World of Tanks || 9.8 Map Changes

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Overview of the key to some of your favourites from the latest 9.8 update: Karelia, Siegfried Line, Sand River and Westfield.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the changes QB. It’s nice to know exactly why things
    are working differently now. I can see in the comments that people are
    already bringing up how TDs and lights are getting the shaft, and I
    definitely agree. I think WG went a bit overboard trying to balance out
    the days when heavies were the only tier 10s, and ever since they maybe
    have gone a bit overboard the other way.
    Every time there’s a map change you highlight in a video, you say it makes
    the fights “more progressive.” You are right of course, but that pattern
    tells me that the best tanks for the jobs would be somewhat fast, somewhat
    armored, fairly maneuverable tanks. So, mediums. If every fight is
    progressive, you have to be able to get into the strategic points quickly
    in the first place. Once you’re there, you’ll need at least some armor to
    deal with what you find right in your face. All these new paths opened up
    mean that if you’re not maneuverable you’ll be flanked hard. So, certain
    tanks are much better suited for fighting now than others. It’s an
    unfortunate trend and it’s clearly because of esports.

  2. Better late than never 😀 Thx!

  3. Martin Matejička

    Hey QB I know that you are doing your best and/or are making sure that
    Peppy will get her keys but 9.8 is out I think and you still didn’t upload
    a modpack. Will you upload it tomorrow when you will start to LS or should
    I expect it today? Thank you!

  4. New westfield is great!

  5. InfinteGaming101

    In my opinion. Please stop talking so much about assault, it is a shit and
    unbalanced game mode that most people don’t like – similar the the disaster
    that was confrontation. Focus more on the standard and encounter game

  6. Recently when I was playing World of Tank in my LTP, when I got 2 kills and
    a Steel Wall medal, in a light tank.

  7. You forgot on Sand River the ‘A7’ change!

  8. Opening up the river on sand river is great. Definitely my favourite map
    and this makes it even better. I’ve had some epic games and this gives you
    more chances to attack from a different position.
    I got stuck in the river in my T32 after doing 3,500 damage and 5 kills,
    luckily my team went on to win cos i couldn’t get out.

  9. very nice changes on all maps!! =) hope I’m able to play them myself very

  10. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    I personally have mixed feelings about all of this.
    Less concealment = passive scouts become useless + it is a massive issue
    for vehicles with low view range, should they ever be alone.
    Flatter = better angles for arty = oh god… why?!
    In theory it is more dynamic, true, which is good, I admit, but the
    placement of most angulations is a massive middle finger to tanks that have
    to keep enemy at range – you just can’t do this anymore without some
    awkward positioning and limiting yourself to very, very narrow paths nobody
    sane uses anyway.
    And yet – on map that HAS plenty of bushes… they barely even work,
    because of angles enemy can see you FROM – like Sacred Valley – what is
    this blasted nap still doing in the game is beyond me.

  11. Keep up the good job, QB!

  12. Sigh… the deforestation of WoT continues. Why not just make a giant flat,
    open map, and give tanks their true gun ranges so no one can hide anywhere.
    No need for any tank class but heavies, because screw tactics.. right WG?

  13. I play Xbox version so I haven’t played the new maps but I’ll say this,were
    the old maps not new once? For the people that complain all that proves
    is,that they are to lazy to adjust it’s a great thing I’d love the changes
    no matter the tank you drive. All it takes is a little time for a trend to
    appear for both sides than the good player does well with any tank by
    recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing teams strategy.

  14. abdul rahman wadah

    “attack your enemies from behind if they are imprepared” -quickybaby 2015

  15. Lots of changes in this patch.

  16. I really, really like what they have done to Karelia, I wish they’d do the
    same to Hidden Village with the mountains. I don’t like Siegfried Line
    though, passive scouting is no longer useful or near possible.

  17. On Sand River in the assault mode the centre ridge was crucial for the
    attacking team to peak and shoot the camper on the top of the hill that
    been levelled, but now that opening on the centre has a small problem, just
    a defending medium tank can control the entire centre ridge by lighting up
    anyone that try to use the ridge to shoot! I think that if the centre was
    dip was rised just in the middle so if you have a tank the now use it to
    defend it will be more hard for it to stop completely the assault team to

  18. sand river change stupidly for light tank

  19. I would like to play these maps but I keep getting prokarovka and ruinberg
    over and over

    • +Robbie Scott I tend to enjoy team training more now. Because you have the
      freedom to not kill each other its nice to go to places that you would
      simply not go. Himmelsdorf castle for example

    • Every so often switch server and it seems to sort the rotation out a bit +Gary

    • +Robbie Scott That’s the map rotation system for ya. I seem to keep getting
      himmelsdorf which is nice when your in a murican heavy

  20. Defending in Siegfried Line is even easier than before, so I’m not going to
    put Assault mode back on.

  21. Aemilius Dracula

    Vey nice and useful video. GJ!

  22. seem them russian turds redesign all maps in favour of gold spamming MT&HTs
    makes sense from a business perspective.

  23. Christian von Essen

    thx for the good tips

  24. So how many more patches before the game just becomes a bumpy open fields?
    It seems like every change was just removing bushes and adding bumps that
    are useful for sidescraping heavies. What about the lightly armored TDs?
    Does WG just want everyone to drive heavy tanks? Light tanks and TDs lose
    bushes meaning light tanks can’t passive scout and TDs can’t really do much
    but sit as far back as possible. Also these bumps added to maps screw light
    tanks over since they seem to get tracked with the slightest amount of air
    (depending on the tank).

  25. make room tour plzz

  26. The maps are really becoming more progressive and for once it actually
    looks like war gaming are realising how to help prevent camping. Loving the
    vid’s QB, you are really helping me to progress my game play and I love the
    live streams! keep it up 🙂 and remember to have fun!

  27. i unsub ,wg ruining maps and qb says great improvements. i cant play td no
    more places to hide when u have no armor. remove all bushes in the game!
    arty is broken as fuck , no changes. maps became more and more arcade. cant
    wait for armored warfare. see you all there.

  28. AttackPenguin666

    There’s a massive meta position for Meds and heavies and even good hull
    down TDs in the valley on Sand River; you go down through the town and push
    into the right cliff at the left end of the valley, this is an extremely
    strong position for effective play.

  29. I noticed in one of the winter maps (forgot the name. Two main lines. One
    has a castle on a hill, the other just a hill and there is a river
    splitting it) that in assault, there is a rock with a bush next to it in
    the southern side by the castle, yet in every other mode, the rock is gone.
    It is a perfect spot for both spotting and hulled down shooting, having
    cover and perfect shots at bothe the castle courtyard, and the road beside
    it, down the hill.

  30. If they’re going to keep making it harder for TDs to play the game by
    nerfing them and map changes, they could at least give something back by
    giving them better traverse speed or armour

  31. Overall, nice changes, but it’s concerning to see so little artillery
    cover, especially on the north of westfield, that is going to be even more
    annoying than it was previously.

  32. Thank you very informative

  33. Wargaming deforestation department strikes again

  34. Re 12: Exactly map after map WG continues making the lives easier for the
    lowest common denominator i.e. the KV and IS drivers. Dress in fancy, sugar
    coat it, does not matter. Again scouts and snipers are fucked, again
    brawlers are rewarded.

  35. if u TD player.don’t play.this map only for med & light tank.

  36. These world of tank shitbags are making maps shit now. Hell, just make a
    map that is totally flat with no cover no buildings or bushes..there making
    this game more shit with every patch.. fuck you smelly russian fucks.

  37. “It looks like an anchor for all you illuminati fans” quickyBaby logic 2015

  38. Defending is much easier in sand river now. Too many locations for them to
    dig in also they can spot the middle much easier.

  39. I like your videos but do you know why they don’t use the other map ?

  40. Justin Marciniec

    Yes Love changes to WestField. :)

  41. Most of the changes are really welcome except for the removel of bushes.
    TD’s got their camo nerfed, the Tier X got their alpha-dmg nerfed and they
    are going to get a massive penetration nerf AND most of their locations are
    completely useless now. I feel like removing bushes doesn’t stop camping,
    it’s just gonna make people camp further back, because large areas are more
    and more becoming a kill-zone. Just look at the east on westfield! It just
    looks so empty! I mean yes, TD’s were once slightly op, but in my opinion
    they get kinda useless now.

  42. Map changes keep the game fresh! WOT is constantly evolving their game.

  43. May as well just remove camo value and make every tank visible from the
    start if they are going to continue removing soft cover like this

  44. At a certain point WG is going to have to end the defoliation program or
    they’re going to make TDs and scouts simply unplayable. In particular,
    what has been done to the Siegfried Line is a bad joke.

  45. Thanks Quicky : )

  46. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    great now i have to memorize a whole bunch of new crap

  47. WoT has managed to take tactics out of the game. Games are won by Soviet
    tactics, huge groups of tanks run and attack and the largest cluster or
    luckiest side wins. Soviet strategy was always based on outnumbering the
    opponent, not on skill, and WoT has become based far less on skill than
    luck too. If your team clump together and race around the map you win, if
    they separate and try to use actual tactics you just get swamped by the
    huge enemy cluster.

  48. Pilotos123 fallen trees do provide cover. Several vids show how a fallen
    tree can sometimes give you 15 meters so it’s like double bushing. I
    understand WG decision to change maps based on stats of win rates based on
    spawn point. However it would be nice if they made more camo friendly maps
    as well

  49. I like what they did with the southern flank on westfield but 1 of the only
    good things about this map was getting early shots up north, now that they
    removed that with the ridgelines and extending the town they’ve basically
    removed the only good thing about westfield.

  50. in sandriver as the defending team I managed to take the middle in my T69
    and did 7.5K dmg and got over 2000 base XP

  51. Once again WoT ruins maps for anyone but heavily armored heavies and a few
    TDs like the ISU-152. Typical.

  52. I like the changes and I cannot wait to see them implemented on the XBox.

  53. patch 10.1 all maps are gonna be flat brown squares and tanks are gonna be
    removed, the game is gonna be renamed to world of arty and the will shoot
    each other n to s and w to e. just ridicules wot just takes all the cover
    for lt’s and td’s of the maps and its getting worse from patch to patch

  54. The only thing I disliked about the map changes is the lack of Swamp
    removal/huge overhaul.

  55. R.I.P. Light tanks and TDs

  56. I m pretty sure WG lose more players than they earn , they dont know how to
    create a class of gameplay without killing it …

  57. I haven’t really played much of WoT since 9.6 especially since I started
    playing World of Warships and League of Legends and these map changes
    really aren’t encouraging me to go back anytime soon (especially since the
    last time I returned from a long WoT hiatus I went from 800-1000 avg exp
    AMX 13 90 games to bupkis).

  58. Weren’t the Westfield reworks supposed to be out 2 patches ago? I remember
    making a thread I made almost half a year ago now discussing Medium tactics
    for the South base trying to figure out how to effectively counter the
    North’s advantage on that side, no one coming up with a solution, and WG
    coming in and saying they were aware of the issue and it was being
    addressed in an upcoming patch. I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

    And wasn’t Highway supposed to get a rework as well?

  59. rip bushes :(

  60. Hey QB I just want to thank you for providing entertainment while doing
    exams as I was not allowed to play wot for myself so your videos are epic
    and kept me going so thank you sooooo much and keep up the awesome work :D

  61. do more candy crush videos

  62. Theme? Fuck light tanks

    Once again wg shows no love for the lights.

    • You should see Xbox version. Bushes don’t work, artillery shot gunning
      ability is broken, constantly buffing turning speeds of turrets of heavies
      and TDs, and they’re not nerfing the view range of TDs. (Plus they haven’t
      nerfed 183 HESH and Waff clip 🙁

    • +Cory sorry but those spots would get heavy abused by tanks like the E50m
      and Batchat to snipe into the city so if that fucks the lights oh well so

  63. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Thank you, Captain!

  64. 6:02 Illuminaty confirmed guyz!!!!!

  65. Passive spotting is becoming less and less viable with each patch release,
    particularly for a light tank. In fact light tanks are becoming less and
    less viable as Wargaming remove cover from maps with each patch. Spotting
    in a light is becoming more a case of proximity spotting by working
    ridgelines than distance spotting using binoculars, camo nets and cover.
    Driving a light now is more like being the Roadrunner, running around the
    map at high speed to avoid fire and arty than using stealth and camo rating
    to get spots from concealed positions. It may make for more frenetic
    gameplay, but no longer rewards patience and intelligent use of terrain in
    a light tank.

    • +Andrew Erntell yep, light tanks are starting to become lightly armored
      medium tanks, there are hardly any maps left where you can passive spot any
      more, and then they give shitty personal missions like spot 3000 damage
      undetected and stuff like that
      yeah sure, how? well, pray you get those 4-5 maps that allow you to do
      I mean I don’t mind using light tanks like that but then don’t give
      personal missions with stealth spotting

    • +Andrew Erntell And the other side effect is even when you’re light tank
      does light up the enemy, there are no TD’s close enough or in sufficient
      cover to shoot what you spot so you’re screwed on both fronts.
      Sit back and don’t move forward gives you a longer life, more points but
      less wins.
      Rush up without cover and support means shorter life, less points but more

    • +4exgold well… I seem to be doing quite well in my mediums as well 😉 I
      never liked TD game play anyway, and don’t even get me started on arties 🙂
      but yes, I can imagine how deforestation might turn the game sour for many

    • +Thomas Moll basically any flat maps with a good deal of bushes….’but WG
      are slowly but surely destroying these types of maps for the benefit of the
      HTs primarily it seems.

    • +Andrew Erntell gotta agree there. i dont really play light tanks often,
      but the way i see it, there are only very few maps left where passive
      spotting still works well. Prokhorovka being probably still the best.

  66. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i took a very strong possition in my heavyarmord tanks at g4 and stop an
    entire advance that come from g1 and g3…now that the river bed leads into
    the town i have to be more carefull

  67. Nah guys he’s not late, just in time before next patchand before new map
    changes :P

  68. And even MORE deforestation…
    And yet Swamp still isn’t fixed. That map without arty goes nowhere, that
    map with arty goes nowhere.

  69. Looks like TD players getting shafted again if you ask me

  70. They’re changing maps and I don’t know where to go with my different tanks

  71. I really like what they did to the light and medium tank areas on
    Westfield… now it seems much more fair from my angle when you need to
    push through you can also hide on the way
    – no more camping

  72. The best change thus far, in my opinion, has been the option to download
    standard or HD versions of the game. Many of these maps changes seem to be
    very good, too. I’ve been playing WoWS mostly, though.

  73. I am almost sure the “island” in the NE of Prokhorovka has been changed, or
    did that happen in a previous patch already?

  74. Dont like the fact that WG has been removing so much vegetation over the
    last patches, maps are starting to look very baron and i cant stop to think
    that they are doing it not only for “balance” but for increasing the amount
    of frames per second due to less vegitation being rendered at any given

  75. Eternally Angelic

    I like to see that WG is stepping up their game in terms of how their maps
    are laid out. It’s no longer a linear 2 ways being viable on the 2 edges of
    the map anymore. They’ve done a great job altering the terrain to allow for
    much more movement in terms of flanking, and just other area’s that are
    viable to fight in or around.

  76. .IWhats in your Fanta?I.

    A bit late, or ?

  77. From now on, I’m just gonna quit every time I get Siegfried Line in a light
    tank, TD or paper med tank.

    • +Some Thing … I will not … but I do understand what u mean :). When I
      am in my 13 90 than I have no idea what to do at this map especially when 2
      tier X russian meds take middle ridge.

  78. thank you QB, i been on a break from tanks and its nice at least having an
    idea what to expect when i come back

  79. I think the changes are mostly good, but the changes to westfield on the
    heavy tank side have no thought of defending against a team of lets say 5
    artillery players. imagine 2 E100’s and a Maus getting ripped apart by 2
    or maybe if they are lucky 3 shots by the t92’s and bc 155-55. I can only
    seem to play faster tanks now because I find if I am too slow I just die
    where I am spotted, even behind what should be good arty cover.

  80. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    what does and anchor have to do with the illuminati? goes to show how
    ignorant you guys are to them and there symbols. plus if your a fan your
    ignorant and lame. they worship the devil and are carry out bible prophecy.
    the world is gonna get worse with the weather. wars, civil unrest. why are
    they being more bold with occult symbolism. oh ya, to taught the tin foil
    hatters. what a lame excuse, why dont they do that with every other
    conspiracy. plus people are so brainwashed and have no clue what they are
    or is and they dont even know what it is to conspire. ya cause that never

    • Mr.009mm Killuminati

      +PHILIP ACKERMANN didnt read it and don’t care if your saying or acting
      like a child does. don’t have time for childish immaturity. i grew out of
      that and try to act like an adult. so any name calling or childish comment
      i wont respond to em or read. i know thats one of the things they do to
      people. but don’t mean you have to act like that even after you aren’t a
      kid or teenager anymore. unless you are, i guess a little more

    • not sure if talking to me or to other guy :S


      You again! So you like my idea with Aluminum hats to protect your brain
      from indoctrinationrays?

    • you idiot, he was talking about meme, how those “illuminati fans” find
      everything suspicious. They see random 3 bushes on the map, it forms a
      triangle – boom, illuminati confirmed
      it’s just an internet joke –_–

  81. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    WG deforesting program continues… Seriously why do I even try to play TDs
    9.9: Removed all tank types except for Heavy tanks. Removed all maps except
    for Himmelsdorf. Reason: Game balance issues
    Maybe WG is trying to tell us something by putting the World of Warships
    anchor into Westfield…

  82. A bit late :P

  83. Assault will remain disabled for me as long as match is 5 mins shorter, as
    it gives a huge advantage for fortunate camp/defending players

  84. Steven Ribberink

    Maybe the southern team on sand river has more advantage now because they
    are sble to get up the middle ridge line and spot the northern team…

  85. i am so sick of WG removing all the bushes and now TD missions are

  86. War gaming you nerf tds but not arty God save us 

    • InfinteGaming101

      +Tony joe Im not saying the larger the gun, the less damage it does. Im
      just saying that arty shouldn’t be so crippling with 1 shot. Getting hit
      with a 183 is bad enough, let alone getting hit with a 183 from the other
      side of the map.

    • +InfinteGaming101 ha ha yes because everybody know the larger the gun, the
      less damage it does

    • InfinteGaming101

      +Tony joe Yes, it wouldnt make sense that a tank shooting from the other
      side of the map can do more damage than a tank fighting it out up close.
      Therefore a 240mm gun should do less than what a 183 would do.

    • +InfinteGaming101 so if the highest dmg an arty could do was 1150, than
      those other artillery would be doing about 900 dmg and its obvious that the
      larger the caliber the more damage a spg would do. it wouldnt make sense
      for a 240 mm gun to do the same dmg as what a 183 would do

    • InfinteGaming101

      +Tony joe Umm… Have you seen the FV215b 183? That thing has a 30 sec
      reload, does 1150 per shot and its on the very edge of good and
      overpowered. So yes, i would absolutely love a gun that does 1400 every 30
      secs, that is not pathetic at all! Especially from the other side of the
      map, where you cant take return fire!

      The tier 9 french arty is a great tank and its 27 sec reload does about
      300-500 on average.

  87. Seems like Russia doesn’t like Trees

  88. I used to hate Westfield with a passion but the new changes have now made
    it one of my favorites to play as a medium. Wargaming really did well on
    the changes to this map

  89. And still no changes to Swamp..

  90. I dont see changes on the Siegfried Line

  91. in patch 10.0 all will became bowling alley lol

  92. More deforestation nerfing lights and TDs

  93. What’s with the subtle background music – very annoying..

  94. Westfield A2 – Su-14-2 (me gusta)

  95. I would love to see a map with an intensely dense farm and then a forest
    across from it. I think if Wargaming made it like a maze and included some
    sparse buildings and plains areas, it could help give a map for all of hose
    who want a more equal and covered map.

  96. Nice informative review. I noticed the changes but this review will help me
    adjust my tactics a lot

  97. Mica Ionut Mihai

    3 years and this idiots from wg didnt improve MM…game is full of bots
    and idiots with mods…..armored warfare , i comming !

    • InfinteGaming101

      +Mica Ionut Mihai Games in world of tanks are usually unbalanced because MM
      does not take players stats into consideration. Not because MM does a bad
      job of matching up tanks. And if you’ve played some high tier games lately,
      there aren’t really many bots at all. And if you aren’t playing with mods,
      that is your decision, but others are not idiots for wanting to have a
      slight edge on their opponents.

    • +aboomination already do 😉

    • +EvilCleric ..or idiots – they’ll at least have one.

    • +Mica Ionut Mihai Because Armored Warfare won’t have any bots or mod users

  98. i think those maps that changed in this patch is more suitable for spg. The
    more i play in those map the more i feel spg have much more better change
    to shot at tank.

  99. Пешко Бешко

    Hmm this is too late ?!

  100. Now the defending team on Sand river will have EVEN MORE ways of
    suppressing the attackers …

  101. About fucking time

  102. jokerspet karlsson

    wow… QB is getting bribes from wargaming. he cant honestly have nothing
    bad at al to say abouth al these mapchanges that took away some of hes
    favourite positions.

  103. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    Whenever I am bored, I take my E50 and go to the normal light tank places
    and ram the into oblivion.

  104. This should have being uploaded weeks ago.

  105. The changes that have been applied to the corner of Karelia should be
    applied to Hidden Village as it is currently too small with too much of the
    map being wasted as mountains.

  106. qb could you please make a review from is-7?

  107. So the new map design philosophy seems to be make it flat and remove most
    of the cover, well done wargaming……

  108. What used to be great with World of Tanks was that there were many
    different ways to play the game. You could play aggressively, play sneakily
    or more intelligently. More and more of this is going away with every
    patch, apparently you are only supposed to play well armored heavies or
    fast nimble mediums now. F every other class?

    • +Procrastinator7 exactly….get to that ridge or down that alley asap and
      play peek-a-boo in your E100! oh, you don’t have gun depression? Fuck you!
      oh, you’re in a TD with 1mm of armour? Fuck you! oh, you want to speed and
      jink your way through wide open spaces in your little LT? Fuck you!

  109. As usual QB, you provide very thoughtful & analytical overviews of major
    map changes. Thankyou.

  110. More map changes to make Light Tanks more OP than what they need to be and
    make meds and TD’s useless. GREAT JOB WG

  111. Love these videos. Keep them coming. FYI on 2:05 I think you mean to say
    concealment. Cover stops shells, concealment just hides you.

    And yes, I love the new Westfield too. They did a great job on that one.

  112. Has there ever been a map change you haven’t agreed with or liked? You
    always seem to like them all….

  113. Sooo, for the 9.9 WG gonna say: for this new patch, no more TDs! Yes that’s
    right we are taking away all the TDs!! since there are no bushes to find
    cover, a lot of them have crappy gun traverse angle, and crappy traverse
    speed, not to mention paper thin armors, and nerfs to the view ranges and
    accuracy, so what’s the point ot have them in the game! Why don’t you make
    a new game with only lights, meds and heavies and that’s it, cause lately
    all I see is nerf to TDs, these changes now, more city maps making arty
    play almost impossible… Please WG do not take Gaijin examples on how to
    handle a game…

    • +Axel Dorman
      Ofc there are some TDs that not fit into the characteristics that I
      mentioned, but the vast majority do fit. St Emil for example has a
      horrendous gun traverse, traverse speed and overall speed, and this goes
      for 70% or more of the TDs. The thing with TDs is to play them as snipers,
      at least most of them, if u brawl, its almost a one shot for any heavy. And
      ofc there’s gonna be ppl that say I like to move a lot with my TDs, but in
      general… hope u know what I mean.

    • +jabo109 The hetzer’s track traverse speed is amazing…

  114. i am an experienced light tank player, and i find the changes not the best,
    because there are almost no locations at all, to spot from.

    But on the middle ridgeline on siegfried line, there is a really good
    bush, but it only works on encounter, because of the lack of enemy tanks on
    the field in the normal battle. it also is very hard to reach if there are
    enemy light tanks aswell.

    On westfield, they made a good change, there is a good bush you can spot
    all the enemies from, but on the old version, it was much easier. except
    the fact that IF you got spotted you instantly died, unless you were lucky.
    but on the new version, thats not going to happen.

    On sand river, you cant scout at all to be honewst, such an open map, and
    no bushes at all. except from the richline in the middle, but you get
    spotted there very easily.

    And on karelia, if you cant win the hill you cant do anything as a scout.

    So if there are guys trying the LT mision 15…. there are only 4 maps you
    can really spot on. Siegfried Line, Westfield, Live oaks, and malinovka.

    I dont mention Prokhorovka since it really is impossible to reach the E1
    bush, and it isnt really rewarding anyway. the middle rigde is hard to
    scout because of mediums poking there aswell
    EDIT: you might be able to get spotting damage, if you have a platoon of
    tankdestroyers behind you.

    Greetings from a light tank player

  115. And yet again maps completely fucked up for people who like to use open top
    TD’s. Like with the previous ten or so changes,

  116. any reason you waited for two weeks to do this review? I find the situation
    somehow insulting…

  117. I’m not sure a few map changes justify a whole 20 minute video. would love
    to watch it, but I don’t have tat time to spare just for something i can
    figure out in a few games. (that’s almost an entire matches worth of
    time!!) AKA: spit what you have to say out. If we want more details, we
    will read a forum

    • It’s not pointless, I’m making a suggestion for him. how the hell is that
      pointless? if he agrees with me, he might make them shorter so i can
      actually take time to see all of what he has to say. how the fuck is that

    • +noise117 But you do have the time to compose a completely pointless

  118. My first time commenting on your videos. I am disappointed with the changes
    to maps in general as of late. This is an arcade game. I get that. However
    the one thing that could be done to add realism, immersion if you will, is
    the use of realistic maps.

    In my opinion the maps on rotation are no longer realistic. They are not
    even inspired by realism. There are truly so many potential real world
    battle grounds that could be used that do not rely on channels, foliage etc
    that are simply not being exploited.

    Frankly, the way wargaming is going they may as well ditch the entire idea
    of hand crafted maps and develop a system on procedurally created maps for
    each match: No two maps the same. Why not? It would not be any worse than
    we have now.

  119. EmperorNefarious1

    I have decided to allow assault again because of these changes, very glad
    that sand river and karelia have been adjusted.

  120. Those changes to Karelia have been great so far in my opinion, especially
    the northern flank is great as for assaults and the new path up the
    southern ridge wasnt needed I think, but is crucial if you catch the enemy
    off guard.

    Sand River has kinda turned into one of my least favorite maps with these
    changes and it has been one of my favorites before really. It feels like
    they just slapped on another path up to a position that didnt need a nerf
    at all and now its just a huge stalemate. I mean everyone seems to be
    sitting behind some ridge and whoever gets tired of waiting first and goes
    for a peak basically just dies.

  121. TinkerTanks-WoT?

    While I love the changes to Westfield and Sand River I think that WG has
    totally screwed up the Seigfried Line map. Removing all the cover from the
    field really ruins this map and encourages camping since trying to advance
    across the field or get flanking fire into the gate area of the city is now
    suicidal. Wargaming, stop the senseless slaughter of shrubbery!

  122. Like!

  123. WG is ruining every map, apparently you should only play brawling heavy
    No cover, no undulations, view range nerfs for all weakly armored tanks!
    The biggest threat to World of Tanks is not Armored Warfare but Wargaming

  124. My problem with the Westfield map is that unless you have fast mediums and
    lights with very good engine power, the north team completely dominates the
    south east corner, because by the time your team has made it up that hill,
    the North side has already taken up position and you’re forced to assault
    up the hill while taking shots from the town and while any heavy tanks in
    the town get exposed to side shots from all the tanks that have taken
    positions in the south west.
    Honestly I feel like they’ve damaged the quality of the map, because across
    the board they’ve penalized you for using any vehicle that doesn’t have
    excellent power:weight ratios. And if you’re team has slower mediums and
    lights than the other team than you’ve already lost that side. In a number
    of battles, I would attempt to move up that hill and before I can get up
    the hill light tanks are already coming over the top and spotting the South
    Teams artillery and running amok right next to our cap, and it’s not even
    two minutes into the game. Honestly I like what they did to the North West,
    but I think they’ve made that South West hill an overly powerful position
    for the North Team to abuse, and a very costly one for the South team to
    even attempt at holding.

  125. When will arty be changed?

  126. Jeez, these maps now have less bush than a preteen pool party…

  127. johnathan francis

    QuickyBaby, pls review the T28 concept

  128. 9.8 has been out for a while now and youre just now posting a video of the
    map changes?

  129. Robert Charleson

    Great looking changes. Still waiting for a hedge row map. 

  130. New Westfield blows because people in the west now bog down 30 seconds
    after start. Many more changes like this I’ll be done.

  131. WG patch 9.9 : “We removed all the bushes and trees! Now you can’t play any
    of the tanks relying on stealth, fuck off and go play the Russians heavys” 

  132. WG, removing every bush in the game one by one. And turning scouts into
    brawlers. Way to go WG…..I used to love scouting passively…

  133. The SE area of Westfield, particularly those bushes you mentioned at k8, is
    now biased in the Southern team’s favour. As a predominantly light tank
    player, I only rush to K8 when starting on the southern team. If starting
    on the northern side, I will more often go to the E6 area and look to spot
    across the valley. Don’t get me wrong, spotting and shooting from G0 is
    still viable, but rushing further south may let you spot, but the terrain
    won’t let you shoot without giving your position away.

  134. i not like changes on first map, all other are great ^^

  135. Why now? 9.8 is so old now, it called me “son” the other day.

  136. I still havn’t been on Overlord map :/

    • Well, i hope i get on the overlord map this year atleast XD

    • +Mirza Ajanovic well you have a point in that the beach is mostly
      useless as everyone who goes down there just hugs the bottom of the
      cliff. WG could’ve just put a path down there in order to create more space
      above th cliff. and of course with all the ridges & cut off fields it
      feels like u are fighting in a series of frying pans. That also makes it
      seem smaller.

    • +Matthew Lunn it seems small for me, maybe im wrong.

    • +Mirza Ajanovic Kinda small? It’s one of the biggest maps…

    • +Franz Schall if you are a turretless TD with no armour and no GD on
      Overlord, youre truly screwed, but I guess you could say that for most of
      WGs new or revised stronk meps.

  137. Sand River: You didn’t really address the mid-ridge at all from the
    attacking teams point of view. The mid-ridge is compeletely ruined for the
    attacking team (in assault ofc). If you decide to go there, you are most
    likely going to die very fast as there’s no cover to keep you safe.

    I find it funny that before 9.8 the defending team had the advantage and
    this was supposed to fix the balance – and yet the changes now are really
    just making it even more easier to defend. Good job WG, you really don’t
    test out these maps before release now do you?

    Siegfried Line is also ruined especially for lights now. I don’t understand
    these changes at all, totally unnecessary.

  138. sovelis holimion

    Thank you for the update QB
    Well done as always

  139. “For all of you Illuminati fans out there”? lol

    • +Ville Lepoaho in all fairness, some of the TD positions on some maps were
      ridiculous. While on westfield i think they might have overdone it on
      nerfing sniping, on maps like sand river and karelia is was a very
      necessary step to take.
      All of the changes are of course purely to level the playing fields for
      competitions imo but even so its nice to see them taking concerns on board
      and changing things up. Sand River is a massively more fun map to play now,
      as is Karelia on assault when you’re defending in a light tank 😉

    • +Ville Lepoaho so funny lol

  140. The Westfield map looks like a huge dick city now

  141. So ,instead of adding new content ,wargaming just makes some silly changes
    to some of the existing maps to force people to learn how to play them
    again -> keep them playing their game.

    What was wrong with Karelia for example ? It played pretty well before ,you
    can see some replays on my channel. Same as Westfield. I think I like what
    they did to Siegfried Line.
    Sand river also played pretty damn well before ,why change it ? You know
    the saying ,if its not broken do not fucking fix it.

    • +Jacob Kearns IMO there was nothing wrong with the lemming train ,if you
      were any good you could do a shitload of damage.

    • +1stWarlord Karelia was always a big lemming train towards the south and
      stalemate in the north, hopefully this has fixed that

    • +1stWarlord Most of the changes are for the better imo, and everybody I’ve
      talked to liked them, and it seems QB is pretty pleased with the changes as

  142. Quickybaby if i remember correctly fallen trees do NOT provide any

  143. thank god finally some shitty map got improve!

  144. My biggest issue with the Westfield changes is that the E0 Arty position is
    still the single most OP arty position in the game with South Spawn still
    having no equivalent to it on this map.

    Aside from that, I like the Sand River changes in Encounter and Standard
    modes… but makes attacking on Assault Mode the digital equivalent of
    pulling teeth. Only times I’ve won when attacking on Assault Mode Sand
    River is when my team camped the base and waited for the defending team to
    get greedy for XP and go on the offensive.

  145. TheMinecraftHoarder


  146. What’s that sound at 10:40 ?

  147. <3 the new Karelia


  149. all the map changes are like “f you, tank destroyers”

  150. 6:04 QB illuminati confirmd.

  151. that town at 6:08 also looks like something different, if u get what i mean

  152. Gary van der Merwe

    Awsome video. I have not played since 9.8 was released. Now I will

  153. † Masterhp †

    QB’s streams are the official way of nerfs for the map locations.

  154. 1 tree removed – *It was massivly nerfed*

    • +Mirza Ajanovic Yes, that one tree is a massive nerf. The tree allowed you
      to control that entire part of the map with very little risk to yourself.
      You had bush for camo, a bunker for hard cover and you could’ve simply
      reversed behind the hill to take cover once you get spotted.
      Once you fully realise the vision/camo mechanics and the importance of map
      control, you’ll understand that this is a pretty significant nerf.

    • +Mirza Ajanovic it is though 😛 that one bush (not a tree btw, if you’re
      talking about QB’s favorite spot on Siegfried Line) was the single thing
      that would make a tank invisible there. now there is only the tree, which
      you probably still can knock over to help you cover your tank, but it’s not
      gonna be as gud as the bush before. Also the bush at the end of this wall
      extending from QB’s beloved pillbox has been removed. Earlier, in standard
      battles you could sit behind that wall, hide most part of your tank behind
      it, and just pull forward enough to peak through the bush to spot tanks
      coming from the south. Pull back a couple meters until bush becomes solid,
      nuke enemy, move forward to spot again, rinse and repeat. Now, you will
      just get spotted yourself. So yes, “huge nerf” sounds appropriate!

    • +Nico Meier i was saying that 1 less tree isn’t massive nerf to that
      location, did u even read my comment

    • DubstepinWithSmoke

      go back to league of legends kid

    • +Mirza Ajanovic
      what do you mean a tree was nerfed? 😮

  155. The middle position on sand river is ridiculously OP.

  156. awesome map reviews. now i can know where some good spots are for beating
    my foes

  157. Wargaming CEO, We need better bushes and threes. Employee, Boss lets just
    remove them so no one cares how crap they look.

  158. Haven’t played WoT in weeks because of exams.
    This video is perfect to prepare my comeback next week.
    Thx QB :)

  159. Ha! So Wargaming doesnt fix broken spotting mechanics. they just get rid of
    all the bushes, I cant wait Till theres no trees or bushes at all. This
    game will look amazing haha,

    • +Chris Lamb I smell a noob who has zero understanding of vision/camo
      mehanics and cries “haxxor cheeter” every time he gets outplayed by a
      player who understands how to play the game.

    • +Chris Lamb Right because it’s spotting that’s broken and not the bushes
      camo bonus. Some bushes are to “well placed” so they can be abused to a
      point where it’s almost unfair. Get rid of that bush and get rid of a lot
      of people complaining

  160. Leedle leedle leedle

  161. First xD Hi Qb ur the Best!

  162. tight af

  163. Blabla first blabla

  164. Andrew Macdonald

    first 100 veiws wooooo

  165. Benjamin Barexstein


  166. first

  167. Hey guys I hope you enjoy this map changes review of patch 9.8! Let me know
    what you think about the changes and if I missed anything crucial!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +QuickyBabyTV I’ve been using the river on Sand River as a highway for a
      couple of years, because nobody else did. Now it’s like the M25 down there.

    • +QuickyBabyTV I love all of the changes to these maps, This video did come
      out a little bit late so I got to discover all of the changes myself. Its
      always a ahhh moment when you go to hide behind a hill and it turns out to
      not be there anymore lol

    • +Alex Iwanejko better still they mad a map on the salt flats open map whit
      no hiding places no hills no bushes and turn that in a out blunt brawl

    • the changes on el haluf isnt much the hill on the a line that none uses i
      use has a arty spot there it was acessebile but if im not mistaken it was
      on moutain pass i think it was on that map there were 2 spots only light
      and fast tanks could acess they change those spots on porpuse the airfield
      map on the mountain side before it was possible whit the help of 3 other
      tanks go there and spot they change that part also so where`s the fun in
      that they restricted places on porpus do to complaining that those same
      spots give op to the players that went there…to me sounded like
      escuses…so wg aplies those changes…by the way things are going its
      better tchange into only heavy tank batles because the sense of porpus on
      light tank in some maps are crap

    • +Mthammere2010 Yes I confirm and the middle too. Now in attack mode, the
      attacking team will be constantly spotting by the fucking middle. So I
      turned off this shit hole game mode

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