World of Tanks || 9.7 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Get my latest XVM Mod Pack 9.7!
►v1 2/04/2015

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense

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From 1:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I appreciate the mod pack, as I too like to keep things simple, but I
    noticed that the enemy lightbulbs were not included when I added your mods
    (exactly as described). It’s not that important, but with someone as short
    of a memory of me, it does help to know who’s been spoted, so I can find an
    open flank.

  2. ashraf salehuddin

    my hit log appeared under the tank icon how can i change it???anyone can
    help me?

  3. Do you have a guitar?

  4. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Thanks for the modpack update! I played few games without it and the game
    looked strange to me 😀 I got used to it very quickly.

  5. Yes I have been Epic and I’m still Epic :3

  6. Lukas Reissenweber

    Hey qb, I got a bug with your mod: I installed it like you were saying it
    in that Video but I cant See my tanks in my Garage. I dont know whats
    wrong. Please help me!

  7. thanks for this :)

  8. Is it even possible to have multiple tank rows in garage With QBs New 9.7
    modpack? He removed so much from the config folder, so i can not longer
    customize. I’d really want 3 rows in my garage.

  9. Thanks you Quickybaby!

  10. Thanks so much!! We love the mod pack!

  11. i don’t see enemy spotted light bulb icons on enemy team?

  12. Good job on the XVM, i personally like to keep the screen clean aswell, but
    i do have a few questions.

    #1 Would it be possible to add a feature to increase/decrease the size of
    the minimap?
    #2 Would it be possible to add colorlind mode in your mods (if you haven’t
    got it)
    #3 Would it be possible for you to also add the Jimbo’s reticles into it?

    Other than that, i’m more than happy to use your XVM mod.


  13. Dusan Belovukovic

    try to grind tanks not to research tham for gold.

  14. THX QB.keep going on YouTube!!

  15. res_modsmodsshared_resourcesxvmres to delete the 6th sense icon.

  16. +QuickyBabyTV Downloaded the file and running smooth! Lock and load ladies!
    Shit is about to go down~! o7

  17. Alexandru Finichiu

    Hi all! My enemy spotted marker is not working…..where should I look in
    the xvm? Or to do? Ps: i install the pack as Qb said and nothing! Thank

  18. Noticed the photo of you and Mighty Jingles to left top corner of your
    desktop :). And as always thanks for the modpack!

  19. kovacsistvanhetfield

    best from best :)

  20. Last thing what I need in this patch is actually XVM log in battle…. :-(

  21. anyone know how to adjust the number of lines on the carousel? Someone used
    to do a mod for it but has discontinued it sadly.

    • +4exgold I could have helped you but he removed most of content in xvm
      folder, so it doesnt work for me longer as well. i’ll Write you here if i
      find out something.

  22. Thanks for doing this QB!
    Is there any way to increase the size of the minimap (in your video it
    seems larger than when I play on my own computer)?

  23. Well quicky I allways wondered how your gaming room where you play wot
    looks like, so please give us some tour and show us how your comfort zone
    and pc machine looks like. It world be nije to sve more that leather office
    chair and some leather furniture 🙂 

  24. Paul Fujioka (NobleDragon)

    Quick questions (no pun intended) QuickyBaby. Why don’t you have the gun
    traverse lines for TD’s enabled but do one SPG’s and how do you enable them
    in your config?

  25. How come I can’t find my Wold Of Tank’s Folder on the program files?

  26. sometimes spot circle is not working why?

  27. Tnx a lot QuickyBaby. its really helpful.
    I do have one question though….i dont want to use the zoom out mod…not
    because its a cheat …just because it reduces my fps to 0-10.. How can i
    remove it (just the zoom out). Tnx a lot.

  28. Thank you for posting this. Thanks to you I’ve finally been able to get XVM
    to work.

  29. Jayden suddaby-mckeever

    Thanks for the help :)

  30. Finally I need this mod pack

  31. Thanks bro!

  32. QB , winrate of players is not in color? when u will fix that ? And , for
    example , 60% winrate of a players is not anymore Purple , now its blue.?
    Why did u change that? Tnx!

  33. Vladimir Protassow

    Thank you, Mr Quickybaby! Well done with the commentary in Warsaw!

  34. Im just at 369 WN8, But i play like 2000 WN8, So it doesn’t really make
    And i have the AMX 30 :)

    • +MinemanMC 1000 isn’t that good, my overall is 1k and my past 30 days is
      usually around 1.8 to 1.9k and I’ve only played 3k games

    • It’s because you played shit if you want better stats either get new
      account or work your way. Ps: For 6 months my wn8 improved from 100 to 655
      , takes time and skill.

    • +Veloctic I’m sorry but there is not alot of skilled involved in getting
      655 points worth of wn8 …

    • I’m at 1050, play at 2500. See it as an advantage; enemies dont know you’re
      an underdog

  35. Does this mod pack work on the new map?

  36. dylan kurrle (TitanFall Gaming)

    +QuickyBabyTV Thanks man for doing this

  37. Can you put a video of your commentary at the WGL with Jingles and Luke
    pls. I missed out on your commentary. 🙂
    (Also will it lag my gameplay?)

  38. garrett sagerhorn

    Thank you so much.

  39. patrick Harrington

    Thank you. Love your modpack

  40. how to remove 6th sense audio?
    can’t get used to that sound

  41. Finally QuickyBaby TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Thank you my friend, I have been waiting for it since the last week. :)

  43. Just to let u know
    I prefer when the spotting spotted and so forth when it was just a small
    green dot the yellow light blob is very confusing also I liked when the
    virctory percent was colored

  44. Did anyone else get massive frame drops from QB’s XVM?


  46. kevin van der linden

    Can you do an IS review because i need to know it’s strenghts and

  47. thanks QB .. have ben getting slaughtered without your modpack 🙁 … cant
    tell whose worth protecting or not xD

  48. Qb could you please make a tutorial in how to create/change the mods?


  49. Anyone can give me a link to a skill informer mod?? for 9.7 anyone please
    Thanks :D

  50. hi guys and QB great job at the esports finals
    i just enabled the modpack and love it thx QB
    but i usually see a shots taken log as well as shots hit log but i dont see
    it now
    is there any simple way to enable it?
    really not a big deal but if anyone knows how pls and thank you

  51. What about actual rounds/minute and actually view range 

  52. When will the Scorpion be released? anyone know?

  53. Comhghall Geraghty

    thanks for mod pack its excellent. 1 thing id like to see in next pack is
    damage received counter

  54. Cheers QB, Happy Hunting :)

  55. Thanks QB

  56. This xvm changed the orientation and or the positioning of my tanks in my
    garage.. any helpful tips to get it back?

  57. THIS is nothing!! 56 million subscribers and no videos on channel!

  58. Hey is there a way to stop it from going full zoom after death ? that wold
    be be sweet?

  59. Thanks again QB!

  60. How do you get the crew voices in a different language 

    • +anthonykb22 world of tank settings/sound there is a checkbox in the bottom
      where you can choose standard or national voices

  61. I have been waiting for a while. Thank you so much!

  62. Thanks for the vid.

  63. Can you get a mod pack for the Xbox version 

  64. Thank you so much, QuickyBaby! I have been waiting patiently for your mod
    pack and now I can’t wait to use it. Again, thank you for all the work you
    put into these mod packs. Take care!

  65. How do you get the light bulbs for spotted vehicles?

  66. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Thanks man!

  67. was waiting for it Quicky, how was Warsaw ?

  68. Thank you for sharing this with the comunity.
    Is there also a “you are blocking my target” option? (or is this illegal
    for the game)

  69. my game will not log me in anymore. why is this happening? It gets to
    syncing profile and then just stays there loading. please help!

  70. thx for your mods pack

  71. do your modpack something bad with my ingamegraphics?

  72. When i am playing in battle the wn8 and total battles show in tab player
    screen but not each players individual win % can someone help? i am using
    my own modpack.

  73. Thank you so much QB!

  74. Thanks.

  75. Much appreciated. I’ve been using your mod pack since 9.4 and enjoying it
    Gatineau, Quebec Canada

  76. Βαγγέλης Παπαδημητρίου

    1.600 views and 2200 likes how is that possible?

  77. Only little over a week QB I am quiet patient and thank you for making it

  78. What’s considered a good WN8 (i think that’s how it’s spelled at least)?

    Im still a very new player to World of Tanks and i can’t really tell if my
    WN8rating is any good or completely hopeless.

  79. Nábrádi Krisztián

    Every modpack of your mods are simple,helpful and I think it dont need a
    good computer,you can use it with lower fps. But can you help me? How can I
    change youre xvm settings?

  80. can someone give me the link of the site to download winzip mod pack
    becouse link under the vid doesnt work for me for some reason

  81. This is an AMAZING MOD! THNX QB! However, when I look at my MM, every tank
    has a shadow on the name of their tank! ANY CLUE HOW TO REMOVE?!

  82. thank u QB !

  83. 962 views and over 2k likes, I thought YT fixed this?

  84. Woohoo, you have spoiled me by having it out so soon in the past… Thanks
    for the modpack and efforts to do so.

  85. question, does the mod change my sixth sense icon?

  86. What the…..1 battle in his cruiser IV, 0% wr, 1204 XP per game and a
    mastery O_o I kinda wanna see that replay…

  87. Is it just me or did the mod pack rearrange the tank nations in my garage?

  88. I saw you in WG grand finals 🙂 You were just 3 meters away on my right. I
    wanted to say something to you but you were commentating all the time, so I
    was just staring at you like a pedobear xD 

  89. You get me like

  90. To change the position of the hitlog for different screen resolutions, open
    the xvm.xc file in a note pad. Click to do a find and type in hitlog and it
    will find it in the code for you. Change the X value to 250 that will move
    it left. Try different numbers to suit your screen resolution :)

  91. Thank you! +QuickyBabyTV

  92. Thanks for getting the modpack up QB :)

  93. Thanks for your good work Quicky. Would like your thoughts on the high XP
    required for the new French tanks. The tier 9 is as high as other tier 10

  94. Thanks as usual QB.

  95. hey QB no AMX 13 57? did not see it there

  96. Anyone know
    Why i can’t see the light bulbs on the enemy list?
    Help, pls :c

  97. AndreiDoesMc14 Gaming

    I have a problem: I can’t activate the services. It says that it needs a
    “new client”. What can i do guys? Pls help

  98. Welcome back, QB – you did an epic job in Warsaw and it made watching the
    Grand Finals an enjoyable & amusing experience. Many thanks

  99. how does he zoom so much smoother and closer? what mod is it?

    • +Ryan Spontak he has no zoom-in mod, only a zoom out one. (if you want a
      zoom mod search for smooth zoom world of tanks)

  100. Thx QuickyBaby!

    It’s that possible to see Arty’s splash damage radius by using this
    modpack? Since it will help a lot for the mission SPG-11. 🙂 If it’s not
    possible, can you please add this feature into next version?

    br /Y

  101. Yo Mr. QuickyBaby, Whenever I have downloaded your modpack, It never seems
    to be like the one you have, per patch I have been missing one thing after
    another. Do you have an exploitation and/or a fix for this

    • +Flamespank The modpack he uploads is the same as he uses, it would make no
      sense to do anything else

    • +Anders And I always downlaod the same one, seem to be different each time.
      Missing more and more by patch. Yeah, Well sorry for asking.

  102. THANKS BRO!!


  104. For 1 month I have a stats error. Tls finger print mismatch.I searched i
    reinstalled xvm ,deleted tokens in appdata no effect.How to fix?

  105. jose cedres herrera

    you always come through for us quicky 😉 , thnx and loved you commentating
    on the finals keep up the good work, peace

  106. For glory!!!

  107. indalecio martinez

    Te como.

  108. Life saver


  110. Thank You! I was waiting for this.

  111. GalacticStar Nebula

    Where is Scorpion?

  112. I might use this now, thanks quicky

  113. 0:10 QB sounds like he wants to do some texan accent xDD

  114. I can’t see my tanks anymore. Only 1 tank in the garage but no tanks in the
    balk below. please help

  115. Anyone knows how to put QB’s xvm into XVM configurator so I can slightly
    change his config.?

  116. Contagious Gaming

    Hey quicky i used to have the mod pack pervious patch and then aftr the
    update and when i move the 3 folders to the res mods folder and then when i
    restart the game client it dosent like work and yes did update it on xvm
    and all that can some pls help :)

    • +Contagious Gaming You need to get the updated version, its very few mods
      that can be moved from patch to patch and still work.

  117. Hello, % chance to win doesn’t appear while loading. (Config is ok).

    • +Olivier Porez make sure you have enabled it on the settings at the top
      right corner on the page

  118. YAY! Thank you SO MUCH!

  119. Thank you so much…..

  120. Hey, I’m hoping one of you guys can help me. I downloaded the mod pack,
    and everything works great, however, my tanks in the garage no longer can
    be seen, no matter what I select…I’m sure I did something stupid, but for
    the life of me I can figure it out….if any of you can help, I would
    greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks!

  121. I have world of tanks on my computer and tried uninstalling and
    re-downloading it but i still don’t have a folder for the game, only the
    installer. Can anyone help?

  122. I never know how to do any configs with XVM and I can’t find any clear
    instructions on doing so, could I get some help please? Biggest problem is
    the hit markers in unfavorable spots.

  123. Coocooned Gremlins

    Good work with the comments at the finals.Was wondering why Peppi was
    twitching but then it all made sence seeing you and Jingles at the finals.
    And thanks for bringing the modpack. I find the adjusted minimap usefull
    and really was a bit lost in the td’s without it.

  124. THX!

  125. Tnx Quicky :D!!!

  126. How the hell do you get the M56 Scorpion?

  127. Oh thank you Jesus, Quicky, I am so happy to have your XVM available. None
    of the other substitutes show yellow WN8 as 1000-1299, and 1000 is the
    minimum cut-off for recruitment into my clan. This makes my life and those
    of my recruiters so much easier.
    Smoke Battalion Commander, NA server

  128. Thank you QuickyBaby ;-)

  129. My dmg log is under the tank icons so I can’t see it well anybody know how
    to move it?

    • +Aymen100701 you can move it in the xvm editor on the modxvm site, just set
      the y-axis location closer to 0 (for the hitlog of course). that should
      work, but it might change other configs that Quicky has set up himself.

    • +Jason Roberts Thanks Men!.

  130. Thank you, been patiently waiting on yours. Stock XVM minimap doesn’t even
    have ‘render’ square. [thumbs up]

  131. Tyvm QB, I appreciate your work 

  132. How can I change the position of the Hitlog? It is covered by the teambar.

    • +Yannik Müller I have the same problem 🙁 it looks like XVM mod is only
      optimised for resolutions 1920×1080 and higher, on resolutions lower than
      that the hit log is all wonky

    • There is a config file for it in the res/mods folder. Google it if you
      cannot find it.

  133. Hi! Could anyone tell please how can I make player’s win percentage be
    coloured the same way it was in the previous version of QB’s modpack? After
    installing this one all win percentages when pressing tab during the battle
    are white.
    Also, how could I remove those lightbulbs that show spotted/unspotted
    enemies? I don’t like this very much, it’s distracting for me.

    • +Kligan – i have that same issue

    • +Kligan – QB messed up a little bit. At 1317 line u should find
      “winrate%2d~%|(insert here double dash)%” – change that to “winrate” Also
      do the same at 1436 and 16 line. Then search for “{{winrate%2d~%|(insert here double dash)%}}” (without
      quotes) and replace with “{{winrate%2d~%|(insert here double dash)%}}
      (without quotes).

      And everything will work like before. (insert here double dash) is where u
      insert two dashes since youtube freaks out when it sees 2 dashes next to
      each other.

    • +SIMOX That helped… a little. It fixed the issue on the loading screen,
      however in battle percentage is still white.

      Edit: I made the changes late in the night, so I might have missed
      something. However! Now I opened the file again and here’s what I found:
      there’s no such text at the line 1317 you’ve mentioned. Nor there are at
      1436. Something’s not right here.

      Edit2: Could you maybe upload your config file, please?

    • Alright! I asked about this issue at XVM forum and one guy there helped me
      to edit QB’s config to fix this. I uploaded it here in case anyone would
      need it: (press the left grey button that says
      “скачать” on it – it’s a russian site 🙂 )

  134. Anyone know how to reset the Spotted icon, I have tried changing it and
    deleting the new one but it still uses it.

  135. Is there a way to just update the mod pack without installing the 9.7 if
    you’ve already installed the 9.6?

  136. Are zoom in mods illegal? Just asking because I’d like to get one.

  137. Cool

  138. Mrdoctile .Mrdoctile

    or use OMC mudpack, much ezer

  139. Miért nem színesek a százalékok ?

  140. Jožko Predkožka

    Thanks :)

  141. Hey Quicky who’s mod do you use for the Zoom Out?

    Thanks in advance.

  142. Infernoxxz The Furious

    Hey, how do you get your minimap so big? For an example, I can hardly read
    the name of the tank that esd last spotted at a location.

  143. Another mod pack another thank you

  144. with this mod, can i see if anyone shoots APCR or HEAT at my tank?

  145. Thanks a lot.

  146. Would love to have the portion that shows who hit you/how much dmg/ type of
    round. LOVE everything else though

  147. THX a lot QuckyBaby, this helps me a lot pls make more Viedeos like this
    and alsow for World fo Warships.

  148. hey whhere can i find in game wn8 calculator.

  149. Does anyone have that sound when you are spotted?
    If anyone have, how to turn it of :O

  150. just adding can only update /activate it 1nse you click enable in game.

  151. Thanks man!

  152. Pls. help me guys. Get the following error after patch:
    “Game resource path does not exist:

  153. Hey QB, couls you explain how to change the number of tank rows in the
    garage (like Circonflexes has)?

  154. guys before i use xvm i alway load in before the battle starts, but when i
    use it i alway load in after the battle has started and sometimes

  155. Thx for good job as always 🙂
    If u could insert recevie dmg it would be Perfect 🙂
    Best regards

  156. Awesome thanks. Love that zoom out mod.

  157. Dont like the new Colors and I cant see all of the Service record from
    other Player, the window is to smal to show me the Highest EXP and DMG and
    Frags on a Tank :(

    • +jdsd744 Now i mean that i cant see the Info of Highest DMG etc from other
      ppl becauset he window is to smal (it says Highest… and them i cant see
      thee rest)

    • +CastleCrafte RPG why do you even want to see all that in-game? Aside from
      the screen space it takes up how can you even have time to look at it and
      act on it? Unless you play arty of course 😉

    • +Stephen Green not ingame in the garage… if you whant to look at the
      statistic of other ppl 🙂

    • +CastleCrafte RPG this is a problem with 9.7 not xvm (at least I think so).
      It does this even without having xvm installed. I hate that as well tbh, I
      just like to look at those highest damage or exp done in a tank stats from
      time to time also

    • +SosUrFace1942 hm :/ I hope they will fix it

  158. What mod is that that shows you the total wn8 score at the end of a match ?
    below credits/exp/hits%/dmg, can you help me ?

  159. THX QB but the WR % is white instead of a color…. can you fix that?

  160. EnemySpottedMarker don’t work for me… Why ??

  161. Unlocked the AMX 30, then realised i still need another 2mil :(

  162. Thanks for the modpack!

  163. Quicky, if you used Aslain’s easy mod installer I have to because I’m
    computer stupid which mods would u select from the list that’s given? Are
    any of them one’s u use now?

  164. How can i get your old color scale back? In this ModPack a 57 %-er is a
    green player and 61 is blue-ish. Before it was purple . The old one suited
    me the most.

    • +Risto Q That’s zvm wide and nothing to do with QB

    • +Risto Q QB messed up a little bit. At 1317 line u should find
      “winrate%2d~%|(insert here double dash)%” – change that to “winrate” Also
      do the same at 1436 and 16 line. Then search for “{{winrate%2d~%|(insert here double dash)%}}” (without
      quotes) and replace with “{{winrate%2d~%|(insert here double dash)%}}
      (without quotes).

      And everything will work like before. (insert here double dash) is where u
      insert two dashes since youtube freaks out when it sees 2 dashes next to
      each other.

    • +SIMOX thx, how did u even find that?

  165. like!

  166. thank you

  167. HA, we got 9.7 first finally. Got screwed in 9.6 thanks to some grand

  168. T54 mod 1 review please!

  169. thanks

  170. Thank you QB! Love your modpack and appreciate all the work you do.

  171. THE PHOTO.JPG!!!

  172. congrats on the commentating at the WGL games QB. i bet it was fun

  173. how i change sixth sense icon?

  174. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Gave you crap about not having this out yet
    on Jingles post with you flipping the bird. I didn’t know EU got the update
    last this time. 1,000 apologies for being cheeky.

  175. New french tanks gameplay “:)

  176. Quicky Rules!!!!

  177. War Saw? ahhahhahaha.

  178. Nice Mod pack, but if you would consider to add a WN8 counter it would be
    perfect ;)

  179. Hey cool, I sucked with the Panzer IIIA also. That tank can rot in the
    bottom of a lake.

  180. TwAknOniJn _Gaming95

    Thanx QuickyBaby

  181. allways use your mod pack Qb. Thx for making it.

  182. Thank you once again sir!

  183. Couldn’t of come any sooner, QuickyBaby if you need anymore loving then
    we’re here!

  184. What headphones does QB use? The ones in his twitch FAQ is different I

  185. About time! :p I completely missed the view range information on the
    mini-map among hit log too. Thanks QB.

  186. Joe Raw Cockerill

    Thanks QB

  187. Thanks for the Mod pack. The only one I use

  188. Sam Frei (Folxik)

    QB why are you not using any damage panel ? I find it better to know how
    long exactly you need to repair sth. But it’s just my opinion :)

  189. Do anyone know of a mod showing damage received, and that works with QBs
    mod pack?

  190. Wow, you’re fast 🙂 thank you for the work you put into this. Makes it that
    much easier for the rest of us :)

  191. really good that you got this up, well done, I was noticing the % in the
    (PERCENT WN8 GAMES VEHICLE) tab view looks white on the latest 9.7
    modpack.. is that deliberate?

  192. Keep pressing 2 on your numpad keyboard all the time and you’ll see his
    face go crazy XD

  193. if you cant find your world of tanks folder just right click on it in your
    desktop and got to file location (i cant ever find mine) :)

  194. Thank you kindly. I appreciate your keeping up with these and thoroughly
    enjoy your videos.

  195. Ionut-Gabriel Solomon

    Thanks for this QB, my one and only ModPack!

  196. ty QB… was waiting all day for the mod pack! :)

  197. what name? (Mr. Im very sexy)

    Thanx for these

  198. Finally, I’m whaiting all day!!! thanks QB… Will you be making Ferdinand
    P.s. I have some good replays on your page, check them out..

  199. 3fast5me

  200. ty quicky 🙂
    your the best

  201. Hello QB

  202. 9th!!!!:

  203. yay I can’t play without this thanks a lot!

  204. Ty QB !

  205. Quickybaby you were great at casting, you and jingles casting together was
    the highlight of the grand finals!


  207. Hello

  208. Yola 

  209. Hello!

  210. Good luck in 9.7 tankers!

    I’m Livestreaming NEW FRENCH and PREMIUM tanks TONIGHT!

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