World of Tanks || 9.9 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Get ’s latest XVM Mod 9.9!
►v1 for 9.9 15/07/2015

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense

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World of is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. i can’t select another tank because i can’t see them

  2. camera direction beam doesn’t show up

  3. res_modsmodsshared_resourcesxvmres to delete the custom 6th sense. :<

  4. Sadly WoT crashig

  5. The Anonymous Patriot

    +QuickyBabyTV I am gonna *try* you mod pack. Since Basic XVM *still* hasn’t
    I will of course have to replace your 6th Sense Icon with My Gunnery Sgt
    Hartman one LOL

  6. this video should be called: World of tanks || 9.9 mod and XVM since
    that’s al there is in this so called ”mod pack”

  7. So, do you reckon that next patch will be finally WoT 1.0 (as this is
    technically 0.9.9)? Or rather WG will reach the pinnacle of ingenuity and
    just call it 10.0 (0.10.0)? :D

  8. TheMightyJingles Worshipper

    This is the first time mods have worked for me

    Thank you

  9. MasterUpdateCZ Let's Plays

    Hey QB, does your modpack contain also freecam for replays?

  10. Jonathan van Leeuwen

    I got the Dealta-homes virus from your download, although the mod works I
    do not like having this virus.

  11. As always GJ Quicky really love your modpack nice and simple and I dont
    have to setup everything manually thanks!

  12. TheGamerLTU TheGamerLTU

    it doesint tell me if i am spooted

  13. With the mod on I can’t see my medkit and repairkit in game, and my buttons
    for using them (MB 4 and 5 on the side of the mouse) doesn’t work.

  14. +QuickyBabyTV I need help on crew so I am presently sopping crew but then
    having to retain them …. how do you do it does a med tank crew only work
    in medum tanks will if they have 100% and skills on top that are almost or
    are at 100% still work can you do a nooks guide to crew only as I watch you
    and the knome and still don’t understand it
    …..Please help people like me …… 

  15. Hey, I probably need help. Sometimes when I install your mod, my bar with
    the tanks to choose disappears. Anyone know how I can fix that?

  16. I installed the mod pack, its great 🙂 however the line on my mini map
    pointing in the direction I’m aiming has disappeared. QB didn’t have one
    during the gameplay either, has he removed it? Didn’t realise how much I
    use it 😛 

  17. Oops – removed all trees and details from landscape and buildings for me –
    SD – bit like playing on the moon.

    • +Phil McCool Edit – working fine – it was the graphic detail set on low
      that caused it – fancy some 8bit gaming – go low.

  18. We can’t play in the new mod with XVM?

  19. How does I change so colourblindmode is working with this mod?

  20. Hey quickybaby, can you please add the light bulbs in the mod so we can see
    who of the enemies are spotted ?

  21. Hi. How to dowload the free camera mod.

  22. I like those mods and can u add counter for dmg blocked by armor?

  23. my game crashes with this mod pack, something is wrong.

  24. as always, thanks so much for the great mod pack and especially whipping it
    right out! one question… what happened to the “aim line” that shows
    the exact line of aim from the barrel to infinity and beyond?

  25. thanks for your QUICK changes for the Modpack :)

  26. Thanks for the download QB, but I can not auto lock aim now. Is there a

  27. thanks, i dont know if it has anything to do with this mod but it suddenly
    get to desktop(game crash) after installed this mod

  28. This is the best for ESL competitions.
    Many of my clan members are banned because used other mods…

  29. Thanks very kindly for all the good things you do for the community!

  30. +QuickyBabyTV does the mod pack include the map laser?
    the laser show where your gun point at?

  31. fuck I laughed so hard when u said I need to go outside!!!!

  32. Vreau sa viu la tine chem un taxi , Eu vreau sa te …. cum zic baietii de
    la maxim :)

  33. is anyone else having trouble with crashes?

  34. i need that for xbox360 n xbox one

  35. Mephisto Lucifer

    have a little problem , my tanks in the garage do not show up , any ideas ?

  36. how you do get the it’s a trap warning?

  37. Thank you QuickyBaby!!!!


  39. bringingtherukas

    every 2nd highlight video on youtube i watch, seems the player has some
    kind of sniper zoom, makes me wonder what other “mods” they have to get
    such a good result

  40. 2:42 lol QB it’s okay, Definder has over 130k battles on his account. He’s
    doing just fine!

  41. Frederick Schulze

    Don’t download this until he updates it! Your game will crash frequently
    upon loading into battle and possibly at other times. I had to uninstall
    xvm to stop crashing

  42. Can someone please help I did everything and it wont work

  43. Weren’t they supposed to swap the VK45 B with the tier9 Maus ?

  44. I have to say that I truly appreciate your dedication to getting you mod
    pack out the day it is released. You sir are the best content provider I
    have ever encountered.

  45. Hi QB,
    I am using your modpack but enemy spot indicator is not working. Other PC’s
    is not problem but its not working on my PC.
    I just clean install the client and your modpack. How can i fix it?

  46. Quickybaby! is there a way to change the minimap tank icon colors?

  47. Basically the only working Mod Pack 😀 Good job QB!

  48. I installed it and well.. I see only some vehicles not all I got..

  49. mod pack works great until it stays loading on the in-game. I don’t get to
    load-in . when I remove the mod everything works great . I do not know what
    the problem is.

  50. Domination mode won’t seem to load with the modpak loaded

  51. Hi Quicky!
    The modpack is bad.Becourse sometimes on the begining the battle drop back
    to windows, and close the WOT client.
    I use HD client.

  52. Howcome there is no white line on the map anymore that shows where im
    aiming towars?

  53. I notice there is no line indicating view direction on yr Minimap? I miss
    this feature…use it for blind firing at spotted targets etc.. how do I go
    about enabling it QB? cheers for the ModPack :-)

  54. Thanks for putting it together. I will be adding it for sure.

  55. Mod config messes with the graphics settings. I can’t see bushes and trees
    and the terrain looks like 8 bit.

  56. Matthew Parkhouse

    Also i wasn’t going to mention but after reading a few comments below my
    game also crashs every now and then.i just have the mod pack installed
    never experienced crashing like this before on wot with your mod pack but
    still early days so ty anyway

  57. Boris Gospodinov

    Maybe it’s time to go outside a little bit…

    • Im stuck in my summer cottage with my family untill the school starts
      again. Before we left our apartment in city, I built myself a new computer
      that should run wot with hd settings (core i5 & gtx 960), but I couldn’t
      take it with me and I have to wait a month before I can test it… ; (

    • +Boris Gospodinov Outside is overrated. The graphics are cool, but the
      gameplay and playerbase suck.

    • +Boris Gospodinov Naa

  58. Matthew Parkhouse

    Would love to see the line back on the mini map which showed us our line of
    fire across the map.other than that v good and ty.

  59. After I installed this modpack my game has started crashing every 10th game
    or so on the loading screen. :(

  60. Hey QB, I noticed after installing your mod pack that the mini map beam no
    longer appears. I didn’t see it on your video or your stream today either.
    Not sure if this is a bug or not but I thought i’d let you know.

  61. Excellent work, QB! I would kindly request incorporation of a damage log

  62. Keep up the good Work

  63. still dmg panel is not working good…u noob :)

  64. Thx! :)

  65. like joke about its time to go out ! :DDDDDDD

  66. +QuickyBabyTV Pls can u make sure that u will include autoequip or
    autotelescope, its bery helping mód for me and i guess for some other

  67. 2:40 Rekt me xDD

  68. Michael van Weezep

    Hello, How can i change the collor scheme? cause i hate the collors QB is
    using, I tried to change in the modpack it self “collors” by replacing it
    with someone elses collor scheme but that didn’t work is there someone that
    can help me?

  69. Thx but lot of bug for me

  70. lol game constantly crashing

  71. What about WinRate colour?

  72. I really have a problem with the graphics in the new Pack. Random battles
    seem to me like looking through an aquarium.

  73. TKS 4 the mod… really apreciate!!!

  74. Alexander Sundgren

    well, this is weird, I’ve done everything it says I should do, but the mod
    is somehow outdated, I dunno how, I took away ALL the “mods” I had in (only
    this mod but the previous one) and put this newer version in there AGAIN,
    but it still say its outdated, and when I get into the game, All my tanks
    are gone, only one tank there and its the Panzer I.C

    Awesome, just..great, what the fuck did I do wrong?

    • Lukas Reissenweber

      Delete every file which is in the res_mods file. After you did that install
      qbs modpack like he did it in that Video.

  75. Hello, Can anyone help me I use the mod pack but whenever I start a battle
    it world of tanks closes 🙁 Can some suggest anything??

    • +Martin Bignell Just to be on the safe side and make sure you don’t have
      leftovers, delete everything inside of res_mods and put the contents of the
      pack in it again. If it still crashes, gotta check individual mods for
      incompatibility with your system.

    • +Martin Bignell Same happens to me sometimes :/ Its really annoying as you
      will lose the start of the battle!

  76. Game crashed from time to time…

  77. anyone else have a the same bug as me?… all the chat is broken. I can
    type anything or use the whell chat

  78. Great mod pack but what happened to the minimap line? I know that WOT 9.9
    without xvm has this minimap line but once I installed this it went away.

  79. Thanks for the speedy update Quickybaby. How about a tutorial on making
    changes to the modpack settings?

  80. I installed this and now everything in-battle looks like it’s been painted
    in watercolors.

  81. THEBOMBER_14 aka hardy574

    well ive used quickybaby’s pack but oh my game is like screwed up as hell
    because I was like what the fuck is this one file so I decided to reinstall
    the game but ill have fun figuring it out woho the 3 hour thing I don’t
    want to do

  82. Great work yet again Quicky Baby!!

  83. Chat not available – might be problem of localization pack.

  84. Can’t thank you enough Quickybaby!

  85. quickybaby you neeed to show us your settings they reset after we download

  86. Christian Esterhuizen

    Thank you QB, wanted this mod pack of yours for a while now.

  87. For some reason the link doesn’t work for me. It simply won’t start to
    download the file.

  88. Your videos are best, you’re smart but also a silly like at 2:39 :)

  89. Ignatzius Turret

    When did they add the maximum render distance? I remember over 600m kills
    in my marder, and the enemy was visible…?

  90. SteveBuscemiLover125

    4:20 If you’re on EU server you can use any mod you want. Cause WG EU is
    just a bunch of incompetent bastards.

  91. Good work as always! But like last time it crashes the game in the new
    mode. Would be cool if you could fix this during the next days.

  92. Oliver McDonough

    Scared!!! READ IT ALL

    Sorry I had to send this don’t know who started this but soooooo scared
    right now!!!!!…………………………………………..

    Hi, I am Teddy. Once you read this you cannot get out. Finish reading this
    until it is done! As I said, I am Teddy. I am 7 years old. I have no eyes
    and blood all over my face. I am dead. If you don’t send this to at least
    12 people I will come to your house at midnight and I’ll hide under your
    bed. When you’re asleep, I’ll kill you. Don’t believe me? Case 1: Patty
    Buckles Got this e-mail. She doesn’t believe in chain letters. Well,
    Foolish Patty. She was sleeping when her TV started flickering on and off.
    Now she’s not with us anymore. Ha ha patty, Ha ha! You don’t want to be
    like Patty, do you? Case 2: George M. Simon Hates chain mail, but he didn’t
    want to die that night. He sent it to 4 people. Not good enough George.
    Now, George is in a coma, we don’t know if he’ll ever wake up. Ha ha
    George, Ha ha! Now, do you want to be like George? Case 3: Valarie Tyler
    She got this letter. Another chain letter she thought. Only had 7 people to
    send to. Well, That night when she was having a shower she saw bloody Mary
    in the mirror. It was the BIGGEST fright of her life. Valarie is scarred
    for life. Case 4: Derek Minse This is the final case I’ll tell you about.
    Well, Derek was a smart person. He sent it to 12 people. Later that day, he
    found a $100.00 bill on the ground. He was premoted to head officer at his
    job and his girlfriend said yes to his purposal. Now, Katie and him are
    living happily ever after.​The have 2 beautiful children. Send this to at
    least 12 people or you’ll face the consequences. 0 people- You will die
    tonight 1-6 people- you will be injured 7-11 people- you will get the
    biggest fright of your life 12 and over- you are safe and will have good
    fortune! Do What Teddy Says!!!! Hurry, you must send to 12 people before
    midnight no send backs
    Sorry!! I had to!
    Don’t send back!

  93. Is your Desktop Background from “Waltz with Bashir”?

  94. ty a lot quickybaby for this mod i really enjoy it 🙂 , and u really gave
    us a good explanation :)

  95. 60X zoom is legal you know….

  96. Gunner Schnitzel

    QuickyBaby what do you think about that they take the Aufkl Panther as a
    premium tank? would be happy about a answer :D

  97. Not sure if it’s the modpack or the update, but has anyone else notice WoT
    randomly crashing?

    • Richard Gustafsson

      It crashes everytime it “synchronizing data” when I log in 🙁

    • +Allen Gray Same every update. Usually some aspect of a mod which is
      incompatible. CTD actually improves my win rate.

    • Ignatzius Turret

      +Allen Gray Yeah, it does. On EU and Russian server its unstable,
      especially in platonns it kicks u out.

    • +Allen Gray

      I have lots of crashes atm,dont know if its because of mods or patch. But
      it started happening when i am playing ranked teams. Not in random.

  98. Thanks for this QB, saves me hunting down decent mods on the forums :).

  99. Kartoffel Knödel

    Downloaded the pack but somehow I cant play World of Tanks anymore because
    a program is missing…

  100. Add damage panel! :)

  101. Milos Stojanovic


  102. this is NOT a modpack,its just XVM….lame as always

  103. cod zombies is my fav

    what about the old 9.8 update do i delete that?

  104. For me this mod doesnt work , every single time i download this mod and i
    copy it and paste it in the res_mods folder and when i want to turn world
    of tanks it says Game resource not found /res_mods/0.9.9 . Does anybody
    have the same problem ?

  105. Wojciech Korfanty

    Ehrm… U think WHEN your wife BAN U on games?

  106. Kartoffel Knödel

    any xvm pack works for me but yours :/

  107. Thank you QuickyBaby, fast upload like always. o7

  108. it works but game crashes every time I click batle

  109. My tank carousel has disappeared after installing this modpack. I can only
    see the last tank that i played?? What am I missing please help?

  110. Thanks again QB

  111. i was just looking for a new modpack thx :)

  112. Radovan Pristáš

    What I need to copy when I want to use only that tank filter in garage?


  114. Wayne & Rebecca Detectorist

    thanks quickybaby

  115. Good job Dr. Quickybaby. Love your modpack!

  116. Thanks from Baku :)

  117. First or almost

  118. Radovan Cetkovic

    When I install it I cannot see damage log because tier line (upper center)
    is blocking it. Can you fix that?

    • And anybody know how to add gun direction?

    • You have topen the the mod files on note pad and chenge the hit log place
      X? i dont remember the right number but look at the 9.8 comments and u will
      find it

    • +Radovan Cetkovic Hi I downloaded a programme called Notepad++ to open up
      the xvm.xc which you will find in
      (Of course you may have installed the game else where but you get the idea)
      Once you open xvm.xc look at line 152 with heading “fragCorrelation” just
      below at line 156 you will see “x”:450 and at line 174 you will see “y”: 7.
      I changed the X to 400 and the Y to 50 and it moved the damage counter
      down. Of course depending on your setting you may need to figure out your
      own settings with trial and error.

    • jer ti je rezolucija drugacija od njegove..

  119. Hmmmmmm
    After installing the mod pack my graphics are much worse. The colours are
    better, but the sharpness is just not there anymore. tanks are now blocky
    instead of the old wire render model with some surface. which looked
    crappy, but played great.
    Yes, I’ve tried a few different settings. 🙁
    Mac client running on older Mac Pro 8x Xeon (graphics card is ATI Radeon HD
    I know this for sure because the first few games without the mod pack were

    • Yea it happen to me to

    • +reptilespantoso hmmmm after a few games with weird settings (even played
      in a naked frame render) the “recommended” button gives the best results.
      But it’s still not great.
      Any tips, any help welcome!

  120. Hi I’m just a comment passing by…

    This comment will receive no likes or replies 

  121. The new graphics are awesome!

  122. Anyone having the problem with the focus direction on the
    camara minimap??? its just dont there anymore even if i turn it on 🙁 when
    i take the xvm off it appers :(

  123. Aemilius Dracula

    I have a problem with u r modpack: on enemy tank list, I CANT see wich
    tanks were spoted or not…

  124. NOOOO!!!!!! I can’t play 9.9 because I’m in Germany D:

  125. How do you change the tank icons across the top to the way they used to be?
    Annoying as hell. Uninstalling till I can figure out how to disable it.

  126. i use this with 30times zoom. i rarely use it though

  127. Why is the Kanonenjagdpanzer not available? :(

  128. Matija Gradečak

    I think mod is buggy and needs update…game is crashing…cant use mini
    map and chat…

  129. Deepolis ATF-LAFFEY


  130. how do i install on mac?

  131. Does anyone know if it conflicts with the SteelHunt mode?

  132. XVM is not even out on the official site,how does QB have it?

  133. Kinda bummed they did not include the Jagdpanzer Kanone on the US server.

  134. could you make a hit log that would show how much dmg you have received?

  135. I recall seeing an effective armor calculator mod (part of Methy’s Math
    Any idea of those are legal? It looks handy, but I don’t want to do
    anything that could get me banned. I’m on NA.

    • +SiriusMined MeltyMap’s is perfectly legal.

    • +SiriusMined So make a new account test whatever you want wait to see if
      you get banned and there we go Btw WGN hiring most of the hackers to
      protect the game from been hacked so i think its prety safe but im FOKCING
      SURE there is a map hack for the game and people use it spoting system
      sucks its broken ubalanced dont tell me i know

    • +SiriusMined Look dude if its on the official 3 party sites avalable for
      download its legal, Dont you think Curse will let something to be uploaded
      like that, whats the problem you get banned you make new accout! i have 5
      accout dont ask me why when i play 2/3 in the year and Wot is peace of shit
      slow grinding and geting fucked in the ass all the time no balance at all
      in this game i cont belive i like the game but i dont play since its sucks
      for me i cant use most of te tanks cuz they need to be grinded for years
      very boring

    • +Mryourporn
      I know mods are legal. But not all mods are. I’m asking about SPECIFIC
      mods, and you don’t seem to have any useful information.

    • +SiriusMined Omg mods are legal lol when not map hack mods thanks god i
      play wot 2/3 per year 😀

  136. Guys can u look out my world of tanks channel ? What do you think about it

  137. Tomas Markauskas

    thx m8

  138. QB we can say that is a tier 10 premium tank the object 260 from the

  139. Hi QuickyBaby, I just installed your mod, I really like you but I would
    like to see something else than your face everytime I get spotted x) Could
    you please tell me how to change this ?

    Thanks a lot for your job, you’re the best :)

  140. Thanx Man!

  141. Ima download and keep this until aslain makes the world right again xD

  142. Actually, you can find the wot folder very easily just right click the icon
    on your desctop and in win7 press the third uppest option (i don’t know
    whats it in finnish)

  143. great job, only problem i can find is that the hit statistics for mine
    overlay the remaining tanks left alive

  144. Thx quicky! You are def. the Boss-Man!!

  145. again bad mods pack idiots

  146. Thanks QB ! : )

  147. *quickybaby needs mastery for t-34-3*
    *t-34-3 has been sold*

  148. Thank you for your modpack +QuickyBabyTV

  149. Hey QB,
    I love your modpack and I will be using it for this patch! However, the
    only thing, for me, that isnt work are the light bulbs in the enemy team
    list. Is there some way that you can fix it? Or that I can fix it? (not
    that good in the computer business :P) I hope that you or somebody else can
    tell me! Thank you in advance!

    • You need a desperate mod for that but QB never mentioned it, look up some
      mods on curse of KISS they have many.

    • Then just use the regular xvm one that one works 80% the same and add the
      mods you like manualy. Qb is using config files that are outdated already
      for 4 patches so they often glitch.

    • +Luc de Kreek Sorry for the poor grammer mistakes 😛 😀

  150. Maybe is time to go outside a little bit… Nah!

  151. The best feature on your mod pack is addtional information about tanks then
    you put your mouse over a tank

  152. Nice job, QB! Keep up the good work! U got a big LIKE!

  153. Hi just wanted to ask if the penitration nerf went through for the medium
    tanks I saw some new that said I was being pushed back and I want to make

  154. How can you make your crew members speak their language 

    • +bryan rodriguez Go to settings and then to the sound tab. In the box that
      says “Voice Messages” change it from standard to national.

    • +bryan rodriguez you have to go to the settings in game, and go to audio,
      there you will find it.

  155. Great work QB!

  156. I really dont like that your mod isnt showing the flag like in the blank
    one and you have no dmg panel.

  157. Without XVM I feel so blind and vulnerable… Also without Jimbo’s
    crosshair :)

    • +The Anonymous Patriot I’m green with blue recent and you can look up my
      average tier and see tanks most played. You sir, are just being silly.

    • The Anonymous Patriot

      +Jean-Pierre Cloup thats not exactly completely true. I happen to be an
      “orange” player and many times I end up the last man standing with a High
      Caliber medal to show for it.
      On the NA server players with green or higher many times are stat padding
      seal clubbers who play Tier 2 and 3 all the time but truly just suck shit
      in higher tiers.
      Like the CIA Clan… that is a *perfect* example

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +reptilespantoso XVM is just an indicator of the amount of stupidity you
      can expect from your teammates. If your top tiers are red/orange/yellow vs
      lets say green or better on the enemy team, you just know they ll not pull
      their weight, die super fast with little to no damage done, and leave you
      to deal wth overwhelming numbers.

      Sure its just statistics, everyone can have a good or a bad game, but stats
      dont lie in the long run, only idiots are in denial.

    • +USSWISCONSIN94 I don’t know if it is idiotic, but when they design
      aeroplanes, they model them first using mathematics and use such foolish
      things as statistics. We can all get a bad game, but probably not thousands
      of them in a row. Your XVM rating informs you about your playing style. I
      used XVM, watched better players (after I had died like a howling noob) and
      learned better technique. Behold, my stats then also improved, and I
      enjoyed the game even more. Don’t feel insulted because your stats are bad,
      take them as a hint you can improve your gameplay, and hence your stats.
      Not to do so would indeed be idiotic.

    • +USSWISCONSIN94 that’s not how statistics work. You’re the only common
      factor. Thus, I can influence my wn% and make it go up or down based on my
      game play.

  158. Thanks QB, very much appreciated as always <3

  159. thankss i cant live without modpack ;P

  160. TheBlackSpider82

    Good lad. Cheers :D

  161. Xxx_FalconLover2.0_xxXX LOL

    QuickyBabyTV+ In your next modpack sould you plz add like hitlog pannel
    where is show how much damage you have taken please?

  162. promod is better tho

  163. I have tried downloading it but it only downloads as a Zip archive file
    type that i cannot open to see the contents. Isn’t it meant to download as
    a folder, if not what can I do to get it working

    • Sebastian Gradewald

      You cannot download a “folder”. Open the archive with win-rar or an
      equivalent piece of software and extract it to the res-mods folder…simple
      as that

  164. Christopher Sherlock M.

    Is the 113 review coming soon

  165. Nicolas Vandessel

    Thank you sir!

  166. Hi there and thanks for the mod pack… Would you consider adding a damage
    received mod into your pack?

  167. Thanks, much appreciated :-)

  168. Jose Azevedo Correia

    QB NEEDS to add a wn8 ingame counter!

    • +Jose Azevedo Correia Go to xvm website, log in, settings, mark WN8 instead
      of WGR. profit

    • Jose Azevedo Correia

      I know, I just usually fear installing mods seperately, especially if they
      might not work properly together, in other words I am inexperienced in
      installing mods seperately.

    • +Jose Azevedo Correia Remember this is his pack, it’s what he wants to use
      not us. I recommend using Locustan’s counter, no conflicts with QBs pack
      and works very well, usually have to wait a few days for an update to a new
      patch though.

  169. thx i was lookign for this

  170. Quickybaby do you play any consols aswel as world of tanks on them and if
    so can i add you thanks

  171. Frederick Schulze

    I didn’t use xvm until 8k battles, and I’m at 9.5k right now. When I wasn’t
    able to use xvm this morning, I felt so blind!

  172. Thanks a lot, your modpack is the best!!!

  173. Arnas Lukosiunas


  174. Hello

  175. quickybaby do you know why i can Activate services in XVM? :(

  176. Thx man :)

  177. IrReaT aka Markus

    Good Job nice Mod

  178. Thanks:)

  179. 0sorter0 0sorter0


  180. Hey quicky babyshall i get the is 6 are super pershing????

    • +omgcow the super pershing can easy 1v1 any tier 8 due to its reliable
      armor and hit points and gold shells if you suck to much to aim

    • +Beep Man
      The Super Pershing is slow and ultimately rarely wins the battle, unless
      your win rate is only affected by how lucky you are verses reds. I would
      recommend a medium, a light, a fast TD or an IS6

    • +Billy Wilde super pershing is better money maker, better armor cheaper
      shells cheaper repair and reliable agasint even the toughest tanks can with
      stand e-75’s easy

    • I like support more thx

  181. Thanks for this Quickybaby! :)

  182. First :)..I know I am idiot :DDD

  183. Best of luck in 9.9 guys – I’m loving the new Lone Wolf event!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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