World of Tanks 9.7 – 1mm of Armor? M56 Scorpion Premium Tank Destroyer and Overlord Map!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Download , try it yourself!

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  1. FÖRST!!!

  2. What’s your favorite tank in WOT?

  3. Baron! Keep up great work! 

  4. 1st comment yay!

  5. 5th comment!!!!

  6. Baron you da best!!!!!

  7. Wanna see Centurion!

  8. You need mods !

  9. Tyler Brooke-Thomas

    I swear if I see one person saying war thunder kicks this games arse I’m
    gonna flip out, THEY ARE COMPLETLEY DIFERENT GAMES! I prefer war thunder
    but there’s no point comparing them…

  10. Titles always have to be questions?

    Nah, just something that I noticed. Baron, just like everybody else, is of
    course entitled to choose titles that he wants.

  11. 1mm isn’t armor lol.

    I’d imagine a 22 cal. can go through that

  12. Please turn down your in-game volume next time Baron, I had a hard time
    hearing you every now and then. 

  13. There’s still ppl playing this thing? lel.

  14. U WoT m8? Indeed.

    Tier V Derp Sherman is made of win.

  15. Guys please look my channel i will be record war thudner 🙂 thx for supprt
    ! 🙂 

  16. GypsyDanger Danger_1125

    my favorite tank is the tiger l

  17. A Golf mkII has more armour than that…

  18. Baron, you have encouraged me to do a 2 day download on war thunder and
    well worth it! What tank line would you recommend? Researching the StuG
    tier 1 I think, and other tanks on the other nations, recommendations will
    be very useful!

  19. I like war thunder tanks more.

  20. Stalin Be Ballin'

    Baron you need to stop play this shit game im not hating im just saying it
    a really bad game War Thunder is way better game

  21. Italian tanks are better than that

  22. TIGER 2

  23. what a rookie

  24. Baron great video,your the best!!

  25. I really liked the end shot. Some gamers need to lighten up. :)

  26. Yea,adding one more open vehicle when you don’t even have a crew models in
    your game.That’s why I left this piece of shit.

  27. Guys help me grow my new channel

  28. 1mm armour? Is this tank made of tin foil?? 

  29. Василий Пупкин

    Wish they somehow add infantry, to make a modern BF1942 :)

  30. mattea spennachio

    You must do a world of tanks request Sieries 

  31. Hey Baron I love the videos and am an avid World of Tanks and War Thunder
    fan.I am really excited to see you uploading World of Tanks videos as it is
    one of my favorite games along with War Thunder. Please keep them going!!

  32. Jeez it really has been some time since you played eh? xD

  33. I get pissed off enough on the WoT Live servers does anyone honestly think
    I want to go on the test servers AKA World of Teamkilling Russian

  34. Just got a big update to WoT as well o_0 Its been a week since i could get
    on o_0 Anyone know when 9.7 gets out?

  35. WoT is just too arcade for my taste and way too many idiots playing it now.
    Played it way back when it came out and for few years after but now… no
    thx im good with WT atm.

  36. (Gollum voice)
    Nooooooooo….. It burns ussss…..
    Worlds of tankses… It burnszzzz…

  37. HD textures is hardly modernising. It’s still a bad looking unoptimised

  38. 1:28 how did he bounce that?!

  39. I am loving your videos, Baron. Keep up the great work!

  40. You still play WOT!? Nothing against the game, just surprised.

  41. I hack this comment and you can’t like it ;)

  42. Korpen Flyger - Tank & Strategy Games

    It’s got 1 mm of armor and yet you bounce the first shot you take!? lulz xD

  43. Lol 1mm armor and that track still eat shell lol Wot you are so silly

  44. Play kv3

  45. A infantry map for a tank game, makes sense.


  47. KV-2 Stalin’s death machine!!

  48. Just kept wondering to myself “his engine and gun are both damaged, he has
    a prem repair kit, and he’s not using it…. wtf”. 

  49. We partly in part love the redundancy of the redundancy.

  50. I want to see more Men of War; Assault Squad 2 and keep to World of
    Warships, please

  51. I would suggest trying the SU-100Y, tried it and it was pretty fun

  52. 1mm of armor? You still bounced a shot! OP confirmed nerf to 0mm!

  53. World of Tanks? Uwotm8? I’ll rek u i sware on me mums lyfe skrub.

  54. This is how I look at WoT and WT:

    WoT is the more like the arcade-y tank game, kinda like Call of Duty (fast
    pace, no bullet drop, etc.)

    WT is more like the more realistic game compared to WoT, kinda like
    Battlefield (strategic, bullet drop, etc.)

  55. fuck no. no wot please

  56. Nicholas Saunders

    You have to do the centurion 7/1

  57. So stuped a tank with 1 mm armor and it have 820 heal wtfk!!! (WoT fucking

  58. 9.7 patch and still not as good as war thunder.

  59. Baron if you haven’t already played I recommend wot blitz look it up on the
    App Store because I’m sure you would like it a lot

  60. World of Tanks maps and tier system mixed with war thunder tank gameplay
    would be a brilliant game

  61. Hey baron can you use the M4 A4 76 sherman

  62. T110E3 kemp bush

  63. I like it how after hes talking about how it has 1mm of armor he bounces a
    shot XD

  64. Can you speak french in your next video ? 

  65. What happened to mount and blade Napoleonic wars? I miss it! :-(

  66. wow wot looks like so unreal. has no physics or realism to it

  67. A Hundred and Thirty Eight Gaming

    Nice vids dude, when you streaming? Might try to join in.

  68. AMX 30

  69. The Scorpion’s main problem was the recoil of the 90mm combined with the
    vehicle’s light weight made it impossible for the gunner to track his own
    shot. So, if he was trying to range in on a bunker in Vietnam, for
    instance, another guy had to stand next to the vehicle and call
    corrections. Not a safe place to be.

  70. 1mm armour too OP.

  71. i really dont care about WoT anymore, the game is just a massive salt
    machine now with OP tanks that people spend insane amounts of money to get

  72. Sylvester Walters

    Ze Jagdtiger 8.8cm

  73. 1mm of armor? Even a tier 1 can kill this thing!

  74. xaxaxaxaxaxaxa

  75. I wish WT could give us maps on these scales like in WoT… :/

  76. Vengeance is mine jerk! hahaha

  77. still only single core

  78. Christian Spencer

    The tinfoil tank

  79. lol “lets shoot him in the butt”

  80. Yes play WOT plzz

  81. Baron, you’re doing great. I would love to see you play some of the
    prototypes that WOT has. Ever heard of the WT Auf E100? :3

  82. If I ever I got the chance I would get pz2 j

  83. How does baron have so many golden eagles and use all the latest tanks? Is
    it a developer account ?

  84. Drive the stuG a wt please

  85. This game is fucking gay

  86. Try driving the VK 45.01 (p) ausf. A German tier 8 heavy

  87. Did he just really bounce off the first shot he took? Whit 1 mm of armour?
    AMAZING. 😀 So it is possible. XD

  88. Stopped played WoT months ago, and now that I’m in WoWS CBT I’m never going

  89. There is a very good reason why Baron hasn’t got a girl yet.

  90. when are you going to play men of war?

  91. We get the ST-1 in War Thunder as april fools, its a robot that’s like the
    one from Robo Cop :D

  92. Tiger

  93. WT still win in my opinion 

  94. Baron your one of my most favourite youtubers keep up the good work ! 

  95. drive the Lowe

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