World of Tanks – 907 Xits 10k 3rd Mark Game

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Thanks to to sending in the replay!


  1. Only 3 marks?

  2. nice vid m8 and great game for the person who sent it to you.

  3. gg mr anfield

  4. Shooting HEAT at Bat Chat, what a noob…

  5. Nice videos. I like the videos you provide because the players/you have
    good games because they are good, and not spam unnessecary gold and have a
    massive amount of luck.

  6. Don’t forget to join the community discord :^)

  7. 11:20 Less XP than the IS-3 ._.

  8. Xits is kind of NA Decha, an institution. I would never, ever, want to
    fight him.

  9. Its pronounced Exits. Unless ofc you were fucking with him like most of us
    do. lmao.
    And are those Geese honking in the intro? (the part with the flag)
    I always mean to ask you that.

  10. Because you do tend battle reviews, is there somewhere where I can send one?

  11. 3 marks on 907 PogChamp I am still grinding for it, I hope I am able to get

  12. Epic game congratz :)

  13. “i dont want high damage games”

  14. since your_Master isn’t playing anymore, i believe Xits is the best dmg
    farmer in NA with Vetro in a close 2nd

  15. I have never got 3 marks before i am close to getting 3 marks on my E100 i
    am at 92.5% i got 94% but it went down it so hard. getting 2 is easy why is
    so hard to get 10 more %.

  16. Missing your vids. Upload more pls.

  17. game : every time he says unfortunate you have to drink one he he he 😀 gr8
    replay rly liked it … WG buff 907.. needs more ammo

  18. I have a few great battles with my lt:s, would take a look at them if i
    would post them here?

  19. thanks for uploading

  20. oh! that’s unfortunate ! :/

  21. A lot of unfortunate thinga happened in this video.

  22. here’s his pov on his twitch stream


    the few missed shots decided the game :^(

  24. “that’s unfortunate”

  25. That has got to be the worst heartbreak game I have ever seen. And to
    think, if RNG hadn’t trolled him on so many of his shots, he would have
    probably had enough ammo to win the game there.

  26. Youre saying that our positionning is extremly important and Im agree with
    you buy how de we learn that ? With experience or it come a day like you
    win loto ?

  27. too bad the 9.17 don’t work….i loved your modpacks….wish OMC still had
    you too

  28. Anfield…….do you feel as thought ammo racks have gotten weaker lately.
    It seems 3/5 of the games i play anymore my ammo rack is knocked out.

  29. Xits my boi

  30. Cool video anfield. Its neat listening to you commentate and hearing your
    reactions to the battle.

  31. Good positioning video. Thanks and gg to Xits.

  32. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    And here’s me trying to get just one little MoE on the Ez 25.

  33. That’s my clanmate :^)

  34. Awesome game, seing people waste themselves stupidly like that really hurts

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