World of Tanks: 9.5 Update trailer

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Source: Europe

A new branch of vechicles, personal missions, new e-Sports maps, and many other features in the 9.5 update. Are you ready? Then, roll out!

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  1. Shouldn’t this have been released BEFORE 9.5?

  2. I found this easy to fap to

  3. A week late

  4. A little late, aren’t we? :P

  5. TheTugaMachine | BF4 Montages


  6. i thought trailers were supposed to be released prior to the subject of the

  7. WG….what are you doing?

  8. 9.5 patch and preview already came out and now you release the trailer,
    lol. Imagine this happen to Avenger. Whoever managed Wargaming Youtube page
    should wake up. Know the order of release, and also don’t release several
    videos at one time. 

  9. 0:23 that never happens , we all know that every Tier X Td’s Always use
    gold ….

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