deserve my “like” :)

  147. I love winter skins. Mittengard looks great for new players and ghost town
    looks completely symmetrical so kinda boring for random battles. I think
    this map update is great!

  148. Winter Ruinberg, nice and fine, BUT there are huge areas in the center of
    the map, surrounded by houses and inaccessible (almost a 1/4 of the entire
    map), that would be a great opportunity for some “hidden” passing through
    ,which would give additional battle areas

  149. The Peter Principle: “In any hierarchy a person is promoted to their level
    of competence…. then one step further”
    This is what re-skinning is really about: for some people one step beyond
    their level of competence is getting a job. Rather than sacking them they
    are given re-skin jobs.
    Most altruistic of you WG: I approve.

  150. Mittengard, Good idea. Ghost Town, bad idea. Have it open to everybody.
    Reskins? I don’t really care about it but they’re kind of nice so I’m good
    with it. What this game needs is some really BIG maps. 

  151. THREE more urban maps. Why am I not at all surprised.

  152. ghost town seems like one of my top 5 fav maps in wot but they instead
    waste it on 7/54?! boo wg u stink

  153. Stahp giving old maps new haircuts. Instead add more new maps to the

  154. I would love to see ghost town in the random queue and I’d hate to see
    ruinberg on fire disappear :/ I really like the darker theme and dimmed
    lighting in that map :/
    All the other stuff sounds great, though. Mittengard does seem a bit too
    small to be included in high tier queues.

  155. I want them to bring back Port and Dragon Ridge.

  156. Mittengard looks good for clubbing, after all, they don’t club themselves

  157. Overall not harmful to the gameplay at least. I guess the team battles will
    not be that popular. People are now more playing strongholds. Can’t wait
    Historical battles vs NPC’s. 

  158. Alright, here’s the thing. Regardless of the game, I generally play a
    sniper in multiplayer shooting games. What does that mean? That means I
    play mostly low armor tank destroyers in WoT. Can someone explain to me why
    WG enjoys taking big ol’ Russian dumps on low armor tank-destroyers that
    have to rely on their camo rating to survive? They have modified maps in
    recent patches that were previously camp fests but now provide for dynamic
    battles, which is fine. But then they add more maps just like that to the
    game. I feel that pretty much every map that you get on to these days in
    WoT is the same damn thing, you have a nice area for the heavies and
    mediums, and nice open spaces for the heavily armored TD’s, but where the
    fuck is the cover for the low armor TD’s? I play the Rhm Borsig A LOT, and
    I consistently find myself driving back and forth behind a building rather
    than being able to lay low in a bush (but that’s OK because I’m sure that
    the designers of the low armor TD’s in the game thought that the best way
    to drive them is like a heavy tank)

  159. urban caca maps

  160. Winter Ruinenberg has less bushes nad they are a bit differently placed.

  161. Good to see new small map for low tiers, helps keep things interesting. As
    for the re skin of Ruinberg can’t say I’m bothered i would rather see
    completely new maps where each half of the map are not like a mirror image.
    If maps were different on each side it would add more variety to the
    gameplay and makes it more tactical where you have to overcome map
    challenges as well as the opposition.

  162. Any winter maps should have slick spots and places where tanks could get
    bogged down in the mud, dont know how hard that would be to code though. It
    could also be snowing while playing…Affecting vision and overall tank

  163. First map better than province.

  164. …Why isn’t there any snow of the roofs of Winter Ruinberg? WG pls

  165. Man it’ll be the day when you can kill a Hellcat by dropping part of a
    building on the bastard won’t it?

  166. Still waiting for them to make the berlin map proposal i posted on the
    forums back some time 😀 would be epic

  167. I think they should put a bit of time into optimising the game, multi ore
    support would be a good start

  168. winter map, less camo from the decreased foliage perhaps?

  169. to be honest I don’t even notice how pretty a map is when I’m playing it so
    as far as reskin they do nothing for me. Id like it if they would make a
    map for just tiir ten battles that be cool.

  170. More new maps! Also allow all maps to be played by all tiers r at least
    have a map for other groups of tiers too.

  171. Bring back Map Tactics plz QB

  172. Where is your lovely face?:)

  173. winter ruinberg too bright OP change

  174. On a separate note: PREMIUM Ammo! The haters vs the lovers. Why the
    stupid option extreme’s. It’s not all or nothing. The problems with this
    ammo could be solved by the REALISTIC limitation of 10%. This way the tanks
    that need them could access them (it is good to have them buyable with both
    gold and credits; as is). That would be smart and end the bickering!

  175. This whole “Ruinberg on fire is too dark” debate is just ridicouless.. and
    of course Wargaming jumps in immediately, to secure a few muppets from “the
    darkness”, because they are unable to correct the gamma of their screen or
    of the game itself. Wargaming should finally start focusing on their own
    ideas and visions.. and not on this pathetic stuff that the community comes
    up with. 

  176. Thanks WG more of the corridor meta!

  177. i dont mind the the reskin, i think that if every map (that possibly could)
    should have a seasonal variant, and if they could make it so that, durring
    winter you had a 60% chance of getting a winter map, and so on and so on,
    why 60%? you may ask
    well to still have some variation. i think that its worth trying out.

  178. on winter maps there should be snow mounds like in urban maps there is
    ruble piles to go hull down

  179. This map sounds like Evo city on Gmod

  180. Thatguywiththeface ofawsomness

    million dollar maps and they limit tiers playability to low tiers and team
    battles :(

  181. Thatguywiththeface ofawsomness


  182. Disappointing…
    First map is limited to low tiers,so I’ll probably play on it a few times a
    On the second map I’ll probably never play,last time it was impossible to
    play that mode without being in a competitive clan.
    Winter Ruinberg is nice but I would’ve liked to keep Ruinberg on fire,I
    liked that map.

  183. Quicky would seal club on Mittengard ??? aha

  184. i hate city maps, but i know what WG is doing. They are killing TD’s and
    arties out of the game.

  185. Ghost Town would be great in randoms. I understand why they did it though.
    Random players, like myself, will just have to wait.

  186. Holy fuck, Mittengard and ghost town look like great maps, both with very
    unique features that would make it awesome to play. Only problem is what
    type/tier you can get them on. I think both those maps should be open to
    tier 7-10 because they would be so fun to play. The huge cliffs and hills
    on mittengard would make it really interesting and it would be great to
    play a desert map that isn’t open (i.e. a city map) for once on Ghost town.
    Hopefully they change it in the next update so we can all play it.

  187. I’d love when the cobblestones on Ruinberg were slippery with ice and snow.
    But they probably aren’t.

  188. Mittengard definitely couldn’t include higher tiers. You could just drive
    up those slopes by the base and spot everyone if you had decent view range.
    Edit: It would be like Province used to be.

  189. Another insightful video QB. The biggest problem with WOT and Wargaming
    itself at the moment is them trying to become a big player in the e-sports
    arena. This itself isn’t the problem, the problem however is that WG aren’t
    doing a thing to rid their game of the warpack hacks that are out there.
    Wargaming can’t be taken seriously as an e-sports contender whilst their
    game is rife with the warpack usage.

  190. how about optimizing WoT a little bit better,cause not everyone can afford
    ‘outter space’ computers,players with high perfomance computers have many
    advantages over others (less lag,better graphics and fps). So many times
    killed just because my PC lags in critical moment,so optimizing should be

  191. Cool, cool and cool!
    The first map should be left for 1-4 T only.
    Second map…I would like to see that on random pls!
    Nice skin! I like that map! :)

  192. ghost town is awesome !!

  193. Wargaming just want WOT to be a call of duty exclusively for tanks ! Just
    Heavy brawlers and Fuck TDS and botton tiers ! Good job wargaming doing
    your retard job and forcing players to play the way YOU want ! 

  194. I hate Ruinberg as in a arty, but I love the burning mod in the map allot
    and no it is not to dark it is just more realistic but yes new maps are
    needed in WoT for a long time but in random battles as well. It looks fun
    on the low tier map that is what I need to try one day in the test server
    when it comes :)

  195. Oh look, 2 maps that i will never play…..

  196. That sucks. Like a lot of other people, I am strictly a solo random player.
    They add two really cool looking new maps, one of which I will NEVER get to
    see, the other I have to rebuy a tier <4 to play? Oh... but yay. Yet
    another reskin of an existing map. Whooptie-do. Not that it matters much, I
    guess, there's what, 30ish maps in the game now and yet I still only get to
    see a rotation of the same 3 or 4 every time I log in:

  197. For the love of gaBeN please buff the poor 59-16 give it a gun like every
    other tier 6 scout gets not a pop gun or a auto loader with under 90mm pen 

  198. they should add more desert maps there is just to little desert map 

  199. Lol what?
    Winter ruinberg?
    So there will be 3 versions of the one map now?
    Fuck me.

  200. keep going your great work quickybaby!!!!you help me alot with your

  201. I like new maps, but wish that “WINTER” maps actually had winter physics
    such as ice patches,snow white out and other such twists

  202. I’m disappointment that WG has introduced two new maps that will really
    only be able to new players and WoT gods.

  203. The Legendary Potato

    Why Wargaming Ruinberg on Fire was one of my favorite maps! :(

  204. I like all of them particularly the new beginning map and love the re-skin.

  205. monkeystandoffsucks

    Still hoping for a map where there’s heavy rainfall and smoke rounds for

  206. Am I the only one who kinda wishes some of the old “darker” maps would come
    back (so that means i’m happy about Winter Ruinberg).
    Old versions (sometimes before physics with additional brightness) of Ensk,
    Port, etc. were always favored by me…..

  207. Dear god Teh feels for ruinberg, its just been beaten down for so long 🙁

    Feels like years since ive played regular ruinberg

    And come one, I cant recite crummy jokes about how ruinberg shoudnt of
    played with matches.

    R.I.P in panzers ruinberg on fire,
    You played with matches for too long.

    (And btw the map that is stated to be “on fire” was removed for being too
    dark? I can only assume in mother russia…)

  208. Oh boy! Look at the progress Wargaming is making! What’s next?!?! Possibly
    Winter Himmelsdorf on fire? What a joke…..

  209. We don’t need more Ruinberg at least though they are taking out one for

  210. Why can’t we have a damn Christmas tree in one of the maps :v

  211. i liked the ideea of making Ruinberg snowy, it looks much better, but they
    should add some snow on roofs too, isnt it?

  212. Well I hardly ever play lower than tier 4 tanks, and never do 7/54 so
    basically all I am getting snow. Yay….

  213. I like the new maps, but Mittengard is gonna be a pain for low tier arty
    players who still know nothing about their vehicle.

  214. Mittengard looks like a good low tier match. Though I think it would be fun
    at higher tiers, the spawn locations are too close. Everyone will be
    spotted right when the match starts and slower vehicles will be destroyed
    early. If not for that one problem. I think it would be fun for any tier.

    Ghost town looks fun. I have no idea why they would not put it in random
    rotation though. I mean, the map looks like it would work in random
    battles, so why not throw it in there?

    I preferred Ruinberg on fire over the standard Ruinberg because I can see
    the map much better. I am color blind, so the map on normal Ruinberg washes
    out as a big grey box for me. The fire version gives me some contrast to
    see what is going on. I hope the snow version will do the same for me. I do
    not know what they mean by too dark. I could see just fine on the map.

    Most people said Himmelsdorf was just a reskin, but I did notice something
    different about how it played. As a scout tank driver, I noticed that the
    bushes, dead in the normal version of the map, were able to provide some
    concealment. This meant I could not spot rushers from the line on my ally
    side of the square at ground level. This also meant I could hide in some
    areas in the square. I am sure Ruinberg on ice (that is what I will be
    calling it) will have a similar change.

  215. Winter Ruinberg has some bushes removed from what I could see on the long
    eastern road

  216. Reskinning maps is just so weak. It adds nothing to the gameplay. Oh woohoo
    the map is on fire…now it’s white…did anything change? No. It’s such a
    waste of time. Either spend the time to make real differences in the map,
    such as more burned out buildings when it was on fire, or snow berms, and
    slicker ground areas when winter….or just put the time into a different

  217. Glad Ruinberg gets a winter map.

  218. Nice maps but a little dissappointing at the same time, bound to be a big
    moan on the forums where players get a little upset when something is added
    that they cannot access.
    I wish that WG would make a few changes so players who have been around for
    some time can play low tier tanks occasionally without being considered
    seal clubbbers.
    I think they need some other way that allows new players some time to
    acclimatise before they meet the more experienced players. maybe players
    with less than say 500 games get their own MM that would prevent seal
    clubbing while still alowing players to play any tier tank they wish.

  219. I want new map’s. the old one’s reskinned would be ok if they add some
    tactical change’s. they have all that snow on the ground but non on the
    roof’s, look’s dumb.

  220. seems like people playing world of tanks and professionals competing in
    world of tanks esports will actually be playing 2 different games. kinda

  221. So the first is going to be played just like province. 


  223. Hey QB, the new low tier map looks fun. I can’t wait to play it. Sometimes
    you gotta take a break from the 1337 tier 10 “professional” gamers, and
    have some fun. This could give you and Jingles a chance to re-review some
    lower tier tanks.

  224. I think all those reskins are absolutely awesome. Winter himmelsdorf does
    already looks amazing. Thats a good think.
    Mittengard is far to small for highttier. I can imagine how the base
    location will be played but the eastern part seems to have some small hills
    which will i think provide some good fighting opportunitys. We’ll see. And
    QB can u might show us the standard battle mode on Mittengard, or is there
    even one?
    Ghosttown looks also a bit like Enks to me, but i hate that desert skin,
    would look far more better in Winter Version. If balanced, i also would
    appreciate it if this map would be opened up to random gamed.

  225. Everyone who says Mittengard should be for all tiers is wrong….. it is
    for tiers 1 to 4 because of the bad view range of lower tiered tanks…. I
    mean the map is so small the high tier tanks would spot each other the
    moment they spawn and if they tried going anywhere other than that town in
    the middle they would get spotted and killed, so yea totally, make it
    available for high tiers see what happens :/

  226. Иван Димитров

    i want to play gosttown but i cant
    i dont play team battle and i dont like midengard because it is only 1-4
    tier :P

  227. Where is the snow on the roofs in winter ruinberg???

  228. Looks like a map made for Stat padding Punk Clans!
    Just one more reason War Gaming is losing so many players!

  229. The new low tier map is great. So many times I was sooooooooooooo tired of
    Province! This will be perfect to practice town battles also an it’s open
    enough that arty players won’t be excluded.

  230. The new maps coming out of late are WAY nicer than many of the old ones,
    even the reworked ones.

  231. another stupid ruinberg
    how bout 20 new maps and no lame ass reskins

  232. I liked Ruinberg on fire. I will miss it.

  233. 2 mobile version map be HD? these map may be too small even for low tier

  234. Another useless update…

  235. How about a forest map? They removed a lot of trees of late, it would be
    great to have a map LOADED with tree and bush cover. Call it “Ardennes” or
    something. Lot’s of close-up brawling, and meds and lights can really do
    ambushes and flanking well. Could be a lot of fun. The problem
    with Murovanka before the changes, to me, was that you had the magic
    forest, and then a lot of open areas, with some camping spots. So people
    would either camp in the woods and wait for others to enter, or camp the
    ridge in the south, and wait for people to come out of the forest.
    I think if the whole map is forest, it will be very dynamic.

  236. When is 9.5 test out??

  237. Would playing my hetzer to get free xp to convert be considered seal

  238. Mittengard lol

  239. Wow Winter Ruinberg just what the game needs WG Devs ” Will just give EU
    players new Winter Ruinberg map that`ll make them forget about the fucked
    up spotting & camo physics for a while”

  240. Oh good, another reskin of Ruinberg, but at least it’s brighter than
    Ruinberg on Fire..

  241. Disappointed with the change to Ruinberg.
    The winter theme doesn’t look that good, and I LOVED the look of Ruinberg
    on fire

  242. Time would be better spent on maps available to all and not specific

  243. Bring back port plzzz

  244. Wait a sec!! There have been so many calls for night maps in the past and
    now it’s deemed that Ruinberg On Fire is too dark?! Seriously, WTF!?!?!

  245. new maps good

    and re skins are nice if it dont happens to often but its ok cause you get
    something new to see from time to time on you beloved map :D

  246. my FCM loves that first map

  247. I can’t wait to try Mittengard and I think it will really help new players
    learn some skills that the other low-tier maps just can’t offer. I really
    wish that Ghost Town was going to be in Random Battles as well as 7/54. I
    can understand why they want to make a special map for Team Battles, but I
    find (at least in my experience) that there are very few teams to play
    against in Team Battles on the North American Severs and that’s why I think
    that it should be a Random Battles map and not just a Team Battles map.
    Now, Winter Ruinberg seems like it would be an awesome map if they add one
    factor: Ice! Just picture it, tanks sliding everywhere! I mean the light
    tanks would really slide and even the heavies might slide a little. Sliding
    on ice could add some difficulty and would give us a new skill to master,
    but would also be really fun! 

  248. 45fps wat :D

  249. for the reskin policy, i could be cynical and say that they are trying to
    make people spend more credits/money on camo, but i do think winter
    himelsdorf and ruinberg look better, more clarity to the terrain

  250. Thanks mate!

  251. i fucking hate map re-skins pointless time they could be using to fix the
    broken game 

  252. 3 maps BIG trash,thanks for nothing…….

  253. Think that Mittenguard was the first maps on WoT Blitz

  254. Maps look nice!
    Can you review the Hetzer? And if you did already, can you post a link??? I
    can’t find it…

  255. what we need is a bigger map!!!!

  256. It would be nice if they actually made these maps come up in the rotor
    aswell, not just like 1 in every 100 random battles such as other maps I
    could mention.. *cough* Kharkov *cough* 

  257. Reskin??? they just want to sell more winter cammo.

  258. world of Ruinberg

  259. How about some Night Battles? Pass close to a fire or a burning tank and
    you become more visible. Shadows also work like concealment, so you could
    remove it as a camping spot by killing a tank there and lighting it on
    fire! Too close to a trigger-happy teammate? His muzzle-flash could reveal
    your position as well!

    Or better still, how about giving artillery some Smoke Rounds? They seem
    intent on removing almost all the bushes from the game anyways, and
    temporary cover would allow another layer of strategy 🙂

    They need to redo or remove Swamp – no one crosses the swamp in the middle
    and Draws occur WAY too often because the last of each team just camps
    their bases.

  260. Ghost town: I only play randoms, so I couldn’t care less (looks like the
    gulf of Oman map in battlefield 2)
    Mittengard: looks like an improved province
    W. Ruinberg: polishing a piece of shit makes it look nicer, but it’s still
    a shit map

  261. More winter maps . Its winter now + Xmas coming. Something new need in WOT
    cause of it / 

  262. MORE NEW MAPS WG!!!!

  263. Seal clubbers, the only bigger scumbags than arties.

  264. yea thats great, new things, but when is havok coming, if any coming ?

  265. mittengard looks awesome really excited, shame ghost town arent for random
    games. :-(

  266. Александър Захариев

    I really want to Wargaming make Ghost town for Random Battles!!! I mostly
    play in this mode.

  267. a map modelled like new york with alot of big buildings would be nice.
    maybe with interferrence on radio so you cant see the enemy on the map, if
    they are not in the near of you. just a thought 

  268. I love the winter re-skins, I think it would be awesome if they re-skinned
    every map to coincide with the seasons. Those not familiar with “ArmA” or
    DayZ, the servers have the ability to coincide with your local time of day,
    weather, & I believe seasons as well. Might add a little more realism to
    the game… Any thoughts?

  269. Enough with all the team battle exclusives! WG must clearly be desperate
    for people to play it as they keep pouring medals and now maps onto it,
    medals and maps that you could just as well have for random battles.

  270. new maps look fine. I have to try them before talking. Could anybody think
    of doing a normandy map ? and add to some tanks & arty smoke canisters,
    this would be much more fun

  271. still waiting for ruinberg on steriods

  272. Ruinberg pure reskin

  273. I think there should be more new maps

  274. this new Ruinberg looks good, Hard to say about those 2 new maps…

  275. wel first taught 3 new maps YEAA then looked at the maps and disappointed
    only 1 map i am going to see and that is a dam reskin(most likely)

  276. A new variant… and it’s snow again? No night/rain on the PC still

  277. I hope Mittengard will replace Province. That map only teaches players to
    camp since trying to attack is suicide. 

  278. Floris Van Der Heijden

    Looks really nice!

  279. Will FV4000’s be added in to the TD line ? is it autoloader?

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