World of Tanks || 9.6 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Get my latest Mod Pack for 9.6! ►WN8 Updated for 11/02/2015

with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
6th Sense

Find out more about me and our community on official forums: ►


From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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World of is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I was waiting for that, thanks :)

  2. Awesome, thanks QB

  3. When will 9.6 be available for NA?

  4. Oh yeahhhh, Thank you very much :D

  5. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira


  6. I have been waiting the whole day for it. Thanks QB!

  7. i knew you would upload a video.. so i gone to youtube with my perfect
    timing once again :D! Thanks for the Modpacks every update!!

  8. Thank QB
    I only use your Modpart- it is The Best

  9. Aleksandar Mutavski

    First xD

    Tnx 4 the pack.

  10. if i have 9.5 modpack do i nee to delete it first?

  11. Thank you very much indeed :)

  12. thanks man! i love your pack, its so simple and clear!

  13. DadThePanda NotYourBuisness

    Awesome video QB!!

  14. Funny that some mods are banned on one sever cluster and not on another.
    That is just some shitty business practice. 

  15. why is my score lowered since i got the 9.5 modpack?

  16. Efficiency?

  17. thx dude..btw you look like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad…still eff,no
    wn8?will that change soon?

  18. Not out yet on NA server

  19. thanks :-)

  20. Артем Калугин

    Hello))) I am from Russia)) go come he)

  21. nice work, and very fast update. tanks mate

  22. Master of the world thx Dude

  23. Thanks Quicky! I was sick wihout situation sight and xvm :D.

  24. Great! Thanks for the fast service. Zoom Out is so valuable for me, I have
    a tiny screen that only just fits all the team list on!

  25. thanks quickybaby.

  26. Thanks QB, I appreciate it

  27. may I ask why WN8 instead of Eff? ty

  28. thank you so match

  29. Thanks safed my day, now I can play

  30. thanks for the mod pack once again 

  31. Thanks, much appreciated 🙂

    Ha en fin dag :-)

  32. Thanks QB

  33. Cheers QB, great work

  34. Thanks QB! Honestly playing without this is just horrible haha, it’s
    actually quite bad how much I now rely on the upgraded map, hit log, last
    known enemy positions etc :)

  35. How to make XVM to show efficiency instead of WIN8?

  36. Thye zonder achternaam

    Thanks man, I like the way how you work for fun and your subs :)

  37. I think that this modpack is pretty flawless but I started using the
    Oldskool Promod cause it has a lot more choices.I recommend that to
    everybody :)

  38. it wont work for me

  39. Thanks again mate

  40. how can i change the image of sixthsense?

  41. Thanks qb. U are the best :)

  42. Thanks quickybaby you are truly awesome. :-)

  43. Quickybaby = Jesse Pinkman, Bitches!

  44. Oh look, there it is!

  45. Thanks chap

  46. Is there any mod which will show me for how much I’ve been hitten? I can’t
    find any mod working that way..

  47. +QuickyBabyTV I love you so much! <3 

  48. tnx, man…
    finally wn8 in your mod pack, thats great….
    you’ve been epic and hope to see you soon… :D

  49. DontTurnAround Ever

    No more Efficiency?

  50. Thanks QB!

  51. qb do you ever play on the NA server?

  52. Thanks QB 🙂 As Jingles says, “See you on the battlefield.” :)

  53. You should add a list of received damage….i’m wondering many times who
    killed me or how…was it one shot?…And from your stream i know that you
    are wondering about the same thing….

  54. Diamond Geezer! Cheers Mate, right on time as always

  55. NA lagging behind. Just for a change.

  56. I dont like this game anymore.. 🙁 i can t hit sh*t when i m driving my ELC
    AMX 🙁 rip

  57. look good .. 🙂 good work 🙂 

  58. Thanks for the quick work on the modpack. Also, thanks for the daily
    affirmation of my epicness 

  59. Hey QB I have more circles than just that cyan one. What do they mean? And
    is the cyan circle always the same in all the tanks no matter the map, tier

  60. 2:53 jesus IS-3 with 1 000 games?

  61. Good modpack.. Only thing i would want was to get “normal” six sense pic.
    No offence QB, but im rather attatched to my light bulb 🙂 Ahh well, guess
    goggle is my friend :)

  62. Help me guyz when i try to download any mod just comes:Application not

  63. QuckyBabyTV. Do i need to delete the older versions of the servers and mods
    to ensure a good and proper function of this 9.6 mod pack with the updated

  64. Thanks for your hard work. Apreciate it.

  65. thank you yet again :D

  66. Thanks to the damage tracker I just barely managed to complete TD-15;
    squeaked by with 4,003 damage in Ferdinand as my team was trying to cap.
    Also, that was killing last enemy who had partial hp left. It was super
    close! Not the game, but the mission!

  67. ur the man, thanks

  68. why you no use damage indicator too??? damage dealt is good , why no damage
    taken too?

  69. Finally WN8 and not outdated creepy eff, great! :D

  70. How do we use wotlabs Wn8 colors in you mod pack?

  71. OMG 4 idiots disliked QB , Subs , get ready , we gotta kill some scumbags

  72. which file i need to edit to change hitlog position? hitlog in default
    folder doesnt apply changes, sirmax.xc too – also i dont see the WN8 on the
    results of the battle, but maybe this pack doesnt have it, yes i activated
    the account on the site

  73. Can we get it in EFF and not WN8 pls ?

  74. Ah! You never disappoint Quicky! We dont have 9.6 on Asia yet but you have
    mods already! So awesome! I do need help on this mod pack, I want to be
    able to see the shells hitting me and the damage I take per hits if its

  75. Νικολιν Μενγκρι

    finaly i was waitng all day !!!!!!!

  76. goddamnit release it on the NA servers!!!

  77. Thank you!!

  78. when i try to open the Mediafire page to get the download all i get is a
    blank page, any ideas how to resolve this? i have used both Google Chrome
    and Internet Explorer

  79. i cant open the link… why? can someone pls uploaded on a diferent site
    and give me the link 🙂 

  80. i cant download it i press the link and it comes up with blank screen?

  81. Liked and shared with friends.

  82. could you give another link for download?

  83. I got a download but when I installed it nothing is working at all. Your
    mod pack or XVM is not working. I installed it like I do every other
    time. Something is not working right. I am on a NA server.

  84. It dus not work voor my

  85. Didn’t talk about the nerf on the t41?

  86. Does anyone knows if the extra zoom-out is legal on european servers?

  87. Cant get away with XVM – I end up looking at the numbers – less on the
    battled field; by situational awareness goes out the window. Had to remove
    the mod. 

  88. Why the fuck would anyone want your face to appear in the middle of the
    screen? Include a download without it ffs.

  89. loving the command and conquer 4 quicky 😀 you should do some streams of
    it. I miss the CaC games and no ones streams them. One of the best game
    franchises in my opinion 🙂 thanks again for the mod pack bro

  90. Guys, just keep clicking the link, it will work eventually. Or wait till
    not so many people are trying to download it.

  91. How does QuickyBaby have so many tanks? Did he REALLY buy all of those
    extra slots with gold? Must of cost him a fortune! I can only get 5-6 tanks
    in my garage :/

  92. for fuck sake..some people are really that stupid so QB needs to do the
    same fk video after each patch ? Just take a look at old videos to know how
    to install xvm…..

  93. Thanks QB ! :D

  94. Is Claus for to makes one comment for pack for mods. Is goods Quick Baby
    for to do works for helps player for have packs for mod. But is nots goods
    for game. Is for only is makes stupids player for to be more stupids. Is
    player for have lots game for have goods computer for who play smarts and
    play good for want to see stats for download pack for mod. But is noobs
    player for his start game or for who have cheap computer because maybe do
    cannot afords is not download pack for mods. So is stupids noob is hide for
    be behind rock is think is safe for because is can’t be spot for is hide
    right? NO! Is goods player have pack for mods is zooms out for see noob for
    where point gun for just go behind for to kill noob. Booms is dead. Noobs
    think safe for be behinds rock but goods player for who have packs for mods
    is just zooms out for them knows is which side for to flank. Is not for to
    be fair. Stupids noob is already have hard time for to play is not need
    goods player for just use mod for zooms out for see gun. Or is goods player
    is see is enemy is have 37% chance for to win so is rush for to kill fast
    for have no respect for noobs. Is sad for because is make game even more
    hard for new player who for nota know. So is war game shoulda make packs
    for mod for all player or for to blocks all mods for pack. Is be more fair.
    Is for even without pack for mods Quick Baby for kills stupids noob easy
    for be anyway. 

  95. thank you so much

  96. Thank you Quickybaby =)

  97. can´t get it downloaded (Modpack) too long

  98. Thanks for the quick turn around with this. Only just started playing WOT
    and playing vanilla feels wrong after using your last pack.

  99. Where do you change the sixth sense picture?

    Please show me the path:)

  100. far as the nerf you basically have to play the auto loader now witch i was
    all about the single shot until i started using the auto loader now im all
    about the auto loader anyways im glad they did not fudge up a tank i liked
    and as the t37 all have do is get some specials to make it play like it did
    basicallyy antoher my favorite and for that tank i do use the single shot 

  101. why can i not use the dynamic camera with vertical stabilizer?? or: why
    can’t i now change his sixth sense pick, like, where did that folder go??
    any helps???

  102. Quickybaby, do I have to delete my current version of xvm or can i just
    leave it?

  103. Could u put a country flag before every name on teams list as in XVM 6.0.0
    for WoT update 9.6?

  104. Did you mod this yourself quicky?

  105. Xbox 360 edition updated today too

  106. Does this work on Macbook too???

  107. still no tank caroussel <<

  108. Thanks again QuickyBaby :)

  109. I have a question about the installing of the mod pack? Are you supposed to
    delete the old 9.6 in the resmod folder? (the original one)

  110. I Hello, I do not know why but the package is not working properly. Being
    returned to the res mods game does not turn on and I do not know why. Any

  111. why no effieciency?

  112. Thanks QB

  113. Hi Quickybaby, very fast update, however, I note that your mod pack is
    still missing something that I am a little surprised is not in there, and
    that is a 50m circle around your tank to help you be able to manouvre
    without risking getting spotted by tanks that you think are in certain
    spots close to you. I would really like to see this in your mod!

  114. Those scumbeg kills in the end never gold old.

  115. Sebastian Hurley Miller

    :/ NA didn’t get 9.6 D:

  116. you the best

  117. Thank you QB for making it easy for us. 😛 Also greetings to peppy!

  118. good vid, very good info!

  119. No artillery aim mod?

  120. Hey QB does your mod pack have a log for damage recieved? And if not, could
    you add that feature? I find it very useful.

  121. Hey Quicky, i wanted to tell u i have the modpack installed and i
    personally wanted to thank u for the effort and quickness u have provided
    A like is well placed and earned for u once more appreciate the time u take
    to make this.
    See you maybe on the battlefield , best of luck.

  122. LoL carpet

  123. Just a quick thanks for the update. :)

  124. is the mod pack for free ?

  125. Hi guys, I have a problem wiht my xvm. I am only using default xvm mod
    downloaded from their official website and the only thing that I want to
    change is wn8 to be shown as a 4 digit instead of 2. Anyone know how to do

  126. I like how QB only played 1 game in some of his tanks but got a mastery

  127. much love, thanks bro :)

  128. Great stuff, right on time as always

  129. Hey did the update come out on the NA server today? Didn’t see it

  130. Can you tell me how to change it to show me the EFF instead of WN8?

  131. Tnx alot for the modpack for 9.6 

  132. I have a REALLY new channel and I wanna say your the BEST You Tuber EVER

  133. why do we have to buy winzip to download it.. can’t we use another program
    on windows 8.1??? 

  134. Sorry but all my stats is red color what does it mean?

  135. Tanks QB ! But, ( there is a but ) can you pls make a tutorial with the
    configuration editor ? Most important ( for me ) … the parts that changes
    the zooming out capability and damege counter ? Thank you again .

  136. after i installed the mod my notification bar doesnt open , any idea how to
    fix it ?

  137. Txs bro.

  138. Cheers dude…will download mod pack. …but keep up the good work,love
    your videos and have learnt a lot from them 

  139. I like diclovit’s better…

  140. So I followed all of the steps that QB laid out… and nothing. I’ve had
    XVM work in the past, but this pack doesn’t seem to. Anybody have any ideas
    why that could be?

  141. what file should have the area to put the mudpack?

  142. hi guys i know this is a good community and i need help with the world of
    tanks. i am a pretty good player on the xbox version of wot (not to brag)
    and i have become part of the pc master race and i have gotten to tier 4
    and 5 and i am really not having a good time my wn8 (no even knowing what
    this stat even means) is 280 and win rate % is 45 i don’t know if it is the
    tanks i am playing (Churchill, dw2, m3 lee, t28) or whether it is me being
    a bad player or teams or whatever. i played on the test server with the
    tier ten meds (stb1, leopard1, t62a, obj140) and i was playing quite well
    but then i go back to the lower tier games i instantly play shit and get
    instantly killed every time i enter a battle. any help is really
    appreciated and i know i have rambled on but i have faith in this community
    ad cant wait to hear the replies and advice. thanks in advance.

  143. ☆Brutish WoT☆ Fun Movie

    ХVM не только у нас работает

  144. Can you guys believe this bullshit we NA players have to deal with.

  145. love this mod pack every much man 🙁 -.- -.- -.- wow O.O

  146. Still so hard to follow but I thinks it’s just me being bad at computers
    if I can’t figure out how to download this simple thing by many people’s
    standards the gaming and computer world is done with me……..well it’s
    hard and I failed 🙁 

  147. Gj quickybaby, keep up the hard efforts! We all appreciate it and I’d like
    to say that you do an immense amount of work for your channel. Keep it up,
    it’s highly appreciated

  148. What is WN8?

  149. QuickyBaby i was wondering if you can make a video on how to get the xvm
    mod to be active because i have the same mod that you have but i cant get
    it to be active and its always inactive for me and i don’t get what the
    instructions on the xvm website, it is just too confusing for me. 

  150. lol whoops i though you were going to explain what the mod pack is but ty
    Quicky this video was extremly helpful

  151. 1:30 I love how you have *one* negative win rate on that page (Cruiser IV),
    that it is a tank you’ve used only *one* time, and that it’s a freakin *Ace*
    match the one time you played it. Lol ahh quickybaby for you :)

  152. Another update another time of watching people get makes fun of for low
    stats dumb kids with xvm

  153. Guys! end of the match at the battle score panel, he use little colored
    bars near the player names (wn8 performance i quess?) is that a different
    mod or its part of the xvm?

  154. thanx for all your help

  155. Thanks!, i see u like C&C ?
    Check out OpenRA its an open C&C platform with cool but realistic addons.
    Also skirmish for tiberium dawn

  156. nice modback QB!!!:) 

  157. What do I have to do if I wanna hear a sound when sixthsense pops up?

  158. Hi QB, apologies on my behalf for some of the unjustified comments below. I
    must say I don’t understand them. Your help and quick turnaround for
    creating this Mod Pack 9.6 is very much appreciated. I watch your twitch
    stream often, and it made me a better player. That’s what counts. So again,
    thanks for your help.

  159. Are zoom in in this pack ?

  160. Smashing effort old boy! <3

  161. quickybaby how do I see my wn8 after each battle?


  163. i cant put iles in res mods. HELP PLZ!!!

  164. Hi, is it me of does XVM slows down the game like massively. without mod i
    can see battle count even frozen at 30 seconds countdown, while with the
    mod I am almost a minute too late to get in the battle? anyone else have
    the same problem?

  165. does it work on every region?

  166. thanks quicky

  167. First time I’ve had a failure with this modpack not working. I’ve done as
    explained and updated xvm statistics, but it won’t work. Any one else have
    this problem? any ideas? Thanks.

  168. what, only WN8, not effi anywhere?

  169. Can you tell me in what file do you change the amount of zoom out on the
    camera you can achive? Love your videos and streams

  170. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    Thank you QuickyBabyTV, first mod pack I’ve used and it works perfectly
    first time

  171. Cheers Quickybaby. Appreciate it! :)

  172. Stats doesn’t matter because every play can have a bad day!

  173. Can you also include the new arty mod? Many ppl do play arty now cause of
    individual missions…

  174. my respekt for quickybaby have just increas, i spot C&C zero hours in the
    back round

  175. Tnx You man!!! You are the best!!! Appreciate all you do for us! Keep it

  176. 1:19 2much purple 4me

  177. Hi QB i have a question. After a battle i see in your battle statistics a
    colored marker (left of your name and the other players). Is this marker
    part of XVM? Where can i turn it on? Greetings from Germany.

  178. Jesper Kruse Schmidt

    Thank you for doing this.

  179. I want to keep my old XVM file but I also want to change it to show WN8
    instead of EFF, how can I do that?

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