World of Tanks || 9.8 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Get QuickyBaby’s latest XVM Mod for 9.8!

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
6th Sense

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World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Lars Erik Vestergaard

    In the last xwm, the arty cloud press g and get a sniper zoom, is this not

  2. why did you remove the special effect !!

  3. Hi, do anyone knows how to add the lightbulb for spotted tanks like QB has
    in the video? I found just * for spotted tanks in xvm.xc file but it does
    not work. the * is not visible. I did this change to it:

    “enemySpottedMarker”: {
    “Xoffset”: -22,
    “Yoffset”: -2,
    “enabled”: true,
    “format”: {
    “artillery”: { “dead”: “”, “lost”: “”, “neverSeen”: “”, “revealed”:
    “” },
    “dead”: “”,
    “lost”: “*“,
    “neverSeen”: “*“,
    “revealed”: “*

  4. Kaloyan Nikolov

    I can’t get the enlarged minimap to work. Please help!

  5. Thanks again Will for your continued support of the game. 

  6. Deus Ex Machina

    Are these mods legal for North American servers? Someone was telling me
    that they thought being able to zoom out further in third person was not
    allowed on NA servers.

  7. you have alot of messages

  8. яфывапимс

    you should add a damage received log

  9. thanks!

  10. +QuickyBabyTV Hi, Can You add auto equip or auto telescope mode?

  11. help How can I panel damage down

  12. Proč mi to nefunguje ?

  13. does someone knows where to find a WN8 meter after each battle to see how
    well you have played????

  14. Why did you remove the autocounter on earned credits?

  15. wargaming needs to ban xvm all the hate it creates doesn’t help anyone

  16. I have to praise you for being so quick with your modpacks. Although, not
    to be rude, I would prefer if you took the time to make sure all the
    features of the modpack are working before releasing it, such as number of
    battles played, colour of win rate, the light bulbs on the team roster etc.

  17. Thanks QB I actually do the installing of this mod pack for 3 other people
    and they’re very thankful for it too

  18. My name is awsomeseth

  19. Can someone gift me a tank plz(anyone can if you want)


  20. Is there any way to keep the tank list during the game from growing to
    cover up 1/2 the screen when you hit the CTRL button to get use of the
    cursor? That’s been the only drawback and it has been bad enough I disabled
    the package.

  21. Gospodin Piroman

    How to muve hits log,because to me covered with green icons of tanks
    “Google translator”


  23. thx quickibaby that is the best mod pack i have ever seen

  24. Can you please include x10 zoom or x30 ? Appreciate your effort and vids QB

  25. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Oh, not gonna use the extra zoom mod then…


    ran it on 9.7 [with % to win off] seemed to hang me up at the beginning of
    the match. i have a pretty weak system though. lots of good features.

  27. How do I change the 6th Sense icon?

  28. What if i only want the thing with zooming out is it possible ? because i’m
    afraid a lot of people gonna download this and so it will weaken my

  29. I was pissed how the update screwed up all the mods i had.
    Now i am stuck with those horrible default gun sounds.

  30. Phyoe Khaing Min

    I will be watching your live stream tonight :)

  31. Phyoe Khaing Min


  32. I’d rather play without any mod than this…hitlog is located in the upper
    middle of the screen.

  33. Dude can u help me ? after i extracted the file and when i going into the
    battle, the xvm doesn’t work, i can’t the see the player name,
    statistic,stats or rank, what should i do now ?

  34. Nice video keep it up!

  35. Donald S. Griffin

    Doesn’t QB stand for Queen’s Bench? I remember there was a show called QB7.
    (I think Queen’s Bench is what they call court houses in England. Its not a
    reference to gay furniture.)

  36. thanks man!nothing too much,just what i need ;)

  37. The file saids it has a tank carusel but how do you activate it? I want two
    rows you said you would show us how to modify some of the features but

  38. HELP i can’t enable the overall battle option on the xvm website it is
    ticked but if i log in to wot it still isnt there

  39. What’s the deal with the virus warning when you go to your site?

  40. when I install the xvm modpack I dont have post game stats in messages….

  41. Matej matković

    It doesn’t work to me… can someone write me here how to “install” it… I
    was put it where QB said.. but it still doesn’t work… HEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEE

  42. Thx for the quick update +QuickyBabyTV 

  43. Cheers bud!

  44. why did you remove the color of the win percentage?

  45. um Quicky none of my tanks come up on the bottom bit now

  46. hi QB my hit log is right at top under the tank types any think i can do to
    move it ? thanks

  47. How do you copy paste???111

  48. thx and it works (but it don’t show my flag :/)

  49. expecting just that thanks as always

  50. hi, QuickyBaby i was wandering what crew voice mod pack are you

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +sultan albadi he is using no mods for that. it is standard WG sounds. if
      you want to make german crew speak german etc. you should go to the
      settings > sound > voice messages and set it to national voices.

  51. Its missing Jimbo and dmg panel to be perfect

  52. Can anyone help me? I can NEVER install mods after the 9.7 update. I drag
    and drop the mods into the res_mods folder but it never seems to work. I
    was able to install XVM prior to 9.7, but never after that. Any help?

    • +Maarten Nijhuis Thanks for the help, but xvm still isn’t installing.

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +Kevin Toma if you have ever had modpacks such as promod or omc installed
      you might have to reinstall wot entirely. because those modpacks might
      install mods outside of the res_mods folder. you cant find those back and
      they can cause the game to crash.

    • Matej matković

      +Maarten Nijhuis I have same problem… I think not same but i have problem
      with this QuickyBaby mod… I copy and paste it in the res_mods>0.9.8 and
      nothing happens… it load the game… everything but I don’t have mod…

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +Matej matković QB shows 3 folders, those 3 folders should be copied and
      pasted inside the RES_MODS. this means you have to make sure that the
      contents from QB’s 0.9.8 folder come inside your 0.9.8 folder. your
      res_mods folder should then have 3 folders, 0.9.8, configs and mods.

  53. +QuickyBabyTV

    My XVM does not show everything when I use it (some examples):

    – Player’s battle count
    – Color on win/lose rate
    – Lost silver/gold at the battle ending menu
    – Possibly a butt-ton of other stuff

    Any idea what might be causing this?

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +Eddlicious yes, i can fix players battle count and the color on win%. but
      the others might just be xvm and not qb’s config

    • +Maarten Nijhuis
      How is it fixed then?

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      To fix # of Battles (per homogubben): Find and Replace all instances of (I
      think there’s 4) {{kb:3}} with {{kb%2d~k|-k}} To fix colors on winrate (per
      SIMOX): On lines 16, 1317 and 1436 replace “winrate%2d~%|-%” With “winrate”
      Then Find and Replace all instances of (should be 6 instances) {{winrate%2d~%|-%}} With {{winrate%2d~%|–%}}

  54. So QuickyBaby…… with the new ESL rules i am not allowed to use this
    right ?

  55. hey QB, I want everything in your mod pack minus the x30 zoom feature…
    how can I do that? How can I make my own?

  56. Milos Zdravkovic

    Je l’ moze mala pomoc, kako da skinem ovaj Mod Pack 9.8 i kako da
    instaliram ? Hvala unapred!!

  57. How can I get my damage dealt and experience earned for the crew on the
    post battle screen? It very very very frustrating……. However, thanks
    for the mod pack, it is really clean and stellar. Great job!

  58. Thank you QB for this mod set. I´ve been using your mods quite a while and
    I find them very usefull.

  59. I find it kinda hypocritical that QB uses Adblock while being dependent on
    ads himself….

  60. To I did it and it did not work I need help plz 

  61. Aemilius Dracula

    Hi QB! Can you tell me pls whan colour scale you use on your XVM? Thx!

  62. Why don’t they like the better zoom? it’s not like cheating, you just get a
    better view, it’s not like your aim gets smaller. I like the extra zoom, my
    ead hurts when i hardly can see my targets.

  63. AKLONGFACE47 playsgames

    I have a important problem

    I need help when I open up my wot launcher it says: Warning unable to
    connect to update service for details see log files

  64. Thank you. Really appreciate these quick mod pack updates – you’re
    wonderful <3

  65. why dont you add arty mod to your mod pack?
    It’s will be great

  66. jose cedres herrera

    thnx quicky, i always can count on u

  67. GJ, nothing more to say.

  68. Well done QuickyBaby

  69. No Hitlog? ie damage received?

  70. Y U No put number of games played??

  71. Quickie, is it even possible to have xvm with Session Stats now? Or not
    anymore? The Wn8 you did for that battle, your wn7, etc.

  72. dylan kurrle (TitanFall Gaming)

    +QuickyBabyTV You might not see this but i’ll say it anyway.
    I would just like to thank you for making me a better player at this game
    because you give good info on the tank and how to play them and deal with
    tank two tiers higher then me so keep up the good work 😀
    (sorry about my grammar)

  73. Your awesome Quickybaby. I hope i meet u un gameplay some time so you can
    kick my but.

  74. I did TD 15 without xvm and only thought i only did like 4K and ended up
    doing 5,710 damage and ace tankered my Tortoise and did HT 15 as well so i
    had a good day

  75. The light bulbs next to the enemy tanks when they get spotted don’t show

  76. how do we delete the old 9.7 modpack?

    • Just remove EVERYTHING in your res_mods folder. After that you’re clear to
      install this new version 🙂

  77. Can someone tell me how to zoom out I’m new to the game 

    • DougsterCanada1

      +Jaffaraptor Zoom is usually controlled by the scroll wheel on most mice.
      If your mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel I’d highly recommend getting one.
      If not, it’s likely possible that you can assign keys to do the same
      function. Welcome to the game, and best of luck to you.

  78. Donald Thibeault

    The media fire link is buried somewhere inside too many ad, I can’t find
    the F-N file for all the adds. Screw it, I’ll play without the mods till
    OMC get’s there files sorted..

  79. Maby if you like it you can try out Armored Warfare as well, that would be
    awesome :).

  80. Why dont you make the win rate of players in battle the colors they used

  81. What’s up with xvm web site, I click sign in and nothing happens. how am I
    to login and activate xvm.

  82. The OMC mod is better than your mod

  83. Giedrius Cepulis

    Thank you so much QB. You are awesome.

  84. ASFBrickdaz Gaming and Stuff!!!

    Can you do War Thunder replays plz? 🙁 There are no new ones, and I would
    personally feel like your leaving a very major game out. Discrimination,
    maybe, or just criticism?

  85. How come when i download on there is no file, it looks like
    it doesn’t work! I need help


  87. can someone help me I cant get the mod pack to work. I have unzipped files
    put them in res mod replacing old ones logged in to xvm and oped the game
    and bam nothing so then I uninstalled and reinstalled wot and still nothing
    please help

  88. Deepolis ATF-LAFFEY

    Ok, but where can I find the Bat Cave for 9.8?

  89. thanks Quicky

  90. I dont like u … But I started to like u since these packs and some videos
    of u … But I still dont like u 100% :P

  91. Niklas Lindberg

    For some reason it doesn’t work. Last modpack you did worked perfectly, but
    this version keeps crashing the game

  92. what if u are my enamy

  93. for some reason this isn’t working for me i tried every step, have
    restarted my computer. anything obvious i might have forgotten?

  94. Need help installing this or help in what I’m doing wrong I actually
    follows the steps quickybaby did and activated it and when I launch it it
    doesn’t work…I’ve deleted the previous mod pack 9.7 and also deleted a
    folder that started with the letter a…. so what am I doing wrong? help!
    My wot feels naked haha

  95. Very helpful keep these up

  96. amt of battles. why

  97. i wonder how many dynamic platoon requests QB is gona be bombarded with

  98. Armored Warfare early access starts today also. Irony?

  99. Radugov Pihirovski

    I have a problem. Once I install this and I join a game, I instantly
    disconnect. I am sure this is not my WiFi problem because when I don’t use
    the mod I don’t get any connection problems. Is there a way I can fix the

  100. BoomHeadsToShot GG

    Why did they remove the amount of games played by a player?

  101. How do you take off XVM?

    • +Dark_Seeker Delete everything inside the 0.9.8 folder, also delete config
      and mod folders in the res-mods folder.

  102. hey QB, you should do a review about the T28 HTC and Stug IV! :)

  103. ok am I doing something wrong im trying to use the mod pack and its not
    working. I downloaded it unzipped it pasted it in to res mods replacing the
    default stuff that was in there, logged in to xvm and opened the game.
    nothing changed what am I doing wrong?

  104. bringingtherukas

    Watching QB and Jingles videos you can see how many people DO use the
    sniper zoom.

  105. Milutin Bacovic

    works great thank you

  106. Hey quicky, idk if you will even read this but you should add session stats
    for your modpack

  107. How to fix battle loading clock? it is showing 00:4:th at ~00:50:00 time
    H:N:S N and S not working

  108. Thank you QB.

  109. Thx alot

  110. xVM no flags

  111. Thanks again Quickybaby!

  112. I have to say thank you so much for rushing out your modpack. Can’t help
    but get the feeling you actually care about your viewers.

  113. Under which file within the mod can i find the zoom out feature to disable

  114. How can you edit things like rows on carousel or amount of rows in hitlog?

  115. Hello, can anyone help me ? when i log on world of tanks xvm saysXVM
    6.1.2-dev (4403)

    Network services unavailable. more info

    TLSFingerprintError(“X.509 fingerprint mismatch:
    ‘918154b8f25c74c2bcdeaf767cda7badf7f8a5e1’]”,) . and on xvm i have only
    –%–%–% without numbers. any solutions?

    • +Maarten Nijhuis nothing..

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +Riko Papazois also followed the earlier steps i gave pavel? +Pavel Chytros
      logged in with the WG account that corrosponds with the WoT account?

    • Yes of course, i know that in the past Xvm worked normaly for me, but today
      it is different

    • +Maarten Nijhuis yes

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +Riko Papazois +Pavel Chytros i can send you guys my config, but that will
      mean that some things will look different and some things might be missing
      from your point of view.
      another thing worth trying is checking which config file is actually being
      used. with that i mean checking the configs>xvm folder, there should be an
      xvm.xc file just linking towards the real config files. if you might have
      used other configs before it can be the case that the file is linking
      towards the old config files and thus can be broken.

  116. Jens Schauberger

    Now i only need a zoom mod, tank carousel and received damage announcer.

    • Katherine Spezia

      +Jens Schauberger Using zoom mods and received damage announcers is a
      bannable offense. Personally I don’t see much harm in zoom mods but SerB
      wants them gone.

    • +Katherine Spezia And nobody wants to mess with serB… ;o

    • Jens Schauberger

      +Katherine Spezia Look at Rita’s site they dont even bother if someone has
      Warpack on EU server. And I think they said Zoom mods are ok as long as
      youi still cant watch through the bushes in the zoom.

    • William Brimmer

      +Jens Schauberger Yes, it is only an illegal zoom mod if when you zoom in,
      you can see through bushes. I have confirmed the last 2 30x zoom mods do
      not allow you to see through foliage. 9.6 and prior you could zoom in
      through foliage.

  117. nice. but i can play for a few days without xvm but what i more need than
    stats are the sound mods. and wot was not realy funny today because the
    org sounds are very poor. i hope wg will change this someday.

  118. smashing effort old chap!

    (yes this is me trying to sound british)

  119. best comeback again with quicky ty so much man… RNG force be with u you

  120. Samuel Eriksson

    Mod is not showing the spotted markers (light bulbs) in the team list..
    Same problem as I had with 9.7 if anyone has a solution please share!

  121. Dimitris Bisyllas

    why i cant see dmg done and assist on personal score after a battle and?

  122. I don’t trust ZIP files a lot.

  123. Don’t mislead people regarding disallowed mods because there are no banned
    mods on EU servers. Even WP is legit.

  124. Chuck Webster Jr

    Had problems with the loading of the battle. Battle was already going
    before I was loaded. Never had this problem with 9.7.

  125. The overall damage you have done both personal and spotting doesn’t show
    anymore in the left box on the post game stats view. How can we fix that?

  126. need some help here, my game is without audio because I have used a motor
    sound mod and weapons in 9.7, could help me?

  127. For some reason Zoom-out option does not seem to be working. It stays at
    game default setting.
    “zoom”: { “centered”: true, “pixelsBack”: 360 } (Default value was 160)
    After changing and log back in still zoom-out remains default.

  128. Nvm I got it

  129. I can get xvm it keeps deleting it self

  130. I wish it showed damage and spotting/assistance damage done on the main
    page after the match like it used to isntead of being stuck down the
    details page.

  131. Petar Djurdjevic

    pls get me (download link) only hit logo mods…tnx

  132. Let us know please,when u add amout of battles on your xvm mod. Thank you!

  133. Clive “Marksman” derp

    Is aim mod x30 ilegal on EU server?

    • Louis Rosset-Ballard

      Iv used it and never been banned so i think its fine 🙂

    • Clive “Marksman” derp

      Oh ok then. Thanks

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      +Clive derp Technically you can use any mod you want. At the moment the
      only way you will get busted is if you blab about the usage or broadcast a
      live feed or video showing usage. Really use mods at your own risk.

    • Clive “Marksman” derp

      well am not gona use it then. just to be sure

    • William Brimmer

      +Clive derp Not sure of EU or NA legality differences, but its only illegal
      if when you zoom in, it allows you to see through foliage. Now like I said
      above, whether that applies to EU/NA servers or both, I am not sure. I use
      it on NA, not wanting to cheat but wanting to see better, I use it since
      9.7 it does not allow you to see through foliage.

  134. Wargaming does not like sniper zoom mods? They do not seem to be bothered
    enough about mods to even try preventing the use of mods giving unfair

  135. Qb would you but the mod in, which put the camo Net anderen bino and all
    the nother moduls automatik in ?
    With that mod your mod ist complet
    Schönen Gruß aus Deutschland

  136. The lightbulps that indicates If the enemy are spotted isn’t there for me
    even though i have with sense

  137. Thanks for the mod pack but the light bulbs which show which tanks have
    been lighted or not still does not work for me (this also didn’t work in
    the 9.7 mudpack).

  138. I have no been able to download this modpack after downloading previous
    versions of it without any problems. I have completely ruined my world of
    tanks and i can’t see any markers over the top of tanks or the players
    names. What should i do.

  139. Alexandru D. Gatea

    the hit log appears under allies icons…

  140. thank you QB

  141. You are where?! for streaming?

  142. Thanks again for your work to keep us up to date with the modpack!!!

  143. Qb how about a video going through the differences of the new domination
    tanks and their original counterparts? 

  144. Any chance of adding the mod that gives multiple garage lines? I find this
    mod a complete god send to sorting my tanks out… and of course this is
    none intrusive to your game!

  145. Thank you, lots of broken stuff in the WG stuff today.

  146. Why so late?

  147. apenstaartjeeh 200

    hi quikbaby how can i skip the zoom mod ? i like all but not the zoom out
    mod :/

  148. +QuickyBabyTV the feature with the bulb that is showing you how many tanks
    got spotted is not working for me. I mention that except this modepack i
    only have aslain’s zoom in mode x30(edited to be only x16). That feature
    worked for me 2 paches agoo and i played only with this combination of
    modes: QB modepack and aslain x16 zoom.

  149. +QuickyBabyTV Is your modpack legal to use in ESL battles?

  150. Lol 3:42 i really can’t believe that. As clean as it’s possible dude… how
    can You say something like that?:P

  151. thx for some GREAT vid quicky! I really love to Watch you and r a
    this will as always help a lot in my game 🙂

  152. Thank god this video came out.I didnt play for a day because I am so used
    to XVM..

  153. Why mod packs Will remove the “Dynamic camera” effects?

  154. Clean mod pack dude… you are full of shit!

  155. Adrien d'Yvoire

    Quick little question, I don’t get the light bulbs on the “enemy team menu”
    to know who’s spotted, was or isn’t. How could I get it?

    And of course, thanks a lot QB for this modpack :-)

  156. QB can you please put à ingame wn8 log in somde can de hoe much wn8 we have

  157. You can too get in a platoon when You fight and You can now go whit more
    dan 3 friends in a platoon. Did you don’t read dat?

  158. Krzysztof Ćwiertnia

    When is the update coming to NA server?

  159. Thanks a lot for the Pack!

  160. Thx quicky hope to meet up in battle one day 😉 alias pokefast !!

  161. Quickybaby being quick as always 😉 GJ QB

  162. what does “w and 8” mean?
    so what does it mean?

  163. You should credit the author(s) of XVM at least in description, they did
    the MLG work, you did the hard work :P

  164. Darren lee Moore (IBouncedAgain)

    thanks QuickyBaby :)

  165. Slobodan Režek

    QB how to get better WN8?

  166. You really should include battle assistant (arty view mod) and yasenkrasen
    session stats in your modpack.

  167. quick as always thanks.
    cant wait for your stream tomorrow westfield is now the perfect Is-7 and
    arty dream.

  168. Does the mod pack work with SD and HD client versions?

  169. The Mod Domination it’s forever?

  170. If you don’t have any of the Domination tanks can you still play it?

  171. THX!!!

  172. QB, not trying to be rude but I’ve been watching your vids a lot and maybe
    a new intro?

  173. i followed the steps but it doesn’t work, i put all the file’s in the
    res_mod map
    pleas help

  174. Hey guys quick question: why when I enter a random battle and the loading
    bar shows that the map is fully loaded I cannot enter the battle and I am
    stuck staring at the loading screen for the entire game…. is it something
    that regards the mods? I am using smooth scope 30x zoom in mod and received
    damage announcer and QB’s mod pack… please answer fast ’cause I can’t
    play the game…

  175. Hi QB!

    I use your Mod Pack recently, but i’m missing the hitlog of received damage
    in the bottom left corner.
    Is that a kind of XVM mod or a complete different mod?
    Thx or your help! :)

  176. Aaron van Wattum

    Thank you Quickybaby! I also downloaded the 9.6 and 9.7 Quickybaby XVM and
    really like it! Cant wait for 9.9

  177. HungryForHeaven

    QuickyBaby, thank you for the mod pack. I need help changing the
    configuration a little bit so that when I press Alt I can see the players’
    WN8 rating (Ally and enemy). Help!!

  178. Does this modpack work for mac?

    • +pikherz An online game is one you don’t download a multi-gigabyte package
      for. And do you really thing its the same game on the phone!?

    • +Johnwolf234 Thats a browser game. Even if you download 200 GB it will
      still be an online game as long as you can only play with other players
      online. It is not exactly the same game on the phone, but both games are
      not complex and run on very little specs and slow internet connections. I
      wouldn’t try to play gat 5 on my mac if it was possible thats what consoles
      are for, but if I have to decide between:
      1. Booting up my PC with an ultra-slow HDD every time I want to play WoT
      2. Screw all the money I payed for WoT and start playing on the xbox 360
      3. play on my mac,

      I choose the latter.

    • +pikherz That’s the part where you call it ‘little’.
      Look, I’m not trying to be rude, but just saying the two games are the
      same… argh…. Look, feel free to play it on your Mac if you want, that’s
      not what I’m annoyed about.

    • +Johnwolf234 I’m not speaking of how complicated the games are to program.
      One of them uses more processing power of the PC the other one uses less.
      One happens only on the device and therefore all information is gathered
      there, the other one only has the UI saved, but what actually happens is
      being defined by the server. One thing is for sure, few macs can handle GTA
      5 at reasonable graphics, but all can handle WoT at reasonable graphics. So
      why not use them for WoT?

    • +pikherz
      Read my comment again. I said that if you wanted to use your Mac you could.

  179. If youTube dies out.. Will you stop with it or keep it going??

  180. my world of tanks has stopped producing sound the only sound i get is the
    voices from when the battle starts and the noise from when you get ribbons
    ,any idea why this is happening ?

  181. Trace “Roundyghetto2” Irrendahl

    I have used your modpack for a long time by now and I have always done it
    the same way. Now, it doesnt work for me anymore. I do all the steps just
    like you show in the video, but it still doesn’t work… What am I doing

  182. mohammad mohitazar

    hey QB
    what about the arty mod (battle assistant)

  183. PolishWarrior 99

    will we get the veighles

  184. STOP DOWNLOAD XVM ! BIG PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC FAIL THIS
    TIME QB !

  185. Nice and quick as always!

    If you do hotfixed +QuickyBabyTV can you please tweet / google+ / facebook
    to let us know? Since there will not be a new video. Thanks!

  186. Thx a lot ! :)

  187. Hey QB, why doesn’t it show the “games played” number as it did every patch
    prior to this? Is that something that you removed or xvm just doesn’t think
    that it is important due to “account re-rolls”? I know that I can probably
    reconfig it but I’m curious about your opinion.

  188. why win % is not same color that WN8 any more ?

  189. link is not working???

  190. Brauni Branauni

    Is there a zoom mod in QB’s modpack?

  191. i´ve got a problem with this mod. I can´t start WOT with it. But i don´t
    get an error massage or so… :(

  192. +QuickyBabyTV Please do an IS-4 review update! Your last IS-4 video was
    years ago.

  193. How can we get the number of battles to show up?

  194. Thanks QuickBaby! im adicted to your mod pack, its insane, im so unskilled
    when i dont have it lol, keep updating it, its pro!

  195. My res_mods folder looks exactly the same as the video one, but it won’t
    go. Any ideeas.

  196. Hey thank you quickybaby. Really appreciate what you do for us man!

  197. Niffer Abderrahman

    what the fu is3 autoloder

  198. If someone could please tell me which config file I need to modify in order
    to change the X coordinate for the damage numbers in the top left I would
    be very grateful.

    • +Lucas Pintilie I’m wondering that too. I use a different resolution than
      QB so the hitlog shifts on the screen … doesnt look pretty. In the
      modpack i usually us, you have an extra file called “hitlog” where you can
      just change the X or Y coordinate. QB’s xvm files look different and I’m
      not exactly an IT pro ;). It’s a minor inconvenience though and i guess i
      can make it work until my usual modpack gets updated. QB is always the
      first to update his modpack, so praise the Quickybaby 😉

    • +Al Caprioni +Lucas Pintilie found it: res_mods>configs>xvm. Open the xvm
      file. You get a lot of code. Just press CTRL+F search for “hitlog” and
      change the X value to something between 200 and 250, whatever suits you

  199. wtf , wasn’t 9.7 like 2 weeks ago?

  200. Need the carousel !

  201. Quicky may I suggest 1 thing to add into your mod pack. Add a dmg log. So
    you can see who hit you and how much dmg you have taken. That would make
    this mod pack complete. Well for me it would be.

    • NA has a couple of illegal mods, that i know of. EU might, but they are
      seldom enforced.

    • +IgorVonE Well I might have spoken too soon tbh people are getting banned
      from EU in droves atm for nothing cept using xvm

    • well, if they are getting banned for using warpack, GREAT! i think that
      modpack is nothing short of cheating

    • XVM isn’t Warpack.

    • I know it isn’t .. oh, i misread what you wrote.. Yeah, well i haven’t
      really heard about anyone being banned for using XVM, other than rumours,
      since now it really doesn’t do anything more than what is implemented in
      the game.

  202. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Is there any mod to track my assisted damage during the battle?

  203. QB quick as always 🙂 Thanks!

  204. Wachira Narongsack

    like your mod pack and I would like to see the server reticle to be added

  205. 9.8 hasn’t been released in my region yet :P


    how can i enable the dynamyk camera ?

  207. Thank you QB :-)

  208. can i see the new badges???

  209. Thank you!

  210. quickybaby do you have a mod that allows you to see your WN8 after each
    battle to see if you played good?

  211. How do you test changes to your xvm settings? In wow i would just go to a
    test dummy and be able to test settings without going in to a battle, but
    in WoT i cant find a test mode.

  212. I doesn’t seem to work on my computer :(

  213. As always, many thanks mate.

  214. Infamous_chicken

    Cheers QB!

  215. Giorgi cercvadze

    Thanks a lot QB I was waiting for you’r mod pack all day ;)

  216. yay, i was waiting for that:)

  217. Finally after 5hours, thanks so much to Quickybaby for his hard work,
    really appreciate it!

  218. The winrate isn’t colored and the Kbattles played doesn’t show

  219. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Thx for mod pack, Quicky!

  220. QB, would you consider adding the arty mod, (battle assistant) in some xvm
    mod pack as it is really cool, and even received revard from wargaming. it
    really changes arty playing. not cool to download it differently when using
    your modpack.

  221. Thank you Quicky! keep updating the modpacks the way you do! <3

  222. THANK GOD for (some of) the modified missions. Holy, now some of them
    actually make sense and you don’t need pure luck to manage them.
    PS: I didn;t get to read them all yet, but this is definitely a step in the
    right direction.

    • War gaming are changing them which is good, but still T55A and Obj 260 luck
      missions are there. Sucks for me because I’m one missions away from T55 but
      RNGesus isn’t on my side…

    • Babli From Gnomeregan

      +Legotank007 i know how you feel , its the same for me 2 missions … but
      noone whants to bonce on my 😀

  223. i am really happy you don’t have sniper mode in the mod it’s a pain to find
    and remove, but is there a way to remove XVM messing with the icons of
    tanks like removing them over a tank? and sorry for my poor english but i
    am to lazy to make sure it’s good :P

  224. Hey man, would you be able to add a session statistics mod for your garage
    to make it easier to track our performance. Personally that is the only
    thing, along with damage log that is interesting and it would make me
    download your mod pack

  225. Can you do or link me a video on how to edit XVM files I can’t find any
    that are updated and I have trouble fine tuning certain things, thank you!

  226. Thanks again for this modpack!

  227. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Thanks for updating the pack! I was really missing it :D

  228. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    Ad the Melthys Math Mod ! It is an aweseome Mod!

  229. tnx a lot Qb i love your mod packs tnx a lot and have a good game in the
    batelle field :)

  230. Fraser Mcgregor

    Thanks QB love your channel and your mods!!!

  231. Thank u sooo much Quickybaby!! I was waiting for a modpack Thanks!

  232. THE PHOTO.jpg

  233. Why did you remove the amount of battles? on XVM

    • Rick Van calster

      +ThinkOfAName11 I agree.

    • +QuickyBabyTV The zoom mod is not working

    • AKLONGFACE47 playsgames

      +QuickyBabyTV I need help when I open up my wot launcher it says: Warning
      unable to connect to update service for details see log files
      plz help me fix this

    • +raisenox Do you mean Dash or Slash?

    • +Mads B it’s double dash, we’ll see if youtube let’s me spell it out here:

      To fix # of Battles (per homogubben):
      Find and Replace all instances of (I think there’s 4)

      To fix colors on winrate (per SIMOX):
      On lines 16, 1317 and 1436 replace
      Then Find and Replace all instances of (should be 6 instances)

      EDIT: yeah, youtube still doesn’t like chains of –‘s, adds that

  234. This must have ben the 235´th time ive tried to install this modpack, it
    never worked. Neither for 9.6 or 9.7

    • Cuz u are doing it in the wrong folder i think

    • Nope, im 99,9% sure its the right one

    • Niffer Abderrahman

      +MadKing 27 0.1 oyu are doing it rong

    • +MadKing 27 Had the same…

    • Maarten Nijhuis

      +MadKing 27 make sure your res_mods folder is empty. really empty, except
      for a
      folder called 0.9.8. that’s the only folder that should stay. empty the
      0.9.8 folder. so now all you have is empty 0.9.8 folder in empty
      res_mods folder. then all you do is you drag and drop the files QB
      mensioned into your res_mods folder. make sure you allow fusing the
      folders 0.9.8 with 0.9.8 from QB. then everything should work except for
      statistics in battle. to enable stats in the players lists you should
      go to log in on the top right and hit activate and update
      statistics. just like QB has shown. also, if you have ever used a modpack
      like promod or omc, it might be the case you would have to reinstall your
      game. because those modpacks might have installed mods in a different
      folder than res_mods which can make the game crash.

  235. I love how reliable you are! I was worried when I started downloading the
    update and this video wasn’t out, but (of course, in unicum style) within
    the last ten minutes you come in with the video and win the game. Thankies
    QuickyBaby :3

  236. aint that tanks filter (nation, tiers, type etc) in garage part of base
    game? ;)

    • +Obbi J Nations, Class of Tank (Lights, Meds, TD’s etc) and “Hide Used
      Slots” are the only features in the “Vanilla”, unmodded garage. The tiers
      are not, nor are any of the no crew,multiple XP, Premium, etc selections.

    • +J Corbett didnt think mods spoiled me that much 🙁
      and didnt think wg skipped that basic but much needed things.
      ty for correcting me.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I agree that being able to sort the tanks by tier as
      well as nation/class should be in the game by default, rather than as part
      of a mod to the game. The abilty to sort by premium and multi-xp etc, might
      be counted as more of a “luxury”, but even that could be included to
      improve user experience.

    • +J Corbett i couldnt have put it better
      back on track, thanks QB for simplistic but usefull modpack 🙂

  237. Thank you QB. My hit log is over the row of tank on top… Bad resolution?

    • Matej matković

      +frolt bro I did it all.. but I have one more question… when i log in to
      modxvm forum page… with my account i can have mod only on my account or
      does it works for all of us in family?? because at my family …. I
      play,Mom play wot,dad play wot and brother play wot… leave a reply.. 😀

    • Matej matković

      +frolt bro it still doesn’t work… I don’t know why??? I’ve done
      everything what you wrote here… what the fu**??

    • +Matej matković It works for your account only, if you play with the same
      pc, just log in to xvm page with other accounts, it will work for 2 weeks,
      after that you have to log in with all of them again.

    • Matej matković

      I’ve done it… I’ve successfully done it haha… i made it.. it works now
      but I don’t know how to install Jimbo crosshair mod… anyone help??

  238. These Mods, ha got it!:D

  239. Nice one, always a great help when playing, thanks again :)

  240. Andrei JoacaMinecraft

    It not working!!

  241. Yanniek Wielage

    Is the domination gamemode already in the game?

  242. I was waiting for that since i pached my WoT. THX QB FOR MAKIN IT SO FAST!

  243. First!!

  244. Thank you quickybaby for putting the modpack out this early i really
    appreciate your work thanks

  245. Thanks for the early release and for being kind to share your modpack with

  246. THX so much for your modpack I was waiting for it today.

  247. Just got in to a game as top tier TD, lets rek noobs

  248. No 9.8 for me yet. :(

  249. Anthony SANGALA

    Thx a lot for this modpack QB you are the best :)

  250. Music from a German

    Quickybaby i love ur vids keep going for years plz

  251. Thx for the good work WOT is unplayable without the mods

  252. What your graphisc settings ?

  253. Ty qb

  254. How did you get your modpack out before the official xvm website? xD

    • +The Captain because he uses dev builds which are not actually recommended
      to use for anything else than testing.

  255. FIRST ENGLISH/POLISH MODPACK IN 9.8 Polish greets

  256. Excellent QB! I was just struggling finding 9.8 compatible mods, but now my
    gaming night is saved :)

  257. Michael Heribert

    I was just looking the new modpack and suddenly it appears on the newsfeed!
    Thanks :D

  258. I have been waiting haha

  259. thank you qb!

  260. God Bless ya!

  261. New you’d be fast – thanks mate

  262. good timing :p

  263. YES, Thanks QB :D

  264. Cheers QB

  265. MonsterValler n


  266. thanks qb

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