World of Tanks 9.8 Testserver: New Game Mode: Domination!

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Source: Luca Yoshi

Hello, welcome to my Youtube-channel,
I hope you enjoy my videos. I will post replays of my excellent battles (according to vBaddict) so you can watch these replays and hopefully learn something. Of course I won’t show all of them because sometimes it is a little bit weird, I mean 3000 Damage with a Tier is not excellent.
Sometimes I will post Commentary Videos and rarely I will maybe show some tank reviews so stay tuned.
If you liked the replay or/and the video like it and like the replay down below, if you didn’t like it dislike the video.
System Specs: Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz to 3.90GHz, 8.00GB Dual Kanal DDR3 @ 666MHz, ASRock Z77 Pro3 (CPUSocket), 2047 MBNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (ASUStek Computer Inc), DTV (1360×768@60Hz)

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  1. Luca Yoshi (KingYoshiLuca)

    No Arty :3

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